3 months later.

Remus was still pissed at Fenrir as he walked out the loo, Harry held out a potion for the wolf and smiled "To help with morning sickness." He told him, Remus took it and downed it one and stood there with his eyes closed waiting for the potion to take effect once it did he open his eyes and looked at him

"Thanks." He grinned as he walked over to the sofa

"You're welcome it was a god send when my started 2 weeks ago." Harry told him as he sat down next to him, they sat there in quiet for a moment "How is Fenrir?"

"I don't want to talk about that bloody wolf!" He growled, the dark hair teen raised an eye brow at him

"I see you're still mad."

"Mad is an understatement." He muttered as he pulled his wand out and started flick it making lazy sparks fly out.

Harry decide to change the subject "You coming to the ball?" Harry asked "Alexander has surprise in store for our guest." He smirked as he rubbed his small bump lazily

"I can only imagine." Remus said dry as he looked towards Harry "What do you think he will do?"

"Who bloody knows with him, I hope it messy I love to see chaos." He muttered

"I worry for your sanity cub." Remus whispered looking into the dark green of Harry's eyes as the teen turned to look at him

"So am I."

The ball was large was and the manor house was fill to the brim of important people, all wearing their finest outfits, their finest furs and their finest jewels. Harry took a look at everyone in the Grand Hall of the manor as he walked in on the arm of Alexander, both were dressed in the same colours green and sliver. Harry held into his arm not really talking to anyone if he could help "Alexander thank you so much for inviting us to this wonderful ball." The Minster of Magic said shaking his hand, a large fat grin pasted over his face

"Thank you Minster for gracing us with your present." Alexander said shaking his hand "My and my future husband look forwards to see you and your good lady more often." Harry smiled as he looked up at Alexander letting him place his hand on the man's arm showing off the ring on his fingers

"You husband oh Alexander you have chosen a rare beauty I must say." Harry wanted to sneer at the man who he was a rare beauty, those are not the words he wanted to hear from him

"Yes my little queen is a rare beauty." Harry now blushed and kissed Alexander on the lips.

Dumbledore had arrived at the party haven stolen and invite from one of the wizard on his away in. He stood looking at every one in the hall and sneered… I can believe the brought into his shit… he thought as he walked around the room taking a champagne glass and started to drink from it. He saw the dark haired youth hanging on the arms of that Alexander man and it started to make his blood boil he didn't want Harry placing any trust on anyone else the boy was only meant to trust him.

Remus had stood trying to ignore Fenrir as the wolf had turned up looking like a million Galleon, he was clean shaven his hair was tied back into a low pony table and the clothes he was wearing weren't torn or ripped and they didn't smell like arse. Remus was impressed by Fenrir and found it hard to ignore the wolf as time went on. So when Fenrir warped his arms around the young wolf's waist and kissed his neck while rubbed the small bump and purred into his neck "Forgive me my mate I didn't want to upset you." He said

"I'm sorry for over reacting." He said turning to face him

"Will you come home now?" Fenrir whimpered

"Yes." Remus smiled kissing the large Alpha before nuzzling into his chest.

Dumbledore reached out and grabbed Harry's arm pulling him around to look at him "H…Headmaster." Harry gasped while thinking…thought you turn up… the white hair wizard looked at the teen up and down and wasn't happy with what he saw, he was clearly still pregnant and was looking more and more healthy and the icing on the cake was the ring on the boy's wedding finger

"This end now Harry, you going back to your Aunt and Uncle…"

"Dumbledore Harry will not be going with you, this place his heavily guarded and there are wards to stop you from leaving the grounds. Now please let go of him and stop putting stress on my husband." Alexander said, Dumbledore sneered and pulled Harry's arm tightly before he looked around the room at every one watching

"P…Please sir your hurting my arm." Harry whimpered, the hall was now quiet as Alexander's guards walked up to the old man

"No I'm the boy's guardian I approve of this, you will not marry this man if I have anything to say about you will marry whomever I choice for you!" He yelled as he tried to pull Harry closer to him but failed and ended up braking the teen's arm.

Harry let out a scream of pain as he fell back into Alexander's arms as Dumbledore was attacked by the guards, Remus rushed over to Harry and pulled him into his arms while the Dark Lord fixed Harry's arm "You two take him to our rooms I will deal with this." He hissed as he nodded to Remus and Fenrir. The larger wolf scooped up the dark haired teen into his arms and walked off with Remus following.