Sword of Origin: Ramifications

A man in black robes watched as 'Emiya Shirou' left the Headmaster's office carrying a slumbering young girl. However, it seemed that this Emiya Shirou was different than the one that he remembered, with a demeanor more like Kiritsugu in his prime rather than the naive idealist he recalled meeting in the Fifth Grail War.


The man wasn't physically present at the moment, as the events in Tristain Academy were but one of many plays he had unfolding, but his familiar, one he made from a black crow, observed it all with a scrutinizing eye.

"It seems that fate has brought us together yet again, Emiya Shirou." A smile crossed the man's face, though it didn't reach his hollow eyes. "I wonder how you will react when you realize it?"

The man smirked as he played with the runes burned on his left hand. "When you realize that another 'Grail' has been made?"

The crow flew away, leaving no hint of the one that had cast a spell over the Academy behind.

Emiya gently set Louise down on her bed. He hadn't wasted any time in returning her to her room, away from the fearful eyes of her peers and the machinations of the manipulative Headmaster.

Just thinking about that old man set Emiya on edge.

A sacrifice. That was clearly what the Headmaster had intended for his Master to be. If it were not so, then the old man would have intervened before today. A situation like what had occurred earlier would never have occurred if the old man hadn't wanted it to.

He was a Wind Mage, and those aligned to that particular element were bound to have at least one method of scrying available. As the Headmaster of a 'politically neutral' Academy, Emiya doubted that the old man was unaware of the cruelty that Louise had been enduring.

A sacrifice. Someone to be cast away without hesitation to let the majority continue on their way. To maintain the status quo.

The very thought of his Master being treated like that, of perhaps even being groomed to be that...

The ideal that the original Emiya Shirou followed, both the one before and the one after his change, would never have allowed for it. And for the remnant that was His Sword, it was even more intolerable.

His Master was so frail, so vulnerable. Looking at her now, shivering and clutching her sheets tight to her chest as if to hide from the world, it made him curse the world itself.

No, not the world. That wasn't the source of this corruption. No, the ones responsible for his Master ending up like this were...

"Nobles." Emiya said the word like he would a curse. "No matter what world or time, they remain the same, don't they?"

Louise flinched and Emiya stiffened, fearing that he had woken his young Master. A moment passed, and she went back to her troubled slumber.

He sighed and placed his hand on her forehead. It was hot, and she didn't stop shifting in her sleep, but she did calm down a little.

"It's alright, Master." Emiya gently patted her head. "I'll protect you, so rest well."

His words were soft, meant to be a placating gesture to the restless girl, but instead of calming her, they woke her.

At first, Louise looked confused, her eyes glazed as she took in her surroundings.

Then she saw Emiya and they widened to the size of saucers.

He didn't show any reaction, but he felt a strange 'pull' in his chest at that sight. Did she fear him as well?

Louise scrambled backwards on her bed, trying to put as much space as she could between her and Emiya. She even pulled the covers up to her chin, all the while looking like a deer that had caught sight of a wolf.

Emiya put on a calm smile and moved his hand towards her. "Master, are you-"


Utter silence.

"...As you wish."

Emiya lowered his hand and then turned around, walking towards the door to the hallway. "I will keep watch outside, Master. Rest well."

"W-wait, Emiya." Louise's voice was regretful, and concerned. "I- I didn't mean-"

Emiya turned back and gave Louise that same calm smile. "Good night."

And then he left the room.

Even if she didn't want him, he would still protect her.

Louise stared at the door long after Emiya had left the room. She had been dazed when she woke up, still caught in the shadows of her nightmares. When she saw Emiya, instinct kicked in before her rational mind could, and the only thing she saw was the merciless... no. Not merciless.

If Emiya had wanted to be merciless, he would have created his swords from the start and not let Styx anywhere near him.

That wasn't what had scared her. No, it was the complete lack of emotion Emiya had when he killed Styx that scared her.

Not contempt, like what her mother would have had.

Not anger, like what Eleanore would have had.

Nor disgust, like what Cattleya would have had.

Nothing. The action had been a reflex, more than anything, and that was what scared her.

Intellectually, Louise knew that Emiya would protect her. The fact that he had plenty of opportunities to kill her since they arrived, and that he had refrained from doing so reinforced that thought. The additional fact that he defended her at every opportunity was even more proof that she was safe with him.

But... while her mind might know that, a more base part of her couldn't comprehend it.

What kind of person ends a life as easily as breathing?

Louise shook her head and sank down into her bed.

Thinking about these things wouldn't help. As much as she wanted otherwise, some part of her still didn't believe Emiya would protect her.

Some part of her still believed she wasn't worth protecting and deserved what had happened.

The actions of Styx and the others came to mind.

She... would have been... if Emiya hadn't been there...

A dark spiral of thoughts started to turn in Louise's mind, doubt layering over doubt and fears reinforcing beliefs of no self worth.

A burden. That was all she was.

She thought that summoning Emiya would have changed things. That having a powerful familiar, even if he was a Noble, would have let her be free from the curse of being a 'Zero'. That it was a sign she still had some worth to this world.

No. Instead, she had been a burden to Emiya, and now the entire Academy. With a Germanian student dead because of her Familiar, official duel or not, in this political climate there were bound to be repercussions.

Repercussions that would reach all the way to the Royal Family and her own family.

Her fault.

Because of her failures. Because she couldn't do anything. Because everything she tried went wrong.

Louise stared at the window, and a thought crossed her mind.

Maybe I should...

...Leave her.

That thought crossed Emiya's mind more than once as he leaned against the door to Louise's room.

It had been fear on her face. Genuine fear, and the source of it had been him.

Thinking about that caused him to sigh. Now, when he thought he had found someone who would trust him to protect them, it turned out that when he actually did, that trust turned to fear.

Maybe she was just suffering from a nightmare? Louise had just woken up when she saw him, and she had witnessed some admittedly brutal actions from him today.

Emiya shook his head. No, that was just wishful thinking on his part. Considering the countless others he tried to protect who had done the same, thinking that Louise would be different was nothing more than pointless conjecture.

He let out a sigh, and then returned to his vigil.

When Emiya had left the Headmaster's office, the sun had already been setting. Now, the moon had taken its place and the bright sky replaced by a dark night.

Louise had been quiet since he stepped outside, probably sleeping considering the emotional turmoil she must have experienced today, and Emiya had done his duty as her Servant and kept a silent watch outside so she could rest.

Considering how late it was, he didn't see any of the other students during his time standing there, though that might have had more to do with the recent death of a student than the time of the day.


A voice called out, bringing him out of his thoughts. When he looked to the source of the voice, he saw Kirche climbing up the stairwell.

She looked tired, but when she caught his eye still managed to put on a passable energetic smile. "You're still up, Emiya?"

Slightly teasing, no doubt an attempt to lighten the somber mood. The use of his name was also an attempt at familiarity. Actually, it was probably used more in general friendliness rather than her trying to be overly familiar. Part of her nature, perhaps, though he didn't bother using his eyes to confirm it.

"Kirche." He returned her greeting with a light nod.

Her smile brightened a bit when he said that, though Emiya could see that she restrained herself a bit.

It seemed his first impression and day at the academy had left quite a mark on the girl.

"I'm flattered." The red-haired girl let out a sigh and then placed her right hand on her chest, and her left arm on her head, like a damsel in distress. "To think that a powerful noble like yourself remembered my name..."

Emiya couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at the act. Even knowing the girl for only a day, and speaking with her for less than a few minutes, the most of that done while he was threatening her, he could tell that this behavior was out of character.

He was proven right when she sidled up next to him, pressing her considerable assets against his arm.

"...Death threats and violence doesn't really faze you, does it, Ms. Zerbst?"

His words only caused her to lean in closer. "Back to using my family name, hm? I like it."

Those last words were breathy, and definitely meant to be sultry.

Emiya didn't sigh, knowing that would only encourage someone with Kirche's personality. He thought that using her last name in a formal manner would be enough, but it seemed she was one of those women, who would do anything to have him under her thumb.

Like the Queen, though presumably with much less violence and A-ranked magic.

"Ms. Zerbst, I would have you know that-"

The sudden proximity of Kirche's head and her arms around his neck startled him enough to stop his words.

In the next instant, he had the image of a sword in his mind prepared and was in the middle of tracing it to fend off the wily woman when she said, "Who are you, Emiya? Really?"

There was a wand pressed against his chest, and from the expression on Kirche's face, it seemed she wasn't afraid to use it.

Kirche pressed her advantage and continued speaking. "A spy? Romalian maybe, trying to pin blame on the Valliere family in this time of crisis?"

She jabbed her wand a bit against his chest and looked at him with narrowed eyes. "Styx was upset when I told him how you reacted to me this morning, but even an idiot like him wouldn't have tried to violate Valliere. Who. Are. You!?"

"...So you aren't just another girl trying to seduce me. I'm surprised. You had me completely fooled."

Kirche's eyes widened at his nonchalant response, then narrowed to dangerous slits. "Do you even understand the situation you're in? Before you can even get out a single sword, you'll be toast!"

Emiya only smiled. "I understand completely. And in hindsight, I guess my actions have been a bit... questionable. But Ms. Zerbst." His smile twisted into a sharp grin. "You're a few hundred years too young to be able to harm me."

Before she could respond, the situation had been reversed, and it was Kirche who was pressed against the door.

For a brief moment, Emiya realized that this was the exact position that Louise had been pinned earlier, but he didn't let that bother him too much.

He would never do anything like what that boy had planned to do to Louise.


Kirche struggled against his hold, but the most she did was crash against the door behind her.

Emiya shook his head and stepped back, though he took the wand away from Kirche as he did. "Why don't we start this over, Ms. Zerbst, on a calmer note?"

The only response he got from the girl was a pointed glare.

Emiya sighed. "If it helps any, I swear that I have no intentions of harming the Valliere family, nor am I a Romalian spy, whatever that is."

He paused and then cast a suspicious look on the girl. "Hold on. Why would you care what happens to Louise's family? This morning you were anything but sympathetic."

A twinge of guilt, but that was quickly hidden underneath a haughty mask and a scoff. "I don't know about the Valliere, but the Zerbst would never stand for having their rivals cut down by a third party."

"...I see."

In other words, she was trying to repent for having ignored Louise, as well as some familial obligation of sorts.

Someone he didn't have to eliminate and perhaps... an ally.

He gave her a calm smile. "It appears we have the same goal then. Let's start over."

If Kirche was shocked by his sudden change in demeanor, she didn't show it. Instead, she smoothed her dress and tossed her hair to the side. "Hmph. I don't have any choice in the matter, do I?"

"You can be an enemy if you want, though I would prefer not to eliminate any supporters of my Master, as few as they already are."

That got a response from the red-haired young woman, and she nodded. "Fine."

She held out a hand. "Kirche von Zerbst. My runic name is the 'Ardent'."

Emiya took it, filing away the fact that she used a more masculine gesture, contrary to what he would expect of Nobles in this setting. "Emiya Shirou, the familiar of Louise. I don't have a runic name, but if I did, 'the Sword of Akasha' would be fitting."

Kirche blinked. "Eh? Valliere actually summoned you as a familiar?"

He nodded and then dissolved his armor, showing the runic markings burned on his chest.

Surprisingly, Kirche focused more on the runes than his bare chest, as he thought she would. It seemed that he had indeed misjudged the young woman, and unfairly at that.

After a few moment, Kirche shook her head and straightened. "Well, leave it to Valliere to do something as ridiculous as binding a Square-class mage for a familiar."

Kirche leaned against the door and tilted her head to the side, examining Emiya. "But in that case, where are you from, Emi-"

She cut off her words, suddenly alert.

Seeing that, Emiya did the same. "What's wro-"

She held up her hand for silence and pressed her ear against the door.

Emiya couldn't do the same, but he reinforced his hearing to achieve the same effect, and then stiffened as he heard what had caught Kirche's attention.

"...I have been evil from the day I was born; from the time I was conceived, I have been sinful."

His Master's voice, soft and pleading.

"That's weird," Kirche said. "Why would Valliere be praying for forgiveness?"

Emiya didn't respond, focusing on his Master's voice. It was more distant than it would be if she was at her bed. And there was the sound of... wind?

"...Let me be pure again in the next life, Founder, and forgive me for this sin."

The sound of rustling cloth, like curtains being brushed aside-


Kirche stumbled as Emiya pushed her aside. "Hey, what's the big idea-?"

The prayer for forgiveness. The sound of wind.

His Master's self-esteem was already fragile when he met her. After the events of today, there was only one conclusion that it all added up to...

He slammed the door open and scanned the room. Empty, with only the sight of billowing curtains in front of an open window greeting him.

There was no hesitation. In a flash of silver and all the speed his reinforced body gave him, Emiya dashed towards the window, intending on reaching Louise before she hit the ground-

Pain, a tearing sensation in his chest and a heavy drain on his reserves.

Before he could make it to the window, Emiya dropped like a puppet with cut strings, the runes on his chest blazing with light.

And then the light faded and he knew no more.

You never know what you had until it's gone. A saying that Louise had heard but never really understood.

Now, plummeting to her death after jumping out of her window, she finally understood what it meant.

Live. She wanted to live.

Even after all that had happened, even after the dark thoughts that had gripped her mind, she wanted to live.

But it was too late.

The ground was fast approaching, that unforgiving earth below her, and she didn't have a second chance.

A mistake. She screwed up, just like everything else since she arrived at the Academy.

All her spells ended in failure. Her attempt at making friends only made enemies. And now, when she had chosen to end it all, she found out that she didn't want to. That, despite how terrible it all was, despite how much of a burden she felt she was to her family, the Academy, and now Emiya, she wanted to live.

Ah. She had forgotten about that fact when she jumped. If she died, what would happen to him?

He was strong, that was assured. He was also very skilled at using his magic. But he was far from home, and from the interactions she had with him, Louise believed that he had nothing left even if he returned to Germania.

And that wasn't even considering the tense political climate at the time, what with Albion on the verge of falling.

It was night, so there was no one there to save her. Even if there was, Louise was falling too fast now for even the levitation spell to stop.

You know that I will protect you, Louise?

There it was. The biggest regret. She had just met him, Emiya, the other day. Even so, he had offered her just as much support as Cattleya, her older sister, had once given her. Even risking his life to right the wrongs that Styx and the others had done to her.

He wanted to protect her. The solemn, quiet boy that seemed slightly older than her. The one who had lost his sister, who had gone through lengths untold to become powerful enough to cast Square Class magic without a wand.

Who had used the hay meant for him to sleep on to make cute stuffed animals to cheer Louise up.


She stared at the ground.

She couldn't accept it. She couldn't let it end here, not without paying him back.

I have no right to call her that... she has been dead for a long time.

She wouldn't accept it.

Louise still didn't know much about Emiya. Who he was, what happened to make him the way he was. But she did know that he held regrets.

She might be a zero. She might never be able to use magic. She might even be a coward for trying to end her own life.

But out of everything she was, Louise Francoise Le Blance de La Valliere refused to be another regret for Emiya-

He stands there alone, protecting them from his world of blades.

-for the one who was so broken death didn't even faze him.

She glared at the ground and whipped out her wand that had never worked for her before.

There wouldn't be enough time to cast a spell. Even if she could, Louise didn't know any that would stop a lethal fall like this.

But a spell came to her lips, words she had never heard before yet resonated deep in her heart.

"I am the bone of my sword."

And in the brief moment before she hit the ground, her body was made of blades.

"By the Founder..."

A voice. Feminine. Familiar. Low, slightly sultry.

Emiya opened his eyes.

"She didn't... but that figure. By the Founder, she- she actually...!"

Kirche. That was who the voice belonged to.

Kirche, who he had been talking to outside in the hall just moments before. Who he had shoved aside because...


Kirche turned to look at him with downcast eyes. "Emiya... I- I don't know what to say, but Valliere-"

No. He refused to believe she was dead. She couldn't be. He wouldn't allow it.

He ran to the window and looked down.

"Emiya." A calm voice and hand on his shoulder.

He brushed it off and stared intently at the dark ground, activating his Pure Eyes to dispel all the shadows preventing him from seeing the truth of what happened.

A tiny figure, face down against the ground. Surrounding her, a small pool of blood.

He looked harder, willing himself to see past the lies that his mind was telling him. To see past the fact that Louise had no way of surviving a fall since she couldn't use reinforcement, and probably couldn't use her world's conventional magic if the jeers her peers had sent her held any truth.

...There. Faint, but she was breathing somehow.

He remembered the sudden drain on his reserves. That probably had something to do with it.

Irrelevant. He discarded all extraneous thoughts in that moment.

Louise was alive, but it might not be for much longer if he didn't hurry.


She startled at being suddenly addressed in an urgent tone, and then said, "What is it, Emiya?"


He tossed her wand back to her. "Follow."

And then he leapt out of the window without waiting for her response, making sure to direct his path away from Louise.

His landing caused a small crater a few meters away from Louise, but other than the fact that he would have to clean his dirtied clothing, he was fine.

Unlike his Master.

Emiya immediately made his way to Louise and took a closer look.

There was blood, yes, and he had been right when he determined it to be a small pool. There was far less than he expected for a human body hitting the ground, even if it wasn't concrete. Actually, the fact that there was blood at all was odd.

He activated his eyes and looked closer, filtering out everything but Louise's condition.

What he saw astonished him.

There were no signs of cracked bones, a cracked skull, or any breaks in the spinal column like what he expected from such a fall. Instead, she looked to have suffered an array of slashes along her torso, the cause of which-


A sight he had never expected to see in someone else. Tightly knitted steel substituting muscles. Condensed steel acting as bones. Organs encased in a layer of smooth steel to prevent damage.

But before his very eyes, that was changing. The steel was melding back into flesh, bone, and what an ordinary human would have in their body.

A light thud sounded, and Kirche appeared on the ground next to him.

"She's dead, isn't she?" Kirche shook her head. "All that blood..."

Emiya couldn't help it. He smiled.

Kirche saw it and rounded on him. "How dare you!? You say that you don't want to harm the Valliere family, that you're Louise's Servant, and now you have the nerve to laugh at her dead-!"

"She's not dead."


His smile widened when he saw that Louise's breathing had settled into a normal rhythm and the blood had stopped flowing.

Kirche gasped. "But... That's...!"

Emiya touched Louise's back and used 'Structural Grasp'. As expected, the only thing wrong with her body was a lack of blood and prana... as well as magic circuits that rivaled his own?

That would require looking into at a later point.

He lifted Louise up and carried her like he would a bride. Right now, she needed to rest, something she should have been doing when he left her to her own devices.

Well, he and his Master would have some words about that when she woke up.

He turned to Kirche, who still seemed shocked about the fact that Louise wasn't dead, despite what the indent in the ground and blood would indicate, and said, "Would you mind directing me back to her room? After recent events, I believe my Master is overdue for a long rest."

Kirche blinked, and then nodded. "Right... this way."

As they headed back to her room, Emiya realized something:

He was glad. Not satisfied, like he was when he fulfilled his duty. Not content, like he was when he knew those he was tasked to protect were safe.

No, he was actually 'happy' and 'relieved' that Louise was unharmed. And it wasn't what he thought he should feel about it either, but a genuine warm feeling in his chest that brought a smile to his face.

He shook his head and discarded the thought.

What a foolish notion. A sword like him had no emotions.


Louise was dreaming. Or maybe she was dead? After what she had done, the petite girl couldn't quite tell. Still, she hardly thought that the afterlife would include a vision of someone who looked like her familiar, so she decided that she was dreaming.

Fighting. He was always fighting. To protect those around him. To protect those in need.

There were people by his side, people who he was fighting to protect.

An impish woman with brown-hair and a teasing smile. A beautiful woman with hair a rich violet and a smile that showed content. A regal woman with elegant raven hair and startling blue eyes.

Everything he did was for their happiness, and-

He survived through countless battles, not once retreating, not once regretting.

-then time passed and he was alone, with the world as his enemy.

A flash of white light, brighter than any spell Louise knew, and enough heat to rival the sun itself in its intensity.

And then, the summoning ritual, but from his point of view. Smoke, children, and then herself, standing with a haughty attitude that swiftly changed into a blank mask as the jeers started.

One that was already cracking as she looked at him.

For a moment, Louise was ashamed of her weakness, that Emiya had seen her at her worst.

But then, she heard his voice.

"It doesn't matter. I'll protect her."

And she woke up.

Emiya was slightly concerned. While he was sure that nothing was wrong with his Master, she had been asleep for the past few days.

After the first, he had passed it off as sickness, using his terrifying reputation and a healthy dose of killing intent to fend off all would be intruders on his Master's rest save for Siesta, who helped him tend to the unconscious Louise.

After the second, he met the blonde boy who had sided with Louise in the 'incident'. Guiche was his name, and he had come to deliver the sentiments of those that wished Louise well.

Cards, flowers, and other triflings adorned Louise's room as her hidden and now not-so-hidden supporters made their intent clear.

Surprisingly, there had even been a card from both the Headmaster and that Professor Colbert, which explained their actions in a calmer and more logical manner.

Apparently, there was civil war in a country, Albion, not far away from this one, Tristain, and the princess of this country was seeking a marriage with another country to the east, Germania, well-known for its military might, in order to secure their safety.

The reasoning for not interfering with Louise's situation apparently came from the fact that they couldn't afford for anything that might be seen as a slight to the Germanian students in the politically neutral Academy.

Tristain's standing was already weak enough as it was, and now with Emiya actually killing a Germanian student in a duel, sanctioned or not, on Academy grounds, well the marriage was more than likely to fall through.

On the third, Kirche convinced him to take Louise to the infirmary for an examination. Considering that this world was completely different from his own and that the magical system was likely different as well, he allowed it.

The culprit turned out to be a severe depletion of what the mages called 'Willpower', something Emiya realized was completely separate from prana or mana, what he had assumed to be the source of their spells, after extensive questioning, disguised as curiosity.

And that led to the present, where Emiya was sitting on a chair next to Louise, resting in a pristine white bed under matching covers.

It was just around noon, the sun reaching the highest point in the sky, when he felt a massive surge of mana on the school grounds.

He had just gotten out of his chair and armed himself with the greatest sword he knew when the door burst open with a blast of wind.

Emiya glared at the intruder and raised Excaliber. "Who are you?"

The woman met his glare with a steely one of her own and raised a wand in response to his sword. "So you are the Mage who proclaims himself my daughter's familiar."


Emiya's eyes widened in realization. This woman-

"Prepare yourself. I, Karin of the Heavy Wind, challenge you to a duel for the pain you have caused my daughter."

-She was the source of Louise's fragility.

Tiger Dojo

When the door opens, no one is around. The dojo is empty, its masters gone for now. All that is here is a single file, lying down on the ground with a note on top of it.

Hello there, Reader-kun! Sorry we're not here right now, but important things came up! Could you take a look at this in the meantime? We'll be back soon, I promise!


Identity: Emiya Shirou?

The Sword of Akasha, whose sole purpose was to protect those dear to 'Emiya Shirou' after he created a 'miracle' to save them. A peerless swordsman and relentless protector. Other details are unknown.

Master: Louise Francoise Le Blanc de Valliere

Class: Lifthrasir

While normally the weakest of the Void Servants due to acting as just a 'vessel' of power and giving no extraordinary bonuses, the Sword of Akasha's own abilities are high enough to compensate for this.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Strength: B

Endurance: B

Agility: C

Mana: A

Luck: D

Class Skills:

Heart of God: A

Symbolic of one who would survive Ragnarok. It allows the Master to draw upon their Servant's pool of Od, Willpower, Origin, Alignment, and Sorcery Traits to supplement their own. An inversion of the typical Master-Servant relationship that enhances the Master's abilities by drawing from the Servant. As expected of such an usurption, overuse will result in the cessation of the Servant's existance, turning them into nothing more than an empty shell.

At this level, the Master is capable of using the entirety of their Servant's strengths to supplement their own in the same manner they would any other weapon.

This is possible because 'Emiya Shirou' is closely aligned with his origin of 'Sword', and will sacrifice himself to be able to protect those dear to him, becoming even a machine if necessary.

Familiar Bond: A

A potent compulsion to make the summoned familiar 'tame' and obey the Summoner's wishes. The average level of compulsion (Rank C) is enough for even dangerous Gryphons or intelligent Rhyme Dragons to yield to their Summoner's demands. In the long run, it fosters love and companionship, and is meant to be a symbiotic relationship to aid both the Summoner and the Summoned reach a mutual understanding, until death do they part.

Due to being Lifthrasir, a Servant meant to give their life up for their Summoner to enhance their spells, the compulsion placed upon the Sword is formidable, enough to shift his inhuman mindset of a 'Sword' to one closer to a 'Human'. On this level, it is more of a curse than a blessing, and trends dangerously into a parasitic relationship rather than the intended symbiotic relationship.

This also allows the Summoner, Louise, to gain insights into the Sword's past via dreams, flashbacks, or sudden thoughts that are associated with the familiar.

Personal Skills:

Magic Resistance: A

In the case of 'Emiya Shirou', this ability is a result of his high mana capacity and 'Body of Steel'. Cancels the effect of spells up until a value of '50', or 'A' ranked spells.

Eye of the Mind (False): B

Originally 'Eye of the Mind (True)', it has become 'False' as it is no longer a 'calm analysis of battle conditions' through experience, but rather a 'calm analysis of battle conditions' through an instinctive analysis using knowledge burned upon the soul.

The ability to deduce an appropriate course of action to escape danger. So long as there is even a 1% chance of escape, this ability heightens the probability of success immensely.

Body of Steel:

The Sword is at heart a blade mimicking the one known as Emiya Shirou. This means that his core is that of steel, and this shows in combat when his body is wounded. Swords will cross over wounds and heal anything save for lethal wounds. The only way to kill the Sword is to exhaust his prana or completely eradicate his body, and those are a difficult feat indeed, and in the former case the death is only temporary.

This grants a resistance to any physical damage up until B ranked attacks. Magical damage is excluded from this resistance.

Pure Eyes: A

Unlike Mystic Eyes, which are mutated magic circuits in the eyes, these can be said to be the inheritance of Fate.

The ones possessed by the Sword are classified as Silver under the Noble Color Classification, and mark the ones under Shinto, or the way of the Gods. Originally possessed by Emiya Shirou upon gaining omnipotent abilities, the remnant has inherited his will, and thus these eyes, representing the succession of Fate.

As a passive ability, it also allows him to 'see' the world as it truly is making him immune to visual illusions or obstructions.

As an active ability, one that requires complete focus, it can be used to determine the Origin or Purpose of anything. The more complex a concept, or the more general, the more time it takes for a successful divination.

As a general rule, the Sword prefers to use this sparingly and usually only to comprehend the world around him.

Noble Phantasm:

Mugen no Kensei (Dream of the Sword Saint): D-A++

A special magic called a Reality Marble, which 'Emiya Shirou' is able to use.

It is a universe containing all the swords once conceived by the Sorcerer Emiya Shirou that had existed in 'Unlimited Blade Works' prior to activating his 'Magic'. Different from 'Infinite Sword Creation', it is rather a repository of blades that may be drawn into the world to be wielded by the 'Sword' Emiya Shirou. Because of this, the only weapons that exist in this realm are those that are strictly 'Sword'.

Weapons such as 'Rule Breaker', 'Gae Bolg', or 'Harpe' do not exist in this Reality Marble, though it may be possible to create a weapon with similar capacities for a single use, given time and comprehension of its origin.

The true purpose for this realm is the replication of 'Skill' and the 'Swords' here are only a means to facilitate that replication. Using the 'Swords' as a way to anchor techniques, he can utilize any ability 'Emiya Shirou' has seen that can be attributed to a 'Sword' by simply calling up the image of the associated blade in his mind. This allows for potent combinations such as 'Nine Lives' with two swords.

It operates similar to 'Gate of Babylon' in summoning the weapons within, as there is only a one-time expenditure of prana to bring them into Reality. However, destruction of any sword comes at a dire cost, as recreation of even one consumes a vast amount of prana, equal to projecting 'holy-sword' class weaponry.

While there can only be a single copy of each sword present at any time, there is no limit to the number of swords that may be drawn from the Reality Marble other than the number of swords stored within, which number to a few thousand as of his being summoned, though a majority are C ranked Noble Phantasms or lesser ranked.

There is a loophole that may be exploited in the usage of this Reality Marble. As it is something that belongs to 'Emiya Shirou', and the one using it is the 'Sword of Akasha' belonging to 'Emiya Shirou', the Sword is able to instantaneously switch places with any other blade that has been drawn from the Reality Marble. In addition, because of this loophole, the Reality Marble may be deployed to keep individuals safe in that realm while the 'Sword' fights back in reality as just another blade drawn from that Reality Marble.

Note that this Reality Marble has changed from the time of its conception in 'A Different Path'. While the Sword is able to use its abilities in a similar manner to the original Emiya Shirou, he is no longer able to store blades or techniques at a glance, or produce entirely new weapons without considerable time and preparation. Neither is he able to use anything that is not strictly a 'Sword', such as Harpe or Rho Aius.

Kigen (?): EX


End Tiger Dojo

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