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"Hey loser," Olivia called as she walked through the back gate and across the plush green lawn that joined the Pope and Grant Estates. Walking towards the Grant pool deck, Olivia admired the breath-taking ocean and beach view which was less than a hundred feet from the expansive lawn. The calming lull of the ocean and the warmth of the sun were two things she would never tire of. It was a sweltering August day in the Hamptons and Fitz, who was enjoying having time off from his stressful internship at J.P. Morgan, was fast asleep on a pool lounge chair, soaking up the summer sun. Breathing in the salty air, Olivia made her way over to where Fitz was lightly snoring.

"Wake up, Fitzgerald! I'm hooome" sang Olivia, as she leaned down and swatted him with her rolled up Vogue magazine. Fitz jolted awake and pushed his aviator sunglasses onto the rim of his blue 'Columbia Rowing' cap. Stretching and unconsciously flexing his chiseled biceps, he stood up to say hello to Olivia.

"I'm sorry, do I know you" Fitz joked as he flashed Olivia a hundred watt smile and stuck his hands into his American flag swim trunk pockets.

"Ha. Ha. Very funny mister. I haven't been gone that long" came Olivia's reply as she sassily crossed her arms over her pastel pink and blue beach cover up that landed on her upper thighs. Her hair was in its naturally curly state and cascaded softly over her shoulders.

Olivia had been taking extra credit classes at Oxford in England since the beginning of the summer. Always the over achiever, Olivia packed her course load with foreign policy, comparative politics and pre-law classes, leaving her little to no free time. The dreary, wet, English summer days were spent cooped up in the library at Christ Church college. The little free time that Olivia could find, she explored the classic gothic architecture of the Oxford colleges with her boyfriend Edison, who was also studying abroad and wouldn't be returning home until the following spring. While Olivia thoroughly enjoyed her time in England, and was pleased to have pushed herself to her academic limits, she was happy to be able to have some relaxation and restoration time before returning to Barnard in a few weeks.

"Livvie, you know I'm kidding. Come here, you." Fitz opened his arms invitingly for his best friend, and she immediately stepped into his familiar embrace. Olivia smiled sweetly to herself as she inhaled his comforting scent. "I missed you, bud," she murmured into his warm chest.

"I missed you too, Liv. I didn't think I would, but to be honest, summer isn't the same without you around." Olivia pulled back from Fitz's embrace with an incredulous look on her face.

"Wow, look at you, Fitzy, getting soft and sentimental in my absence, I see. Maybe I should leave more often" she stated with a giggle as she stepped out of his hug completely. Fitz chuckled and laid back down on his lounge chair, replacing his aviators over his eyes and folding his hands behind his head. Olivia pulled off her cover up and adjusted her white bandeau bikini top before sitting in the pool chair next to Fitz's. The white of the bikini was a gorgeous contrast to Olivia's milk chocolate skin and she looked as if she were glowing. Reaching into her beach bag, she retrieved a pair of Chanel sunglasses and a large, wide brimmed sun hat.

"Maybe I should clarify," Fitz started as he looked first towards the ocean and then towards Olivia, "I've missed having someone else to suffer through the weekly Pope - Grant dinners with."

"You ass!" Olivia squealed as she once more twisted her Vogue, leaned over and whacked Fitz with the thick magazine. He tried to suppress his laugh as he rubbed his bicep and feigned injury.

The Popes and the Grants had been family friends since before Olivia and Fitz were born. Fitzgerald Thomas Grant II, or Big Jerry, as everyone affectionately called him, and Rowan Pope owned and were joint partners of the nation's largest corporate law firm. For as long as Fitz and Olivia could remember, their families had lived next door to one another in both Washington D.C. and the Hamptons. Every year, they took a Pope-Grant family vacation to the Caribbean and once a week, even when Olivia and Fitz couldn't attend because they were away at school, there was Pope-Grant family dinner. From the time they were born, the pair was inseparable. Olivia and Fitz both attended Georgetown Day School, often healthily competing for the number one and two spots in their class. In their senior year of high school, Olivia was accepted early decision to Barnard College of Columbia university and a week later, when Fitz also got into Columbia early decision and found out he would be rowing, their families were elated. The two couldn't imagine going to school and spending crazy weekends and late nights studying without one another, and now they wouldn't have to. Now, as they were about to to begin their junior year, Olivia and Fitz were closer than ever. She went to all of his races, helped him run his successful student government campaign and gave him advice on where to take his girlfriend Mellie for incredible dates. Fitz made sure that Olivia was prepped for her debates and confident for her swim meets and he was always a shoulder to cry on when Olivia and Edison fought.

"So, what have I missed? Fill me in." Olivia asked as she got comfortable and closed her eyes.

"Well, Mellie was here last week. Initially, we had a great time just enjoying each other's company and relaxing on the beach, but then she started to get neurotic about quote "all the thirsty bitches who were trying to steal her man." She didn't want to leave the house and I was miserable. This sounds horrible, but was relieved when she finally went back to the city." Shaking his head, he chuckled to himself.

"Oh man, she's a keeper, Fitz" said Olivia sarcastically. "I still don't understand why you've been with her for almost three years."

Fitz slowly replied, "I don't know… we've talked about this, Liv.. She's hot, she's smart, we have pretty decent sex regularly and she's sweet" he paused and then added "for the most part." They both laughed. "I've thought about ending it, but our relationship is familiar and comfortable; its easy and people are used to us being together" he said with a shrug.

Olivia hummed in agreement. She was all too familiar with comfortable relationships. Olivia and Edison had been together since their junior year at Georgetown Day. Edison was Olivia's first everything - first kiss, first time, first love. However, after years of being together, they were stuck in a routine of meaningless 'I love you, babys", repetitive conversations and hurried, passionless sex.

But, it was comfortable, it was easy, it was constant and they thought they were happy.

They fell into an easy silence, taking the opportunity to listen to the crashing of the waves. After a few minutes, Fitz broke the tranquility.

" So after Mellie left, we had family dinner at your place. As per usual, I got the conversation." Olivia groaned loudly and Fitz sat up from his lounge to face her.

"Fitzgerald," Fitz began, imitating Big Jerry's voice, "how long do you intend to keep up this charade with Melanie? You and Olivia are going to be juniors in college this year, don't you think it's time you two started dating?"

Olivia threw her arm over her eyes in an exasperated fashion as she continued in her father's voice, "This Edison boy isn't going very far, Olivia. You and Fitzgerald are meant to be great! You are meant to take over the company and then the White House, together, as a couple."

The pair let out a big sigh simultaneously.

"They'll never get it, will they? We've had this drilled into our heads since we were what, five? And after all this time, it still hasn't happened. I'm happy with Edison, you're happy with Mellie. I wish they would just let it go."

Fitz sighed once more before changing the subject. "Tell me about England, Livvie. I wanna hear all about it." A wide, beautiful smile spread across Olivia's face.

They spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing by the pool, laughing, joking and exchanging stories about their summers. As the sun began to set, Fitz suggested they clean up and cook dinner together in order to start the planning for their annual end of summer party. Olivia agreed and got up to start gathering her belongings. While she was bent over picking up her bag, Fitz playfully smacked her butt. Olivia yelped in surprise and whipped around, trying to suppress a giggle.

"You better watch it, Grant!" Olivia yelled as she began the walk towards her back yard with an extra sway in her hips.

Fitz watched her leave, grinning from ear to ear. He was elated to have his best friend back.

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