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"So, Liv, we heard you and Fitz fucking yesterday."

Olivia choked and coughed on the water she had just started to swallow. "Pardon me, Abby?"

"You heard me Liv. Or rather, we heard you," Abby smirked. Quinn giggled in response.

"Spill the beans, Liv, we want to know what went down," pushed Quinn.

The boys had decided to take the day to do their own thing in town, so the three girls were all sitting out by Olivia's pool tanning and gossiping. At Abby's statement, Olivia turned bright red and pulled her wide brimmed sun hat down further to shield her embarrassment. Finally after what felt like an eternity of both girls staring at her waiting for a response, Olivia began to respond.

"Guys, you know I don't really like to talk about my personal life."

"Oh bullshit Olivia! We let that "I don't like to talk about my personal life" shit fly with Edison, because honestly, he's a nice guy but he's as boring as a door knob and we couldn't give two fucks about what you do in the bedroom. However, we heard you calling for Jesus, Mary, Joseph and God with your "friend" Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III, so this time, we're telling, not asking. Spill."

Olivia sat there stunned. She looked like a deer in headlights. "Shit," she thought to herself, "were we really that loud? We couldn't have been…" Suddenly Olivia was scrambling to make up excuses. She was mortified and confused. What did her friends think of her? Were they mad that she had cheated on Edison even though it was clear that they weren't super enthused about their relationship? How could she and Fitz have possibly been so reckless?


"No excuses this time, Liv," said Abby cutting off what Olivia was about to say. Quinn glared at Abby and then sat up, took off her sunglasses and turned to face Olivia.

"Listen Liv, Abby and I have watched you and Fitz together for the past two years. You say you're just friends but honestly, when you guys are together, it's something special. This air of electricity and magic just radiates from you both."

Olivia couldn't look Quinn in the eye. She refused to listen to or believe what she was saying what she was saying. This was the last conversation that Olivia ever expected to be having with her two best girl friends. She was starting to get irrationally angry about the situation and was about to shut down the conversation when suddenly, Abby burst into a fit of hysterical laughter.

"What?" Olivia snapped.

"I can't believe you, the great, rule-following, ever-faithful, Olivia Pope has cheated on Edison Davis! And not once, but TWICE!" howled Abby.

Olivia was definitely angry now. She was upset that Abby clearly thought this was funny and that she had no qualms about laughing at something that Olivia was so guilty and in denial about. She finally snapped, unable to take the laughter any longer.

"I don't need this right now! From either of you. Ok yes, it happened, and yes I cheated on Edison but I feel awful because I love him. So much. There is no way in heaven or hell that sex with Fitz will ever happen again. Fitz and I are FRIENDS. He drives me fucking INSANE, he knows just what buttons to push to annoy me and he knows way too much about me to ever be my boyfriend. He used to stick boogers in my hair when we were little, and push me into the pool and throw sticks and rocks at me. And now he picks up my birth control and tampons from the pharmacy and he fucking makes me clean his apartment. He's like my goddamn brother. So I really don't know what "magic" shit you two think is between us, but let's be honest, what happened yesterday and the night before with me and Fitz was nothing short of two people in need of a good fuck and using the closest body they could find."

Abby snorted and mumbled, "Brother and friend my ass. I'd like a brother who could give it to me as good as it sounded like Fitz was giving it to you."

"Shut up, Abby! It's really not funny. Just drop it and honestly let's never bring this up again." She was livid. She couldn't believe that her integrity and loyalty to Edison had been questioned by her two best friends.

"Whatever," the red head said as she put her headphones in and closed her eyes. Quinn, who was still sitting up and facing Olivia, leaned sweetly in to say one last thing.

"Liv, I know you don't want to talk about this anymore, and it's also clear that you're in denial, but I just want to say that I think you should seriously think about exploring whatever happened between you and Fitz. At the same time, I don't think Edison deserves this, so if you're going to move forward with Fitz do yourself a favor and end things with Edison."

"I'm not going to 'explore things with Fitz' or 'end things with Edison,'" Olivia said using air quotes to emphasize her point, "so just drop it, please Quinn." With that, she put her earbuds in and turned to face the ocean, trying to concentrate on her music in order to rid herself of the horrible guilty feeling that was filling her more and more with each passing minute.

Fitz, Harrison, Huck and Jake had just sat down at a bar in Sag Harbor when Huck got the courage to bring up the subject of Olivia and Fitz. Huck was normally the friend to stay out of everyone's business, but this time, his curiosity had gotten the better of him.

"So Fitz, we heard you giving it to Liv real good again yesterday morning."

"Nope, wasn't me," Fitz stated as he took a swig of his ice cold Miller Lite.

"UHH YES FITZ THERE, THERE," Harrison squealed as he imitated Olivia's cries and moans, complete with a hip thrusting movement. Huck and Harrison laughed heartily and high-fived. Jake's grip tightened around his beer and he stared straight ahead. Harrison caught his breath and continued, "Last time I checked, your name is Fitz, and i'm 99.9% sure that she wasn't up there alone."

"You guys had sex again?!" Jake practically growled, squeezing the life out of his poor beer bottle.

"Yeah, it happened after you went stomping out of the kitchen like a spoiled little girl," howled Harrison, clearly still finding the previous day's kitchen confrontation very amusing.

Jake looked a mixture of embarrassed and angry as he chugged the rest of his beer and sat there stewing in silence.

"Ok, look it happened. When it happened at night, we were both drunk and horny and we didn't know what was happening. When it happened yesterday morning, to be honest I was sober, but I was still just horny… and pissed at Mellie for not being there. I just desperately needed to get laid, and Liv was there. It definitely shouldn't have happened. I don't regret it per say, because it was good, really fucking good," Fitz smirked and Harrison went in for a high five, "it's just that Liv isn't my girl and it shouldn't have happened. So I'm over it. Can we please never talk about this again."

"That can be done. Easily," Jake spat bitterly.

"Shut up, and stop acting like a little bitch, and get over it," retorted Harrison. Everyone in the group knew that Jake had the hots for Olivia, but Harrison was not-so-scretely happy that it was Fitz who had succeeded in getting with Olivia and not Jake. He was a cool guy to be around when they were talking sports or school or other girls, but when it came to Olivia, Jake got silent and creepily possessive. Harrison turned his attention back to Fitz. "No we're gonna talk about this. Forget Mellie, Liv is hot, she actually likes us, she doesn't embarrass you and make you look pussy whipped out in public, and believe me, despite the fact that you've been trying to convince everyone including yourselves that you're "just friends," that's bullshit. We all know it. The sooner you two figure that out, the better."

"Just drop it, Har."

Harrison started to continue, but Huck gave him a look and Harrison put his hands up in defeat. Huck changed the subject and the guys spent the rest of the afternoon in the bar laughing and joking around. However, Fitz couldn't help but feel as if he had used Olivia and he was beginning to get angry that she hadn't stopped him in the light of day. Sure he had started things in the shower, and he had known exactly what he was doing, but he wasn't feeling well and wasn't thinking clearly. She should've stopped him. By the time they was ready to go home, Fitz was feeling annoyed and upset and himself but mostly at Olivia, and he couldn't feel guilty when he thought about Mellie.

Olivia was flopped on her bed waiting for Abby to come out of the shower, as she dialed Edison and waited for the phone to ring. It was about 10:30pm in England but she figured Edison would be awake doing work or reading. She anxiously waited as the phone rang and rang. Finally, right before it went to voicemail, Edison picked up.

"Hi, Olivia," came Edison's voice.

"Ed, baby! Hey!" Olivia was relieved that he had answered the phone, despite the fact that he sounded annoyed.

"You said you would call, Liv. Two days ago."

Olivia released a loud sigh as she felt the guilt settle even more. "I'm really sorry baby, the party got really… out of control… and the girls are still here, you know how we get when we're together. But you're right, I'm sorry, I should've called," she said softly. "Do you forgive me, baby? You know you can't stay mad at me," Olivia said in a pouty tone. Edison chuckled and shook his head on the other end of the receiver.

"You're right, I can't. I love you so much, Liv. Just don't let it happen again. Forty-eight hours without talking to you is too much. You know I like to keep tabs on you. Who knows what kind of trouble you could've gotten into," he semi-joked.

There came those three words. And the "joke." Olivia felt as if she had been punched in her stomach as her guilt reached an all time high. When Edison said those three words, she realized how true they were. They had been together for almost four wonderful years and she wouldn't just allow herself to throw that away. She loved Edison and loved all of the time they had spent together even all of the fights and the tears and the bad moments. That's what really mattered. Didn't it? It they didn't struggle, they couldn't appreciate the good times. Edison loved her, appreciated her and treated her right and even though the fireworks were long gone, she still loved him too. That's what Olivia told herself as a tear slipped down her cheek and she replied.

"I love you too, Ed. I miss you. So much."

She couldn't believe that she had cheated on him. In that moment, she vowed it wouldn't happen again. He didn't deserve that type of treatment.

"I miss you too, Liv." She smiled against the phone and closed her eyes. There was no way she could tell Edison what had transpired between her and Fitz - that would mean the end of their relationship, but she could make this right. She was pissed at Fitz for starting things again in the morning and they needed to talk. The thought of seeing him alone again gave her nervous butterflies, gave her an unwanted ache between her thighs but also filled her with anger. She quickly shook it off. For now, she would give her sweet boyfriend some much needed love and attention.

When the boys returned home around 6:00pm, they all made dinner together. After dinner, the boys made a fire outside in Fitz's back yard and everyone and sat down around it to enjoy their last night all together before the start of school. Jake made sure that he sat close to Olivia. Normally, she would mind, but her anger at Fitz had been stewing all day and she was just happy that it wasn't him sitting next to her. The group talked, laughed, drank and made s'mores. Every time Fitz tried to talk to Olivia, she would shut him down with one word answers or ignore her completely. He was beginning to get annoyed. This was their last night with their friends and she was acting childish. He wasn't sure what had changed in between their amicable conversation yesterday and today. He decided that it was time for them to talk. Fitz pulled out his phone and shot Olivia a text across the circle.

Fitz: We need to talk.

Olivia felt her phone buzz and pulled it out of her back pocket. Seeing it was Fitz, she glared at him across the fire and locked the screen. She placed her phone next her to her on the grass and cut her eye at him. He glared back and narrowed his eyes as he typed another text.

Fitz: Pick up your phone. We need to talk

Her phone buzzed again and she tried to ignore it.

Fitz: Let's go talk or I'm going to make this a bigger deal than it needs to be
Fitz: Olivia, don't be childish
Fitz: Answer me. I see you looking at your phone

She was beginning to get annoyed, so she decided to reply in hopes that he would leave her alone. Jake glared over her shoulder at her phone as she re-read his texts and sent a curt reply.

Olivia: No.

Jake smirked. He was happy she didn't seem to want to entertain Fitz and he scooted closer to her, hoping to get cozy.

Fitz: Stop acting like a 5 year old. It's time to talk about this. I'm leaving for the city tomorrow.
Olivia: Fine.

Olivia got up and stormed off towards the unlit beach. Jake was stunned and pissed that once again, Fitz had managed to monopolize Olivia's attention. Huck, ever the quiet observer, noticed Jake's change in mood.

"Let it go, man, just let it go."

"Stop walking. STOP WALKING!" Olivia yelled as she followed Fitz further and further down the beach. "You wanted to talk? Let's talk. Because I'm about to turn around and go back to the house."

Fitz turned around and crossed his arms petulantly. Olivia mirrored him and the stare down began.

"Let's talk."

"How could you, Fitz?! The night of the party was one thing, but the other morning?! You KNOW I'm with Edison and you're with Mellie. You were so 100% out of line!"

"Oh! So I'm the guilty one here? It didn't sound like I was so out of line when you were screaming my name so loudly our dad's could hear all the way in China! You didn't even try to stop me!"

"That's rich coming from the person who couldn't keep my name off of his lips. It was like a prayer to you! You wanted it soooo badly."

By this time, the two were in each other's face, yelling. The air was buzzing and they were both trying to ignore that electric pull that made them both want nothing more than to fall into each others arms and lose themselves in one another. The simpleness of the close contact set their bodies afire and they were both momentarily distracted by the energy between them. With their eyes locked, they breathed each others air and fought the urge to lock their lips - that was exactly what had gotten them in this position in the first place. Fitz was the first one to break the trance. Olivia stepped back in order to think clearly.

"Seriously, Olivia. I can't believe you're acting so high and mighty! You were practically begging for it."

"Obviously it was so good for you, you couldn't resist coming back for more."

"Fuck that. I was horny and you were there. That's it. End of story. You were nothing more than a tight pussy and a hot piece of ass."

As soon as the words left Fitz's mouth, he regretted them. Olivia was seething. She couldn't believe that such words would come out of Fitz's mouth. Even though she'd used the same rational earlier in talking to Abby and Quinn, she was hurt. In the 20 years that they had been best friends, he had never said something so incredibly hurtful to her. She thought that there was a way that they could've moved past this and things could've returned to normal, but now she wasn't so sure. Olivia wanted to be sick. Her vision was starting to blur with unshed tears and she could feel her dinner starting to come up.

"Livvie, I…" his eyes were wide and filled with remorse. He reached out to pull her closer, but she jerked away.

"Fuck you, Fitz," she said quietly but fiercely as she pushed past him and her tears began to fall.

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