Dora's Knight in shining armor

Dora's P.o.v.

I looked at sir phantom. He is my savior. He saved me and my kingdom from my brother Aragon and now he has saved me from my unknown kidnappers. I want to do something for him and his friends in return. I have to. "Sir Phantom, Since I would like to express my thanks to you, You and your friends are invited to the banquet tomorrow at high noon." I kindly told him. He answered, "Are you sure? I don't want to barge in on your party." "Nonsense," I told him, " My people and I would be delighted to have you as a guest, sir phantom." "OK, sure." Phantom agreed, "Why do you call me sir?" "You are my kingdom's savior. You need to be addressed as one." I politely curtsied after saying . "Shall I see thou at the banquet?" "Yes, you shall." He replied before pressing his lips to the back of my hand and bowing before leaving. I want him to be my Prince terribly. I will make him my knight. We will be able to get closer that way. I just hope he doesn't take notice of my, what would he call it?, ah yes, crush. I shall be his princess someday.

Danny's P.o.v.

When I got back to the human realm, I went to tell sam and Tucker that they were invited to come to the banquet with me. They were pretty excited. That night I went to bed dreaming about how cute Dora was when she blushed as I kissed her hand.

Noon, The day of the banquet

When Tucker, Sam and I got there, they were already waiting for us. We had a grand entrance and everything. Then I Saw her, Dora, she is so beautiful. I shook away my daydream when she started speaking, "Today, we have a special guest and that special guest is sir phantom, our savior." Everyone cheered as they looked toward me. "I have a special surprise for him as well. Sir Phantom, will thou cometh here?" She continued as I walked up to her, "You have saved us several times. I would love to be the one to make you an official knight." I was surprised to say the least " I would be be honored." I replied before she said, " But not just a knight, My knight in shining armor. Or in your current language, I would like you to be in a relationship with you. Only if you want to though."She added. I blushed and scratched behind my neck as the crowd looked expectantly at me and Sam and Tucker sat dumbfounded. Finally I said looking away, " Uh, I would love to be your knight in shining armor." She responded by having me kneel and saying, " I declare that you are now and forever knight of this kingdom and Prince of my own. I declare you officially, Sir Phantom." She touched each of my shoulders with her staff and put a crown on my head. Everyone started cheering as she gave me my own sword and holster for it. After all of the commotion ended we got to the feast. I sat next to Sam who sat next to her boyfriend, Tucker, I was also sitting to my princess, Dora, who was talking to Tucker about how she had all this planned but hadn't thought it would work. We stayed until around three but when Sam and Tucker left I stayed with Dora. She showed me some of her favorite places and I did the same. Then it got dark as I showed her my most favorite place. At the top of a hill in Amity Park, where I watched the stars. I started showing her the constellations, when all of the sudden she kissed me full on the lips. It was the best kiss I had ever had. Then when I had to take her back to her kingdom, I kissed her one more time before going home thinking of the future that we will have together and fell asleep happily knowing I was her Prince. Her Knight in shining armor.

I was listening to Taylor Swift's 'Love Story' when I thought this up. I thought it was sweet so I posted it. Hope you liked it! ~~~ DPphan4695