Chapter 3: Back Again

Author's Note: Sorry it took me a while. I had exams and assessments due this past week. I will try to increase the length of the upcoming chapters and also, thank you for all the reviews and favourites. I haven't written a fic in a while and I felt pretty good about it. So anyway, hope you enjoy!

Uzumaki Naruto: 13 Years Old

Status: Chunin Rank Candidate

Time: March 8, 2004 Monday 6.30pm

"Hinata-sama!" she heard a voice say as she blinked her eyes open.

"Hinata-neesan?" Hanabi said worriedly as Hinata lifted herself from the ground, using her arms for support.

"Are you alright?"

"Y-yes, I think so," she said as she looked around. Her head began to ache as flashes of the scene she encountered flew through her mind. "T-the Chunin exams," Hinata muttered and Hiashi furrowed his brows.

"Go have a rest," her father said and Hinata just nodded as she gradually stood up before she walked into her room.

"Strange," she said to herself and her head began to ache again. She let out a gasp at the sharp pain and placed both hands on either side of her head, "What's happening?"

Time: March 9, 2004 Tuesday 9:00am

"Naruto, are you ready?" Jiraiya asked and Naruto frowned.

"It's just," he started as he stared at his packed bag, "I didn't think you'd come so soon," he said sadly as he thought about all the plans he had with Hinata for the rest of the week.

"What did you think? The chunin exams are just around the corner! This is no time to be going on dates with your girlfriend!"

"She's not my girlfriend!" he responded. He didn't mention that his heart skipped a beat at the word 'girlfriend'.

"Oh, how nice it would be to be young and in love again," Jiraiya says as he clasped his hands together. Naruto glared at the older man before he scoffed and continued to walk towards the training grounds.

"Don't fool around for too long!" the grown man shouted and Naruto's face turned red as he yelled for him to shut up.

"Jeez, what a pain," he muttered to himself as his eyes shifted to the ground, a slight blush still evident on his cheeks.

"Naruto!" a familiar voice shouted. Naruto looked up to find Kiba waving at him, Akamaru with Shino behind.

"Kiba!"Naruto said excitedly. Kiba and Shino were of the few selected people that acknowledged his presence, all thanks to Hinata. "Where's Hinata?" he said as he looked between the two.

"You just missed her," Kiba said as he pointed towards the road. "Something about her father needing to speak with her," he continued. "Is she alright though?" he asked when Naruto began to walk in the direction Kiba pointed in.

"What do you mean?" the blonde said as he stopped in his tracks.

"She said she hasn't been feeling well and she did seem a little off this morning."


"Yeah," Shino responded. Naruto just furrowed his brows before he went after her.

"I'll see you guys later!" he shouted back as a determined look crossed his face. He quickened his pace when he realized that he was going towards the Hyuuga Estate. 'Damn it, I won't be allowed to talk to her once she goes in,' he thought.

"Naruto-kun?" a voice said as he zoomed past. Naruto almost fell forward as he tried to stop himself. "Naruto-kun, are you alright?" Hinata said as she ran towards the Genin.

"Y-yeah, I'm fine, I just wasn't expecting you to be there," he said with a nervous laugh. "But I'm glad I caught you!" he added and Hinata's cheeks flushed red. "I wanted to say bye," he began and the raven haired girl looked at him, a worried expression on her face. "I didn't mean it like that! I mean, I'm going to train for a while!" he said as he began to scratch the back of his head with a smile.

'"I wouldn't forget something like that! I was with pervy sage for almost a week until just this morning."

"Hinata, the last time we saw each other was that night we went to Ichiraku's and I walked you home and your dad was waiting at the door."

"That was when I came to see you to say goodbye."

"Uh, Hinata?" Naruto said as he stared at the Hyuuga's blank face, " Are you alright?"

"W-what? Yeah I'm fine!" she said excitedly. "I'm just thinking about something is all," she said casually as she avoided his eyes.

"Hinata," he started, "Don't lie to me, okay?" he said as he placed his hands on her shoulders. His expression was hidden but he tightened his grip, "If someone's hurting you-"

"Naruto-kun, really it's nothing," she said with a smiled as she placed her hands on his. "But thank you for being so concerned," she added before he let his eyes meet hers.

"Of course I am," he said softly, "You're my-"

"Hinata-sama!" a voice yelled.

"Neji-nii-san," Hinata said as she turned her head.

"Your father is waiting for you," was all he said before he turned his head and walked back the way he came.

"What's his problem?" Naruto said angrily, unaware that they were still in their current position.

"Uhm, Naruto," Hinata said nervously. Naruto turned his head and realized how close their faces were from the other. Hinata's heartbeat quickened as he continued to stare at her.

"R-right!"he said quickly as he pulled away awkwardly, "S-sorry!" he said before he turned his back to her, "A-anyway I just wanted to say bye before I head off to train with the Pervy sage! So, bye!" he said in a breath as he started to walk away. Hinata giggled.

"Naruto-kun!" she shouted and Naruto looked back, "Work hard alright? I'll be waiting for you," she said and Naruto couldn't help but smile. His heart warmed at her words and he responded with a nod.

"That's a promise!" he called back. As the two waved at each other, a man appeared a few metres from Hinata.

"Something's off about this," the man said as he stared at the scenario. "That's not what happened," he muttered as he let his gaze drift to the ground.

"Uhm excuse me?" Hinata said and the man looked up and froze.

"Are you alright? You look-"

"I'm fine," the man said quickly as he turned away. Hinata stared at him, confused. "S-sorry, I'll be going now," he said and ran before Hinata could even reply.

"Naruto! Hurry up!" Jiraiya said as he stood at the gate with crossed arms.

"Yeah, I'm coming!" he said, running towards him.

"Did you get a goodbye kiss from your-" before he could finish, Naruto pulled his hair back and the Sanin groaned in pain.

"Shut up," was all he said before he walked ahead of him. Jiraiya smirked at his antics before he walked next to him.

"So where are we going?"

"What?!" Naruto said as he froze.

"I was just following you," Jiraiya said with a blank expression.

"You said we had to leave for training!" Naruto exclaimed as he flailed his arms in the air.

"Just kidding," he said with a wink and Naruto's face turned red with anger.

"I'm going to kill you!" he shouted and Jiraiya laughed as he quickened his pace, ahead of the blonde. Naruto didn't mention that his heart may have rejoiced a little at the thought of not being separated from a certain best friend of his. Naruto took a step forward when-

"Stop," a voice called and everything froze. Naruto looked ahead to find his master frozen on the spot.

"Pervy sage?" he asked as he began to walk forward. "Pervy-" he stopped himself when he noticed someone move behind them, "Who's there?" he said quickly as he pulled out a kunai.

"Annoying as ever," the voice said and before he could respond, his vision went blurry and he collapsed to the ground.

"Oi, Naruto! Get up, Naruto!" a voice insisted and Naruto's head felt like it was going to explode.


"Idiot, what are you doing here?" Sasuke demanded as he placed his hands on his hips.

"I was on my way to-" he started but his head began to ache and Sasuke just glared at the boy.

"You're going to look like an idiot if Hinata finds out you were waiting outside her house again!"

"What are you talking about?"

"I must have hit you on the head harder than I thought," Sasuke said with a sigh before he took hold of Naruto's collar and practically dragged him, "Come on."

'What just happened?' the Genin thought as he watched Sasuke walk in front of him. 'I swear I was walking away with Pervy sage just a while ago,' he thought as he crossed his arms.

"Honestly, waiting outside her house is not going to get her to forgive you," Sasuke said angrily.

"Hinata's mad at me?"

"Did I really hit you that hard?!" he yelled and Naruto just stared at him with a blank expression, "Look, I get it and I want to kill that guy just as badly as you do but you didn't have to do it during her engagement party!"

"Sasuke what-"

"Her fiance's pissed, her dad's even worse and-"

"Wait, wait, fiance?" Naruto asked with a very confused look, "Sasuke what the hell are you talking about?!" he asked angrily as he stood up with his fists clenched. Sasuke narrowed his eyes at the boy.

"Naruto, are you-"

"Stop!" a voice called out and before Naruto could turn his head, the world went black.

"My head," Naruto groaned as he placed his hands over his temples.

"Naruto, are you okay?" Jiraiya said as he stood over the young Genin.

"Pervy Sage?"

"I was just walking and you collapsed in front of me," Jiraiya said as Naruto slowly stood up.

"Y-yeah I'm fine," he said as he shook his head. 'That was weird,' he thought as he just kept walking forward.

"Her fiance's pissed"

'Hinata has a fiance? What the hell kind of dream was that?' he thought as Jiraiya stared at him with a curious expression.

'Did he just-' Jiraiaya began but then shook his head, 'No way, that's impossible.'

"Damn it, I sent him too far," a man said behind the trees. Jiraiya turned his head but found no one there.

"Come on, Pervy sage!" Naruto called and Jiraiya shrugged it off before he followed his student.

"This is all wrong," the man muttered as he disappeared.