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I'm going to put the first chapter up and see what you think before I go on.

Gary Peters had it all, he was smart, handsome, had a good wife and a wonderful home but what he didn't know was that his actions would lead him to...The Twilight Zone.

The bedroom door opened, and Gary was in a three piece suit and tie and carrying a briefcase and he stopped in the hallway when he saw three pieces of mail laying on a small table. He picked them up and began to go through them when a beautiful, blond woman came to him and she said, "Good morning!"

She kissed him on the cheek then he said, "Good morning honey."

She wrapped her arms around his then asked, "Anything good in the mail?"

He quickly opened up each one and glances through them then said, "Just bills...they seem to keep adding up..."

He threw them back on the table in disgust then he asked, "Is breakfast ready?"

She nodded her head then said, "Yes, eggs and bacon and I also made some pecan muffins."

He smiled at his wife then said, "My own Ina Garten."

She smiled and he followed her down to the kitchen and he went to sit down at the round green marble table by a window and he sat down to a full plate of two eggs and two slices of bacon while his wife's warm pecan muffins and he said, "Umm, umm, sells great!"

She smiled brightly at that then she said, "Oh, I need to go put the laundry on!"

She turned and opened a door then went into a small room with a washer and dryer, she empties two baskets on the floor and sorts the white and colors, puts them in the washer then turns the machine on then turns and leaves. As she closed the door, she didn't see the electrical spark come from behind the machine. Her husband who still is eating breakfast said, "I know, we need a new washer."

She smiled then said, "It would be nice."

He picked up s small glass of orange juice, swallowed then stood up then said, "I got to go. I'll see you tonight Karen."

She goes over and gives him a kiss on the cheek then he reached down and picked up a muffin, took a bite then winked at her then left in a hurry.

Karen doesn't know that the spark from the broken washing machine turned into fire. She picked up all the morning dishes, scrapes them off then puts then into the dishwasher, turns it on then goes and wipes the table off then goes upstairs to clean up there.


Gary parked his modest cream-colored 1980 Coupe DeVille which had peeled and cracked paint, a small crack in the lower right side of the windshield, he started to get out with his briefcase when a guy came up, looked down at Gary getting out of the car then said,

"Hi Gary."

Gary looked up at him, gave him a smile then he said, "Hi Tom."

Gary got out, closed the door, or so he thought, because the door slowly started coming back to him so Gary had to firmly put it back in place then kicked the door to make sure it stayed in place then Tom chuckled then said, "Why don't you have that guy from Counting Cars restore this piece of...junk?"

Gary looked up at him then said, "Because that's just it, I don't think this junk is even worth restoring."

Having made sure the door is finally shut, the two men laugh and go inside the building then the men go in separate directions, Tom waves to Gary and goes down the left hallway and Gary goes straight ahead to an office on the right. He goes in, put his briefcase on his desk and barely got it open when another man comes in the office. The man is tall , thin with salt and pepper hair and he has a extremely sad face on, he knocks on the open door frame. Gary looked up then said, " Hi Jackson, come in and take a seat."

Jackson came in and sat in one of the faux leather chairs then Gary senses something is the matter when no words are spoken then he asked, "What's wrong Jackson?"

He sighed then said, "Gary, we've put this off as long as we could but well, I've been in consult with accounting and we have tried almost everything possible so we couldn't come to this but..."

Gary feels his heart beating, he sat down in his chair then he asked, "What is it?"

Jackson then spreads his hands then said, "With social network sites people are just not spending money on photo albums, they figure why spend money when they can just put post pictures on an invisible wall?" Gary heard what he was saying then he asked, "So what are you saying?"

Jackson took another deep sigh then said, "I'm sorry Gary but we have to let you go, we're having to let a 1/3 of the workers go: it's not just you"

Gary falls back in his chair and he feels like he has been hit in the chest with a 10 ton football. His face is ash white and a horrified look is on his face then Jackson said, "I'm sorry."

Jackson then quietly leaves as Gary just sat in his chair with his small world collapsing.


A few hours later, Gary drives down the busy freeway to his house, his mind on the crushing events of that morning then he drives on the road to the cul-de-sac that would leave him to his house then he saw smoke drifting slowly up to the blue skies and he said to himself in a very low voice, "Some body must be burning leaves."

A few blocks closer, the more he realizes the smoke is thicker and since his driver window is rolled down, the smell from the smoke assaults his nostrils then he said, "Must be a barbeque somebody is having." He then looked at his watch then said to himself, "At 9:30 in the morning?"

An ambulance came up behind him flashing its urgent lights, he pulled over to this side and he said, "Oh no, I hope it's not the Ramsey's place."

He then saw people walking toward the smoke then he came to a street sign that said "Angles Lane" then he looked down the near empty street with beautiful brick homes then he said in a low voice, "It's not the Ramsey's."

He drives on further down and he saw faint glimpses of the fire and more smoke rising high in the sky and his heart began to beat faster and his breath became shorter and more ragged. He then turned down his street and he saw the huge, red fire truck parked beside his house.

He looked up and red and orange flames shoot from his house and firemen run around on his lawn. He parked his car, quickly got out and didn't even care about the door swinging open.

He ran across the street and he stepped onto the lawn then screamed, "What the hell is going on?!"

A fireman comes walking to him and he asked, "I'm sorry sir, is this your house?"

Way beyond hurt and angry, Gary's face becomes red and he screams out, "Yes, I'm Gary Peters! WHAT IS GOING ON? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?"

Sympathetically, all the fireman said is, "I'm sorry sir, all I know is that we were called out here thirty minutes ago. Now, please stand back and let us do our job."

The fireman left Gary standing dazed and confused on the lawn then he looked around and then he saw it. The very ambulance that he saw racing in was parked on the street and the paramedics were getting ready to load a bagged body into the ambulance. A female police officer stands by, sadly standing guard then Gary went running up then he asked, "Who?"

The officer looked at him then she asked, "Are you the owner of the house? A mister Peters?" He silently nodded his head then she softly said, "We heard that it was Karen Peters, can you give identification?" He nodded his head then she silently nodded to the paramedics and one of them pulled back the covers, Gary recognizes it as his wife and he cries out in pain, the officer signals for the paramedics to cover her up again and an elderly woman in a pink robe came running up to him and he turns to her and cries on her shoulder as his house burns steadily in the background.


Gary sat in front of a window in a chair and he just blankly looks out, his hair is neat and he has on clean clothes but his face is blank and his eyes stare at something that only he can see.

The door opens and in comes a woman in an emerald green dress, she looked at him and she tried to smile then she said, "How's my brother?"

He sighed, barely looked at her then said, "Just the same as I have been ever since this fucking nightmare began six months ago."

She sighed then picked up a black purse then unzipped it and took out two envelopes then said, "You got these today...one of them is from the Department of Public Health...sigh, I think it's Karen's death certificate."

He just looked at the envelope and she just put it down on the coffee table in front of them then she held out the other unopened envelope then said,

"This...is from your insurance company...do you want to open it or me?"

He just nods his head and doesn't say a word and he hears the tearing of the envelope then takes a check out and a letter than her eyes bulged out than she said, "This is a check redeeming Karen's life insurance."

Gary then said, "I don't care what it is...what good is money to me now?"

His sister than said, "Gary, from this amount of money that this check has, you can start over...you can support yourself until you get a job..."

She could see that he was barely paying attention then she said, "Gary, you know Karen would want this."

He just looked at her and she put the check in his hands then walked off.

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