You've been asking me about Elsa's penis, so... I think it might answer everything.

"Elsa?" Anna called, stopping by the bedroom door. "Can we talk?"

"Sure we can." Her sister smiled, closing her book and giving Anna space in her bed. "What is it?"

"Why are you different?" Anna questioned. Elsa frowned, running her fingers on her braid.

"Different how, Anna?" She asked, watching as her sister's face slowly turned into a bright red. "What is it, sis?" Elsa smirked, wrapping an arm around Anna's shoulder. "Come on, I'm your best friend. You just can't be ashamed of telling me anything."

"Okay." Anna took a deep breath, looking away from her sister's eyes. "Why do you have a penis?"

Elsa's eyes went wide. She opened her mouth, but didn't manage to form any word. "W-what?" She stuttered, after a few moments. "H-how do y-you even know t-that?"

"I might have taken a glimpse of it when you were taking a shower last night and I got into the bathroom." She explained, her face turning even redder than it was before. "S-sorry, it was a stupid question. You don't have to answer it. In fact, I think I'm going to burry my face into the ground right now, so I'll see you whenever I-" She tried to get up, but Elsa held her arm.

"No, stay." She asked, rubbing her face with her cool palms, trying to turn it into its normal color. "I – You were going to figure out sometime. I just – this is embarrassing." She groaned, covering her face with her hands. "Okay, let's try again. I was born with it. Mom and dad thought that it might have something to do with my magic, but it can be just a genetic disorder. I have, uh – men sexual organ. It works as men's, but no one really knows the answer for why I have this difference." Elsa finished. It wasn't that bad. Just awfully embarrassing, but not as bad as she thought it would be.

"How does it work?" Anna asked curiously. "I mean, how does it get, uh – hard?" Elsa's face returned to the bright red, and this time she was the one who wish she could just burry her face into the ground.

"I-I – it depends, I g-guess." Elsa stuttered. "I-I mean, t-there are some things t-that t-turn people o-on, b-but I g-guess it's p-personal." Anna tilted her head, frowning. "L-like seeing o-other people n-naked." Elsa explained.

"Can you get turned on by a kiss?" Anna asked, ignoring the blush now creeping over her sister's neck. "Or by a touch."

"I-I guess." Elsa shrugged. Anna smiled, kissing the blonde's cheek before getting out of bed.

"Don't worry; I promise I won't ask more about sex." She teased.

"Hey, wait!" Elsa held her wrist again. "Uh, a-aren't you disgusted by my… difference?"

"No." Anna answered simply. "Why would I be?"

"Most people are." Elsa mumbled. Anna sat back in bed, wrapping her arms around Elsa and kissing her neck.

"I love you. Every little inch of you." Anna said, making Elsa smile. "And I always will."


Anna left out a relieved muff when she heard the bell ring. That class was definitely one of the worst of her schedule. She hated Math. But her happiness didn't last long. Soon enough, her brain reminded her about her next class. Physical Education. And today was volleyball day.

"Kill me. Now." She muttered to Rapunzel. "For heaven's sake, why do we still have that? It shouldn't be considered an obligatory class anymore! We are seniors in high school." Rapunzel giggled, playing with her dark locks of hair.

"It's not that bad." She said, pulling Anna to the changing room. "I mean, at least we don't have it with these stinky cheerleaders anymore. I mean, they could at least shower after practice." She grimaced, remembering how awful was for Anna and her last year. "And most of the girls are nice. Except for that Ally something. That girl is a bitch."

"They're nice." Anna agreed. "But I'm small! And they're all stronger and bigger than me. It's scary."

"You have a point." Rapunzel agreed. "Hey, can I ask you something?"


"Are you seeing someone?" She asked curiously, making Anna's body freeze for a second.

"N-no. Why do you ask?" She lied, avoiding her friend's eyes. "I-I mean, I'd have said something-"

"You have a hickey right above your navel." Rapunzel pointed. Anna looked down to her stomach, cursing her sister in silence. "And I know you're not the kind of a 'one night stand'". Anna didn't turn around and did her best to ignore her friend's question. "Anna, why are you lying to me?" The brunette asked after a few seconds. Anna couldn't help but feel guilty as her voice sounded hurt. "Please, talk to me. Is it someone I know? O-or is it someone you're ashamed of? O-or are you ashamed of me?" Anna turned around, facing Rapunzel.

"I didn't tell you because there isn't anyone. This is just your head messing with your thoughts." Anna lied. She knew her friend knew it was a lie, but there was nothing she could do. "Stop staring at me like that. It's creepy."

Rapunzel sighed, trying to hide the hurt that was on her eyes. "Fine." She huffed, getting on her feet.

"Punzel –"

"No. When you're done lying to me, we can talk." She said, her voice faltering a bit. "I-I thought we were friends."

"We are!" Anna yelled, but she was already gone. Anna slammed her fist on the locker and left out a pained muff. "Damn you, locker." She cursed, getting out of the changing room.

The game was starting. Her teacher eyed her angrily, but she didn't care. Rapunzel was on her team, which only make it harder for Anna to ignore her friend's sad face. She desperately tried to get the brunette's attention, but she was doing a damn good job ignoring her. Anna sighed. She loved Elsa, and she wanted so bad to tell her friend, but she just couldn't. Elsa could get upset if Anna did that. And she couldn't deal with a disappointed Elsa. Unless –

"Anna, watch out!" A girl yelled, just in time the volleyball hit her right in the middle of her face. Anna fell, and tears started to drop on her cheeks. It had hit her nose, and she was bleeding. Blood. Now, that was something she just couldn't deal with. She tried to ignore the fluid on her face, but that was too hard. And before anyone could do something, she passed out.


She woke up with voices talking. Her head was pounding a bit, but she realized it was probably because she fell down. Her nose was aching too, but she preferred to ignore it, because the simple thought of blood running down her face would be enough to make her pass out once again. Instead, she opened her eyes, finding herself lying on Elsa's lap, while the blonde talked to Rapunzel. She took some long to recognize her own living room, since she was still feeling dizzy.

"Hey there." Her friend smiled, waving her hand. "Are you feeling better?"

"My nose hurts." She mumbled, sitting by Elsa's side. The blonde gave her a warm smile, pressing a kiss on her cheek. "Elsa!"

"She's worse than me when she sees blood." Elsa said, rolling her eyes. "Is your head better?"

"I-it hurts a little." Anna said, placing a hand right where Elsa had kissed her. Her girlfriend smiled, carefully wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her closer. "E-Elsa, w-what are you d-doing?"

"Calm down, snowflake." Elsa pressed another kiss on her face. "I told her."

"W-what?" Rapunzel giggled, handing Anna her bag.

"I should have known." Rapunzel mumbled. "I've never seen you refuse to go eat chocolate fondue because you wanted to stay at home with someone. You would dump Hans to go to my place and eat." Elsa laughed, pulling Anna to her chest. "Seriously, why didn't you tell me anything? You know I'd never judge."

"And I wouldn't get mad at you." Elsa said softly. "If you trust her, than I trust her."

"W-well, I don't really have a reason then." Anna cooed. "I'm not feeling well."

"Do you want me to take you to bed?" Elsa asked, and Anna nodded. "You should pay attention to class, Anna."

"I know." She mumbled, allowing Elsa to take her to bed. "Bye, Punzel."

"Bye, Anna."


The next time she woke up, Elsa was by her side, cuddling with her. Her head wasn't aching anymore, but her nose still hurt a bit. She turned around, facing Elsa. The blonde offered her a soft smile before leaning to kiss her lips.

"What time is it?" Anna mumbled.

"It's not even 11am yet." Elsa answered. "You should sleep some more; your shift today starts only at 2pm. And my first class is at 3pm, so we have some time."

"Why did you tell her?" Anna asked. "About you and me."

"Because she called me, saying you'd passed out and something about you being ashamed of her and having a secret boyfriend or something." Elsa answered. "She is your best friend. I told mine, so I thought –"

"I thought you didn't want people to know." Anna blurted out. Elsa smiled, stroking her cheek with her thumb.

"I do want people to know. I want everyone to know you're mine." Elsa answered. "But still. Incest is not something people accept that easy. I want to hold your hand in public, I want to kiss you all the time, and I want to start a family with you someday. But we'll probably have to move away from here, love. And still, we'll be against the law." Anna lied her head on Elsa's chest, listening to her heartbeat. "But I'm willing to try. Because I love you."

"Do you really want a family with me?" Anna asked, making Elsa giggle.

"Of course I do, snowflake." Elsa answered. "Who else is going to be the clumsiest ginger mother for my babies?" Anna laughed, slapping Elsa's arm slightly.

"I will. And you'll be the silliest mommy ever." She kissed her girlfriend's neck. "I love you."