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"Baby, I'm home!" Anna sang, knocking the door behind her. She smirked, walking behind Elsa and grabbing her waist firmly. "I missed you, Els." She kissed her girlfriend's neck, but Elsa gently pushed her away. "What is it?"

"We have to talk." Elsa said seriously. Anna gulped, following her girlfriend to the couch. "Before you freak out, I need you to listen. Okay?"

"Okay." Anna agreed quietly.

"I received a scholarship to go finish my studies in Netherlands." Elsa said quickly. "A-and it's a really great opportunity to me, since I always wanted to go to Europe, a-and college will be paying everything."

"A-are you breaking up with me?" Anna asked with teary eyes.

"What? No! Why would I do such a thing?" Elsa wrapped her arms around Anna, pulling her close to her chest. "I love you. I'd never break up with you." She smiled, kissing Anna's cheek. "I was just wondering if you'd like to go with me. I'll be there for two years until I conclude everything, a-and I spoke to my professor who got me the scholarship, and h-he said h-he could g-get one f-for you too, s-so you c-could study Literature. A-and the c-classes would be in English, but we can learn to speak Dutch while we're still here, and we would improve it in there. B-but I totally understand i-if you don't want to go, I c-can –"

Anna shut Elsa's mouth, wrapping her arms around the blonde's neck and closing the gap between their lips. Elsa quickly kissed her back, pulling Anna to her lap and wrapping her arms around her waist, but her girlfriend broke the kiss before she could do something else.

"I will go." Anna assured. "I will go anywhere you want me to." Elsa smiled, sighing in relief. "B-but do you think people will like me? I-I mean, you know I'm a bit too grumpy sometimes, and I c-can be tough sometimes, and oh god, I'm such klutz! I-it always annoys people, doesn't it? You know that! I-I'm not calling you clumsy, n-nor annoying, but I mean, you've been living with me since I was born, and I'm annoying as fuck! Shit, do you think I'm annoying? Do I bother you too much? I-I'm a terrible girlfriend, baby, I'm so –"

"They will love you." Elsa interrupted, stifling a loud laugh. "Not as much as I do, but they still will." Anna smiled shyly, snuggling closer to her girlfriend. "Baby, you're not annoying, trust me. Yes, you are clumsy, feisty, and whatever, but you're also gorgeous, beautiful, amazing… and plus, you don't have to worry about impressing people. You have me."

"I know, but I do want friends." Anna pouted. "Besides, it's not healthy if we stick together all the time. I don't want to end up with you hating me."

"As if I could." Elsa rolled her eyes. "I'm not saying you're not supposed to make new friends; I'm just saying that you don't have to worry about finding someone, unless you don't want me anymore."

"You dork." Anna leaned forward, kissing the pink lips. "I would never leave you."

"Great." Elsa giggled. "I'd never leave you as well."


Elsa fried the bacon slowly, being careful not to burn anything. She was wearing one of Anna's large sweaters and a pair of boxers, while humming an old lullaby her mother enjoyed singing to them while they were younger. She was oddly happy that morning. She couldn't tell if it was because Anna had said yes to her when she asked if she would like to go abroad with her or if it was because it was Anna's birthday, or maybe it was a combination of the two things.

Her huge smile faltered a little bit when she heard footsteps coming from the bedroom. Anna's slim body showed up all of a sudden, and the vision made Elsa stiff a laugh. She was wearing one of her large sweaters as well; but she also had her snowmen's slippers on her feet and her stuffed snowman in her arms. Her red hair was as messy as it usually is, and her face had the stripes of her pillow marked on her cheek. And Elsa was pretty sure she had seen remnants of dry drool on her mouth. Not very much alike as an eighteen years old.

"Well, you just ruined my surprise, birthday girl." Elsa giggled, wrapping her arms around Anna's waist. "I was planning to get you breakfast in bed." She leaned closer, kissing Anna's pouty lips and pulling a strand of hair away from her eyes. "Happy birthday, baby."

"Thanks." Anna mumbled, resting her chin on Elsa's shoulder. "But I don't think I can really eat something today. I'm feeling awful."

"What's wrong?" Elsa asked concerned. "What are you feeling?"

"I feel sick." She grimaced, resting a hand upon her stomach. "I have a bit of cramps as well." Elsa guided her to the couch, helping her girlfriend sit down. "Damn it, have you ever heard that cramps are like a baby dinosaur eating your uterus?" Elsa couldn't help but laugh, rolling her eyes at her sister.

"I'm pretty sure I read this on Facebook. Or maybe Tumblr." Anna groaned, pulling herself closer to Elsa's chest.

"Whatever. I still feel bad. Do you think I'm pregnant?"

Elsa's eyes went wide. She felt her mouth getting dry all of a sudden, and her chest tightened. What if she was? They couldn't afford to have a baby right now. They weren't even old enough to have a baby.

"B-But we used c-condom, a-and – fuck, Anna. A-are you pregnant? I-I, I-I mean, w-we can't have a l-little Anna right now! W-we can't afford it! Oh my god, what if it gets sick? W-what if the baby needs to see a doctor or whatever? A-and how we would explain? D-damn it, we would go to j-jail if they f-found out, a-and I don't want to b-be apart from you! B-baby, a-are you s-sure? Oh god, I-I'm totally not prepared for that. I-I'm going to be an awful mother. I-I –"

"Elsa, shut up." Anna laughed, rolling her eyes. "It was a joke. Have you realized I ate, well, about a large pizza and three bars of chocolate all by myself yesterday? Don't you think this might be the reason I'm feeling sick?" Elsa sighed in relief, resting her head on the couch. "And plus, I'm also on the pill. I doubt I can get pregnant with all of this… concern."

"Sorry." Elsa mumbled. "I-I got a little carried away." Anna nodded closing her eyes and smiling against Elsa's sweater.

"Baby?" Anna called. "Do you want to have a baby with me someday?"

"Not just one." Elsa answered. "I want a bunch of babies. Little Annas and little Elsas. Or a mix of us. Just – well, we're way too young now. I don't want to ruin your life, nor I want the baby to grow up with mothers who could easily be its sisters. And plus; when we have a baby, I want to plan it. I want to be somewhere where we can start a family in peace, and I want to have enough money to raise a child properly. I want everything to be perfect."

"A baby wouldn't ruin my life!" Anna exclaimed. "It would be a huge adjustment, but it would never ruin my life." She turned around, kissing Elsa's nose. "I love you. I also want to have a bunch of babies. And I heard it."

"Heard what?" Elsa frowned.

"You said when. You didn't say 'if we have a baby', you said when. That means you're actually planning it." She smiled softly, stroking her lover's cheeks. "It means you want it as bad as I do."

"Well, of course I'm planning it!" Elsa giggled, trying to hide the heat spreading across her face. "I want to spend the rest of my life by your side. I love you too."

"I'm glad." Anna smiled, and then grimaced.

"What is it?" Elsa asked. "You want some medicine?"

"Did you forget something on the stove? It smells funny."

"Damn it, my bacon!"