What would happen if Delsin Rowe was somehow transported after a touch from a dimension-traveling conduit? What would happen if he was obliterated upon touching Kyuubi's chakra, but his conduit powers and spirit resided within Naruto's stomach? Find out here! This story idea came to me while finishing up the inFAMOUS: Second Son hero side after completing the evil side first. I was satisfied in both endings of the game, and this popped into my head. So here we are.


Delsin Rowe: 24 year old small time delinquent, turned hero based on his actions to save Seattle from the D.U.P., an organization that was constructed to hunt down conduits (people who had super powers) and lock them away at Curdan Cay. Delsin inadvertently created a second age of man, where conduits and humans could co-exist and live in harmony. Here we find our young hero gliding down to the street level, blasting out some smoke cinders to dispatch the thugs that surrounded the male who was currently cowering on the ground. Landing, Delsin watched the male rise to his feet before he extended his hand, "Name's Delsin Rowe, and you are?"

"Well Delsin, my name is Bruce." The male said as he shook Delsin's hand, only for a bright light to envelop them both.

"You're a conduit?!" They both asked each other in unison, before Delsin was sucked up and thrown into a time vortex. He let out a scream of agony, his head feeling like it was about to be split open as he traveled through-out time and space and ejected out into another dimension. Opening his eyes in mid-fall, he saw a giant nine tailed fox laying waste to a settlement. People were giving their lives, trying to hold the beast back and Delsin had a duty as a hero to help out. Seeing the bodies that had already fallen to the beast, Delsin wondered if he even had a chance. However, upon seeing a blonde haired male atop of a giant toad with a tanto made him smile slightly. Seems like he was giving it is all as well, and so Delsin would as well. He let out a yell as he preformed a comet drop on top of the fox's head, watching as it growled in irritation and slight pain. The blonde haired male looked at Delsin in surprise before teleporting them away from the village in a flash of yellow. The only reason the Fourth didn't do so sooner, was because he didn't have enough time to execute the attack. The arrival of the man from the sky changed that.

"Foolish human! Get your filthy mitts off of me!" The fox roared, much to Delsin's surprise. Then again, he had just freed Seattle from people who were hunting down others with super powers, so talking animals shouldn't have surprised him. He shook his head and unwrapped his chain, proceeding to swing it at the fox, the weapon imbued with fire and smoke. The fox shook his head, trying to get Delsin off only for the male on top of the toad to finish his hand seals. Suddenly the fox's body started to dissolve, becoming pure energy. Delsin watched in morbid fascination as his skin started to dissolve as well, touching the energy that was currently being sucked into an unknown container. Delsin proceeded to let out another scream of agony, his entire body being vaporized onto an atomic level, his blood and conduit powers melding with the fox's energy that was then sealed into the wailing baby boy.

His weapon, the small chain he had gotten at the fish factory in Salmon Bay dropped to the ground, only to be picked up by a young adult with gravity defying gray hair, and a headband over his eyes. The male noticed Delsin's sacrifice. The one-eyed man pocketed the chain before he sprinted over to the toad who was holding onto the deceased body of his sensei, and to the baby boy.

"Ah, Kakashi." The giant toad known as Gambuta spoke, gazing down at the male from over his pipe.

"Gambuta-sama." Kakashi said with a bow. He quickly created a clone as said clone picked up the body of the deceased Fourth Hokage, while the real Kakashi picked up Naruto within his arms. "What happened to the other male? The one that fell from the sky?" He rose an eyebrow at the giant toad summon, who puffed at his pipe, releasing the giant plume of smoke as it billowed in the air.

"He was vaporized upon contact with the Kyuubi's chakra. His sacrifice was not in vain, for it bought the Yodiame some time." With that, the toad boss disappeared, leaving the two Kakashi's to travel back to the village hidden in the leafs, the young baby in his arms sporting three whisker marks on each cheek, smoke swirling around his body. While Kakashi paid attention to this, he figured it was the aftermath from the sealing and put it in the back of his mind. Arriving next to the previous Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, or the Sandiame, Kakashi looked at him for instructions.

"Oh Kami." The elderly man breathed out, as he took a look at the deceased body of his successor. He grimaced before he held the baby boy within his arms, looking down at the bright blue eyes that stared up into his dark brown ones. He let a small smile cross his features, there was some life despite all of the death that had occurred tonight.

"Sarutobi-Sama?" Kakashi asked, looking at him. "What is the boy's name?"

"His name?" The old man looked up him and blinked before focusing back onto the boy who was now soundly asleep once more. "The boy's name is Naruto Uzumaki." He let out a groan of protest as he began to think, knowing that a council meeting was to be had, and something had to be done about Naruto. He sighed, knowing that he would have to take up the mantle of being the Hokage once again. "Kakashi, go round up all the clan heads, and the civilian council. We need to have a meeting." He stated grimly. The one eyed ninja bowed before disappearing into a cloud of white smoke, also known as a shunshin.

"Sarutobi-Sama, what is the meaning of this?" The lazy drawl of Shikaku Nara questioned, the scarred jonin looking at the aged man. In response the Third Hokage simply lifted up Naruto's head so that everyone could see, and that's when all hell broke loose. The civilians were demanding his head, Danzo was silent through it all even though Sarutobi was sure the old war hawk was trying to think of a way to induct the boy into ROOT, and the clan heads were trying to shut the civilians up.

The elderly man let out a groan of annoyance before releasing a steady stream of KI. He glared at the civilians that stopped him dead in his tracks. "Let me be clear on one thing, and one thing only." He spat out, his gaze hardening, "This boy is a hero, and even though the Yodiame is dead, that does not mean that we have to treat the boy like a disease ridden pup, understand?" Seeing their nods he continued, "Now, the Fourth Hokage picked this boy for a reason, and while I don't know this reason, I trusted him. Who here trusted him as well as me? Shake your heads yes." Seeing them all shake their heads yes, minus Danzo caused the Hokage to smile slightly. "Very good. I know we have suffered losses tonight. I know that we are angry at the Kyuubi tonight. And I know that you all will probably be demanding the boy's head in the years to come, despite this speech. However, if a kunai is sealed up into a scroll, is the scroll now classified as a kunai?" Seeing multiple confused looks on the civilians faces, while some were ashamed the Third Hokage leaned back, holding young Naruto within his arms.

"Sarutobi, "Danzo stated, "We all enjoyed that little speech, but we all also know that the seal the Fourth put onto the boy could be faulty. We need to keep tabs on him at all times, and if worst comes to worst, we can induct him into ROOT."

"No!" The Third Hokage declared vehemently, "We will not be putting the savior of this village into your group to be treated like a damn weapon! He's a human boy, for Kami's sake! Take a look at this, everyone!" He held up Naruto for everyone to see. "What do you see? Do you see a baby boy, or do you see the Kyuubi?" Seeing the civilian side look away now, and only a few clan heads look at Sarutobi, it made his blood boil and made him feel sick to his stomach. He was getting too old for this bullshit. "I may not be able to change your minds, but someday, I know this boy will!" He said as he waved the civilians out. Turning to the clan heads he swallowed and spoke lowly, "I know you all have suffered. I know you all are angry. But will any of you consider adopting the boy? We all know he hails from the Uzumaki clan, the clan that was prominently powerful back in Whirlpool before being wiped out. He's the last of his clan...I'm sure some of you have came close to that." His expression softened, "I cannot express what you all must be feeling, but we have to think of the village, and right now that would be to insure that the boy is kept out of harm's way. So, I ask again, will any of you be willing to adopt the boy? Train him? Shelter?"

The Choji-Ino-Shika trio glanced at each other, before glancing at the Inzuka clan head, Tsume. Shikaku rolled his eyes and rubbed his temples, "This is troublesome. Considering on what my comrades just suggested by merely a glance, I will step up and adopt the boy. The guys and apparently Tsume and I will train him, whether it be from taijutsu, ninjutsu, or genjutsu. Although Tsume, I'm not sure why you want to help?" He looked over at the feral-like woman.

She gave a toothy grin and replied, "That's simple, Shika. I'm helpin' the runt out because one, the whiskers are adorable, two, Kushina was a good friend of mine, and three, he doesn't have a pack. He'll need one later on in life if he is to survive."

"So, the Choji-Ino-Shika trio will help out with Tsume? Anyone else?" The Third asked, looking around. To his surprise, Fugaku Uchiha stood up proudly, puffing out his chest. "You would, Fugaku?"

"Yes. Kushina was a friend of Mokito's for a long time, so long she became like family. While I despise the Kyuubi, I hold no ill towards the boy. I'm sure Itachi will be willing to train Naruto to ensure that he can protect himself." He turned to the other clan heads, and while they didn't always see eye-to-eye, it was one thing to ensure the survival of Konoha even if it meant training Naruto to be the best.

"I thank you all. I know you all are anxious to get home to your families. Go home and rest. Shikaku, I'll send a crib by in the morning. For tonight, young Naruto will stay with me." The Third said firmly, as he got up and started to walk away with the boy in his arms without a word.

In the boys subconscious, the Kyuubi lay in it's cage, his eyes glowing an erie red and orange. He had no hatred for the boy, but he did have hatred for the Uchiha and their damned eyes. The fox let out a growl, making a silent promise to help train the boy as well. If the ignorant fools of the village were to scorn and shun him, then the boy would have to be strong for his sake. He would not have a weak warden, so to speak. While the fox closed it's eyes, it failed to take note of the spectral form of Delsin Rowe who looked around the mindscape before fading away into the recesses of Naruto's mind. The conduit would come out when the time was ready, but for now he had to wait.

"Well, seems I'll have to stay here for a while. Depending on when that will be." The voice of Delsin Rowe let out a nervous chuckle at the end of his sentence before vanishing.

Well, I hope you all have enjoyed this story's intro. I introduce you to Naruto Uzumaki: Konoha's Most Unpredictable Conduit.