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6:30 is what Naruto's alarm clock read as he blearily opened his eyes. He blinked before getting up sluggishly and getting ready for his genin test. Shikamaru was still sleeping peacefully beside him, and if he couldn't sleep, then neither could his brother. He grinned evilly before producing a bucket of water and pouring it over Shikamaru who awoke with a sputter and a glare. If looks could kill, Naruto would be six feet under at least 10,000 times by now. Or 10,001. Naruto gave a cheeky grin while ignoring Shikamaru's death mutters as he hopped into the shower.

Exiting and feeling quite refreshed, the fourteen year old teenager quickly got on his boxers, black torn up jeans with his belt, his blood red t-shirt before throwing on his white jacket and zipping it up, throwing on his black denim vest on top of it. He knew that Delsin wore a red beanie, but he didn't want to copy the man in all aspects, so he optimized to leaving the beanie untouched. He tied his headband around his left arm and put on his shoes before he quickly bounded down the stairs, ignoring his father's 'troublesome loud brat' and his mother's humming. He quickly kissed her on the cheek and gave a grin, grabbing an apple and rushing out the door. He quickly arrived at Training Ground 7, nodding to Sasuke who nodded back, and offering a small wave to Sakura who merely ignored him. However, upon seeing the apple, the pinkette decided to berate him, "You baka! What are you doing? Kakashi-sensei said not to eat!"

"Yeah, like I'm going to listen to him." Naruto replied as he took a bite out of said apple. He munched on it as he grinned, "I didn't want to be hungry and lose strength during this test. I think that in itself was a small test, seeing if you would disobey Kakashi's orders. I failed. Whoops." He quickly finished the apple and threw the core away before he started to stretch.

"But why would Kakashi-sensei tell us not to eat?" Sakura asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Uzumaki just said it, Sakura. So we wouldn't be on our a-game and be hindered. It's obvious." Sasuke said to which Sakura immediately agreed, much to the boys' annoyances. 30 minutes had passed, all three falling into a somewhat comfortable silence. "Where is he?" Sasuke asked, eyebrow twitching. The other two shrugged in response.

A swirl of leaves alerted them to Kakashi's presence, the jounin offering a small two-fingered wave, his other hand occupied with Icha Icha. "Yo." He stated cheerfully, an eye-smile included.

"You're late!" Sakura seethed, pointing an accusing finger at Kakashi.

"I was headed here but Naruto's mother needed help with some groceries so I did my jounin duty and helped her out." Kakashi responded, his eye-smile growing bigger if possible. He opened his eye to see Sakura faceplanting on the ground, Sasuke raising an eyebrow and Naruto merely giving him a 'bullshit' look. He sweat-dropped somewhat before he straightened and produced an alarm clock and two bells from out of nowhere. "Alright, you have until noon to try to obtain these bells from me. If you fail, you'll be sent back to the academy." He explained, setting the alarm clock on a post and tying the bells onto his waist.

"But there are only two bells." Sakura observed.

"Correct, and that means one of us will have to return to the academy." Sasuke said, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

Naruto remained quiet, squinting at Kakashi as he began to think. 'Two bells? One of us going back? No, this doesn't add up. I've never seen or heard of a three-man squad in all of Konoha history...This is obviously part of the test. Which means the real test is about what, teamwork?' His eyes widened slightly before a grin spread across his face.

'Seems Naruto figured it out. Leave it to a Nara to train the boy in observing and using his smarts.' Kakashi thought with slight pride before he started the timer. "You all have until noon, as I've said before. GO!" Immediately two of his potential genin left the area, Sasuke and Sakura darting into the bushes and treeline respectively. He sweatdropped against his last student, gazing at the blonde with a critical eye. "Uh...Naruto. The test has started." The blonde merely gave a foxy grin before giving him a thumbs up and disappearing in a cloud of smoke. His eye widened as he murmured, "Now when did you have time to create a shadow clone and replace yourself with it? Or did you plan this out ever since you woke up?" He merely shrugged and rushed off to find his students.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes, watching the clone disappear. "So where is Uzumaki?" He murmured before drawing a kunai and flinging it into the bush. However the kunai merely went up into the air, deflected by Kakashi's. Sasuke grinned as he rushed the teacher, jumping up and planting a roundhouse kick on Kakashi's arm who blocked, the jounin surprised at the strength the Uchiha had. He aimed a downward elbow strike towards Kakashi, not surprised when the jounin dodged. The two jumped back as Sasuke went through handseals before inhaling, "Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!" The fireball was impressive for Sasuke's age and Kakashi took note of this as he jumped out of the way before disappearing. "Where the hell did he go?" He growled out, looking around. "Up, left, right, behind...below!" He jumped out of the way just before a hand erupted from the ground.

"Very good Sasuke. However, that won't stop you from losing. Cockiness and arrogance is overrated." Kakashi lectured from behind him, causing Sasuke to turn around in surprise. Another hand grabbed Sasuke's ankle and drug him downwards, until only his head remained. "Earth Style: Decapitation no Jutsu a success." Sasuke glowered at him causing Kakashi to eye-smile before disappearing in a swirl of leaves. "One down. Two to go." While Kakashi left to find Sakura, Sasuke's eyes were darting back and forth as he struggled in vain to release himself. Naruto emerged from the bushes to the right, a smirk on his face.

"Need some help Sasuke?" Naruto asked, his smirk growing into a grin.

"As if I'd need help from you, Uzumaki." Sasuke said, a smirk on his face. He still considered the blonde a friend and family, but he wouldn't ever admit that.

"Take the stick out of your ass, will ya?" Naruto murmured as he dug his friend out. "Now, I have a plan." Seeing Sasuke's perplexed look Naruto continued, "This is about teamwork. We can't take him down by ourselves and Sakura will need our help. How about we go find her and formulate a plan? I'll be the distraction while you go in with taijutsu and Sakura grabs the bells?"

"Hm. I don't think that'll work." Sasuke frowned as he rubbed his chin. "Me and Sakura will be the distraction and you can get the bells, since you're the sneakiest out of all of us." Naruto had the decency to blush and grin at that. "Come on, let's go dobe." While Naruto was no where near dead last, Sasuke had called him that out of respect, Naruto being nearly the only one who could keep up with the Uchiha.

"Sure thing, teme." Naruto replied with a grin as the two rushed off to find Sakura.

Kakashi tsked and looked down at the unconscious genin before his eye widened in surprise, the Sakura before him disappearing in a cloud of smoke. "You've got to be kidding me." He muttered, deflecting kunai from either side before he jumped into the clearing, the three students jumping before him. "So Naruto, when did you manage to replace Sakura with a clone under a henge?"

The blonde chuckled, "A magician never reveals his secrets. Now, I think you have some bells to give up." He declared, pointing at their sensei.

"The dobe's right." Sasuke agreed, while Sakura merely nodded.

"If you want them. Come and get them." Kakashi said simply, narrowing his eye at the genin. Naruto exchanged glances at his two comrades before he nodded. The three rushed Kakashi, all trying to snatch the bells while keeping him distracted. Kakashi narrowed his eye, knowing the three were up to something. It was too easy, they weren't putting much effort into it. But why? His question was soon answered as multiple copies of the three surrounded him, striking him from various directions. His eye widened, realizing their plan. The clones were a decoy to distract him, while one of them managed to get the bells. He quickly heard the faint tinkling of bells and the sudden lack of weight around his waist as he turned to see Naruto tossing each of the bells to his teammates, the clones disappearing. He blinked rapidly before giving an eye-grin, the bell going off a few minutes later. "Well, it seems you have managed to grab the bells. But which one of you is going back to the academy?"

"None of us, sensei!" Sakura piped up, a grin on her face.

"For if you wish to send one of us back." Naruto continued.

"You'll have to send all of us back." Sasuke replied, a smirk on his face. "The point of this test was teamwork, as Naruto pointed out while digging me out. We utilized teamwork in an effort to take the bells from you and we succeeded. Besides, Konoha has never had a three-man squad before, so why start now?"

"Well, it seems like you got me. We're now officially Team 7!" Kakashi congratulated with another eye-smile. He produced a camera and a clone who took said camera. He walked up behind his genin, ruffling Sasuke's and Naruto's hair, the blonde giving a peace sign while Sakura was in the middle, sticking out her tongue in a goofy fashion. The picture was developed and copies were made, the members of Team 7 going to remember the day until they died. "Now, all of the other jounin agreed to meet at the Akimichi barbecue if they passed their teams, so that's where we're going, my treat." His team merely nodded as Naruto's stomach let out a small growl that was quickly drowned out by Sasuke's and Sakura's larger growls. The two had the decency to blush before the three hurried to the restaurant, allowing Kakashi to chuckle and shunshin there.

"Hey Shikamaru, what's up?" Naruto called out, causing his brother to look at him and away from his conversation with Kakashi. He slid in between Hinata and Ino, both of whom were delighted but Hinata even more so, sporting a blush so red that it would put a tomato to shame. "Ohayo Hinata, Ino!" He waved, giving a grin. Hinata stuttered out a hello while Ino giggled and blushed behind her hand at her antics. "Uh, Hinata, you okay?" He snapped his fingers in front of her face, causing her to promptly faint. "Eh?! Hinata! Hinata! Oh wake up!" He quickly waved his hands in front of her, trying to cool her down. He slumped down hopelessly while Shino carried the Hyuuga home, Kiba and Akamaru promising death threats. "I give up." He muffled out, his head buried against his arms.

"Oh c'mon Naruto, it wasn't that bad." Choji comforted his friend while eating all the barbecue his hands could grab. Seeing Shikamaru's deadpan along with Sakura's Choji shrugged.

Naruto raised his head to see Ino staring at him. He blinked, motioning to her. "Hm, what?" She asked, snapping out of her trance.

"Do I got somethin' on my face? You're staring at me." He said pointedly, looking at her.

"Oh nothing Naruto!" She said a bit too quickly, causing Naruto to frantically search his face. "No Naruto, you don't have anything. I'm just enjoying all of our friends being here." She lied, a faint blush spreading across her face. Naruto squinted at her a moment before shrugging. "So how'd your team test go?" She asked, trying to start a conversation.

"It went okay. We had to take two bells away from Kakashi-sensei before noon. Luckily with teamwork, we got it just in the nick of time." He puffed out his chest proudly as he went to claim bragging rights, "I was the one that came up with the plan. Sasuke and Sakura just went along with it."

"I'm pretty sure it was the other way around, Naruto." Sakura deadpanned, causing Naruto to deflate slightly.

"Ah, let the gaki have the limelight for once." Asuma said as he chewed on his cigarette, leaving it unlit for Kurenai's sake. Naruto leaned in close to the two, squinting his eyes. "What is it, runt?" He grunted out.

Naruto let out a lecherous grin cross his face as he chuckled, "Oh nothing smoky. Just noting that you and red over there are quite close just for friends." His chuckle turned into a cackle before that morphed into a girly scream of terror, "Please don't harm me Kurenai-sensei! I'm sorry!" He put his hands up in front of his face as if to ward off an attack. He cracked open an eye to view everyone giving him amused and worried expressions.

"Are you alright, Naruto?" Kakashi asked after a moment, his eye crinkling up in amusement.

"Oh yeah, peachy. Just thought I was going to be subjected to her genjutsu's." Naruto grumbled.

"That can still happen." Kurenai pointed out with a mild glare that caused Naruto to quickly cower and hide behind Ino who let out a squeal at being used as a human shield, but a blush still graced her cheeks. "I'm just kidding Naruto, relax."

"Alright Team 7, who's ready for another day of D-rank missions?" Kakashi said with an evil eye-grin, as if he was taking sadistic pleasure in torturing his students. The three let out a groan of disappointment, already beginning to hate the day.

"C'mon Kakashi-sensei, can't we train?" Naruto complained, looking up at his sensei. However Kakashi merely shook his head and Naruto seemed to deflate.

"Nope! It seems Tora escaped again, so it's our job to catch her." Kakashi remarked with glee, tossing the three of them their headsets.

"Whatever. I'm going to skin it." Naruto mumbled, only for Sakura to bash him on the head.

"Don't you dare!" She berated, glaring down at him. Naruto opted to say nothing, as he quickly took off, scouring the city for the so called 'demon-cat'. Pft, if it were a demon! The only reason genin's were scared of it was due to the scratching they got when they caught the damned furball.

Sasuke let out a grunt, doing the same. Weren't they supposed to be ninja? Out saving damsels in distress and saving people? Not pulling weeds or chasing after cats. He scowled with a single thought on his mind 'I need to get stronger to avenge the clan and defeat HIM. Mother said I need to restore the clan, but I'm too young to do that.' He lied to himself, he knew that he was capable and ready to re-build the clan, but he wanted to kill Itachi first.

The three searched the city while Kakashi merely read his book. "Oi cyclops, we see the target." Naruto's voice broke in, causing him to sigh and tear his eyes away from the pervertedness.

"Where is it? Are you sure it's Tora?" Kakashi replied.

"In the market district, almost ready to dart into the forest." Sakura chirped in.

"Who's capable of catching Tora?" Kakashi asked, his other question unanswered.

"Sasuke is!" Naruto but in, causing the Uchiha to scowl. He didn't want to catch the damn thing. "Also, it has a red bow in it's ear, so we're pretty sure it's Tora."

"Alright, go for it." Kakashi said. "You're up, Sasuke."

"I hate you Uzumaki." Sasuke growled out, causing Naruto to chirp back 'Love you too!' to which he ignored. Sasuke hopped down from his perch on the rooftop and landed a few feet in front of the cat. Said spawn of Satan glared and hissed, arching it's back and extending it's claws. The Uchiha ignored this before he approached it slowly, his hands up in a gesture of surrender and peace, if the cat could understand that. The cat hissed more before it seemed to grin at him which made the male uneasy. A few feet away from the male, the cat made it's move. With a quick 'mrow' it latched onto Sasuke's face and began scratching. "I HATE YOU UZUMAKI!" He yelled at the top of his lungs, trying to hold the cat at bay.

"Mission successful." Kakashi eye-smiled and began to walk to the Hokage's tower, three genin and cat in tow. "Here's the Fire Diyamo's cat, Hokage-sama." He bowed, to which the genin followed suit. Sasuke walked over to the Fire Chief's wife and watched with silent satisfaction as the damn thing was suffocated between the massive arms of the woman. The cat yowled and hissed, trying to escape, to which the female tightened her grip.

"Oh Tora, I don't know where I would be without you!" She cooed, before paying and leaving only for her voice to exclaim outside of the door, "Tora, come back to mommy!" The three genin let out audible groans as the Hokage grinned in amusement.

"Job well done, Team 7. However it seems that now Tora has escaped once again. You have the option to get the cat back, painting some fences, pulling weeds for the Yamanaka's, or cleaning the Inuzuka's kennel. Which is it?" The Third Hokage had his hands clasped in front of his face, his gaze staring at the three before him.

"With all due respect Hokage-sama," Naruto started, causing his team to glance at him in suspicion. Naruto never called the Third by his title unless he wanted something, or a bad occurrence had just happened. "may we please get a C-rank mission? No offense, but these D-ranks suck ass."

"Naruto!" Sakura and Iruka scolded, before the pinkette allowed Iruka to continue, "You're only genin and you've been only one for six months. You should be grateful that you are even a genin!" The academy instructor had nothing but respect and affection for the boy, but said boy was always thinking over his head.

Kakashi and the Third exchanged glances while Iruka and Naruto traded jabs before Kakashi nodded subtly to the Hokage. The elder nodded back as he cut off both Naruto and Iruka, "Enough! Kakashi, do you think your team is ready for a C-rank mission?" Seeing the copy-cat ninja nod, the Hokage grinned. "Then it's settled! Here we are, a fresh C-rank. A simple escort mission at that. However, due to Iruka being a worrisome man that will probably go bald before you guys get back," his grin widened as Iruka sent the man a fake glare, "we'll be assigning Team 10 to this as well. Iruka, go get Team 10 and debrief them of the details while I bring in our client." Iruka left immediately as an old man with a straw hat walked in, wearing a red tank top, shorts and sandals complete with a battle of sake in hand. He squinted his eyes at the team and let out a snort.

"These three brats are supposed to protect me? They look like they'll wet their diapers as soon as they step out of the village." He slurred.

"Trust us, Tazuna-san, our ninja are more than capable of protecting you." The Hokage said.

The man grumbled and belched, "Alright then, if you say so. Shall we be leaving soon?"

"Team 7 and Team 10 are to report to the village entrance within thirty minutes. Pack only the essentials and maybe a change of clothes as it will take a few days to get there and back." The Hokage said sternly, causing the ninja to bow and disperse, heading towards their home.

Naruto ran into the house and quickly rushed up to his room to pack. Shikamaru was already shoving things into his bag, to which Naruto merely grinned at. He packed an extra black denim vest, a skull on the back of it before putting it in his backpack. He made sure that he had kunai and other weapon essentials. Grabbing his back, he and Shikamaru made their way downstairs, giving their mother a rushed goodbye before the two bounded out the door. Their first real mission outside of the village began in less than 15 minutes.

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