Chapter 1: A new kunoitch

Donatello where running on the roof of NYC talking with his brothers on his head set ore as Mikey where to call them t-heads. They where out looking for mutagen capsules hoping to find some to protect the humans of NYC for more unwanted mutagens. Donnie stop a little and look t down at his raider that stared to beep pretty much signifying a capsule where close by but he did not expect to find another kunoitch holding it.

It was deficiently not Kurai as this other kunoitch had reddish long hair in a long braid down her back, her bangs where covering one of her eye as she seem to inspect the capsule and a bowstaf on her back a bit similar to his.

"Guys I have found a capsule." Donnie told his brotherĀ“s in the t-head.

"That's great Donnie." Leo said.

"Guys we are meeting up by the manhole then?" Raphael pointed out.

"Yeah dude god job bro." Mikey almost screamed destroying his brothers ears.

"Yeah, I will get there in a little while."

"Why so? Isn't it just to pick it up and head home Donnie? Leonardo asked.

"Not really. There's a kunoitch holding it."

"Kurai hu let me get over there and kick her ass for you." Raph knuckles could be heard truth the t-head.

"No its not Kurai its another girl I have newer seen her before she seems new."

"Eh? A new girl? Meaby she wants to be our friend?"

"Mikey don't just a sum that she might still be from the foot clan right Donnie?" Leo sigh.

"I don't see any foot clan symbol on her but its better to be careful I assume."

"Where are you now Donnie? I will be there in a sec need to beat something ells up then Mikey."

"Raph she might not be an enemy."

"Just let me handle her I will meet you guys back ho-" Donnie didn't get to finish his sentences as a kunai flue by his head and destroyed his t-head coming from the red hard kunoitch who had sported him and was now making her way over to him.

To bad for Donnie she was faster then him and got him fast down on the floor pointing her bowstaf against his face looking seriously at him.

"Why where you spying on me?" She asked and Donnie was now staring into her eyes that strangely had different colours he thinks as her right eye where hard to see under her bang.

"I didn't mean to spy on you."

"Then what where you doing? You aren't from the foot clan I hope."

"Aren't you from the foot clan?" Donnie asked a little suspiciously.

"No way, I am from the Shiro clan. The foot clan is nether my enemies nor alias thought I don't like them." She lowered her staf looking at Donnie a little wondering.

"Well I am a enemy of the foot clan more ore less." Donnie said as he got up. As he got up on his legs the girl started cheeking him out and walk t around him a little.

"You are a turtle hu? I have heard stories about NYC but I newer thought there where turtles this big and that could talk living here its so far away fro the sea water turtles usual lives in." She said sounding a little surprised.

"I can easy assume you aren't from around. I am Donatello by the way."

"Yeah I got here about a fju days ago from Japan. I am called Furi as in free."

"No name ?"

"Yeah but I am not allowed to give my name to a stranger like this you have to figure it out on your own, clan rules you know." She said a little awkwardly looking down at her feet s. "Sorry I destroyed your headphone before I had to make sure you weren't an enemy."

"I understand no hard feeling."

"Thanks so what are you doing out here this late?"

"Me and my brothers are collecting mutagen capsules just like the one you pick t up over on the other roof."

"Oh this capsule?" She holds forward a howl capsule. "Is it yours?"

"Not really but we need to collect them so they wont do any harm to the city."

"I was sorta hoping to take this with me home and examinat the liquid inside thought." Furi look t down a little looking at the capsule in her hands.

"You like to examinat on different subsistence to find out more about them?" Donnie asked getting his geek on.

"Yeah call me a geek but I like that kind of stuff. I have a lab back home and al the book you can find about fysiks, biologic and mathematics methods." Furi smiles lightly.

"I like that stuff to." Donnie almost screamed out in joy.

"You do? You don't think I sounds to geeky?"

"No I am also a geek for that stuff." Donnie couldn't believe he actually have found another ninja that likes she same stuff he does but that happiness doesn't last long as he hears his brothers voices and Raph attacks Furi who jumps away and manges to smack Raphael with her staf but disappears with a smoke bomb leaving them quickly.

"What the shell Raph she wasn't a threat."

"We where worried sick over you suddenly losing the contact with you we thought she had kick t your as."

"Yeah dude."

"Donnie what happened?" Leo and Mikey joins them quickly and Donnie explains what he had talk t with Furi about as they heads home. Thought later on that night he wish t that he would meet Furi again as he cant stop thinking about her.