Chapter 2: New girl in school.

Donnie sighs again as they enters the lair after tonight's patrol. Its been a week sins he seen Furi and he just couldn't stop thinking about her. He sits down in the living room in front of the tv looking down. Shore he only have meet her ones but it was something about her that makes it hard for him to stop thinking about her.

Mikey sat down in between Donnie and the tv as he wanted to play some video games as Leo went of to meditate and Raph training ofc.

It doesn't take long before April and Casey visits them and April notice straight away that something is making Donnie down. As Casey walk of to find Raph April sits down next to Donnie talking to him as he explains about Furi for her.

"That sounds a bit like the new student at school thought she has glasses and is werry silent." April points out and Donnie looks up at her.

"R-really? What's her name? Where is she from?"

"Hm if I remembers right Japan and her last name is Shiro. Doesn't remember her first name but can cheek it up on the schools newspaper." April smile slightly and takes out her computer taping in on the Schools homepage as Donnie fells hope rise again.

"Here it is. Lets see... she comes from Japan and her name is Shiro Maria Furida." April reads out loudly as there is a picture of a red hair girl, a blue bright eye is visible as the bangs cowers her other eye, black hipster glasses resting on her nose and she is smiling lightly looking rather shy on the pick.

"That's her. I recognises that cut-eh I mean her smile that's Furi. So her name is Furida." Donnie light blushes as he can fell April smirking at him.

"You like her don't you Donnie~" April teast him a little making him blush more. "You know I think you two would go good together thought. She is really smart already rise to the best in the class and she began for 5 days ago."

"Really you think that?" Donnie looked at April a little unshorn. "I just whist I could get to know her more you know only meet her ones." He sign again an lookt down.

"I could help you with that you know." April pat his shoulder and smiled.

"You can?" Donnie raise an eye brow at her. "How?"

"On Monday I just gives her your t-phone number ore as if you could get her number you know piece of cake."

"You shore that will work?"

"Ofc, just tells her I am a friend of yours and that you would like to get to know her better and give her your number. Piece of cake Donnie." April smiles and gives him a thumb up.

Donnie huggs her as a thanks thought cant hellp not feling 100% shore it will work but he cant wait to meet her again.

April lookt around in the school coridors. She was on a mission, hellping her friend get incontakt with the new student at school. She smiled to herself when she spoted that red head walking towards the lockers a fju meter before her. She mowe past som other students before she tapt the Furida´s shoulder making them lock eyes.

"Hello, Furida right?" April askt with a smile as she resives a nod from the red head.

"I am April Oneal. We hawe the same classes."

"You are together with that blackt haird baka right?" Furida smiles lightly.

"If you mean Casey yeas." April thinks `wonders what baka snatds for´.

"Is there something speciell you want, miss Oneal?"

"Just call me April and yeah. I hawe heard you meat one of my friends on a rooftop about 5 days ago Donatello if you remembers."

"You know Donnie?" Furida looks a little shookt.

"Yeah he sort of sawed me ones."

"Is he doing good? Didetn really got to finish our talk last time some other turtle came and scard me a bitt so I ran away." Furida smiles lightly looking down.

"Yeah that Raph he is a bitt of a bulie but he was just consurn for Donnie. But Donnie would like to get to know you more you know and wonders if its okey if you exchainch nummer?"

"Ofc I would love that he seemd really nice and its not ewery time you meat someone who seems to be on the same intelektuel level as yourself." Smiles bigger and takes out her phone. "I can give ou mine so can you give it to him?"

"Oh great. I already hase his just need to give it to you." April takes out a paper with Donnies number on. "Just send him a text with your name and he will know who it is from."

"Thanks." Furida smiles and grabs the paper with Donnies number. "Em are there some more who knows about them?"

"Its just me and Casey. Well now you to." April smiles. "Want to hawe company at math class?"

"That would be nice." Furida smiles to and they start walking towards class spending most of the school day together talking about well mostly exept during last class as it was a test and you could leaw when you where done witch Furida did first of them all.

Raph sighn as he lookt at Donnie praktikly glud to his t-phone as he hase been the howl day. He rolles his eyes and gets up.

"Cant you just give up on it Donnie? If she hasent answerd yet she owisly dident want your number."

"You dont know that Raph meaby she just dosent know what to whrite." Donnie looks up at raph.

"Ore she dosent just simply wants to be fi-" Raph dosent ewen get to finish as Donnies t-phone plings and Donnie stands up with his arms in the air screaming, "She texted me!" and runs into his lab slaming the door leawing his brotehrs stummed and shookt.

"Well aperently she wants to be his friend Raph." Mikey points out and runs away fast as Raph starts chainsing him around the lair.