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I wasn't always crazy. Or, at least, that's what my mom tried to tell the doctors every time they visited our house to give me a checkup. She would tell them of better times when I was still a normal child who did normal things and who led a normal life.

I never believed her, especially since I didn't think I was crazy, but I suppose that's exactly what a crazy person would claim. I didn't understand why people were often weary around me or why I made babies cry all the time.

I actually liked babies and thought maybe one day I would have a couple of my own, but I don't think I could deal with all their screaming and tantrums. It made me want to hold my hand over their mouths until their little eyes closed, but I knew that was mean.

Apparently the doctors didn't believe her either, or I wouldn't be traveling three hours away to a psychiatric hospital. I never really liked that name. It was too technical and it just didn't roll off my tongue correctly, even if it was politically correct. I much proffered insane asylum. It had a nice ring to it and made me feel giddy inside.

"We're here ma'am." The cabby's voice drifted through a speaker. I wondered why there was a thick glass wall between us. I didn't like it. I wondered if I could shoot him in the head or if the bullet would just ricochet off and hit me or the nice man beside me.

"Come on, Miss Fray." My escort ushered me out of the car and unloaded my small green suitcase. It was a bright lime green color that made me giggle and I was so happy when mom let me borrow it. She always kept her paints in it, but she knew how much I loved it and told me I could give it to her when I got back.

The woman who was in the front seat gave me a severely judgmental frown and I frowned right back at her, sticking my tongue out for good measure. I thanked the nice Indian man for taking me here and we ascended the large staircase.

The Iris Mental Health Facility was really big and intimidating, but its pale tan walls and dark wood paneling didn't give off the vibes of a temporary home for people with a few loose screws. Then again, I suppose that was a good thing.

"What's your name?" I asked my tall black companion I had begun to think of as a friend. I didn't have a lot of those, but he seemed nice and mommy said I needed to make more friends to show people I wasn't crazy.

"Oliver." He told me with a polite smile. It didn't meet his eyes, but I couldn't ask for too much or he would be mean to me like his lady friend.

"Thank you for carrying my bag, Oliver." I thanked him with a cheery smile that I tried to make as huge as possible. I noticed his tie that had small army men dancing around and flying with pretty toucans. I didn't know ties could play movies. "I like your tie. My daddy was an army man."

This time Oliver gave me a sympathetic smile and I wrinkled my forehead in confusion. If I wasn't careful, it might melt off and start dripping in a puddle. The other patients would be sure to laugh at me if that happened, so I quickly used my fingers to smooth out the rolls and look presentable.

As I was doing so, the door swung open and a short man with crazy grey hair and crooked glasses. I chuckled to myself as I realized he must be that famous scientist we learned about at school, Einstein.

"You must be Clarissa, come on in." He spoke briefly to Oliver before taking my bag and waving them off before shutting the door.

I tried to listen to what he was telling me, since I knew it was probably important, but I kept getting distracted by my surroundings.

I was expecting long white hallways with bare walls and the strong smell of bleach and sterility. Instead, I was met with tasteful decorations of mirrors, picture frames, paintings, and flowers. It was beautiful.

I tuned in as Hodge (who I had learned was not a scientist) led me down a corridor. He opened one of the identical doors and flicked on the switch, bathing us in bright artificial lighting. There were only one twin sized bed, a dresser, a metal waste basket, and another door I assumed led to a closet. "I know it's not much-"

"I love it!" I exclaimed, jumping on top of the bed like I used to when I was younger. Hodge just simply smiled at me, but it wasn't like Oliver's, it was genuine and real. I decided I liked Hodge.

"I'll give you some time to settle in. Most of the other... guests.. are in the cafeteria. I'll send one up in a half hour to give you a tour."

"Thank you so much, Hodge Podge!" I threw my arms around his neck and pulled him tightly against me. He hugged me back awkwardly before leaving me alone. I looked around the room with a stupid grin on my face as I began to unpack.

Maybe this place wouldn't be so bad after all.

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