Hi guys sorry about that last cliff-hanger well you'll be pleased to know that it continues in Book 4 of the Galaxy Key: Secrets of the Avatar anyway review and enjoy Secrets of the Avatar this is a crossover with The Vanguards a story by author Legionary Prime who has given me permission to use these characters in this story.

Secrets of the Avatar

Chapter 1: Coruscant

Blood, nothing but blood that was all I could remember about her, holding her body, I watched as Ahsoka lay dying at my feet struggling to breathe and weak as ever.

Now the wait was unbearable, Ahsoka was in the emergency room fighting for her life, and I had put her there, the one who was supposed to protect her but instead I may have killed her.

This can't happen to me again, this is how they always go, who am I? You may ask, my name is Avatar Alex, I'm 160 years old, I look young but I'm also a Time Lord and I'm the son of the Doctor and I'm also a Jedi Knight.

"She will make it" a voice said from behind me, I looked up and saw my master, my oldest friend Anakin Skywalker, he was a tall man who looked about 21 and he had light brown hair and you could just make out a scar right down his left eye. He was about the must trust worthy person you could ever meet.

"I don't know" I sighed, dejectedly and I looked across from where I was sitting, I was in a waiting room filled with dozens of other visitors, but we were the only two visitors for Ahsoka

"She is stronger then you may think" Anakin reassured me, that was the thing about him, he was so sure in the most dangerous situations even if a friend was dying.

The doctor who was overseeing Ahsoka approached us, she was called Rig Neema and she specialized in every species but her Togruta knowledge I wasn't sure of.

"I've done everything I can" Neema said, then she looked at me and said "can I talk with you?" she looked at Anakin with an uneasy look "alone?"

"Sure" I said standing up the wait was getting unbearable anyway, I told Anakin I would be quick and then Neema and I went to Ahsoka's room and I couldn't believe it, she looked even worse than ever and she had lost quite a lot of blood, I couldn't stand the sight of one of my friends dying, especially the girl I loved.

"I've never seen a condition like this" Neema said and she looked at Ahsoka's chart "you may have to consider taking her of life support" she looked at me with a worried expression "you may want to consider telling her family"

Family? Ahsoka had no family at least none that I've met anyway, I stared long and hard at Ahsoka, she almost looked like she was sleeping but I knew better, but then after knowing her all these years the one thing I could say was

"Me and Anakin" I told her "we're her family" then at that Neema had a worried expression on her face and said.

"Then I'm very sorry" she walked out of the room, leaving me alone with an unconscious Ahsoka and I knew I had to talk to her at least let her know what was going on…