Are we Christians doing our jobs?

Somedays I wonder. I look at the "Christians" in my school. Or, I would if I could tell them apart from the rest of the student body. They walk, talk, and look like everyone else. Sure, we're all in the Lord's army, but we that doesn't mean we should be camouflaged. We're supposed to be a holy generation, set apart by God, following His voice. But, I guess it's kind of hard to hear His voice over the Eminem music we're playing full blast.

Now don't get me wrong- I'm not here to condemn, that's God's job. I'm not trying for self righteousness here, I'm just as guilty as everyone. A few weeks ago, you couldn't separate me out of a crowd of other nutty anime freaks, you wouldn't be able to tell if anything at all was different about me. However, last Saturday, something happened to me. I've been feeling convicted by God for a long time now, and I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to become more "Christian." On the outside, no one could really tell that I was backslidden, but maybe because I was pushing all my Christian friends away so they couldn't get a too close look at my life. I was miserable. Depression reared it's ugly head, and I wanted to die. A lot of things happened that I've regretted, and I hurt people, and myself. I made poor choices for friendships, and even still I'm feeling the aftereffects of those decisions. I had a few low points that were the lowest of lows, one in which I almost sliced my wrists. That was the first sign that something needed to change. Slowly I climbed back up, but there was only so far I could go by myself. Finally, last week I gave up on trying to help myself, and, broken, I threw myself at God's altar, surrendering all of me to Him. Sure, I had to give up a few things, but it was so worth it. I'm complete with Him, whole and full of joy. Life is so much brighter, and I am so positive it makes my non Christian friends sick.

Now that I'm back in right standing with God, I'm beginning to notice just how many of us Christians aren't "practicing what we preach," so to speak, and how everyone but us seems to notice. Oh yes, the non-Christians notice. Just look at this site, and how many of the entries under The Bible are making fun of us, and how we do _nothing_ about it. We could leave scathing reviews, but that's un-Christlike, and simply proves their point. We can argue, but that's a waste of our energy, because they will always have a retort, and eventually we will just be provoked to anger. What do I suggest we do about it then? Ignore the negative, and flood this site with the positive. We need to act as Christlike as we Christians, the "little Christs" are supposed to be. When someone flames your story, pray for them. We are commanded to love all people, no matter what they do to us. Soon enough, they'll notice. We are supposed to be different, supposed to stand out, like candles in a dark room. "This Little Light Of Mine," the Sunday School song we all learned, speaks truth. We can't hide the light that is Jesus Christ in us, we need to let Him shine. "Let your light shine before men, so they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father who is in heaven." Sure, it's hard being different, but it's not impossible. "All things are possible through Christ who strengthens me." God has called us to be different, to be "a peculiar people." How can we seek the things of this world, popularity, wealth, and fame, and still be different than the world? We can't. I'm tired of chameleon Christians, of hypocrites, of skin-deep religion. If I'm so sick of it, I can only imagine how God feels. Who is going to make a stand? Who will stand separate from the rest of the world, be the different one? I'm ready for a change, are you?