Signs of You

Signs of him were everywhere.

They resided in the plains, they resided in the valleys, they resided in the mountains, they resided in the forests. Signs of him were everywhere.

A blue spine, a footprint, a trail of dust. All of these were signs of him.

But it wasn't just the obvious things that held signs of his presence; there were the more hidden places for Sonic to hide.

In every smile, every grin, every happy scene filled with light; he was always there, beaming down upon happy children with happy parents.

She could see all of his influence spreading like butter all over the world; joy could finally overtake sorrow in this world. It was a miraculous sight that none had expected to live to see in the years before.

All over the world his tracks had blessed the lands with good fortune, and in every child's smile was the hope he had granted. In a way, he had power over each and every living being.

In a way.

She treads carefully along the road, seeing more and more signs of him blooming out of stems and erupting from the laughter of children. A sign of him was spread across her face.

Treading turns to trekking as she reaches the hills and valleys which he had sped through with ease as the wind had blown through his royal blue quills. She follows the tracks he once left behind.

No longer can the laughter of children be heard, yet there was a much more peaceful sound filling her ears: the sound of the wind as it whistles a tune of joy. The warmth of its melody dampened the feeling of cold on her skin.

The intensity of the warmth only increased as she made her way through the all too familiar path, welcoming her as an all too familiar memory, returning once more.

The sign of him still making itself apparent on her face, she produces a single flower from a bag draped upon her weakening shoulder. Years of wear had left her slowly withering away, though she would never admit it herself.

It was a lily; white and as pure as his spirit had once been. It was an exceptionally gorgeous flower, filled with signs of him.

"Sonic," she whispers, her fragile voice hardly audible.

"Thank you."

The sign of him slips off of her face as she felt a single tear run down her face.

Amy places the lily on his grave and turns away.