A/N: As I said in the description, these shorts were written for Gruvia week, based on the prompts provided on tumblr. All of these shorts can be read separately, or together as one story. I tried not to step on any toes continuity-wise when writing these, so that if you wanted to take it as one whole story, you certainly could. I'll be uploading a new chapter/story each day, with the prompt as the chapter title, so please keep checking back this week. ^_^


Juvia picked the worst time to get ill. It was just a head cold, but Wendy, who could have cured her in an instant, was away on a job with Lucy and Natsu, and would be gone at least a week. Gray walked into the guild hall, and overheard Erza up at the bar telling Cana and Mira about Juvia's illness, and how she was instructed to stay in bed for a few days by Porlyusica, who had already come to examine her.

"What did Porlyusica say exactly?" Mira asked in concern.

"Nothing much. Mostly she just grumbled about us wasting her time. She told Juvia that she was careless to have caught a cold, and that she should just drink a lot of warm fluids and get plenty of bed rest. She should be fine in a couple of days."

"That's good to hear," Cana said, taking a sip from her barrel. "What rotten timing, though eh? With Wendy away and everything…"

The other two ladies nodded in agreement. That's when Erza caught sight of Gray.

"So, she's sick, huh? That's why it's so quiet around here," Gray said, thinking of how Juvia usually buzzed around him the second he entered a room.

Something seemed to dawn on Erza at his words, and she gave him a look that Gray did not like at all.

"Why don't you visit her?"

"What? What for?" Gray asked, his brow furrowed, unconsciously taking a few steps back. He could see Cana and Mira smirking at him. He did not like this.

"Because, Juvia isn't feeling well, and she's all alone right now. It'd be nice if she had a visitor."

"So, you visit," Gray countered. "Anyway, I thought guys weren't allowed in the girl's dorm."

"I can make an exception. And I think we all know a visit from you would make her happiest," Erza finished with a smile that thoroughly annoyed Gray.

Everyone, including Gray, knew about Juvia's feelings. It seems like everyone, however, had also forgotten the fact that he already turned her down.

"You are friends, aren't you? And a good friend would definitely go see someone when they aren't feeling well," Cana said matter-of-factly.

'Damn them,' he thought ruefully. They were trying to guilt him into this.

Mira busied herself behind the counter for a few moments, before pulling out a large, lidded cup. "Here, you can take her some soup. It's doctor's orders, after all," Mira smiled, as she handed a reluctant Gray the warm cup.

He stared from it, to the three women, all older than him. Somehow, he felt a bit bullied as they stared him down, even though they all had smiles on their faces. He made an impatient sound with his tongue. "Fine, whatever."

"Good. Juvia's room is on the 2nd floor, 3rd door on the left," Erza called after him, as he made his way outside. "And don't overexcite her!" She admonished, as Gray thought 'fat chance.'

He never did anything, in his opinion, to overexcite Juvia. The smallest things sent Juvia spiraling into exuberant behavior around him. 'She's just a weirdo,' he decided, although he meant it somewhat affectionately, picturing Juvia's smile of adoration as he headed down the road that lead to the dorm. He'd never been inside it before. If nothing else, it might be kind of fun getting a look into forbidden territory.

Before he knew it, his thoughts of what he might see inside the dorm had carried him all the way to the vast building.

"This place is way nicer than the guy's one," Gray said to himself, eyeing it's expansive exterior.

He made his way inside, and up the stairs, envying the neat and cozy interior, and thinking about their own dingy dorm. As he passed a couple of doors, he hesitated, wondering if he dared look in other rooms while he was there, but thought better of it as he imagined what the ladies might do if they knew he'd been inside their rooms without permission. Gray considered himself a pretty brave guy, but Fairy Tail women could be scary. Still, he tried a doorknob just for the hell of it. It was locked. 'Oh well,' he thought, 'it's not like I didn't try.'

He stood in front of the door that was supposed to be Juvia's. He hesitated for a moment, and then knocked softly. There was no reply. He was going to knock again, louder this time, but he decided to try the doorknob first. Surprisingly, it turned, and the door swung open.

A room full of pink decor greeted his eyes. Juvia really was a typical girl sometimes.

He looked at the big bed on the left side of the room, and there she was, fast asleep. Juvia's light-blue hair fanned out behind her on her fluffy, pink pillow, as she lay on her side, facing the wall. He stepped closer to her. It was strange to see her so peaceful. 'She's not so bad like this,' he thought to himself, as he examined her sleeping face, taking in it's soft features. A smile snuck onto his face while his eyes traveled up and down her covered form. As his eyes made their way back to the head of her bed, he caught sight of what she was clutching in her arms. His eyes narrowed. Poking out of her matching pink comforter was a black-haired, stuffed doll that looked incredibly familiar.

"No way," he said in a low voice full of incredulity. Was that suppose to be him? 'She has a doll?'

But, before he could fully digest this new, and disturbing information, Juvia began to stir. Her hands abandoning the Gray plush, she turned towards him, and her eyes slowly flitted open. It took Juvia a few seconds to register who was standing over her.

"Gray-sama?!" she said in shock, as she sat bolt upright. Then she seemed to remember that she was still in her dressing gown, and lay down again hurriedly, pulling her covers up to her chin.

"Wha-what is Gray-sama doing here?" she muttered to herself, clearly flustered. If Gray didn't know her better, he'd think it was her cold that was responsible.

"Did he come to have a secret rendezvous with Juvia in her bedroom?!" she gasped, now clutching at her face which was turning redder every second.

He sighed, imagining the far flung scenarios that must currently be racing through Juvia's head.

"I came to bring you some soup," he said firmly. He held the cup up to show her.

"Oh!" something in Juvia's imagination seemed to burst, as she slowly came back to herself.

"Should I put it down here?" he asked, turning to a small coffee table behind him.

"Yes, thank you, Gray-sama," she replied, sounding kind of breathless, as he placed the cup down.

"How are you feeling?" he inquired, looking back at her. She was now sitting up again, leaning against her pillows. She had also relaxed the grip on her covers, as they fell to her waist. Her face was still flushed.

"Much better today," she said, her eyes twinkling at him, and giving him a wide smile.

Gray was relieved by this news.

"Juvia is really happy Gray-sama came to visit, and he brought Juvia soup. He's so thoughtful," she said shyly, clearly thrilled by these kind gestures.

Gray half shrugged embarrassedly. "Erza thought I should," he explained in an off-hand voice, "and it was Mira who gave me the soup, and told me to bring it."

Juvia's face fell at this information.

"Oh…. Juvia will be sure to thank Erza-san and Mira-san then," she added a little dejectedly.

"Where did you get that?" he asked tentatively, pointing at the small, black-haired, stuffed toy beside her.

Juvia looked behind her. She picked up the object of scrutiny, and smiled. "Juvia made it!" she announced proudly, until she noticed Gray's displeasure with this answer.

"...Why?" he said slowly.

"Well, you see, Juvia used to make teru teru bozu dolls, to keep the rain away. They were kind of like Juvia's good luck charm. But they actually never worked, " she said, a hint of sadness in her voice.

"Then," her voice brightening as she went on, "Juvia met Gray-sama, and Gray-sama stopped the rain, so…" And she held the doll out to him, "it's good luck," she finished, smiling broadly, as if this made perfect sense.

Gray's eyebrow raised, clearly still not pleased. "You know that's really weird, right?" he asked flatly.

Juvia now adopted a stubborn look. "No it's not! Anyway, this is a Gray-sama that Juvia is allowed to hug as much as she likes," and she proceeded to happily do so.

Gray flushed slightly at this, and quickly seized the plush from Juvia, who looked dismayed to have her mini Gray torn from her embrace.

"Hey!" she protested, getting out of bed, in an attempt to grab it back.

"I don't want you to have this," he said in a hard voice, holding it high out of her reach.

"Give it back, Gray-sama! Juvia made it. It's hers!" she said, getting angry, and trying to reach for the doll.

But Gray ignored her, and turned away. "What else do you have in here?" he wondered aloud, his brow furrowed, as he took a better look around the room.

Juvia stopped trying to get the doll, and blushed, looking worried. "Wha-what does Gray-sama mean? Juvia has nothing! Stop that!" she said, as Gray headed to her dresser, and started rummaging in the draws. "That's Juvia's private property!"

Again, Gray ignored her, as he closed one drawer, and opened the next. He pulled out some lacy, purple panties, and held them up, his pupils wide in keen interest, as Juvia snatched them away from him, blushing furiously.

"Gray-sama! Juvia isn't feeling well, you know!"

"Then you should go lie back in bed," he said distractedly, as he closed the underwear drawer, and opened the last one to find -

"Is this my shirt?" he said, pulling out a white, button-down men's shirt, and holding it up to examine it in the light from the window.

Juvia clearly sucked in a breath at this discovery, but tried to hide her distress. "N-no," she said, her attempt at nonchalance failing miserably.

Gray tilted his head as he eyed her sternly, clearly not believing a word she said. "I'm taking this back," he said, shutting the drawer.

"No Gray-sama is not!" and she pulled at the shirt as Gray headed for the door

Gray's grip, however, was unyielding.

"It's mine. You took it without permission," he said, yanking it away from her, a bit amused at how rowdy she was getting.

"Gray-sama didn't want it. He just threw it away!" Juvia argued. "Gray-sama didn't even know it was missing, so -"

"You don't need these things," he said as he exited her room. "Don't forget to drink that soup while it's still warm. Get well soon," he added, a small smirk on his face, and he shut the door, leaving a thoroughly distraught Juvia in his wake.

'So much for not overexciting her,' he thought, chuckling a bit, and looking at the items clutched in his hand.

Gray would bet anything that Juvia had gotten to work on another Gray plush the second he left the dorm, but he didn't care. He was trying to make a point. She didn't require substitutes. If she really needed him, he'd always be there for her. They were friends, after all.

As he walked back into his own dorm room, he tossed the mini Gray into the trash. As he was about to stick the shirt with the rest of his dirty laundry, he caught a whiff of something. He put the fabric closer to his face, and realized that the shirt was indeed unwashed, but other than his own salty scent, there was a feint flowery perfume mingled with it.

'Had she been wearing this?' he wondered, and unwillingly a small smile crept to his face. He lingered fondly over Juvia's scent for a moment, before throwing it onto his overflowing pile of dirty clothes, and laying back on his bed, his hands behind his head, smile still in place.


A/N: I did not get this idea from the recent Gruvia special (hence the reason Juvia only has ONE Gray plush, and not a whole collection lol). I got this idea back when we saw Juvia with her Gray sponge (which I thought was a plushie at the time) in the chapter after the GMG where the girls were all taking a bath, and I started writing a fic that incorporated this idea last summer (that fic has since been scrapped, and this section ended up here instead (yay for recycling!)). I thought about changing this after the special was released, to add her entire collection, but to be honest, I don't think my fic Gray could deal with that amount of merchandise at this point in their relationship haha! Although, in hindsight, there is something really funny about Gray searching her room, and continuously finding Gray-related merchandise (like a twisted easter egg hunt), that he confiscates, and orders Natsu to burn bonfire-style… maybe I should have changed it. Oh well, what's done is done lol! ^-^