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Chapter 2: Need to Reunite

When Gandalf entered Legolas' room, he found Legolas perched on the windowsill, busily writing a letter. Legolas looked up and smiled at Gandalf.

"Did you need anything, Mithrandir? I was just writing a letter to Arwen."

Gandalf smiled and shook his head. "I bid you continue to do so. I came only to check up on you."

Legolas ignored the remark. He folded the letter and laid it atop his desk. "Come Gandalf, let's go into the garden and talk." He led Gandalf out of the palace and they walked around the vast spaces surrounding the castle. The whole scenery was full of green and the trees were tall and grand. "Do you live with Frodo, Gandalf?"

Gandalf shook his head. "Oh, no. I could never live in that hobbit hole. A splendid place it is, yes, but too small for my comfort. I dwell in Rivendell when I am not up and about." Gandalf stared at Legolas. "I shall be leaving tomorrow."

Legolas gaped as he looked in distress at his aging friend. "But you only just arrived!"

"Yes, I know. But certain things have come up that cannot be avoided."

Legolas sighed dejectedly but brightened up again. "You will come back soon, though?"

"Of course," Gandalf replied warmly as he stared fondly at his Elf-companion.

Legolas frowned at the wizard, sensing trouble deep within his calm pretense. "Mithrandir, you seem troubled. Would you not confide your troubles in me?"

"Alas, Legolas, your senses are keener than ever." Gandalf commented with a chuckle. "But I cannot confide in you what I do not know myself."

"I do not understand."

Gandalf nodded and stared at his staff. "Nor do I…"


Saruman stood over his Orb once again. He concentrated on Legolas, who lied in bed sleeping soundly. Saruman smiled wickedly.

"Now the prince of Mirkwood shall come to me and I shall rise again, more powerful than ever. Middle-Earth shall pay for the injustices it has done me!"


Legolas slept, his hands clasped over his chest. His green eyes were open but distant as he dreamt peacefully. As he continued to sleep, he began to hear incantations in his head.  As the incantations grew louder and louder, Legolas rose from his bed and walked out of the room, as if in a trance. He went silently down the hall and stairs but when he reached the front gate, the guards stood from their chairs and went up to him.

"Prince Legolas, where do you go in the middle of the night?" one called. Legolas ignored him and tried to open the gates. "Your Majesty, you cannot leave the palace. Prince Legolas?" The guards watched as Legolas continued to try to open the door. "Go fetch Mithrandir and King Thranduil," the guard said to the other Elf in a low voice. The Elf nodded and raced down the halls until he reached Gandalf's room. He cautiously opened the door and found the wizard not sleeping, but deep in thought as he smoked his pipe. Gandalf turned to glare at the Elf.

"What is it?" he barked.

"You asked us to inform you immediately if anything strange occurred." The guard reminded Gandalf. "Sir, the prince is attempting to leave the palace."

"What?" Gandalf grabbed his staff and pushed past the guard. He hurried to the front gate where Legolas still was trying to open the front gate. The other guard was attempting to pull him away but to no avail. "Legolas! Legolas Greenleaf!" Gandalf called. He took a step towards Legolas but sensed a dark magic around the Elf. He tuned in his thoughts and could vaguely hear the dark chants that controlled Legolas. "Saruman," Gandalf growled. "So he has started." Gandalf pointed his staff at Legolas and shouted a counter spell. Legolas froze immediately and began to fall to the ground. The guard caught him. "Take him to his room." Gandalf commanded. "See to it he does not leave the palace again at any costs." The guard nodded and carefully carried the prince back to his room. Thranduil came running to Gandalf.

"Mithrandir!" the distressed Elf cried. "What has happened? Why does my son look so sickly?"

"It is Saruman's doing." Gandalf replied darkly. "Legolas shall be fine but he must not leave the palace anymore. Tomorrow, I shall set out to reunite the Fellowship. Only they have the force needed when united to help Legolas now."