I own nothing...

My name is Sakura, just Sakura. The Haruno was a cover.

I am a genin. Having unsuccessfully partaken in the chunin exam a few months ago.

I just tried to sacrifice Shizune to Jashin-sama. She was far too nosy. Alas Tsunade caught me in the act. That's why:

I was running the heathens hot on my heels. I knew I would make it but it still hurt me to know my fellow leaf ninja would resort to this. It started with the villagers they had gone completely insane when they learned of my rituals and of what they referred to as immortality.

Of course those idiots knew nothing about my religion they had no idea what true immortality was...

I just did my best to avoid death and i am damn good if i do say so myself. The heathens were right behind me those nasty little buggers were hard to shake off. Knowing I had little choice now I raced of to a little clearing just ahead making my intention obvious.

The three loyal shinobi were there in a matter of seconds. Now we stood facing each other. Then, "Haruno you are under arrest to be captured and executed by the hidden leaf village. Come peacefully and the council might settle this." His voice grew a bit desperate at the end.

I scoffed, like hell the council would send me to T&I before I could blink after hours of torture they would maybe kill me unless they felt like experimenting. I'm sure Danzo would take care of that...

I got into a fighting stance. "Such loyalty should be rewarded" I hissed in sarcasm, though my voice laid with pain it hurt to be chased for something they didn't understand and I had very little control over. I sacrificed instead of killing or dragging enemies into T&I. So what? What was so fucking wrong with that.

"Very well.." A chunins soft voice murmured. Then the fight begun. We jumped in then it was all a blur as blood begun to flow. After my first taste I draw my favorite symbol. Then it was so easy.. so so simple. Once they were under my control they soon fell to the sacrifice. They stood no chance. Feeling high I laughed a panicked maybe a bit insane laugh.

I killed them my friends my comrades, how could I do this? i fell to my knees a few tears spilled over my usually cheerful face. How? Then I spotted him, a lone shinobi still in the trees.

"G-g-go h-ho-home Shika... p-please...I d-don't want y-y-you...g-gone... " I managed to stutter out. "Sakura...w-why?" he said disbelieve clear in his voice. I knew i hurt the only one i swore not to.

" I was always this way you just never noticed. This is my religion, sacrifice is my believe. It runs in the family, you know?" I saw his eyes widen before i knocked him out.

I muttered "I'll love you forever" kissing him softly on the cheek I disappeared leaving white cherry blossoms in my wake.