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The rain had begun to fall. Brennan was slightly confused. He didn't quite understand why Adam had called him on his com link and told him to meet the New Mutant here. He rarely sent them out alone on a new call but he had told him it was urgent and that the mutant was in trouble. But why not inside, Brennan thought to himself...Adam knew how much he hated the rain. It made his powers little more than useless and he felt very vulnerable stuck outside on the fishing docks at 2 AM in the pouring rain. "Why Here? And where is this guy, anyway?" Brennan mumbled aloud. He decided that he was either in the wrong place or the mutant was a no show or ... worse ... Brennan didn't want to think about that. He had left the bar as soon as Adam had contacted him and gotten here as quickly as possible. But he had been waiting here in the rain for nearly 15 minutes. The dock was absolutely deserted. He decided to contact Adam.

"Adam," Brennan called into his com link. After about 30 seconds and still no reply, Brennan tried again. "Adam, this is Brennan, talk to me, I'm freezing out here." Finally Brennan heard a groggy Adam come across the link. "Brennan, Brennan, where are you, it's two o'clock in the morning?"

"I am where you told me to be, Adam, where do you think I am? I am soaking wet, freezing, and all alone out here. The mutant you told me to meet never showed, man."

Adam shifted out of bed now and called to Jesse on the intercom. "Brennan, I didn't talk to you this evening about a mutant. What are you talking about? Are you OK?" Adam asked. Brennan heard the new concern in Adam's voice and was really confused now.

"Adam, you contacted me about an hour ago on my com link ring and told me to go to 115th South at the end of Blue Pier to meet a mutant who was in trouble. What do you mean you didn't contact me? I didn't dream it. In fact, you told me to go to the middle of the pier so that he could see me, but I really don't see how anyone could see anyone. It is really foggy, Adam and I am not feeling too good."

"Brennan, is that where you are right now? " Adam was slightly panicked now. He knew Brennan had been set up somehow and he had a good idea by whom.

"Yes but ...." Brennan never got the chance to continue. The agents came out of nowhere and had him completely trapped on the end of the pier. As Brennan started to assess the situation he counted at least 15 agents all around him. He was in serious trouble and he knew it. "Adam, I got company, a lot of company. Shit, Adam!" Right at that moment, the last thing Adam heard from Brennan's link was an explosion and Brennan yell out in pain.

"BRENNAN!" Adam yelled into the com link. Just then, Jesse came running into Adam's room with Emma and Shalimar right on his heels. "Adam, what the hell? What's wrong?" Jesse saw the look of panic on Adam's face as he yelled Brennan's name into the com link one more time. Nothing. Adam looked up at the team and filled them in. He told them to go get dressed on the double and meet him at the helix. Brennan was in trouble. They had to get to his last location and track him.

Emma linked to Brennan with little difficulty. She loved him. Ever since they had seen each other for the first time in the bar the night he tried to save her from the GSA. She even felt sometimes that they were permanently connected. She seemed to always know when something was wrong. She certainly knew it now, even before she got into Adam's room.

"Emma, what do you see?" Adam followed here into her room while she dressed. They did not care, it was nothing they hadn't seen before and right now, Adam needed to know as much as he could about Brennan. Emma's last breath was caught quickly in a gasp and she flashed Adam a look that told Adam everything he didn't want to know. As a tear streamed down her face, she told him.

"He's hurt, Adam. There's blood, he's really scared. For some reason he can't see. He wants to fight but can't. He is struggling like he's trapped and he is very cold."

Jesse and Shalimar were in the door behind Adam and Jesse said, "Let's go!"

Adam whirled around and led his team down the halls of Sanctuary as fast as their feet would carry them towards the hanger and the Double Helix. Adam stopped in the med lab to grab a few items..."just in case" he told himself. The Helix was fired up and out of Sanctuary it flew. Jesse was tracking Brennan's com link. He had a signal and it was moving. "How stupid could Eckart be, Adam? He didn't remove Brennan's ring."

"He might have, Jesse. Brennan's ring is not his only link to us anymore. In fact, It is only a decoy. I have a new type of communication device I am trying out on Brennan. It uses a different type of communicator that is not on the same frequency as the rings. It is also implanted under his skin."

"When did you do that? Do the rest of us have them?" Shalimar asked while scanning her arms.

"No, Shalimar, Brennan is always going out on calls and since Eckart's last update to Brennan's file that he was wanted dead or alive, I figured I needed some more assurance that I could find him. And besides, he volunteered." Adam explained to the group.

"Well, let's hope it keeps working because we are nearly on top of him if it is right...there are the docks....Man, is it foggy!" Jesse exclaimed.

Brennan awoke in a completely black room. He couldn't see his hand in front of his face and his head hurt terribly. He feared that he had gone blind. "I can't be blind" Brennan mumbled, barely audible. Then he tried to move and he realized that his head wasn't all that hurt. His side burned and deep inside he felt something was wrong. He then figured it out as he remembered what had happened. "Those bastards shot me," Brennan said, aloud this time. He reached for the back of his neck for the familiar little puck that would signify the presence of the governor he knew was there. But no, Brennan didn't feel it. Now he felt a little uneasy. He really thought that he would have felt better if he had felt it because then, at least he would know who had him. Now, he didn't. He knew he had seen agents. It was very foggy, yeah, but they were agents or at least he thought they were. He built up sparks in his hands and the light that it produced soothed Brennan's fears. At least he knew he wasn't blind. But then he also was able to see how much blood he had lost and was continuing to lose. It was strange...he had never been shot before...he thought it would hurt worse...but it didn't...then he realized he was in shock. Man, was it cold! Brennan decided to throw some electricity across the room to see what was there. Maybe he would get lucky and start a fire. At least he would warm up. His bolts hit a brick wall. "Damn!" Brennan thought as he turned a little to face another direction. "OK, now it hurts'" Brennan thought as he threw another bolt at another concrete wall. He continued this until he realized that he was in a concrete cell not more than 20 feet square and pretty god damn deep. He threw a bolt towards the ceiling and saw that it was at least 30 feet above him. But it was wooden. "Wood burns," Brennan thought as darkness consumed him once more...his loss of blood was severe. He used pretty much all of his energy trying to generate electricity and felt himself losing consciousness. "Shit....Adam....Ada.....m.." Brennan lost his battle with darkness and he drifted away with Adam's name on his breath.

A light appeared at a small opening above Brennan's tomb. A face peered in with a flashlight that shone over Brennan's dying form. He laughed an evil laugh. "Soon, my young friend....very soon....." He laughed as he dropped the door back onto its frame sealing Brennan back in darkness.

Jesse landed the helix just as a voice came over the team's com links, "Brennan," everyone was shocked to hear Adam's voice over the link...especially since they were looking at him and knew he was not speaking..."get over to Blue Pier right away...." the voice trailed off only to be replaced by an evil laugh and challenge...."I have him, Adam. But he cuts too easily and he doesn't take falls too well. Who else can I have to play with?"

The team looked at Adam in horror but their expressions couldn't come even close to the shock on Adam's face...."Dr. Draper." was all Adam said.