A/N: I've been working on this story for a long time so please be gentle. It has many installments and may take awhile to complete so bear with me. I know this plot has probably been used before but I started it before I even read the others so please don't think I'm copying somebody else's idea. It's revolved around the episode "The Longest Day." It takes place before, during, and after, and is an AU. I think you can all figure out that in this story Randy really does have cancer. And if anybody can think up a good title, please help me! It'll be mostly Tim and Randy's POV's, though there will be chapters from Brad, Mark, Jill, Al, Wilson, and even Heidi.

Spoilers: "The Longest Day."

Rating: PG-13

Chapter 1: pre-"Longest Day." Maybe two or three weeks before the episode. First 2 chapters from Tim's P.O.V.

By: Molly

Chapter 1: Tim's P.O.V.

I came in the house through the garage door as usual, smiling with immense pride at my hotrod. I whistled a random tune as I hung up my jacket and tossed my car keys on the counter.

I stopped. Randy was lying on the couch, sleeping like a baby with the TV blaring some God awful MTV-generation music. How he could sleep through that kind of a racket was beyond me. I glanced at my watch and my eyebrows went up. How he could be sound asleep at four in the afternoon was way beyond me.

I walked over and turned off the TV. I wondered if maybe Randy was sick. He never slept in the daytime. Heck it was hard for him to sleep at night. Often he'd wander upstairs at two in the morning looking for some cookies and milk. I'm usually up at the same time, watching old episodes of "Tool Time," and enjoying some alone time. Randy will usually wander over and we have a nice chat or something. He seemed to enjoy it once he realized I wouldn't get mad at him for being up. Lately though, he'd go to sleep early and practically impossible to wake up in the morning.

I shrugged. Probably a lot of stress. It's not easy being the smart kid. There's a lot of pressure on him to get good grades. Maybe it was starting to get to him. Well either way, I had to wake him up. I didn't want Randy up until five in the morning because he slept the afternoon away. I had too many nights like that in college and believe me, it's not a good thing. I sat down on the edge of the couch and lifted Randy's head onto my lap. He was always a hard one to wake up.

"Randy," I called directly into his hair. I gently dusted his face with my finger. He swatted my hand away. I chuckled a little bit. "Randy," I called a little louder. He still didn't wake up. "Randal William Taylor! What have you done!" I screeched. Instantly he was awake.

"Whaa...I didn't do anything Mom," Randy said, looking as guilty as sin. He looked around, blinking rapidly, his eyes still a little dead. I laughed. He slugged me and sat up.

"Hey Randy. A little sleepy there pal?" I cocked an eyebrow.

Randy rubbed the sleep from his eyes and groaned a little bit. "I wasn't sleeping," he mumbled. "I was just resting my eyes." He yawned.

"Oh please," I snorted. "Do you always scream Mary's name when you rest your eyes?"

Randy turned bright red, obviously unaware I knew about his latest girlfriend. He shifted uncomfortably on the couch. I socked him lightly on the shoulder. "I was uh...screaming...."

"Ha, kidding," I said lightly giving Randy a gentle noogie. "And don't worry. Mom knows nothing about Mary." I grinned. "But I know everything." He rolled his eyes and looked embarrassed.

"But really, you're sleeping in the middle of the day?" I paused and put a hand on his forehead. "Are you sick?" I frowned. He felt a little warm. Randy batted my hand away.

"I'm fine," he mumbled. "Just a little tired."

"And grouchy," I supplied. He glared at me.

"What time is it?" Randy asked. He smoothed his hair with his hands, but stopped in the middle to cover another yawn.

"A little after four. How much homework do you have tonight?" I asked. He sighed dramatically.

"Mountains." He covered his face in his hands and sighed again. I mimicked his ever move. Randy caught me and punched my shoulder. "Quit that."

"How was school. Look up any girl's skirts?" I laughed a little at my own joke.

"It was okay. Fell asleep in history class." Randy rubbed the back of his neck.

"Huh, the Puritans will do that to you. Get in trouble?" I watched as he got up slowly, stretched and walked to the kitchen.

"Nah," Randy called, grabbing a bottle of milk from the fridge and some cookies from the cabinet. He took a swig of milk straight from the bottle. I smiled. I knew I'd raised him right. "Mr. Hendriks said he didn't wake me up because I usually wasn't a behavior problem. If I fall asleep again though, he says I'll get a detention."

"Well you have to plan your strategy son. You can't fall asleep in the same class two days in a row. Tomorrow try English Lit. That never failed to put me to sleep." I looked over my shoulder and threw him my charming father smile.

"Which might explain why you've never read anything longer than an auto magazine." Randy smiled his charming wise ass smile.

I chuckled. I've always treasured my relationships with all my sons but there's something really special about Randy and me. We can insult each other for hours and never get offended. The little guy makes me laugh.

"I read you a lot of books when you were a kid," I argued, setting Randy up for another zinger.

"Dad, Chevy owner's manuals don't count as books. I was the only kid in the kindergarten who knew what to do in case of engine trouble." Randy nibbled on a cookie.

"And look where you are today," I pointed out.

Randy just shook his head. "Look, I have a lot of homework to do. I'm just gonna take the cookies downstairs and get to work."

"All right. Don't work too hard," I called after him.

"Oh, and Parent's Night is tomorrow," Randy shouted back.

"Okay. Which teachers hate you this year?" I asked, putting my feet on the coffee table.

"My Latin teacher. She thinks I'm a wise ass."

"What? You aren't?"

"I get it from my father." I heard the basement door slam.

I smiled. I love that little guy.


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