Even the noisy crowd in the Great Hall at breakfast went quiet when a loud noise rent the air. It was an unexpected noise however – for who expects to hear a donkey's braying in a school?

Looking around for the source of the noise, it didn't take long for the students to realize that it came from one of their own; a young Ravenclaw sat with both hands over his mouth, eyes wide and panicked as those around him slowly started chuckling.

Before long the entire room was laughing at the poor child – until a loud cawing broke out. Soon that was joined by croaking, then meowing, honking, roaring… Any time a student opened his or her mouth to speak, the only sound to emerge would be an animal's voice.

Only two voices among the students remained human, and soon everyone's attention was focused on those two, with people either glaring at them or trying to congratulate them for the prank.

"But we didn't do it!" The Wesley twins tried to protest, in vain.

"We would love to take credit-" one began,

"-for this excellent prank-" the other continued,

"-but it really wasn't us!" Finishing the statement together, they looked around and realized that nobody believed them. Exchanging a glance, they wondered,

"Who could have done this?"

"It was most likely potions-"

"-in the food," they theorized,

"But who is good enough at brewing to do this?"

"That would be a person well worth recruiting to our cause…"

Looking around the hall, they took in the students either trying to communicate with each other to much hilarity, attempting to eat their meals in peace, or silently watching the others.

"There's that one seventh year from Ravenclaw," George said thoughtfully, but Fred discounted him.

"He's not the type to pull this kind of stunt; besides, how would a student have gotten enough ingredients for this, found the time to brew it all, and gotten the house elves to do it? Face it, brother, I don't think any other student is as friendly with the house elves as we are…"

"You're not suggesting…" George trailed off, and both of them looked up at the staff table simultaneously, finding the dark eyes of their Potions professor on them.

The man held their gaze for a moment before smirking and pushing himself out of his chair.

"April Fools," he said quietly before striding out of the hall, leaving two dumbfounded pranksters in his wake.



"I'm thinking we should take that class more seriously,"

"My thoughts exactly, dear brother."

From that day on the Weasley twins ceased to be disruptive in the Potions classroom, working hard on both the brewing and their essays, which they had previously neglected. When but a year later they left Hogwarts to open their own joke shop, few knew that they had a silent partner in their business – a certain Potions Master with a hidden taste for practical jokes.