Gwyneth pokes her head out of the Slytherin common room, her back curls bouncing around her and falling into her onyx eyes.

"Are you sure this is a good idea, Gwen?" Scorpius asks from the safety of the dimly lit room. "I mean, a prefect or a professor could spot us and then we'd lose Slytherin house points-"

Gwen pulls her head back inside the door to look up at the blond boy with raised eyebrows. "Are you serious? You sound more like the child of Hermione Granger than I do. Common on, Scrop, it'll be fun, I promise. I've been doing this for like six years now. You really need to get out more: you know, break a few rules and live up to the Malfoy name and all."

Scorpius huffs and crosses his arms against his chest. "I get out plenty, Gwen- without your help."

Gwen smirks and grabs onto his arm. "Then this'll be nothing to a pro like you. Now stop complaining! I told Greg we'd meet him at the Great Hall in ten minutes!"

She steps out into the hall, pulling Scorpius with her. They quietly shut the door to the Slytherin common room before ducking into the shadows of the dungeons. In many ways, sneaking out of the dungeons is easier than the Gryffindor tower; there are fewer lights and even fewer paintings to tattle to professors. They pad through the darkened corridors and climb the stairs as discretely as possible. When they hear the rustle of robes, Scorpius grabs onto Gwen's waist and pulls her into the shadows of a classroom doorframe. The two Slytherins hold their breath as Professor Longbottom passes their hiding place. The moment Gwen notices her mother's friend, she relaxes. Even if Neville had spotted them, he surely would have turned a blind-eye to their rule breaking just this once for her mother.

They don't leave the doorframe right away and Gwen doesn't particularly mind. Scorpius's arms are comfortably resting around her hips, holding her to his chest so they take up less space. He is strong and warm behind her and it takes a lot of will power not to completely lean into his touch. When Professor Longbottom's footsteps have completely died away, Gwen untangles herself from Scorpius's arms, immediately regretting her decision to leave his embrace and thankful for the lack of light to hide her blush.

The pair hurry along until they finally find themselves in front of the tall oak doors of the Great Hall.

"Greg?" Gwen hisses to the darkness around them. "You there?"

Silence echoes around them and Gwen scowls with impatience. "Honestly, with our parents how can he be so horrible with punctuality? Dad practically demands it and mum is no better."

"How are your parents?" Scorpius asks, moving closer to her.

"They're doing really well. Mum is teaching a few classes at uni which makes her really happy and dad is just happy to get a little break from his private potions company. Mum helps him when she's not at school- they say it reminds them of the good ole days. And yours? Your parents haven't been over for dinner in a little while."

Scorpius shrugs. "You know my dad- he isn't happy unless he is drowning in work. Mum says he was anything but studious when he was at Hogwarts, but now for whatever he really likes it. My grandma is spending more time at our house with mum though."

Gwen nods. "I'm glad that your grandma is doing well; my Uncle Harry still speaks highly of her."

"Gwen? That you?"

"Greg! Took you long enough!"

"It wasn't my fault this time!" Greg says as he comes into view. His honey eyes look annoyed at his sister, but also amused. "James took his sweet time getting his dad's old map out of his trunk. And then of course Lily heard us in the common room and wanted to come with; we narrowly escaped before she followed us."

"I resent that," James hisses. "I couldn't find the map because I forgot I wrapped it up in the cloak and I couldn't find the bloody thing."

"I don't know why you don't just let Lily tag along," Gwen sighs. "She would really enjoy it. Really, she has more Slytherin in her than you give her credit for. Or is it for a different reason you chose to leave her behind?" She looks to her brother and gives him a wink; he is the second Snape to fall for a girl with red hair named Lily.

"Right, so, shall we get going?" Greg asks, clearing his throat to cover Gwen's question. He scowls at his sister, grateful James didn't notice her wink. As far as James is concerned, Greg sees his little sister as a cousin, when the truth is really the opposite.

"Where exactly are we going?" Scorpius asks.

"Who cares?" is Gwen's response with a smile up at the blond. "Sneaking around is more fun when you don't have a plan."

The four of them turn from the Great Hall and begin aimlessly wandering the halls of their school. None of them would admit it aloud, but the school was eerie at night. The halls too quiet without the hustle and bustle of students on their way to class. At night, they can almost imagine the Hogwarts of the war; the war of their parents.

When James rounds a corner and lets out a startled shriek, they know they are as good as caught. They turn as run from the sound of a cat meowing, knowing from experience that its master is always close by.

James pulls a piece of parchment from his pocket, but Greg shakes his head as they race down the halls. "There is no time, mate! Just run!"

"But there has to be a secret tunnel or something nearby," he argues.

His statement causes grins to spread across the Snape twins' faces. "This way!" they say in unison. Their parents never gave them the complete details of how their relationship started- not that Gwen and Greg didn't figure it out from the rumors circulating around the school- but they knew of a painting of a raven and they knew it would listen to them.

By the time they find the raven, they are out of breath, and can still hear footsteps following them. Gwen steps up to the painting and shakes her hair out of her face so the bird can see the striking resemblance to her father. "I am Gwyneth Rose Snape, the daughter of the man whose private labs you protect and I am begging you to let me in."

The raven tilts its head at her before cawing once and swinging the door open. The four teens hurry into the door before slamming it shut behind them. The moment the door is closed, they begin to laugh.

"Can you imagine Filch's face when he runs this way and can't find us?" Greg laughs. "Honestly, it's a wonder that bloke is still alive; wasn't he the Hogwarts caretaker when mum was here?"

"Well, Dumbledore was like 150 before he died," Gwen reminds him. "Maybe Filch will have a long life, stalking the halls of Hogwarts, tormenting students as he goes."

"How did you guys know about this place?" James asks, moving across the room to inspect the abandoned caldrons and empty storage room. "I mean, it looks like no one has been in here in ages."

"I'd say about twenty years or so. Our dad used this as his lab private and our mum started brewing in here with him during her sixth year at Hogwarts. I don't think either one of them has stepped foot in here since they cleaned out the storage area shortly after the war. Dad had no plans to come back here after everything was said and done, right Gwen?"

"I always assumed mum used this place when she went back for her seventh year, but yeah, that sounds about right. You know we really should have put this room to better use. I mean, here we are, sixth years, and until now we have never bothered to use this as our own common room or something. I mean, it would be great to have a room where we all could hang out together, what with us all being in different houses."

"Brilliant, as always Gwen," James says with a smile. "But can we trust Malfoy over there?"

"Sod off, Potter," Scorpius replies with an eye roll. "I am perfectly trustworthy. Well, for a Slytherin anyway."

"You'll have to tell Albus about it," Greg says. "You know how he feels; he thinks because the majority of us are in Gryffindor that we'll just completely forget about you."

"Oh please, there is one more of you in Gryffindor than Slytherin," Gwen replies. "Scorp, Albus and I are in Slytherin and you, James, Lily and Hannah are in Gryffindor. We're practically even. We could have our own Qudditch team!"

"I am so asking Uncle Ron to let us play on a real Qudditch pitch," James says excitedly. "Dibs on Seeker by the way; you all know I'm the best at it."

"Yes, says the third generation Seeker. I'm surprised your ego is able to be contained to such a small space like this."

"Shut it, Greg. You can be Keeper; you like Keeper."

Greg rolls his eyes, but smiles. "I do enjoy being Keeper. But in all honesty, I'm fine with playing any position if we are on a real Qudditch field." He looks around the room once more and shakes his head. "I have no idea why mum liked potions so much; it's so boring."

"Please, potions is fun; it's like cooking."

"Which is all well and good, Gwen, but I prefer eating food than making. I like potions, just after they have been made by someone better at it than me. Like mum or dad; the least one of them could have done was given me some skill in potions, but no, that all went to you."

Gwen only smirks in response.

"Hey guys, Filch is gone," James says, looking at his map. "We probably think about heading back to our dorms now; I'm not sure when he'll be back and besides, I have practice tomorrow morning."

"Fair point. Scorpius and I will head out first and then you and Greg can go. The four of us attract too much attention together anyway."

When James again gives the all clear and tells Scorpius and Gwen to avoid the main hall, they slip out the raven painting.

"So this was fun," Scorpius whispers as they sneak through the corridors. "Well, maybe minus the Filch almost catching us."

"Are you kidding? That's the best part! Greg and I love sneaking out to mess with him! You haven't lived until you are under James's invisibility cloak, trying not to laugh as Filch runs around the library looking for you. We do it at least once a month."

"Really? How about you let me tag along next time?" he asks, bumping shoulders with her. "I really like hanging out with you guys."

A soft smile spreads across Gwen's face. "I like hanging out with you too- you're not nearly as boring as I thought you were when we were younger."

Her statement causes Scorpius to grin. He reaches across the distance between them and takes her hand, lacing their fingers together. For the second time that night, Gwen is happy the darkness hides her blush. The two Slytherins move closer to each other and continue along their path back to their dormitory.

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