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"Kenzi is going to love it."

Bo couldn't help but glance over her girlfriend's shoulder, watching as the doctor put the last-minute touches on the cake. Bo stared in amazement at how Lauren was able to fit an entire birthday message on the large-sized pastry. She constantly read the message over, her eyes slowly filling with unshed tears:

There is a gift that gold cannot buy, a blessing that's rare and true. That's the gift of a wonderful person coming into our lives. Like we have in you. You are the greatest gift to us all. Happy Birthday Kenzi!

Love always,

Your family

Bo quickly surveyed the clubhouse. Dyson, Hale, Tamsin, Trick and Vex had hung the last of the decorations, streamers everywhere and balloons scattered all over the ground. Bo knew how much this young woman meant to everyone. These supernatural creatures had no reason to care for a human, used only as food or as a pet. Somehow, Kenzi slowly crept her way into their hearts. Not only did she defy their expectations every time, they cared, protected and loved Kenzi as one of their own. The succubus smiled at the joyous scene, brimming with pride and happiness. Bo moved her focus back to the cake as she continued to watch Lauren work her magic.

Tamsin tied off the last balloon and she dropped it to the floor in front of her. "Time for a drink," the valkyrie muttered, strolling to the kitchen counter. As she poured herself a glass of whiskey, Tamsin glanced over at the cake, admiring the doctor's handiwork. "Not bad, doc," she assured. "Not bad at all."

"Thanks," Lauren replied, smiling at the thoughtful comment.

Tamsin noticed a change in the succubus' demeanor. She saw a small tear escape from the corner of Bo's eye. Genuinely concerned for her, Tamsin placed her hand on Bo's shoulder, squeezing it lightly for comfort. "You okay, Bo," she asked, snapping Bo out of her trance.

"Yeah I'm fine," she mustered, her voice cracking at the end. She grabbed a napkin and dabbed it under her eye to hide the evidence. Lauren and Tamsin just smiled at each other, knowing how much Kenzi meant to the succubus.

Tamsin diverted her gaze to the clock on the wall. "Kenzi should have been back by now," she whispered. Bo could see the worried look etched on the valkyrie's face.

"I wouldn't worry about it," Bo shrugged it off. "She's just playing the waiting game. Kenzi knows I'm going to surprise her with something. I definitely know she won't expect this." Everyone felt the excitement for the young woman, especially Bo. You shouldn't have to celebrate your birthday with just me, the succubus thought. You deserve happiness Kenzi. You have a family now. It's time we celebrate your day with you.

"It was an excellent idea hiding her favorite booze and snacks," Tamsin smirked as she took a sip of her drink.

Bo and Lauren laughed at the statement. "Oh yeah," Lauren agreed happily. "Just make sure she doesn't find out that Trick has them stashed away at the Dal."

"If she did find out, Trick would have a new roommate for the next two weeks," Bo chuckled. She glanced back at Tamsin. "And thank you Tamsin ... for sending her to the grocery store to buy more booze and snacks. It gave us enough time to set everything up for when she gets back."

Tamsin smiled and nodded at the appreciation as the rest of the group walked up to the counter.

Bo focused on everyone. "I just want to say thank you all again for being here ..." she started. "Thank you for helping with this little surprise for Kenz."

"No problem, love," Vex said as he poured a glass of whiskey for himself. "If you don't mind me asking, why did she want to celebrate today with just you and not all of us?"

"My best guess … it has to do with her life living on the streets," Dyson replied, staring at the glass in his hand as if it held the answer to the mesmer's question. Everyone turned to the shifter with questioning eyes. "She learned over the years to never trust anyone, including family and friends. I believe that's why she felt so alone for a long time." He took another gulp of his drink, easing the tension building up inside him.

"That all changed when she met you." Dyson pointed and smiled at Bo. "She found someone who was just as lonely as her. She knew right away that she found something special. Someone … who she completely trusted from the start. She would do anything for you Bo. So ... I can see why she wanted to celebrate today with just you."

Bo stared at the floor, shying away her smile and watery eyes from the group.

"I don't want to impose or anything, but what happened to make her lose trust in people," Hale asked as he took a sip of his tea.

Silence permeated the clubhouse.

Bo drew in a shaky breath as she turned her back towards the group. She leaned against the sink, hands supporting her weight as Bo remembered what the young woman told her. It's been hard for Bo trying to keep Kenzi's past a secret from everyone. She felt that the goth girl's new family had a right to know, but the succubus didn't want to betray her best friend's trust. Her head hung low as everyone stared at Bo's actions.

"Bo," Lauren asked. "Do you know?"

Bo whispered her answer, "Yes."

"What did she tell you," questioned Dyson.

"I ..." Bo turned to face the group, arms folded across her chest as the succubus' focus shifted to a spot on the counter. She shut her eyes for a split second. "I can't say," she managed to blurt out.

"Is it ..." Dyson started to ask.

"Dyson … I want to, but I can't," Bo pleaded. "I don't want to betray her trust. It's up to Kenzi if she wants to tell you all. It's not my decision." Her voice shivered at the end as she placed a hand over her mouth to stifle a sob. Everyone looked at the succubus with sympathetic eyes. It hurt Hale the most to see Bo this way. He mentally gave a punch to his face for even asking the question.

"Bo ... I'm sorry for even asking," Hale apologized.

"It's okay Hale," she said. "You didn't know." It fell quiet again in the place.

"Bo," Trick quickly interrupted the silence. She could not hide the glossiness of her eyes, looking at Trick with a hint of sadness. "You're very lucky to have someone like Kenzi in your life. Don't forget that. Dyson is right - you both were lost and lonely for a long time. Just like her, you were searching for your purpose in life. It was fate that brought you both together. You share a special bond with her that many dream of having, even for our kind. What's interesting is that it's never happened with a fae and a human before, which is completely unheard of."

"Why is that," questioned Lauren.

"My guess? It's because of Bo's upbringing," answered Trick.

"You're saying because humans raised her," Hale contemplated the Blood King's answer.

"Exactly," Trick continued with his explanation. "A child in their early years is very susceptible on picking up things as they grow. Because of her human parents, Bo learned their values and morals at a very young age. That would explain the human-side connection with Kenzi. But it doesn't explain their strong emotional and spiritual connections. It still boggles my mind. It's as the saying goes: everything happens for a reason. In a way of speaking, Bo found her soul mate."

"What," Vex shouted, almost spitting out his liquor over the counter. "When did you ravish your bestie?"

Bo couldn't help but laugh at the mesmer. Everyone chuckled at the joke as well.

"Ha ha," Bo smiled at Vex. "But you're right Trick. There is a reason our paths crossed. I knew I found something special that day as well." The succubus composed herself as best she could. She blurted out in a shaky voice, "She was actually my wish come true."

"What do you mean," Vex had a puzzled look on his face.

She couldn't hide her feelings anymore. Bo could feel and taste the saltiness as it ran down her cheek, answering the mesmer's question softly, "She .. is the little sister I've always dreamed of ..." Bo swallowed hard. "Now ... with her here ... I am so afraid of losing her. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I would do anything for her. She is my heart. My everything. And if something were to ever happen …"

"Which is why we're all here as well," interrupted Tamsin, gently placing her hand on Bo's arm. "No matter what, she is a part of us now. We're her real family ... who will do anything for her. You know that. We'll always be there for her when she needs it. Most importantly, we'll give her the love and support that she has always wanted. And I don't think she would want it any other way. So save those tears for later succubabe."

Tamsin's heart rose with delight as she saw her friend smile with happiness.

The outer door creaked open as it caught everyone's attention. "She's back," Bo whispered, wiping the tears away from her face. "Everyone get into place."

Lauren and Tamsin ducked behind the counter as Vex and Trick ran to the alcove. Hale and Dyson quickly dashed behind the couch, flattening themselves to the floor. Bo positioned herself near the corner of the living room wall as she flicked the light switch off. The faint shuffling of feet was heard outside the front door.

One minute passed. Bo frowned at the utter silence.

Two minutes. An uneasy feeling began to creep up Bo's spine. A soft groan disrupted the quiet air in the clubhouse.

Three minutes go by. Everyone slowly peeked out from their hiding place, looking at each other with a look of concern.

What is that, Bo thought. It sounds like someone's crying. She flipped the light switch back on and leaned out of her hiding spot, carefully listening. The succubus quickly shifted her gaze between each fae as they slowly moved out from their hiding spot. "Kenzi," Bo softly asked.

"Bo …"

The voice was faint.





Bo took off at breakneck speed towards the door with Dyson, Hale and Tamsin following right behind her. She quickly opened the door, almost tearing it off its hinges. In front of her was the young goth girl sitting on the bench, sobbing uncontrollably. She quickly rose up from the wooden seat and limped towards her best friend. She only managed a couple of steps before her legs gave out. Bo dove towards the young woman, catching her in time before she collapsed to the floor. She embraced Kenzi in a fierce hug.

"What happened," the succubus questioned, her voice filled with fear. She didn't receive an answer from the young woman. Kenzi could hardly breathe, her anguished wails and erratic gasps ripped through the air in the clubhouse, frightening everyone to their core. The young woman clung to her best friend like a lifeline as she buried her head into the crook of Bo's neck.

"Kenzi, what happened baby," she kept asking Kenzi, now terrified beyond belief.

"Don't let him take me," Kenzi kept repeating over and over, her voice straining each time.

Bo couldn't hold it in anymore, bawling silently as she stroked her friend's black locks. Tears coated the succubus' cheeks.

Gently picking up Kenzi bridal style, Bo stomped her way outside the clubhouse, her anger showed through her conduct. The other three followed right behind, showing an equal amount of rage as the succubus. The sun was setting behind the buildings in a sea of liquid gold as they quickly scanned the area, making sure that whoever did this didn't follow the young woman home. A vehicle turned over, all eyes quickly shifted towards the sound. Down the road was a black vehicle parked against the curb. "Son of a bitch," Bo muttered under her breath, her eyes shifting bright blue for a split second. She took a couple of steps forward when she felt a strong hand grab her shoulder.

"Bo, take Kenzi inside and keep her safe," Dyson growled. "We'll go check it out." She turned around to face the three fae. "Find out who that is," her voice filled with rage. "Now!" Kenzi's grip grew tighter around Bo, still weeping into the succubus's shoulder.

"Take her inside," Tamsin demanded as she gently placed her hand on Kenzi's back. "We'll handle it." Bo nodded in agreement.

They bolted towards the vehicle as Bo darted back into the clubhouse, Kenzi still in her arms. As she sat on the couch, Bo cradled the woman in her lap, rubbing soothing circles on her back. Kenzi still had her arms wrapped around Bo, sobs continuing to wrack at the young woman's body.

"You're okay," Bo reassured her in a shaky voice. "You're home now. You're safe honey." With medical supplies in hand, Lauren ran over to the two women.

"Are you hurt Kenzi," Lauren questioned as she sat down on the table. "Any broken bones? Cuts? Bruises?" Kenzi finally eased her grip on Bo as she shook her head. "Are you sure?" She stared at the doctor with bloodshot eyes.

"Yes," Kenzi whimpered, her breathing still erratic. "Just a sprained ankle I think."

Bo and Lauren noticed she wasn't wearing her boots. Kenzi must have taken them off to run from her captors, Bo thought. That's my girl. The doctor gently examined her ankle to make sure it wasn't dislocated or broken. "It's a just sprain," Lauren agreed. "It's starting to swell a little. I'll go get an ice pack for you." Lauren stood at attention and quickly moved to the kitchen.

Kenzi slowly turned and looked into Bo's eyes, a salty stream still flowing down her cheeks. The dam burst from the succubus' eyes as she brought her hand up, lightly rubbing her thumb over the young woman's cheek. Kenzi placed her hand over her best friend's. She spoke softly, her bottom lip quivered as she rested her forehead against Bo's, "I'm so scared. Please ... don't let him take me. I'm not going back! Don't let him take me back!" Her sobs were never-ending. Trick and Vex looked at each other, more troubled than ever at the situation.

"We won't let anything happen to you baby," Bo reassured her, gently kissing Kenzi on her cheek. "I swear to you."

"I need you now," Kenzi pleaded, still holding Bo's hand to her cheek. "I need all of you."

"We'll do whatever it takes to keep you safe. I promise you." Kenzi smiled sadly at her best friend, laying her head on the succubus's shoulder as Bo continued to stroke the young woman's cheek.

Kenzi's sobs slowly subsided into hiccups. Lauren sat back down and wrapped the ice pack around Kenzi's ankle. "This will keep the swelling down," Lauren stated. The doctor frowned at the young woman's demeanor. Seeing the goth girl terrified brought back horrible memories of her own when she was in Afghanistan. Her attention was distracted as everyone tensed at the sound of footsteps pounding hard on the floor as they glanced back at the entrance.

"Did you get the license plate," Dyson asked as he sauntered back into the clubhouse, out of breath.

"Yeah," answered Hale as he strolled up behind Dyson, dialing on his cellphone. "I'll put out an APB on the SUV."

"I saw at least the driver," Tamsin exclaimed as she followed Hale inside, locking the door behind her. The valkyrie caught her breath before continuing. "Black suit. Black sunglasses. Maybe one or two passengers. I'm not sure. But they definitely looked foreign." Bo felt Kenzi shiver in her arms as she held the young woman close, trying to keep her warm and safe.

"What happened," Bo questioned, trying to turn her head to face them.

"We ran as fast as we could," Dyson hammered, his breath almost at a normal pace. "We got about three-quarters of the way when they took off. They were last heading east on Adelaide."

"All right. Thanks Mike," Hale flipped his phone shut as he grabbed his jacket off the chair. "The vehicle is a black 2010 Yukon, registered under a false name. No social security number. No address. Nothing on file. I'm heading back to the station to see what I can dig up." The siren quickly headed for the door.

"No," Kenzi yelled, catching everyone off guard with her response. She lifted her head towards Hale, her eyes still glossy. "Please don't leave." Everyone stared at each other, dumbfounded to say anything.

"Kenz, I need ..." the siren muttered.

"Please," Kenzi begged, her voice shaky. She shifted her eyes between one another. "I need all of you now. I just feel safe if you're all here." She buried her head into the crook of Bo's neck.

"But Kenzi …"

"Please," she begged again, her voice strained this time as she began to sob once again. Bo closed her eyes, her hand tangled in the young woman's raven hair as she calmed her down.

"You can use our computer," affirmed Bo. "We have access to every known criminal database from around the world."

Dyson, Hale and Tamsin all looked at each other in complete shock and the succubus' words.

Dyson darted his eyes back at the succubus. "How did ..." he questioned before Bo interrupted with her answer, direct and to the point. "Don't ask."

Hale looked at the girl cradled in Bo's arms and smiled. He never could understand how a young woman such as Kenzi have so many connections in the world. She always surprised him every time. He hung his jacket over the chair and planted his behind in front of the computer screen.

Tamsin walked over and knelt beside the two women, gently placing her hand in the middle of Kenzi's back. "Hey Short Stack," Tamsin softly asked. "Do you know who did this to you?"

She looked directly into the blond's sparkling emeralds. "Yes," she answered, her voice cracked. She quickly shifted back to Bo, her blue orbs forming new, salty tears. "It was that monster! He never stopped looking for me after I left!" She started to weep again as Bo hugged her tightly, stroking her cheek. "Please don't let him take me back!"

"Kenz, are you saying …" Bo started to ask, but the young woman replied with a soft yes. She reassured Kenzi, "No matter what it takes, he will not lay a finger on you honey. I promise."

"Who is she talking about," Vex inquired.

Bo mumbled under her breath, "Her stepfather."