The deranged villain laughed as he ran down a narrow alley. He looked back and saw he was being pursued by a green and gray couple. He continued to laugh while as the turned and threw what looked like a stick of dynamite at his pursuers.

"No one catches Bomb-Voyage, no one does!" He continued to laugh hysterically as he resumed running.

"Watch out, Rave! Incoming!" The changeling shouted.

"I got it, Gar; you just make sure he doesn't get away!"

"I'm on it, babe."

"Don't call me that! I've been asking you for over 10 years to stop calling me that. Why do you insist?"

"Uh … because, you're my wife?"

Raven rolled her eyes as she spread her arms. A black bubble encased the bomb, which exploded with a dull thud but was otherwise fully contained. Beast Man, as the 29 year old changeling was now called, gave chase to the madman, morphing into a green cheetah. His wife, who was flying overhead, caught up with him. The green Titan leaped and transformed into a kangaroo, landing on Bomb-Voyage, knocking him over with his massive legs. The villain landed on the ground with a thud and oomphed as the changeling landed on him in his human form, cuffing the ludicrous lawbreaker in the process. The police weren't far behind and took the nutty bomber into custody. As he was being loaded into the police van, Raven spoke to her husband.

"Bomb-Voyage? What a stupid name. I swear, the current crop of villains are idiots. Control Freak is a Renaissance man by comparison.

"He stole that name from a Disney movie. Didn't you see The Incredibles?"

She rolled her eyes. "No. You know very well that watching those movies with the kids is your job, not mine … and I want to keep it that way." She droned in her monotone.

He chuckled as he smiled. "I'm gonna get you to watch one someday."

"Fat chance." She replied.

"Want me to tell the kids that you're a Pegasister?"

"Used to be." She corrected him. "And if you tell them, you're a dead man."

"Ooh, threatening me with violence … that's so hot."

"Remind me why I married you."

"Because I'm funny."

"No you're not."

"You know I've gotten you to smile before."

"Yeah, when you slipped on that banana peel and fell on your butt."

His grinned widened further. "Oh I wouldn't say that, you had a big grin on your face last night after we were done …"

She silenced him with an icy glare. "We don't talk about that in public. Never!"

He graciously wrapped an arm around her shoulder. "Sorry, Rave; you know I was just teasing you."

A sigh escaped her lips. "Let's just go home."

"Sounds good to me. I wonder what Edwina's made for dinner?"

-( - )-

Edwina Pennyworth, a young Englishwoman and niece of Alfred Pennyworth became the Titans' majordomo and nanny shortly after Raven gave birth to her first child. She was in the kitchen, cooking a gourmet dinner for the city's superhero guardians who were out on three different missions. Cyborg rarely cooked anymore, except for occasionally making some Metropolis style spare ribs. Much like her uncle, who was still Batman's confidante, she was trained as a professional chef and spoiled the Titans rotten with her culinary delights.

Coraline and her younger brother Mark Logan were doing their homework on the crescent shaped couch, while Mar'i Grayson was setting the table. The common room' sliding doors opened, revealing Cyborg and Terra. Who were chatting and laughing about their mission.

"Now that's what I call some butt kicking." The blond chortled. Terra rejoined the team about a year after the day she told Beast Boy that "Things Change". She and Cyborg were the two unattached Titans. They hung out a lot and were good friends, but that was it.

"Tell me about it, little lady. Did you see Billy's face, or should I say faces, when you unleashed that avalanche on him?"

"I think he crapped in his pants." Terra laughed. "Ever since Jinx quit the Hive, they've been a bunch of losers."

The Grayson's were the next to arrive. Starfire had matured into a muscular yet voluptuous woman and her husband, who was now Nightwing, had bulked out in his own way. They had returned from chasing down Mumbo, and were as Starfire would still say: victorious.

The Logans were the last to arrive. Raven wore a white version of her leotard and cape while her husband, who had bulked out too, though less than Grayson, had replaced his Doom Patrol uniform with a red and white costume that had red paw marks on the upper sleeves.

Coraline smiled when she saw her parents. "Mom, I just finished my homework!"

"Let me check it for you." Raven replied as she sat down on the couch.

After verifying that her daughter's homework was flawless she noticed that there was a new gossip magazine on the coffee table, titled "What's Jumping in Jump?"

"There's a story about the Titans in it." 9 year old Coraline piped up, she was gray with violet hair like her mother, and had her father's green eyes. 7 year old Mark, who looked like a miniature version of his father, continued to labor with his own homework, plowing through a multiplication work sheet.

Raven homeschooled the children and Mar'i as well, and frowned on them reading gossip magazines of any kind. The cover story on the magazine was "A Titan's Timeline".

Curiosity got the better of the sorceress who opened the magazine and skipped over to the story. The timeline, which was rendered as a twisty road, started with the day the Gordanians invaded the city. Raven followed the timeline and found that it was thorough, with no errors.

The first milestone to catch her eye was shortly after Terra returned to the team, when the Geomancer and the changeling became romantically involved. It showed that they broke up six months later and a small smile appeared on Raven's face when she read the milestone, which was followed shortly by more milestones documenting when the Demoness and the Changeling became a couple, announced their engagement and married.

"Hey Raven!" Terra shouted from the kitchen where she was helping Edwina. "What are you smiling about? You never smile!" The blond teased her.

Raven turned and looked at her one time rival. It was true that Terra wasn't happy when the then still Beast Boy broke up with her and later started a relationship with Raven, but in the long haul she let it go and chose not to hold a grudge against the grey Titan. Raven shrugged her shoulders and before she could answer Edwina Pennyworth announced that dinner was served.

-( - )-

"Bed time!" Raven announced as she shut off the TV in the small sitting area in their Tower apartment.

The children groaned but did not complain. They knew it was useless, at least with their mother. If they caught their father in a really good mood he might go to bat for them, and get them thirty extra minutes, but not tonight.

"You heard your mother. Now get ready for bed."

Within minutes the children had changed into their pajamas, brushed their teeth and were in their beds, which was the old bunk bed unit Garfield has when he was a teen. He kissed them good night.

"Hey, if there aren't any missions tomorrow and you get your homework done early, I'll take you to the movies, OK?" He offered.

They beamed back happily.

"Good night, kids." Raven kissed them goodnight.

As they headed back to their room he wrapped an arm around Raven's shoulder. "Anything you want to do tonight?"

She shook her head. "No … I don't know why, but I'm really tired."

"You want to hit the hay early?"

"I guess so." She yawned.

"You mean no nookie tonight?"

"I'm sorry, Gar; maybe tomorrow."

The Logans got into their bed. Raven's old hood shaped headboard was long gone and they now had a larger, maple wood four post bed. Raven curled up next to her husband; resting her head on his shoulder and draped an arm over his chest.

"You mind if I read?" He asked.

Raven didn't answer as she was already asleep.

"Wow. I guess you are pooped." He pecked her on her forehead before grabbing a graphic novel from his nightstand.

"I guess it's just you and me tonight, Captain Carrot." He chuckled to himself as he opened the book.

-( - )-

The next morning …

Raven yawned and stretched as she rolled over in her bed.

"I slept like a log … Gar?"

Raven noticed that he was gone. She figured that he probably took the kids down for breakfast. She stretched a second time before sitting up in the bed. That was when she noticed the something was wrong.

The four post bed was gone and she was sleeping in her old bed. She rubbed her eyes and shook her head.

"What the Trigon is going on here?"

She leaped out of her bed and looked around. Something was very wrong. Gar's desk was missing and none of his books or personal items were in the bookcase. Still confused she looked around the room. The door to the children's room was missing.

"Gar, if this is one of your stupid pranks I'm not laughing." She mumbled to herself.

She opened the door to the hallway. The elevator was right where it should be so she knew she was in her room and hadn't been moved. The door closed behind her and she saw that only her name was stenciled on the door. It merely said "Raven" and not "Gar and Raven Logan" like it did the night before.

She charged back into the room and opened the closet. As expected, his clothes were missing. She dressed quickly and headed back into the hall, towards the elevator. As she passed Terra's room she froze. The door was stenciled "Gar and Terra Logan."

"Ok, now I'm pissed. What the hell are you thinking Gar? This has to be your worst prank ever." She seethed.

Raven rode the elevator up to the common room level and charged in. Edwina was the first to notice her arrival.

"Good morning, Raven. I'll have some French toast ready for you in a moment. There's a pot of Earl Gray on the table."

But Raven didn't hear Edwina's greeting. She was too busy staring, unbelieving at the table. Gar and Terra were sitting next to each other, sharing a small laugh, after which she gave him a tender kiss on the lips, which he reciprocated. Raven felt her blood boil. What kind of stupid joke was this? But then she froze.

That was when she looked at the children. Both had blond hair. Had he really gone that far and bleached their hair? But then she took a closer look at the kids and had to stifle a gasp. These were not Coraline or Mark. How did she know? It was easy … they both looked like Terra.

The geomancer noticed her presence and smiled. "Morning Raven. Are you OK? You don't look so hot."

Gar gave her a curious look. Raven stared back dumbfounded at the older child.


The girl smiled at her. She had Terra's toothy grin.

"Are you OK, Aunt Raven? … you look sick."

Raven fainted and collapsed on the floor.

-( - )-

Raven woke with a start and gasped.

"Rave? What's the matter?" Her husband asked her in a drowsy voice.

Raven sat up and looked at her green mate who was also in the process of waking up. The clock on his nightstand said it was just past 2 AM.

"Azar! I had a nightmare."

He pulled her close to him. "It must have been a humdinger; you look like you saw a ghost."

"I think I did."

"What do you mean?"

She hesitated.

"Was it Trigon?"

She shook her head. "No, not him."

"Then what was it? Rave, you look pale, I mean, even by your usual standards."

"I don't know … my head hurts."

He caressed her scalp. "You have a bump on your head. Rave ... what kind of nightmare did you have?"

"It was nothing … let's just go back to sleep … please hold me."

He smiled and wrapped his arms around her. She suddenly felt safe and was soon back to sleep.

-( - )-

Raven opened her eyes. She was in the infirmary. Gar and Terra were at the side of her bed.

"Thank goodness, you woke up. You really bumped you head hard when you fainted." Gar sighed in relief.

"I fainted?"

"Yeah, you did. Coraline is worried about you. You are her favorite aunt." Terra remarked.

Raven sat up. "Nooo … this isn't right."

"What isn't right?" Gar asked.

Raven had a frustrated look on her face. "You aren't married to Terra."

The geomancer laughed. "Wow, you really did hit your noggin hard."

Raven glared at the blond. "You. Are. Not. His. Wife!"

Terra laughed a second. "I'm not!? So tell us then, who is BB's wife?"

"I AM!" Raven bellowed back.

-( - )-

The toughest thing about being a fanfic writer is coming up with an original story. It's especially difficult in a fandom like this one with over 30,000 stories. I hope this one is original enough to please you. And thanks in advance for all the reviews.