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Chapter 1

It was a clear night with the moon illuminating the calm waters . Almost everyone was sleeping aboard the Sunny, even Caesar with his reoccurring rasps. Franky, Usopp, and Chopper were on guard duty. Where was I, you might ask? I was leaning against the railing on deck, listening.

"Doflamingo! I know he is going to make a raid in the darkness of the night!" Usopp-ya whispered while dressed in samurai attire.

"Just bring it on! I mean don't!" he mumbled shakingly trying to decide whether to act tough to scare anyone off, or try not to provoke anyone. It never ceases to amaze me how he has even made it this far.

"I-I can't sleep!" Chopper replied shivering with fear while also dressed in samurai attire completed with a mustache. I can't blame them for being so scared, with a captain like Luffy they always end up in unnecessary life threating situations.

I hear Franky yawn, as I open one eye I see him looking out towards the ocean with binoculars.

"Calm all the way to the horizon." He reassures. And I also agree it is calm, but almost like the unnatural calm before a hurricane.

I now have both eyes open, looking towards the sky as clouds, that were non-existent a second ago, appeared and shrouded the moon from view, covering the whole ship in a blanket of darkness.

" Huh… What's that?" Usopp questions, while squinting through the darkness.

"What?" I hear Chopper-ya's frightened reply. Suddenly, before I even get the chance to look, I sense with Haki, strong black masses shooting down from the sky.

I faintly hear Luffy-ya gasp from the men's sleeping quarters, most likely sensing it with Haki also.

Then comes the impact, it makes the whole boat shake. All I can see is green lights, one after the other, landing on the boat. I hear Caesar's obnoxious scream as he wakes up.

"What's going on!" He yells with authority almost forgetting that he is now a prisoner. Over the continuous pounding of the unknown enemy I hear Usopp and Chopper scream as they fly back and hit the wall with a THUD.

In a matter of seconds all the men are on deck with Luffy-ya in the front (I always find it surprising that he can be such an idiot, but when it comes to a fight he serves his purpose as captain).

"WHAT! Who is it?!" Luffy-ya yells

"What happened!?" I hear myself saying, I am also on my feet clutching my katana.

"AHHHH!" I hear long nose-ya and Chopper-ya scream

IF Doflamingo himself came than our chances of surviving are slim, my heart quickens as I grasp my katana. But instead of the deadly shibukai, in front of us is a pack of large bunny shaped figures wearing fluorescent green collars. I see one of the bunnies in the front open his eyes and see only two red venomous eyes staring back.

Before we have time to react, the bunny with the red eyes launches himself at the strawhat captain, plunging his fist deep into his face. Everything seems to go in slow motion as realization sets in. Sanji and Zoro-ya grunt with surprise, Chopper and Usopp (still against the wall,) scream.

The bunny pulls back his fist and Luffy's face bounces back to the way it was, rubber truly does come in handy sometimes.

"You _!" (This is kid friendly people! So no cursing) Luffy growled with rage while throwing a punch back towards the culprit, not because of pain, but at the fact he was taken by surprise.

As if that was a signal, all the other creatures started an onslaught of attacks. Almost everyone on board was dodging attacks from all sides

"Where did they come from," Zoro-ya manages to say while the mysterious creatures tried, and failed, to hit him from all sides. I barely had time to look over, because I was also taking on three of the red-eyed enemies, but I could hear the clanging of Zoro's swords.

"There are about thirty of them! Watch out!" Sanji- ya yelled while kicking two of them in the face, but while those two were down, three more took its place.

"Thirty!? Really!? I can't see – it's too dark!" The strangest out of the mugiwara crew, brooke, exclaimed.

"They're quite strong!" said Kin'emon

"Who are they!" I yelled while holding back one of the creatures fists, they could still be sent by Doflamingo, which would give him the upper hand while we are so confused. We need to regroup, but it is proving impossible at the moment.

"What? What did you just say?" Chopper questions, while looking confused toward the Kung-fu dugon.

Luffy was using his gattling gun, hitting as many of the creatures as possible, when the door opens from the woman's sleeping quarters and Nami-ya comes out

"HEY! You guys KEEP IT DOWN!" Nami-ya screams, surprisingly the enemies weren't scared off by her, behind Nami came Robin. They didn't get far out the door before the creatures jumped up over the railing towards the un-expecting woman.

"AAHHHH!" Nami screams, but before they could attack her there was a piercing whistle and almost immediately all the red-eyed, green collared creatures stopped fighting and jumped back to where they landed when they first arrived.

"What?" Luffy-ya said while regaining his balance from the punch he just threw, which only met the air where the red-eyed creature was not a moment before.

Then as suddenly as they came they were gone. In perfect sync they jumped into the ocean, with a giant splash.

"N-nani? What was that? What's going on?" Nami-ya questioned leaning over the second floor railing with a complete change in tone.

Everyone still had their weapons raised, it is now or never, it could either be Doflamingo, one of his subordinates, or a lowly bounty hunter.

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