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"Come in." Griphook stated before standing, and I did the same.

I turned around to look towards the door and saw an armor-clad goblin lead in an elderly woman and a boy around my age; and a man and woman of I would say average height with smiles plastered on their faces and a child who looks a couple years older than me.

"Thank you for coming on such short notice. We had the most urgent matters that we needed to attend to. As it has come to Gringotts attention that this fine young man was to placed in care of either of your family's if something were to happen to his parents. May I present to you, Lord Harry of the Ancient and Noble House of Potter, Heir of the houses of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, RavenClaw, Slytherin, Peverell and Merlin."

"My Word." "Dear Merlin." "Can it be?" Were all the responses in the room.

"Please sit we have much to attend too." Griphook stated. And after an hour of questions Harry finally decided it would be best if he stayed with each house for a couple of weeks, because he no longer wanted to stay with the Dursley's, so before he truly decided and then he could make the decision before he would leave for Hogwarts. He decided he would stay with the Diggory's first because they would be able to help him with things he would need to know for Hogwarts before he went and he would get to know their son Cedric, and then would leave to the Longbottom's to get to know Neville. The Longbottom's then left, while the Diggory's stepped outside while Griphook and Harry continued their business.

"Lord Potter, since you are of age you can go ahead and claim the head of the rest of your heir-ships if you wish, or you may wait until you are fourteen. Normally I would be recommending a client to go ahead and claim the houses right away to stop anyone else from doing so, but it has been many years since someone has claimed any house other than Slytherin. Your best course of action would be o claim at least Slytherin to stop others from officially doing so right now, unless you wish to claim all the houses or select ones it really is all your choice."

"First off Griphook just call me Harry, and I am assuming that me claiming all the houses not only be putting me in good standings with most people from my guardians reactions, but also increase my wealth."

"Those would be correct Harry, but you have no worry about wealth. The Potters are one of the richest and oldest families. But also you would gain many things other then money, you would gain heirlooms, tomes, artifacts, and much more with this."

"What must I do to claim these Griphook? Is it just like how I did for the Potter lordship?"

"Yes, all you must do is put on a ring, but these rings will judge if you are truly worthy to wear them. Yes you may be their heir but they will only accept the purest of people to be Lord of such a powerful line. You mustn't worry though they will not harm you, just at most reject your claim."

"I will accept the houses then." With this a group of boxes appeared on the desk they were sitting at. Each one had a emblem engraved on it,be it a lion, raven, badger, snake, phoenix or what most wizards and witches would recognize as the Deathly Hallows symbol, each house had a box.

"Might I suggest starting with Merlin, then Peverell, followed by Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and lastly Slytherin?" Griphook pointed out the boxes as he listed them out.

Harry nodded and picked up the Merlin box and picked up the ring, then looked questionably at Griphook.

"Same finger as the Potter ring, they will merge and then you can choose which one you wish to be visible, if any, merely by thinking of it."

As I put on the ring he felt this warm sensation go all over my body while getting a feeling of strength of each one as I put each on. That was until I put the Slytherin. Ring on and I felt this coldness wash over me and then everything went back to normal. But being as the ring shown on my finger went I thought of it I must have became the lord of the House.

"Griphook, would it be possible for me to visit the Potter vault now? Last I was aware I still had shopping that I needed to get done, and I would still like to do that before the day is out. I believe we will be seeing each other rather often anyway."

"Yes, but before we do that we need to make sure all your accounts here have a manager to go with them."

"Griphook, I would like you take be the main manager for all of my accounts, if the work would be too much work for you then enlist some help. But I want all of this to stay under wraps I do not want people to know that I am lord of so many Houses, no unwanted attention. I have the feeling I am gong to get more then I will want anyway."

"I will do so, and no need to worry Harry, Gringotts prizes itself on confidentiality and being the most secure place in the world. Now if you would follow me we can go down to your vault. I am assuming you want the trust Vault merged into the main Potter vault. So let us just visit that one."

After following Griphook downs series of halls and onto a cart, that was much more of a roller coaster then anything else we finally came to a halt.

"This is where the ride stops, we must walk from here." At this Griphook grabbed what looked like two cowbells merged onto a grip and started shaking it then motioned for me to follow. "And stay close and do not be worried there is no danger here unless you are planning to steal from someone's vault..."

I wondered why he would say I shouldn't be worried and why he had that until I was what I could only guess to be a dragon. I stepped closer to Griphook and we quickly went down a side hall.

"Vault Number 12. The Potter family vault. I will keep the key on me Harry, being as you must be accompanied by a goblin to be down here anyway. But if you would prefer then you could keep it I suppose..."

Griphook took out a key and opened the door. Still with Griphook's warning of my wealth I couldn't believe how much good I was seeing. There was so much that we walls seemed to be made of it. But when I looked at the back of the vault I noticed jewels of all kinds. I would clearly need to come back to see what I really had in here, or maybe Griphook could have someone check for me.

"Griphook, would it be possible for someone to make a list of everything I have in the vault? I would be willing to pay them for their time."

"That can be done, Harry."

I picked up a small bag and just started the throw the gold coins into it. Not know how much I needed the throw in I tried to fill it up but it never seemed to fill, or gain in weight.

"Griphook, I think there is something wrong with this bag."

"Harry, that is a magic bag it holds as much gold as you can put in it and it will weigh like there is nothing in it for your convenience."

"Well that helps I guess, so I guess I should have enough money for my ventures, we should go up to my guardians now."

Griphook and I traveled back past the dragon and up the cart to where we got on at, and then we walked to the main hall. I looked around and saw the Diggory's and walked over tentatively. Not really knowing what to say but they said everything for me.

"Harry! My name is Lory Diggory and this is my husband Amos and son Cedric. He is going to be in his third year I Hogwarts this year. We still have a while before Diagon closes but I am sure you are starving. Why don't we go get us some lunch?"

Realizing that I have not had anything but a slice of toast from cleaning up after the Dursley's I just simply nodded and followed after they started to walk away.

After a nice lunch, we started to go shopping. This is the part I hated the most of the whole day because I hated them spending money on me I said I had my own but they said it would be an honor to buy supplies and that it was no big deal. After we got all the basic things we went to Ollivander's, the wand shop. They said they would wait outside and they had a couple of other things they needed to get done, but they decided to leave Cedric with me inside the old dusty shop.

"So how does this work?" I questioned.

"You will be trying a lot of wands, the wand chooses the wizard Mister Potter. And if we can not find something suitable for you then I can custom create one for you which I have not had to do for many many years." an old man answered as he rounded a corner holding a pile of boxes. "I have remembered every single wand I have ever sold. And it seems like it were only just yesterday when your mother and father were in here buying their first wands, but alas here you are. Let us get started shall we?"

I took the wand he offered me and waved it and a whole row of boxes flew off the shelves. Mister Ollivander shook his head at me and took the wand from me. After what seemed like most of the store he decided he would help me pick out a wood and core for my wand he was going to make. It came down to a Snake-wood with a thestral core. He said he would have it prepared in an hour. So he left to go make it and just as he left the Diggory's came in and said we would go to that ice cream shop and have an ice cream while we were to wait.

After what seemed forever, and the most ice cream I have ever eaten we walked back to Ollivander's and picked up my wand.

"Thestral hair? I have never heard of that as a core before. I guess anything is possible but with the nature of the creature it has to be very powerful." Amos informed us.

"Mister Potter" Ollivander called "Your wand is ready for you now. Come and try it if you would. Just a wave."

I picked up the wand and I felt the same feeling as I did with the rings. Like I was supposed to have this wand. Not only did I feel it but I could see the golden light emitting from around me and a gentle breeze of air around me. Everyone seemed to be stunned at what just happened. "What just happened?"

Mister Ollivander was first to recover. "The wand chooses the wizard Mister Potter and that wand just choose you. We can expect great things from you. Just as we saw great things from your mother and father. And the one who gave you that scar. Yes he did great things, terrible. But great all the same. "

After I paid for my wand because the Diggory's were still too stunned to do it, and after they were able to talk again we walked to the floo station and Amos told me how to use it and we stepped through to the other side. I looked around and saw what I would call an average home. Except this was unnaturally clean. Great just what I want to help clean an even larger house. But it still must be better than the Dursley's because the Diggory's seemed to care for me. It was Lory that brought me out of my thoughts.

"Harry, welcome to Diggory's Den."

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