Alpha and Omega three times the adventure

Hey all Wolf from the south here bringing you a new fanfic of one of my favorite movies its my first one so hope you enjoy

Chapter 1: The New Omega

So… it starts off like this I am a black and white wolf named Michael good name huh but I'm 2 years of age for wolves that's adult age but enough explaining lets get into it

I shout "Woooooooooooohooooooooo" as me, humphrey, salty, shakey, and mooch log sled down the hill at lightning speed humphrey says "alright guys quickly roll left" so we lean left and the log sled goes left of course but we keep heading straight until humphrey says "mooch lower the boom" so mooch puts his tail to the ground and launches us off a small hill we all shout "yea! Alright!", then we hit then ground and the sled breaks and we get sent flying everywhere.

I slam right into a tree my ears and tail go flat and then I fall flat on my back with my paws in the air salty comes up and says "whoa bro is he alright" mooch says "I don't know but someone should try to wake him up" I say "no need im up" and I flip over and stand up then out of nowhere we hear a loud shout "Humphrey!" humphrey, me, salty, shakey, and mooch flatten our ears and turn around to see an angry kate.

Humphrey says "yes my beautiful mate" he says it with slight fear in his voice but kate says "where are the pups….." humphreys ears perk up and he starts moving his head around and says "huh I thought they were with you?" kates mood slightens a little and she says "no I left them with their father" then I hear three voice shout "Incoming!" I quickly turn and get slammed into by three air born pups I say "ugh…"then kate says "Humphrey have you been teaching the pups how to log sled….." he starts to say no but he sees her stare and says "yes….." then kate says "um new omega…. Wait whats your name I have never seen you before" I say "oh my names Michael im from the south pack nice to meet you miss" I then bow and kate smiles at my gentle wolfness and she says "nice to meet you as well but can you do me a favor and watch mine and Humphreys pups why I talk to their father" humphrey mouths to me "help" but I say "uh sure kate is it" she nods then I continue "I wouldn't mind watching them" she says "thanks now come humphrey" and she walks a distance away with humphrey following.

I then turn to the pups and say "so what are your names little ones?" one male says "names stinky I'm soon going to the best alpha" then a female says "I'm Claudette" then a little smaller then the rest jumps and says "and I'm runt nice to meet you sir" I laugh at his enthusiasm at saying his name then says "nice to meet you pups names Michael I'm new to this pack I joined last week I think eh well I cant remember really" then I look over at kate and humphrey and see humphrey has escaped punishment again from kate by smooth talking her I say "that sly dog".