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Rated T for language and suggestive scenes.

Anna's fingers paused briefly on a picture Elsa was tagged in as she stopped scrolling. The post was dated from four months ago, final semester last year. She did a double take as she peered closer at the screen to make sure it really was her roommate. And sure enough, it really was her. There was Elsa with a bottle in her hand. Though the image was small, Anna could make out what the bottle said. It was cold beer.

But that's not what surprised the girl the most. Snaking his arms around Elsa was a tall ginger with long sideburns. As she hovered the mouse over the image, she found out that this was none other than Elsa's fiancé, Hans.

Hmph. Anna crossed her arms and leaned back on her chair. So this was the guy. He looked like a douche. Who was she kidding? He was downright intimidating to look at, and the red eye didn't do much to help the image either. He sported a football jersey, so Anna could only assumed that this was after some big football win for the Arendelle Knights. Hadn't Kristoff mentioned something about that earlier?

But Elsa had said she despised Hans, but now…looking at this image, they really did look like they were dating. Anna wasn't sure why it bothered her as much as it did, but she continued to scroll down. There were many pictures from that night, but none posted by Elsa. Tons of selfies lined the timeline as many people posed with the more popular girl.

As she scrolled even further, she noted that the timeline ended abruptly, no record of anything before that. That's weird. Maybe she got an account really late? This wasn't working, Anna decided. She was trying to go back to sleep, but instead, this only made her more alert.

after sending a friend request to Kristoff Björgman, she logged off Facebook.

She glanced at her clock which now read 1:00 A.M. At least classes didn't start until next week. She knew it wouldn't be the best of ideas, but she couldn't stay in the room any longer when she knew she couldn't fall asleep. Anna shrugged on her thin jacket. She didn't have a cell phone yet, but she would have to get on that. It would be pointless to keep using the ancient wall phone in the dorm.

She snuck out quietly, making sure the noise wouldn't wake up her roommate. She tiptoed down the stairs so that the RAs wouldn't notice either. Anna didn't realize she hadn't been holding her breath until she was outside as she let out a deep sigh.

The campus grounds looked terrifying at night. There were a few streetlights (torches really) that dotted the grounds every few hundred yards. But not enough light to see the ground unless you were up close.

She walked along the barely visible path, trying to keep away from the wet grass. One of the things about Arendelle University, despite its isolated location, was its rather safe campus. So Anna wasn't too concerned as she continued along aimlessly. This would make her sleepy, right?

Besides, she was in college. No college student goes to sleep this early. And sure enough, as she made it to street across campus, lights adorned every shop as college students went in and out of the various bars and cafes that lined the street.

Anna hadn't had a chance to explore the town of Arendelle which was more a college town than anything. Why not now? It was prime time after all. She put her foot on the road tentatively, a trill of exhilaration passing through her body. It was like she was doing something wrong but exciting at the same time.

She quickly made her way to the shops on the other side where drunk college students seemed to be hitting up the bars even before school officially started. She had a flashback to the picture on Elsa's Facebook. No, she wouldn't think of that she repeated to herself as she shook her head clear.

Anna entered a little shop labeled Imperial Tea Court. She looked in and noticed two students lounging around with their feet propped up on a coffee table. She entered shyly.

A sweet old lady ushered her in quickly upon seeing her shy façade.

"Oh come in dearie, you'll catch a cold," she tsked. "Let me get you a warm cuppa!"

Anna let herself be taken to a warm, comfy chair by the fireplace. She shivered slightly from the breeze that was somehow trapped inside. Within minutes, a piping hot cup of tea was on the table and the old lady seated herself down on an armchair across from her. She had a slight accent, British almost.

"Now, drink up. It's on the house, so don't fret."

"Oh, but I couldn't," Anna tittered.

"Nonsense, this is your first time here. I've never seen you around these parts before."

"I just moved here. I'm a freshman at Arendelle University."

"Oh where are my manners? I have yet to introduce myself. I am Greta Hollins. And you are?" she asked pleasantly.

"Anna Oaken."

Where are you from?" the lady asked conversationally.

"I from a village a few hours up north from here. So coming to this university, it's like living in a city," she chuckled.

"You bet it is. I remember when I myself came to the city from England. My husband Kai and I were newlyweds, almost forty long years ago. It was fascinating, and since we set up shop, university students are always coming in," Mrs. Hollins smiled.

"How come you're open so late, Mrs. Hollins?" she asked.

"Please dear, I insist, call me Greta. Mrs. Hollins makes me feel so old," the lady smiled warmly.

"Sorry, Greta," Anna mulled over the feeling of the name on her tongue, "Why are you open so late?'

"Business, my dear. The shop looks barren now, but people come here around three when they are up late doing assignments during the school year. Plus, as long as I'm awake, why not?"

"Do you have help? Your husband?"

"He's no more. Kai passed away fifteen years ago, but I've managed with some help here and there. They come and go like the customers."

"If you'd like, I'd love to help during the year. I can serve or be a barista if you need one."

"It would be nice to have some pleasant, spritely company around. I don't see why not!" Greta declared cheerfully.

"I'm afraid I've kept you occupied too long."

"Oh, not at all love. Not at all."

"It's alright. I should get back to sleep. This tea really helped. I feel drowsy already. Thank you so much for the tea."

The old woman held the door open for her, "It was my pleasure. Stay safe. As for the position, make sure to come by in two weeks. That's when the tea shipments arrive."

"Don't worry, I'll be back before them!"

"Good bye Anna."

Anna walked outside rubbing her hands, stunned by the temperature difference from the inside. She breathed into her hands to keep herself warm. The tea had worked magic as sleep hit her like a loaded truck. Nevertheless, she walked slowly towards campus once more.

She stopped when she reached the streetlight nearest to her dorm building. Hushed whispers coming from nearby.

A slight change in the light indicated that there were people nearby. Specifically on the other side of the evergreen tree. Anna knew she shouldn't be nosy, but she crept up slowly from behind, pressing her head against the opposite side of the pine tree. There were no voices

She saw a flash of light blond hair, but she could have sworn it was just an apparition. But then, the voices started again.

"What the hell is your problem? We're betrothed," a deep male voice rang out.

"Keep your voice down," a quiet, familiar voice pleaded.

"I will do what I want, woman. You have no control over me. I will be your husband one day, so you might as well get used to it. You think I haven't noticed how you've been avoiding me? Your parents, just wait till they hear, their little Elsa isn't perfect. She has no control and refuses to listen to her fiancé."

"Hans, let go of my hand. You're hurting me," a deadly cold voice replied, completely different from before.

"Or what? What will you do little Elsa?"

"Hans…" Anna heard the struggle, picturing Elsa trying to break free from the firm grasp.

"Listen, if you don't listen to me. I will tell your parents about your lack of control."

"You wouldn't," the girl whispered.

"The other day…I was watching. I saw you take that little red head somewhere. You were carrying her for god's sake. She was limp."

Anna stifled a gasp. No, he had seen that? But…That means he already knew about the powers. Elsa had lied. She said Anna was the only one who knew other than her parents.

"Hans, please," Elsa begged. "Keep her out of this."

"Keep her out of what? You could have killed her. You would have been a murderer."

"How's this going to solve anything? Telling my parents? Trying to get me to sleep with you? What is your problem?"

She heard Hans take a deep breath, "Look, I've been really patient. We've known each other forever. And you, just being you. You're so damn independent. You are just another woman. Just accept your role as my wife. Quit strutting around."


"Whatever, it's too late. C'mon." Anna heard some struggle when she realized what was happening. Hans was kissing Elsa. Those moans… She had to help, but before she could react. She heard a noise.

Smack! The sound of the palm of Elsa's hand contacting Hans's face was satisfying. The noise sent shivers down her spine. She had to leave. Now. Anna backed away slowly when she heard three words.

"Fuck you, Hans."

Anna sprinted into the dorms until she was safe in her room. Her heart was beating faster and faster. She had seen something she wasn't supposed to, but what was she going to do now?

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