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Summary: After a loss at the Johto Grand Festival and participating in a few contests here and there, May wonders where the thrill of coordinating went. A hint of a new adventure brings her and Max to Vermillion City, where Ash and Alexa have just said their farewells to Iris and Cilan.

My Comments: I haven't written a fic in ages, but this was surprisingly fun! I hope the writing is okay. I'm writing it as I go along and only have a general idea of what's going to happen, but I'll try to update when I can! Hope you enjoy and thank you for reading!

Pokemon: Adventures in Kanto and Beyond!

Chapter One: Phone Call with the Siblings

"Hello, Ash? You have a call," said Porter, who worked at the cruise line serving the Delacor Islands. Much like the Officer Jennys and Nurse Joys, his family shared strong genetics and all enjoyed the rewarding job of being porters on the cruise line. Except his cousin, Ralph Porter. That guy became a doctor. He brought much dishonor on the family. Ralph's son, however, was turning out to be a good kid and hopefully would redeem his father's mistakes.

"A call?" repeated Ash, a little confused. He wondered who could be calling him. "Okay, I'll take it now." He put down his book (Poke-Fishing Exposed, written by a fishing legend that he happened to meet on his journey) and headed to the video-phone. The screen turned on to reveeaaallll...

Actually he wasn't sure, someone was WAY too close to the screen.


"HEY MOVE IT OR LOSE IT BUB." May elbowed Max to the side and now both were visible.

"Mooooooooommmm, May hit me May hit me!" Max whined.

"May, be nice to your brother or I'm eating your last slice of cake," said Caroline absentmindedly from behind them.

"Wha..! No fair!" whined May. Max stuck his tongue at her.

So they must be at their dad's gym, Ash reasoned. He smiled at the siblings' familiar antics. Same old Max and May, huh. "Hey you two! How've you been?"

"Ash!" exclaimed May excitedly. At the same time, Max said, "Good going, ignoring the guy you called!"

May ignored Max. " We've been trying to reach you! I talked to so many Porters I lost count."

"Which isn't saying much because May can't count very high," chipped in Max.

Ash kept his friendly smile on, but he was sweatdropping already. "Yeah, there are a lot of Porters...How long were you in Petalburg City, May? Last time we talked you were coordinating in Sinnoh." He had spoken to May several times when he was traveling in Unova, and she had told him about her loss in the Johto Grand Festival. The Grand Festivals in Hoenn and Sinnoh were also over for the year, but there were several special contest events held in Sinnoh that May attended. She had told him at the time that she hasn't seen a lot of Sinnoh when she came for the Wallace Cup and wanted to explore more. Plus, her Glaceon loved the roads surrounding Snowpoint City and she also hung out with Dawn and Zoey sometimes.

"I don't know, maybe a week?" replied May thoughtfully. "There was supposed to be another event in Floroma town. It's a combination of coordinating and pokemon modeling. But I don't know. I guess I'm in a bit of a slump with contests. It's just been one loss after the other. I get past the appeal round, but I just can't battle the way the judges want."

"The judges' remarks were pretty harsh last time," said Max. "Mom, Dad, and I watched it on TV."

"Wow, uh, I'm sorry to hear that. What'd they say?"

May sighed. Max glanced at her and spoke instead. "They said she battles like she's taking on a gym battle, not a contest. She's too focused on knocking the opponent out and not showin' off her pokemon's moves."

May looked frustrated. "Knocking them out is the best way to show off their moves! I don't want them to look good and get hurt!" She sighed again and fiddled with her thumbs. "It's just not fair and not fun anymore," she whined.

Max turned his palms outward and said in a defeated voice, "I keep telling her that's what contests are, it's not like it's a surprise."

"Yeah but get this!" exclaimed May, doing a complete 180 before Ash could even say words of sympathy. "I found out the coolest thing! When you're done with the cruise, you'll be in Vermillion right?"

"Yeah but I'll stop by Pallet-"

"Okay! I'll meet you in Vermillion! I have to show you something!" she said excitedly.

"Why can't you just tell me over the phone?" asked Ash suspiciously.

"Because, it's a secret!"

"What!" Ash slammed his hand on the desk the phone was on. That was a long time to be in pointless suspense.

"That's the point of a se-cret," sang May.

"She wouldn't tell me, either," Max let him know. "Anyway, how are you going to leave the gym, May?" He sighed and started to explain to Ash. "We had a dinner a few days ago in North Petalburg and mom and dad's fans went crazy, so we've been in house arrest since then."

"North Petalburg..." growled Ash under his breath, remembering their run-in with the family's fans during his Hoenn journey.

"I've got that all planned out," said May, looking very satisfied with herself. She pulled out two black suits. "We're going to sneak out!"

"Th-that's from my closet...I can come too, May?" asked Max with stars in his eyes.

"Of course you can, little brother. I already packed your stuff. Also I have this blueprint, we'll just take this passage here, and mosey on over this way. Dad's lookout and already knows the secret signal!"

"Wait, why do you have a blueprint, we live here," pointed out Max.

May shrugged. "Dad's the one who drew it." (Cut to Norman in a thumbs-up pose. "It's my secret hobby!")

"Wait...guys? Don't all the ferries run in the day time? Why would you wear those?" asked Ash.

May looked shocked and then blushed in embarrassment. "O-oh, really, who woulda thought. W-well, can't make changes to the plan now, ha ha. Ha. We'llseeyouinVermillionbye!"

The video-screen turned off instantly, and Ash screamed at the phone, "H-HEY!"