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Chapter 9: The Windy Clearing!

With Team Invincible, as named by Charmander, 4F:

Charmander stood, paws on his hips and laughed loudly at the destruction before them. They were invincible! The team had just faced a Monster House, which meant that as many enemy pokemon as could fit in the room challenged them all at once. Monster Houses were nothing to scoff at, and the loot that all the pokemon dropped after being defeated-that was nothing to scoff at either!

Glaceon panted, tired out. He caught Pikachu's eye. "Hey Pikachu? Is it just me or did we do all the fighting."

Pikachu nodded at Glaceon, and handed him an Oran Berry he picked up on an earlier floor. After summoning his most disgusted expression for Charmander, he turned on the fire pokemon, arms crossed. "Hey Charmander! You could help us out with the fighting you know!"

"Yeah, yeah. Quit yapping and make with the fighting!" replied Charmander.

Glaceon felt better after the Oran berry and ready for more exploration. He pulled himself up from the ground and smirked. "Obviously Charmander's a wimp, Pikachu. That's why he hides behind us."

"H-hey! Who're you callin' a wimp!" said Charmander indignantly.

Pikachu began smirking too. "I think you hit the nail on the head, Glaceon."

"Now look here!" retorted Charmander. "I'm a seasoned mystery dungeon veteran! I'm known as the Flaming Terror in some parts!"

"Don't you mean...the Flaming Coward?" mocked Pikachu. He shared a high five with Glaceon.

"Where did you hear that? It's all slander! That was just one town and it's not even fair, who wouldn't run when a giant Togepi is chasing you, how was I supposed to know it was just a prop-" Charmander flailed dramatically, his face even redder than usual.

"Hurry up, Charmander!" called Glaceon. The two were several yards away.

Charmander flapped his arms and ran after them. "Hey don't leave meeeeee!"

With Team Weaklings, as named by Charmander, 3F:

Ash walked ahead, with his arms across his chest, grumbling to himself. "I am not weak. When I see that Charmander again, I oughta..." He was still annoyed by how the teams were divided. He wanted to hang out with Pikachu...and why in the world would you need both a Minun and a Plusle? Neither Max nor May had learned an electric type attack move yet besides 'Nuzzle,' and when the two teams were first splitting up, they saw a lot of grass and flying pokemon in the dungeon. Pikachu had patted Ash on the shoulder in an unconcerned manner and said he could handle it. The first few floors were torture- Ash's fighting type meant he was at a disadvantage!

"WoaaAAAAHHH!" May tripped over something and nearly flew into a tree. Ash managed to grab her just in time, snapping him out of his bitter thoughts.

"You okay?" he asked the Plusle. She nodded. Max, meanwhile, picked up the thing she tripped on.

"What is this thing? It looks like a giant CD," he remarked. The disk was labeled, TM100.

May peered over his shoulder and tried to get a better glimpse of it. "It has a button. Press it, Max."

Max glared at her. "You're so bossy, May!"

"Just do it already!" she snapped back.

"Hey you two, can you stop messin' around and help me out?" said Ash. An Oddish appeared, and he dodged a 'Stun Spore' just in time.

Max pressed the button. The disk's label changed before his eyes, now saying "TM-USED."

"I know! May!" Ash pointed at the Oddish dramatically, like he normally would do when he's ordering a Pokemon to do a move as a trainer. "Use your Nuzzle attack!"

"Wha?" Did she just hear him right? She shook in anger. "Now hold on just a second, Ash Ketchum! I am NOT being trained by you!"

"Heheh," was all Ash could muster, which only served to make May angrier.

"Ohhh you make me so mad sometimes! I'll show you a nuzzle attack!"

"Aah! No, not on me! At the Oddish!"

"Quit running away, Ash Ketchum!"

Max stepped in between them and the Oddish. He suddenly felt inspired, like something inside him was telling him that he should say something super juicy. Something that would knock Oddish's socks off. Something Oddish has never heard before. "Hey Oddish! So this one time, when Mom and Dad are out buyin' groceries, this challenger comes to the gym and wants to battle Dad. My sister takes him to the battlefield and tells him that it's gym tradition to do a dance-off before Dad battles anybody."

May froze. No. He wasn't.

"So she puts on this love song and-"

"MAX DON'T YOU DARE!" screamed May.

"-and says she'll marry-"

"You better run, Max," advised Ash.

"No way!" said Oddish. "She diiid?" Oddish chuckled, as May started squeezing Max's cheeks as hard as she could.

"Y-yeah, and there was that other time she had a crush on-ow ow ow!" Max had tears in his eyes from the pain.

"What is wrong with you! Those are secrets! A nerd like you should know what a secret is!" exclaimed May.

Oddish didn't feel like fighting anymore. She would rather hear more secrets from Max, which he was gushing out after he learned the TM Confide. "You Pokemon are funny. Can I join your team?"

"Sure! We could use the help!" Ash beamed at her. "You see, we're trying to find Sitrus berries. Our friend, Helioptile, is sick."

"Oh, Sitrus berries? They grow at the end of the dungeon. Follow me, I know a shortcut!" said Oddish.

Team Invincible, 5F:

"This is so much easier now that Charmander is helping," remarked Pikachu.

Charmander shivered. There were bits of ice stuck to his body, that melted over time. "You could have just asked! You Pokemon have zero decency I swea-am I dreaming? Or is that one beee-yooo-ti-ful pokemon!" Charmander had hearts in his eyes.

Glaceon and Pikachu looked confused, and turned around. There was a female Pikachu before them, wearing a tiara made of flowers on her head. She smiled sweetly at the three of them.

"Hello, my name is Marie. You three look so strong, can you help me out of this dungeon?" She sent hearts their way, using the move 'Attract.'

"Of cou-" started Charmander, when Pikachu swatted him away. "YES YES YES!" exclaimed Pikachu.

"We'll do anything for you!" said Glaceon, blushing.

"Anything?" said Marie, getting a devious look. "I'm hungry, I could use some apples..."

"Right away, darling!" exclaimed Pikachu.

With Alexa, at the inn:

The second floor of the inn had become a makeshift hospital, and had filled up with pokemon in every bed. Alexa flapped around, helping Nidoqueen place cold compresses on each one. Nidoran brought in more pokemon that needed to be treated. Among these were a Meowth, Rattata, Pidgey, Chansey, and Clefable.

After the cold compresses were placed, Nidoqueen offered to watch the pokemon so that Alexa could take a break. Alexa paced in the lobby. The sudden sickness plaguing the pokemon was strange, and what was even weirder was that it wasn't just Helioptile-many other pokemon were affected, too. She was beginning to see a pattern in the afflicted pokemon.

Maybe it was time to do some good old fashioned reporting...

"This is not good, this is not good!" An elderly Primeape was walking around in the town square, grumbling to himself. He used a walking stick, and when he noticed the bird pokemon, he looked up in surprise.

"Oh, hello! Never seen a pokemon like you around. Back in the day I used to travel quite a bit! You're a...Fletchinder is it?" The Primeape had a very soft voice. "Welcome to Primeape Town! My name is Mayor Primeape. Oh, I wish I could welcome you in better times, but we've got quite a calamity in our hands. This is almost as bad as the flood ten years ago!"

"Hello, Mayor Primeape. My name is Alexa. My friends left to gather Sitrus berries for the town. Do you have any idea why this is happening?" asked Alexa.

The mayor shook his head. "Well it's not the drinking water, I'll have you know! Oh this is terrible for our tourism industry!

"Tourism industry?" repeated Alexa. "And what attractions do pokemon usually come fo-" 'Focus Alexa!' she thought to herself, almost getting distracted. She coughed. "Uh, I mean, so what are you going to do about this problem?"

"I sent out a letter to the pokemon rescue team association!" said Mayor Primeape proudly.

"And what did you write in this letter?" asked Alexa curiously.

"I wrote the word help. Say, you remind me of my grandson! He left home to become a reporter," answered Mayor Primeape. "Oh, here's the mail now!"

A mail carrier Pellipper came by and dropped a letter off before taking off again.

"Let's see here!" The mayor tore open the letter. "It says...'Help who?'...Hohoho, those jokers at the association!"

"Haha...yeah...those jokers!" Alexa plastered on a polite smile.

The mayor called a town meeting at the square soon afterwards, saying that before the big famous rescue teams get sent by the rescue team association, a team of volunteers should check the situation outside of town and see if they can find the cause (it was actually Alexa's idea). Alexa would be the leader of the scouting team.

"I'll go!" Graveler stepped forward.. "Some of the sick pokemon are my good buddies!"

Mayor Primeape wiped a tear from one of his eyes. "You're such a kind pokemon, Graveler! What would this town do without you!"

"I'll go too!" A Marill stepped forward from the crowd as well. "My little sister Azurill is sick. I can help with my strong water attacks!"

The town waved off Alexa, Graveler, and Marill as they left the town gates.

With Team Weaklings + Oddish, 7F:

"Hey look, it's a Sitrus berry!" exclaimed May, running for the lone berry on the ground. All of a sudden, a Fearow swooped down on the ground and clutched May with its talons. The Fearow glanced at the other pokemon, and the glance turned into a full on death glare when it noticed Ash's hat. Ash for his part, recognized the Fearow in absolute horror. He had a mini flashback of throwing a rock at a Spearow back when he first started his journey with Pikachu.

The Fearow, however, didn't act on anything. It flew off, holding a screaming May, and cackled all the while. "Why does this keep haaaaappening to me?!" screamed May.

The remaining three stared at the spot May once was.

"Uh, a Fearow just took your friend," piped up Oddish.

Max stopped staring with his jaw dropped and then turned on Ash. "We gotta save my sister!"

"N-no way. I know that Fearow," said Ash, dumbfounded.

"I don't care if you're best friends with that pokemon! It-stole-my-sister!" shouted Max.

"And the Sitrus Berry," added Oddish.

"And the Sitrus berry!" said Max, shaking a fist.

Ash gulped. "Y-you don't get it, Max. That Fearow's going to kill me. May will be okay...right?" He smiled unconvincingly. He wished Pikachu was there to help them.

With Team Invincible, 7F:

"Give me your poké," said Marie sweetly.

As soon as Marie said that, Charmander snapped out of his infatuation. "Over my dead body! All the poké is mine! Mine I say!"

"Come on, Charmander," said Glaceon dreamily. "Give her the poké. And then we'll get her some more poké and we'll live happily ever after~"

"Yeah Charmander. Quit being so selfish, a true lady like her should get all the poké in the world!" exclaimed Pikachu.

Marie giggled. She had a huge pile of apples and berries and other goodies from the forest that her new minions had gathered for her. They had also made her a makeshift throne out of flowers and branches.

"Ugh!" Charmander groaned, and grabbed Glaceon, giving him a hard smack. "Come on buddy! She's using you! True love is when she gives poké to us, not the other way around!"

"Ow?!" Glaceon blinked, and saw Charmander readying his paw for another smack. He ducked quickly. "What is wrong with you!" Charmander lowered his paw. Glaceon looked around, trying to realize what was happening. "Where are we?"

"Still in the Windy Clearing. That witch tried to take all my hard earned poké!" said Charmander indignantly.

"You mean mine and Pikachu's hard earned-"

"-and your eyes are as beautiful and mysterious as the ocean!" gushed Pikachu.

Glaceon's jaw dropped. "I've never heard Pikachu say something like that."

"You were singin' that tune a minute ago if I didn't save your lousy butt from that greedy pika-witch," said Charmander.

Glaceon ignored him. "Pikachu! Snap out of it! We have a mission, remember?"

"This is my new mission!" answered Pikachu.

Marie looked surprised Glaceon said that. She tried to send more hearts his way, but he jumped out of the way so none of them hit him. "Don't listen to him, Pikachu! He's just jealous of our love!"

"Jealous?! The town is counting on us for Sitrus berries!" said Glaceon.

"Ooh! Sitrus berries!" Marie clapped her hands. "I love those. Why don't you get me some, darling?"

"I'll get you every single sitrus berry in the forest, darling!" exclaimed Pikachu.

"Glaceon, let's just beat him up until he snaps out of it," suggested Charmander.

"They're trying to get in the way of our love!" exclaimed Marie. "Do something, Pikachu!"

"I won't let them do that!" Pikachu sparked dangerously. "Why can't you two just leave us alone?"

Marie snuck away with all her loot as the three started fighting.

With May and Fearow, 9F (End of Dungeon):

"W-what are you gonna do to me?" asked May fearfully. The Plusle was strapped to a tree. The Fearow held a small contraption with a big red button.

The Fearow cackled to herself. "I've finally done it! My life work is complete!" She coughed, tired out. "Assistant 32! Get me a Sitrus berry!" A Spearow flew immediately to her and handed her a berry. Fearow ate it quickly, and wiped her mouth with her wing. "Ah, if it it wasn't for that weird sickness going around, I wouldn't need to eat so many of these."

"" repeated May curiously.

"Yes! My life work! You see, I am a scientist! They all laughed at Spearow Academy, but who has the last laugh now? AHAHAHAHAHA! I've finally created a device to allow Spearows and Fearows to communicate with Beedrill! You see, my young pokemon friend, Beedrills only make a buzzing noise. No one can understand them. What is a buzz supposed to mean anyway? Does it mean that a Beedrill is hungry, or that they want to kill you?" Fearow shrugged in confusion. "But never again! Now us spearowkind will be able to understand them, and we will then form an alliance, and take over the world! We will rule over pokemon and humans alike! AHAHAHA!"

"S-spearows...and beedrills?!" said May in a shrill voice, not being able to imagine such a combination.

"I would have completed my device sooner if it wasn't for that meddling kid," grumbled Fearow. "I finally thought of the final equation to put it all together, but some rude brat threw a rock at my head. Had to start from the ground up. Couldn't remember it for the life of me. His hat looked a lot like your friend's, by the way."

"S-so what do you need me for, Dr. Fearow?" asked May, adding the respectful title one with a science degree would have.

"I'm glad you asked!" said Dr. Fearow happily. "I need a test subject. I'll leave you with the device and when the Beedrills come, we shall see if we can communicate with them! For science! Assistant 29, drop the honey!"

"No-no-no-no!" shrieked May, as a Spearow unleashed a bucket of honey all over the poor Plusle. "What did I ever do to deserve this!"

Team Invincible, 7F:

Glaceon and Charmander were zapped, while Pikachu was burned and had bits of ice stuck to his ears. The three of them looked bummed out.

"Aahhh!" screamed Charmander, double-checking the team bag he was carrying. "All the poké and items are gone!"

"So...we never speak of this again?" said Pikachu hopefully, embarrassed by the whole episode.

The other two nodded, and they all collapsed in a heap.

Team Weaklings, Oddish, May, Dr. Fearow 9F (End of Dungeon):

Ash, Max, and Oddish hid behind a tree, watching the events before them unfold. They were already hearing buzzing noises, as a cloud of Beedrill began heading towards May.

"We have to do something!" insisted Max.

Ash gulped. "There's no way we can take out all of them. But you're right. Come on, we'll take out as many Beedrill as we can!" Max and Oddish nodded at him, and jumped out from behind the tree.

Meanwhile, voices came from the contraption Dr. Fearow was holding.

'So hungry!'

'That honey looks delicious!'

'Ew but it's all over a pokemon'

'Seriously what are we supposed to do, drink it off of that disgusting looking pokemon?'

'I guess so, Beedrill. But that's so unhygenic.'

'We don't even know where she's been, Beedrill.'

'I know! Let's just attack her and all the Spearow and that Fearow until they give us more honey!'

Dr. Fearow exchanged a look with May. "It's working! IT'S WORKING! BWAHAHAHA!"

"Great...she lost it..." muttered May.

"NOW THEY SHALL BE MY MINIONS! Spearow 12, unleash the cage!" exclaimed Dr. Fearow.

At that moment, Ash, Max, and Oddish had left their hiding spot to confront Dr. Fearow. Ash pointed at the large bird pokemon and said in his most demanding voice, "Release May at once!" He hoped that would work because he didn't really have a Plan B.

A large metal cage fell over everyone, courtesy of Spearow 12. Now, Dr. Fearow, the horde of Beedrill, May, Ash, Max, and Oddish were underneath it. Many Spearow flapped outside of it.

"Is that what you wanted, boss?" called out Spearow 12.

"Hmm, that, didn't go as planned..." admitted Dr. Fearow.

'Let's beat all of them up!' buzzed the Beedrill, which was translated by the contraption.

Dr. Fearow turned toward Ash, Max, and Oddish, realizing she was in trouble. "Brave warriors! Will you help me get out of here?"

Ash sputtered. "Brave warriors-this is all your fault! Why should we help you?!"

"Hah, brave! Ash wanted to chicken out!" scoffed Max.

"Shut up, Max," muttered Ash under his breath. The Beedrill flashed their stingers at the group, and Dr. Fearow, Ash, Oddish, and Max surrounded May who was still tied to the tree to protect her.

"WILL SOMEONE LET ME OUT OF HERE?!" shouted the dismayed Plusle in the middle.

"I'll do it!" said Oddish helpfully, and started undoing her bindings.

"Thanks Oddish!" said May happily, and then turned toward the Beedrill. "I am not disgusting! Hmph!" She stuck her nose in the air.

Dr. Fearow used her whirlwind attack to keep the Beedrill at bay. They were swatted against the cage, but struggled to get back up and charged at the group again, angrier than ever. Ash used his Force Palm attack to swat at the Beedrill whenever they came close, while Max paralyzed them with Thunder Wave, and May used Helping Hand on Ash.

Oddish stepped forward and used her Sleep Powder move once they got all the Beedrill in one spot. All of the Beedrill fell asleep in a pile.

"Wow Oddish, you really saved the day!" exclaimed Max.

Dr. Fearow looked up at her Spearow assistants. "Spearow 7! Lift the cage!"

"Aye aye captain!" Spearow 7 saluted her and with the help of other spearow, lifted the cage.

"But what do we do now?" asked May. "Won't those Beedrill wake up any minute?" She stepped forward to get a closer look that they were all unconscious, and cringed. "Ugh, I'm so sticky!" She glared at Dr. Fearow.

"Ah well, looks like that experiment failed. Beedrill-kind are insane," Dr. Fearow laughed off the animosity that was coming from Ash and May. "Time to work on the mind control device. Come, Spearows, disperse!" Dr. Fearow cackled as she started flying off with the rest of the Spearows.

"Hey wait a minute!" exclaimed Ash, but the Spearows and Fearows disappeared into the horizon. "That darn selfish no-good..." he grumbled, shaking a paw in their direction.

"Let's just grab the Sitrus berries and go before the Beedrill wake up," said Max.

The others nodded and left the dungeon with as many Sitrus berries as they could carry.

With Team Invincible, 9F (End of Dungeon):

"Man this honey is good!" exclaimed Charmander happily, greedily sticking his paw into a bucket he found full of honey behind some tree. Glaceon and Pikachu were holding buckets too and snacking on it. They were walking a little bit ahead of Charmander and stopped abruptly when they noticed a pile of Beedrill in front of them.

Charmander didn't notice and ran into them. "Hey, what's the big idea!" he exclaimed.

His shout caused the Beedrill to wake up. They began to buzz and their red eyes glinted as they lifted themselves and pointed their stingers at the group.

Pikachu, Glaceon, and Charmander dropped their buckets in shock as a contraption next to them beeped and began to translate the buzzes.

'They have honey! Let's steal it!'

'And all their poké and items!'

The three pokemon glanced at each other in horror as the Beedrill advanced...

"I wonder what's taking Charmander, Glaceon, and Pikachu so long," said Ash. Their team had arrived ages ago. May was washing off all the honey at a nearby stream and they gave all the Sitrus berries to Nidoking and Nidoqueen to take care of the sick pokemon with. There was thankfully enough for everyone, but Nidoqueen insisted that all the afflicted pokemon continue to have bedrest. Nidoking told them that Alexa had gone off with a couple other pokemon to find out what the cause was of the sickness.

"Someone's coming!" exclaimed Max. The two of them ran towards the entrance of town, to see three very beat up pokemon crawl towards them. They looked like they were stung in many places, and their team bag was completely empty.

"What happened to you guys?!" exclaimed Ash.

"Don't...wanna talk about it," replied Pikachu, collapsing in a heap. His two companions fell over as well.

"Did you even get any sitrus berries?" asked Max flatly. So much for Team Invincible...