The sequel to For the Ones you Love is up! I've titled it:

For the Ones You Change

Also in order to keep you guys occupied while the Walking Dead isn't on AND to give me time to get my creative juices working on the second part of my trilogy, I decided to try my hand at drabbles.

I've titled it:

The Adventures of the Greene Dixon

I've never written them before and I thought it'd be fun to see the little snippets of how I think Daryl and Beth got so close in regards to their relationship in my story. We didn't get much of a time frame in season four so I could justifiably believe they were together for a month or two before they got separated. Being together with someone day and night, in the apocalypse, anyone would get close to their companion. Add the fact that Beth and Daryl had already known each other for over a year (going by the seasons since no definite time has ever been established), they're already familiar with each other. They would just build from that and get to know each other more intimately; as I will express in these drabbles! : )

Hope these drabbles keep you satisfied until then!