Wry Rye a UFO short story by Amelia Rodgers 2014 All rights reserved Canon

Dedicated to the Semi-Colon project. / I am a victim of trauma and at one time I did considerable self harm (including suicide attempts ), so my heart goes out to all of you like me. We harmed ourselves because we did not have the strength to fight off those who harmed us.

"Good morning General, shall we get down to business?"

"Straker, you've been an entire rose bush of thorns in my back for years. I'm not giving that organization of yours one penny more."

"General, did you notice what time it is?"

"Noon. So what? Is this one of your tricks, Straker?"

"I'm told you are fond of the corned beef on rye sandwich at the Four Maids Pub."

"And what if I am?"

"I wouldn't go there today."

"Straker, I have no time for this!"

"The pub exploded earlier today, General. Blown to bits, every last rye kernel."



"Here's your cheque, now go away, Straker. You make me ill."

"Glad to have been of some assistance, General."

"How'd you manage that?"

"Easy, Alec. Brought our studio construction people down to the Four Maids Pub and told them we were shooting a sci-fi movie there. They were more than willing to cooperate with us for publicity and a few pounds. When our people were through with their magic, the pub looked exactly like it had been the target of a UFO.."

"He'll find out." Alec warned with a saucer wide grin.

"Yes, yes by then we'll have cashed the cheque and distributed the money to h.q."

"He'll be furious."

"No Alec. I don't think so, and here's why. I happen to belong to the same private American-British veterans club as he does. All of them are top level, and know of our project, they know to not ask questions. If I were to suggest I'd mention that he fell so easily for my little masquerade to a few members with loose tongues, he'd be the laughing stock of the club."


"What is it, Alec?"

"I'm relieved you're on our side."

The End

Author's notes: My husband provided that great line of Straker's 'Glad to be of assistance' lol Poor Henderson missed the meaning. Fortunately.