Taker's Tail

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Aaand I'm back. I'll let you know right now; I'm making this up as I go along, and it'll probably stay that way until I hit the canon beginning of the anime. So… yeah, on with the chapter.


After they ate, with Lucy complementing Raven's cooking (Much to his surprise) he decided to ask her about where they were, he got a look from her when he sheepishly asked what country he was in; apparently he was in a country called Fiore. He didn't recognize the name.

This brought up a question though.

'How in the world did I get here?' he mentally questioned. The only thing he could remember was; an airship, pain, unbearable rage, and the claw "saying"something. That was it.

"Hey Mister Raven, Are you a Mage?" Lucy suddenly asked with her head cocked to the side like a puppy.

Raven blinked. Mage? What was she talking about? He decided to question her about this "Mage" title. "What do you mean Lucy?" he asked.

"You know… Launching blasts of fire from your hands? Freezing anyone in your way? Calling spirits to help you fight whenever you want?" she explained, acting out her examples, much to Raven's amusement.

"Well I can do the first one, but I can't freeze people" he said. Come to think of it, being able to freeze people would have been useful when he had to escape his *Shudder* Fangirls. Why couldn't they have gone after Elsword or Chung? Nooo… they just had to pick him.

Unknown to Raven, his thoughts somehow produced a cloud of depression over his head.

Lucy of course didn't notice this, only focused on Raven's confirmation (In her eyes) of him being a Mage. She immediately told him that he join a guild.

Raven promptly asked her what a guild was, earning a disbelieving look from her until he told her that he wasn't from around here. (AN: If only he knew.)


"So, in short; a guild is a place where a number of mages gather to help people with their problems to earn 'Jewels' (Which he assumed was the name of this place's currency) Am I right so far?" Raven asked after Lucy explained what she could about guilds. Apparently, it was her dream to join a guild. 'Hmm I might have a look at this "Fairy Tail" soon.' He thought.

Lucy nodded enthusiastically. "Uh-huh, that's all I know though." She said. "Um… Mister Raven?" she asked, suddenly shy and soft-spoken. "Can I ask you a question or two?" she asked.

Raven blinked, but answered. "You just did, but you can ask another one." He said.

"What happened to your arm?"

Those five words. Five simple words; that brought back a multitude of bad memories, nightmares, and regrets. "I'm sorry Lucy, but that's private" he said with a clipped tone. Oh how he hated himself for that choice. After a few seconds, he noticed he was scaring Lucy, so he did his best to reign in his anger. Quite a feat when you have a semi-sentient arm whispering orders to kill the girl and all living beings in this country. "Sorry Lucy." he apologised in a strained voice. "Do you have any other questions?" he asked, calmer.

"Um… Can you show me your magic?" she asked. Weary of his reaction.

Raven blinked; magic? What did she mean? Ah, yes, he said that he could launch fireballs from his hands. 'Well, let's not disappoint her this time.' he thought with a smile. "Sure."

Lucy's eyes lit up with childish glee, she was almost vibrating with how exited she was. "Really?!" she squealed.

Raven couldn't help it; he laughed. "Yes, really. Now, you see that boulder over there?" He said pointing to a large boulder that was about twice his size. (AN: If I remember correctly, Raven is about 6ft tall.)

Lucy nodded eyes locked onto Raven, wondering what he was going to do.

Raven leisurely strolled towards the boulder. He didn't need to use any of the claw's abilities to destroy it; really all he needed to do was punch it. But Lucy wanted him to launch a fireball. Well time to do this. Stopping about a metre from the boulder and lifted his Nasod claw so the palm was facing it, opening the shutter protecting the power crystal he called out the name of the attack he used to rescue Lucy. "Maximum Cannon!"

Like last time, a blast of spiralling flames launched from his palm; utterly obliterating the poor boulder, debris was flung in all directions. After it was over, the only thing left was a few scattered pebbles around the area.

Lucy watched with a dropped jaw; THIS was the power of a Mage? She clutched the golden key that was tied around her neck under her dress. Could She ever become this strong?

Raven turned from the now smoking empty space, and smirked when he saw her expression. "How was that?" he jokingly asked.

"That…was…SO AWESOME!" Lucy cheered.

Raven couldn't help it; he laughed. Loudly, earning a childish glare from the girl, which just made him laugh more.

"Ah…Hah… I'm done, I'm done." he said after a few minutes of laughing his ass off.

Raven's eyes suddenly widened, and then narrowed. "Lucy, get behind me!" he ordered. "Who's there?!" he shouted as Lucy scrambled to obey him. His eyes were locked onto a particular branch on a tree; to the naked eye, that branch would have just a slight distortion above it, but to Raven's; that branch was like a lightbulb.

"Ah...You can see me?" a monotone voice asked from the branch.

"…get down here before I blast you down." he ordered coldly as a figure jumped down from the branch, revealing their appearance. His eyes widened. "You?!"


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