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7:45 pm. Jasper, Nevada.

All she could feel was the pouring rain hitting her sensitive pale skin, the coldness like ice, the thunder crackling above her as she sat on the edge of the foot path. Her poor ripped orange jumper wrapped around her with her hoodie over her head, trying to hide herself from the world. A truck drove by the flooded puddle in front of her and hit her making her gasp at the sudden wetness. The taste of the mucky water made her spit on the ground with a slight snort and removed an old piece of plastic from a chocolate wrapper from her head. She softly let out a sigh and stood up on her legs.

Sarah Bloom was an nineteen year old girl, surviving on the streets and trying her best to hide herself from everything around her. She was the type who liked to be alone giving her time with her thoughts about everything in her messed up life.

Looking up from her feet she swore softly as she spotted a police car driving towards her. Quickly, she ran to the nearest ally way and pressed her back against the wall, watching as the police car drove past slowly by her.

Seeing the coast was clear she made her way out down the road again. She got a tight feeling in her stomach and groaned softly hearing the familiar rumble gurgle. She was so hungry she hasn't eaten anything in a few days now besides a few scraps left in bins and drink the rain water. But it wasn't enough for her, and the only thing that seemed to relax her was the stuff she would get from some of the guys she hanged with. But it wasn't food nor did it fill her stomach, it only relaxed her and soothed her body.

She was lost in thought for a moment and didn't notice the small gap on the path. She tripped over and fell to her knees, giving them a hard scrap on the ground and tearing into her worn out jeans before into her skin. Letting out a hiss she got right back up, looking down to see she was now bleeding and sighed with irritation. She saw there was a café across the road from her and it was still open, so she thought just a quick stop would be nice and get out of the rain for a bit.

Looking both ways before crossing the road she ran across to get undercover. As she reached the door the sound of a bell was head from the door and the rain was no longer hitting her. She shivered at how cold she was and the amount of water that dripped below her. Sarah then removed her hood that covered her, hearing a splat was it hit her back and looked up again.

Her damp dark brown hair dangled across her face and shoulders. She had quite long hair that reached her elbows. Dark circles lay under her eyes exposed for everyone to see showing she was either very tired or a drug addict. She darted her hazel eyes around the place, seeing it wasn't packed but still a few groups sitting around either eating or chatting. No one noticed her entering the café which was no surprise to her so she went over to a spear booth were she took a seat on a soft cushion. Spotting a napkin on the table she took it and damped it with her wet clothes before pressing it against her knees, letting out a hiss at the stinging.

Once she was done she through the bloody napkin aside and laid her head on the table, wanting nothing more but a rest. But that was quickly interrupted when she heard a throat clearing next to her.

Looking up she spotted a pretty but fake looking blonde girl, wearing the shortest skirt she had ever seen in her life, bright pink makeup and heels that tapped the floor waiting for her to look up at her.

"What would you like?"

Sarah stared at her a little confused "W-what?"

The girl sighed with irritation "What do you want to order?"

"Oh" She looked both sides of her for a second before looking into her pockets to seek any coins or cash. Pulling out her hand she only found three dollars in one note and coins.

"Got anything for three dollars twenty?"

The blonde girl rolled her eyes "No"

"Then I'll have nothing" She again laid her head on the table, hoping this bitch would go away.

"You have to order something or you have to leave"

Her attitude was starting at really annoy her now "I just want to rest for five minutes. I've been wondering around for hours in the rain. Can you just let me stay please?"

The girl stared at her with narrowed eyes before sighing and walking away from her. Sarah laid her head on the table once more and faced her head out the window to watch the rain pour down.

As she stared out the window a familiar song started playing on the radio and she began to hum along with it softly.

"Hmmm hmm hmm hmmmm" She felt the vibration in her throat which to her was a nice feeling.

All Sarah wanted was her life to be easier. A family to love, a home to live, a warm bed to sleep in and all the food she could eat. She couldn't remember the last time she had a decent meal. Over the past months she's noticed her rips starting press against her skin and she gently moved her hand under her jumper, then tank top to feel the soft yet bumpy rips against her fingers.

Old and fresh scars covered in areas of her stomach and arms from many fights she got herself into. Some were cut lines on her wrists which she has done to herself over the years. Many times she has asked for death, not wanting to live like this anymore and tried to end it. But it was like something else was keeping her alive, because she was still here after everything.

She's made many bad choices. So much in her life she didn't want but there was no escape from it all. She has been on the streets since she was nine years old, ten years. She never thought or spoke about her past or why she ended up on the streets.

Sarah let out a sigh that fogged up the window in front of her and without thinking, placed her finger at the glass to draw a small love heart. She watched it fog up again and sighed deeply turning her head the other way.

As she did this the girl was back once more, not looking pleased.

"It's been almost ten minutes. This isn't a homeless shelter it's a nice place for people who want to eat in. Now I must ask you to leave before I get my manager"

Sarah sighed deeply and stood up from her seat. She moved her hoodie over her head once more and made her way towards the door. As she did this a strong smell hit her nose.

Looking to her side she saw the chef had placed a plate on the bench of a freshly made burger. She could smell the beef and hear it still sizzling coming straight from the stove. The sight of it made her stomach gurgle harder and licked her lips.

Looking behind her she saw the girl was serving someone else now and the chef was back in the kitchen cooking up more meals. She took her chance and grabbed a large napkin and wrapped it around the burger before bolting out the door.

"HEY! Get back here!" She herd the girl scream at her and herd her running out the door as well but looking behind her quickly she saw she wasn't going to follow her in the pouring rain.

As she ran she pushed past a few people along the way, saying excuse me if she hit them by accident. She needed to get in some shelter is she wanted to enjoy her food.

Sarah then remembered a place she would sometimes crash for the night and the same with other homeless people. She tried to avoid it sometimes since it was filled with many people who you didn't want to mess with. She hanged with them plenty of times in the past so she had gained their trust. But that didn't mean she liked them. Thinking maybe for a few hours wouldn't hurt she would just try to avoid company. She started to head in the right direction.

Along the way she managed to walk under cover giving her the chance to take a few bites from her stolen burger. The sweet taste just melted in her mouth and the hearing of the crunch sent shivers through her body. It was a feeling she missed and her stomach was getting food from something that didn't come from the bin.

She ate maybe a quarter of it before putting it away in her jumper to save it for later.

Looking ahead she saw a large old building that had been abandoned for some time and the homeless or drug dealers had taken over. It was a bad place, she was well aware of that. Many times in her past she's bumped into trouble around here. But she could handle herself as she was a lot tougher then she looked.

Entering the building the strong smell of smoke hit her nose. But it was the warmth from the fire bins and no more rain so that relaxed her a lot. She noticed there were quite a number of people here tonight. She guessed it was because of the rain and this was the best place to avoid it, but the worst place to hang around.

Walking ahead she tried to find a spot to sit down and relax again for short moment, with no one telling her to leave. She walked over a few sleeping people and made a quick duck as a drunken man tried to throw a punch to another man but missed. Sarah had her head bowed not making eye contact with anyone and continued to search for a free space.

Looking to her side she spotted a female laying down on a piece of flatten cardboard, rugged up in an old wool blanket and was coughing madly. Sarah could tell she must have had to flue or something she else she caught. But she noticed a large round bump on her stomach and didn't need to think for long what it was. She was pregnant.

Sarah has always been protective over other young females, especially pregnant ones. Even if she didn't know them she would do anything to help them if they were in danger. That's how she got many of her scars. They were targets for other men either for sex, beating up, kidnapping or just use them as bait for anything else. It made her sick at the thought of it and sadly it happened more often than she thought.

Hearing her cough again made her snap out of her thoughts and sighed softly, making her way towards the lying female. Kneeling down she grabbed out her half bitten burger and placed it next to her.

The woman opened her eyes and stared back at her and the food that was given to her. Sarah smiled kindly and the woman did the same back.

"Thank you…" She tucked the burger under her wool blanket and started to eat at it quickly so no one else could steal it from her.

Sarah had her food and she knew very well she needed it more than her. The woman had to feed for two anyway.

Walking ahead she looked around her and spotted an open area.

"It will do" She whispered to herself and entered the area. She didn't stop the figure in the corner of the room though.

"Sup Sarah"

She froze at the familiar deepy voice.

'Just fucking perfect'

Turning her head slowly she looked up to see a face she hoped to not see tonight.

A lighter lit up a smoke that the man held in his mouth. The smell of Marijuana stunk off him, not that it bothered her. The man was in his early twenties with medium dark skin and gold hazel eyes that pierced into her. His black hair was shaved thinly and wore his leather jacket around him.

This was a man no one messed with. Mark was a drug dealer and a very good one. He was smart but an idiot at the same time. Many others were scared of him but she wasn't.

He offered her jobs and most turned out as planed sometimes. All she asked in return was some money or anything else Mark could offer. But they were risky and didn't know if she was going to end up dead. Not that she feared death, she just rather stay alive.

It didn't matter how much she hated him, what kind of person he was or what he did to others, Mark has helped her in a way. She's known him since she first ended up on the streets and if it wasn't for his dad she would be dead already.

When she was only nine she ran away from her problems and was approached by a man who offered her a place to stay, food and protection from whatever issuses she had if she did favors for him. As the helpless and stubborn child she was she went with him. At first it was nice, she felt like she found a new home and new family who did treat her with care. But like everything good it didn't last long and it wasn't long before she turned into on of them, she became part of their gang.

It continued like that from then forward. It's how she got bad people, drugs and violence involved in her life. It was alright at first, but she was so over it. Mark knew a lot of people and if she tried to make a run for it she would be found the next day and brought back.

His father though was someone she could mostly trust. He was like a father and she owed him for taking for of her as a child. But four years ago he was betrayed and someone tipped off the cops. Now he was behind bars for life, from what she's heard but wasn't told anything else. Since than nothing has been the same and Mark doesn't give two shits about his own dad at all. He was a greedy pig who took over in charge and she didn't like it one bit.

"It bin a while baby doll" He took a puff from his joint "Where've ya bin?"

Sarah shrugs her shoulders "It's a big town, Mark. I like to explore"

He blew out the smoke from his mouth a nose before offering her the joint "Wanna hit?"

She nodded and took it from him. She breathed it in and could feel her head start to swim smoothly, holding it in for a bit before blowing it out.

'Just what I needed' she thought to herself.

Mark chuckled softly "Ya look nice" He reach his hand towards her and brushed some of her hair out of the way from her eyes. His eyebrow piercing shined in her eyes as he did this.

"Don't try to flatter me" She handed him the joint back and swiped his hand away from her "I'm not interested in your dick"

Mark laughed at her showing his white teeth on his dark face "Can't blame a guy for tryin"

She puffed "Fuck you Mark"

He cut to the chase "Interested in a job?" He reached behind him and bought out a hand gun, offering it to her to take it.

Looking at the gun and back at him she sighed deeply as she took it and tucked it away in her jeans under her jumper.

"Where's the deal happening?"

"On the other side of town in bout five minutes. Their waiting in an old factory building, you'll notice it" The joint returned in his mouth, breathing it in and out again he continued "I've never met up with these guys before so I don't know what to expect. If they want to cause trouble that's when ya take the dope and the cash and get the fuck out of there"

"Why can't you do it?"

"I have to meet up with someone else and deal with some unfinished business"

"Sure" She didn't want to know what his unfinished business was "Will I get paid? I need some….stuff"

"What ya need?" He grinned slightly.

Rubbing the back of her neck she thought real quickly "J-just a bit of money….a-and maybe weed. Just enough to get by"

Mark chuckled softly and through his joint away "If ya get the job done, then you will be paid. If all shit goes to hell and I lose my dope and no payment is shown to me-" He gave her a firm stare "I'll beat the shit out of ya"

Sarah rolled her eyes "You're so caring" She huffed deeply "Don't flip out the job is going to get done"

"It better Sarah" He turned around and picked up a large backpack which held the ice for the first time buyers. He handed it to her before continuing "Now, once done I need ya to come back here so I get my payment and I'll give you your cut"

"How much will my cut be?"

"I don't know" He shrugged before taking a guess "fifty, hundred tops"

She narrowed her eyes "That's all?"

"It ant a big deal girl, now get going"

"Whatever Mark" She turned and headed out.

"Don't fuck this up" He shouted out but she just ignored him.

'Perfect. Just fucking perfect'

What was the point anymore? Why didn't she just say no and be on her way? Well, maybe he knew this city inside and out and would hunt her down with his best men. She knew what he was capable of and knew not to cross him in any way. She was already in a bad enough place.

Mark's hit her before but only a slap if she mistreated him or did something wrong. Not that it hurt her she was too used to it now.

"Why me? Mark is a fucking prick! The fuck-wit thinks he can do whatever the fuck he wants" She hissed to herself feeling her heart pump fast as she grew more angry swearing to herself "I just want to be left alone. Is that so hard!?"

Sarah pulled the large back pack over her shoulders, existing the building and hissed at the feel of the rain again.

"I'm so over this rain" She then made her way to the location of the deal.

Reaching behind her she pulled out the hand gun to check how many bullets were loaded. Unloading it for saw one bullet.

"Oh very fucking smart Mark. You dip shit!" He didn't bother is reload the weapon he just gave it to her. All she could do was getting the job done and get out of there.

As she hid the weapon in her jumpers pocket she didn't notice someone in front of her, causing the two to bump into one another.

"Hey, watch where you're going stupid girl!" The business looking man growled at her.

"Ass hole" She sighed in announce. Some people just didn't give a damn. But she's had worse happen. That guy was nothing.

Other times she would have to either fight her way out or make a run for it. It depended on the situation. Lucky for her she always managed to survive and left scars on her pale skin. Most of her scars had interesting stories to tell, but never spoke of it to anyone.

Sarah jumped a little as a sudden thunder crackled above her and hid herself under her hood more. Not that she was scared, she was just jumpy.

Her pace quickened wanting to get there as soon as possible to get it done. She made sure her gun was prepared if the idiots got any ideas.

Finally she spotted the old factory and made her way towards it. There was no one around, thinking maybe they were inside she went into the darkness.

Stopping in her tracks she spotted what she was looking her. Two large white vans were parked in the middle of the building with about five different guys leaning on the vehicle.

'Five? It should be ok' she came into the light coming from the street lights fully exposing herself.

The men looked towards her and moved to meet up. They sure didn't look like they were from around here. Tan skin, shaved hair and facial hair one each one. But spotted two of them were holding rifles, exposing to her they were prepared. Sarah also spotted just a couple of them grinning at her like a piece of fresh meat. Ignoring this she gripped her backpack and stood there fearless.

One came forward and spoke "Hola. I didn't expect the dealer to be a little girl" His accent was quite strong.

She was a bit confused with this though. They were a long way from home and had come all the way to a small town like Jasper? It seemed odd, but she didn't question this. They could be on vacation.

Sarah puffed "I'm not a little girl amigo. Where's the cash?"

"Show me the stuff first"

Of course. A customer had to see what he was paying for before handing over anything, the first rule. Anyone who didn't was an idiot.

She took her backpack off and unzipped it to show him. Small wrapped out packages filled the bag, reaching in she picked a small one "Sample?"

Grinning slightly, the one she guessed was in charge came forward. Sarah pulled out her trusty pocket knife and dug it into the wrapping pulling out a small white amount of cocaine on the knife. The guy quickly sniffed the white powder up and stood straight.

Sarah knew he was satisfied seeing his grin appear.

"Muy bien" He purred softly.

She had no idea what he was now saying as he turned to his buddies and started to speak with them in Spanish.

"Bueno, hand it over" The guy went to take the bag from her but she pulled it away.

"Bring the money over. I want to see it myself"

He gave her a stare and smirked softly. Turning his head he nodded at the guy and came over. Unzipping the bad he opened it, showing all the money to her.

'I knew it. Mark is fucking ripping me off!' But right now she had to finish this.

The two swapped bags over simply just like that and Sarah gave a quick nod at him before turning.

"Espera. Wanna make more dinero?"

She turned narrowing her eyes "What?"

He grinned and rubbed his fingertips together "Money"

She narrowed her eyes "I haven't got anything else to sell. Get lost" Turning again she headed for the exit but was quickly stopped when her arm was grabbed by the man.

"I didn't say you could leave hermoso chica" His feral grin speared across his face.

"Let me go ass hole!"

It was as if it was a big joke for them because they all started laughing.

His rough hand held her firmly still while his other move to her shoulder "Hermoso chica. Quitarse la ropa"

"What the fuck are you saying?!"

He grinned wickedly at her "Remove your clothing"

"Go fuck yourself" She tried to remove her arm from him but he just held her tighter.

His grin widened "Playing hard to get? Doesn't matter, I like them enojado" He gripped her torn jump and tried to rip to off from her.

Sarah was quick and gave a hard kick in his crouch before kneeing him in the stomach. She herd him grunting out in pain and fell to his knees giving her a death glare.

"Stupid perra! You'll pay for that" He went to pull out his hand gun while the other's moved forward towards her.

Again she was too quick for them and pulled out her own weapon aiming it at the guy's head.

"Not one more fucking move boys. Or I'll have you mopping up your boyfriend's brains" She meant it and she had to get them to see that.

The man kneeing down still in pain gave a chuckle "You haven't got the balls to shoot me pequeno nina"

'Fuck this' rolling her eyes she pointed the weapon down lower aiming for his leg and pulled the trigger. The shot ran out and pierced the guys leg making him scream out in pain.

"Ya crazy bitch!" One of his friends yelled as he aimed his pistol at her now.

'So much for that' she only had one bullet and it was gone now. She didn't have any other choice but to run and get away from here.

Bolting for the nearest cover she ducked down and threw herself behind a piece of fallen wall from the building. Gun shots fired repeatedly at her and some managed to come through the wall next to her making her jump at each one. She had to get out of here before she gets killed or cops show up.

The men continued to fire stupidly hoping to hit her while another tended to his boss's leg.

'These fucking idiots are causing attention. No way am I sticking around' she found herself almost at the edge of the wall showing she had no more space to hide. On a count of three she leaped to the next cover only to have the bullets running to her.

No fear ever entered her but that didn't stop her heart from beating and her breaths quickening. It was as if times slowed for her, each bullet passed her only by inches seeing the men continue to trigger free firing.

She managed to come into another hiding and saw her exit out only by a meter. This was it, now or never. She through her new shoulder bag on her and made sure it was tightly attached so nothing could go wrong.

At that moment a heavy lightly strike had struck the building making everything shake around them and a sudden bang that made peoples heart skip a beat. This was her chance. Running for it she left the building and ran down the foot path just in time to hear the sirens going off.

'Just what I need, Police'

Lucky for her though they were coming from the other direction giving her time to run more and find a hiding spot. That was all bought the luck she was going to get tonight.

Coming up around a corner she pressed her back against the brick wall of another building and panted softly. She hasn't had something like that happen for a while. But it was the stupid guys fault. He should have just left like any normal customer instead of treating her like a hooker.

At that moment she knew she was safe, for now. Looking down she checked in the bag to make sure it was all still in tack and sighed with relief seeing it was all good. Mark should be pleased with this. But what happened back there was no her fault. Maybe she didn't have to shoot the guy in his leg, but what else was she supposed to do she was outnumbered.

It didn't matter. She was out of there and now she could give Mark what he wanted. Though she felt like taking a few hundred from the bag but she knew better then to do that. Mark would find out and she wouldn't be so lucky.

Taking a step forward she felt a sharp pain shoot through her rip cage and the presser was almost too much for her, feeling her legs wobble softly but managed to hold herself up.

Looking down were her hand was placed her over rip cage she moved her hand up to see blood.

She'd been shot.

"Just fucking perfect" She sharply whispered before hissing "Just what I need! O-ok Sarah, just get to Mark and he will get you help….I hope"

After taking a few more steps felt the pain was slowly building up. She felt her side was on fire and grunted harshly as she gripped the wall next to her. She found herself slowly struggling to breathe normal and knew this wasn't good for her. She had to keep moving.

This wasn't the first time she had been shot and other times she's managed to get to Mark to patch her up. She would never go to the hospital though knowing they would probably call the police on her.

Being shot right in her rip cage was something she hasn't had before and truth be told, it hurt like a bitch.

Gripping the bag strap in her hand she carried on thinking she would be fine. Looking down at where her hand covered her wounded she saw blood had started to seep out between her fingers. This was defiantly not good she could lose too much blood before she could get to Mark.

"Jesus christ" She whispered softly coming to a stop in her path.

This rain wasn't helping her one bit, her clothes were drenched, her legs were aching and she was so tired feeling the need to have a week's sleep.

Just then she felt one of her knees give way and she was now kneeling in the middle of the foot path. A couple of people just walked by her not taking any notice and cars continued to drive by, slashing the water puddles near her.

"I need to sit down….j-just for a moment" She shakily pressed her back to the brick wall and slid down all the way before shuffling herself across to an undercover part, though it was hardly one with it leaking and only small enough for maybe half a person. But it would do for her, she just needed to gain her strength and she would be on her way.

Sarah panted softly trying to make it easier to breath, but it was only hurting her more. Her side was stabbing her in pain and she saw more blood had trickled out where she held her hand over to keep presser over it.

She was no expert but she knew a few useful things she had picked up or Mark's dad showed her if she was ever in danger. Not that she was scared of it, but it was good to know to survive longer.

All this was Marks fault. He was nothing like his father, all he cared about was him money, dope and himself. The ass hole only gave her one bullet like he wanted her to get killed or he was just an idiot. Whatever the reason she was going to give him an earful, even if it meant a slap or punch to the face. Not something new.

While she was lost in thought, she didn't see a car pull by in front of her. The sound of a car door opening and closing was herd but Sarah didn't notice this.

"Are you alright?"

Finally, she snapped out of her thoughts and looked ahead of her. She was confused to see a car right there in front of her but surprised to see a woman coming over to her with an umbrella.

When she didn't answer her she asked again "Hey, are you alright?"

Finding her voice she spoke "Y-yeah…I'm fine"

"You don't look fine. Is there anything I can do?"

Sarah then got a proper look at her. She saw her wearing a lot of green, green pants top and even a light green jacket around her. Black hair tied back with a slight fringe hanging from one side of her face and dark blue eyes stared down at her with concern.

"I don't…need help" Sarah tried to relax herself from the pain and hoped this woman would leave. But kind of gave it away when she winced softly and gripped the spot where she had been shot.

"Look, you can trust me. I'm a nurse"

'Great just what I need, someone to call the cops on me'

"J-just leave me alone" Sarah then tried to pull herself up from the ground but felt her legs couldn't hold her up anymore and slid back down with a grunt. She didn't mean to move her hand out of the way giving the woman the perfect view of her shot wound.

"You've been shot" The woman quickly ran back to her car and put her umbrella down and opened the back door.

She came back to Sarah and tried to lift her up "Come on. I've got to take you to the hospital" But Sarah just tried to push her away.


"Why not?"

"T-they will call the cops. I don't need hel-" She didn't finish as she felt even more pain then before as she was moved. She didn't have the strength to struggle with the woman who tried to hold her up carefully as she was pulled to the back seat of her car. She could feel herself growing tired and her eyes started to to close slowly feeling the need to rest.

"Stay wake! Keep your eyes open" She herd the woman yell but could't reply to her.

Sarah stared ahead with blurred vision, only seeing a very fogged up person coming in the front seat, looking back behind her as she drove to where ever she was going. She couldn't think straight nor could she see much. Sarah felt her chest tighten as her heart raced, it was becoming a problem for her to breath probably even more.

The woman kept trying to talk to her as she looked back while driving ahead. All she herd was faint voices but didn't bother to try to listen, knowing this was probably going to be it.

'So this is it Sarah. You managed to fuck up big time and now you are going to die. After everything you have been through and this is how it was going to end? You must have had back luck on your side tonight'

Shit yeah she had back luck on her side. Even if she did survive through this the woman was taking her to get help and cops were going to be notified about this. She was fucked either way. Lucky, she felt the strap of the bag in her weak and shaky hand knowing she didn't let go of it. If she didn't make it there was no way Mark would find it. Good, he didn't deserve it.

She had lost her train of thought when a sudden stabbing pain in her rib cage and grunted out with a hiss.

Darkness had taken over her feeling no more strength in her body to fight it anymore. Last memory was the woman stopping her vehicle and pulling her out from the back seat.

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