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Warning: Some language.

Bloodbloom had spent much longer than expected with Nightwatch but it was rather nice to spend of the day with her. They never really bonded well since the beginning, she never really understood why Nightwatch was so distant but she must've had her reasons. Now they just had a real conversation and also got a real feel of her growing sparkling kicking around in her reproductive chamber. It surprised her that humans and cybertronions weren't that must different, only organic and machine, but everything else almost linked together. After a while she figured she should see if Knockout needed her for anything and so headed straight for the medic bay.

She was nearby and approached the closed door only to stop when she noticed something very odd. There was Knockout, imbedded halfway in the wall and looking very stuck as he struggled helplessly.

"Umm…hi?" She couldn't hold in growing smile and giggle as she saw the humours sight. "I missed something, didn't I?"

"This is no laughing matter! There's an escaped autobot on the ship and has the phase shifter, that's how I'm stuck in this mess!" He had no luck in getting out of the wall he was stuck in.

"Alright calm down, we'll get you out of there." She failed to control her hidden smirks as she lazily tried tugging him out.

"You want me to calm down when we're in crisis!? Oh by the way, did you see an autobot on your way here?"

"Not that I noticed." She casually answered. "Yep, you're not going anywhere. Might have to blow up the wall, or cut you into pieces and put you back together oh that would be such fun!"

"Very funny…"

"I'm kidding," she half giggled. "But seriously I have no idea how you're going to get out of this mess."

Just when things couldn't get any worse Megatron had approached them with Dreadwing lingering behind.

"I beg you, my liege, release me from this absurd predicament!" Knockout pleaded.

"No!" Megatron snarled lowly. "You shall serve as a constant reminder to those who dare fail me." The warlord began walking away with Dreadwing following him.

"Don't worry, I'll keep you company." She told him but that wasn't what Megatron wanted.

"You'll be keeping me company, Bloodbloom. To the bridge, now!" The order was clear and she didn't like it.

"You better go before he loses his patience." Knockout sounded defeated. "I'm not going anywhere."

She could only smile weakly out of sympathy before she started following Megatron and Dreadwing. For the reason that she needed to be with him she was unsure about. It's not like it was a strange request but she got a bad feeling that Megatron wanted to keep her away from Knockout. Was it because he was aware about something going on, or was he just showing her the ropes? Well, whatever it was she would much rather be helping out Knockout somehow. Maybe that's why, so that he would be punished without her around. Made sense, she guessed.

Dreadwing had quickly filled her in on the way that the Omega keys were now in autobot hands and Megatron was more than unpleased about it. She than knew what the autobot's purpose was and she silently praised them for that kind of reckless move to pull. Thinking like that was risky but she didn't really care, as long as the autobots held the upper hand. They entered the front bridge and she still wondered why Megatron needed her with him, possibly just to listen to his whining, which was the case.

"I cannot allow Optimus Prime to be the one to revive cybertron. We will locate the autobot base, invade it, and retrieve the omega keys." It didn't make sense. Both sides wanted the same for their home planet, to revive it with the Omega keys and yet they both fought over who was going to be the first. She desperately wanted to question him but knew better than to argue with the warlord.

"Been there…done that. Please pardon my unannounced visit, lord Megatron." A new voice from within the room surrounded them. All Bloodbloom could think was she had seen him before but couldn't really pinpoint where. The tall and elegant looking mech held a smug grin as he leaned against the console while Megatron glared on, and not before long Dreadwing looked about ready to kill him by loading his weapon but was stopped by Megatron to allow the bird bot to continue. "But I have come bearing a peace offering" In his servos he revealed all the Omega keys.

All Bloodbloom could think was 'Oh shit' knowing fully well that the decepticons had the power to revive their home planet but also cause utter mayhem. 'This won't end well…'


"Few things of value come without a price. So, tell me, Starscream, what is it that you wish in return?"

"Only to be a decepticon once again." The only thing Bloodbloom could think of was 'this guy is like Loki, don't believe a thing he says.' This, Starscream, had trouble written all over. She didn't really like the fact that he had retrieved the Omega keys for Megatron and used that now to get a ticket back in. She knew nothing about him but by the way Dreadwing had reacted and how Megatron spoke so coldly towards him she figured he didn't leave on good terms.

"Dreadwing is my first lieutenant now." The way he said it was so cold, in a way the warlord tried to hurt his feelings.

"And I accept that much had changed during my absence." Starscream eyed Bloodbloom with narrowed optics and she returned the same stare to mock him. "I only wish to serve you, my one true master, in any way that you deem fit."

'Ass kisser.'

"I am deeply impressed by your accomplishment, Starscream. And know that I will put your offerings to good use, whatever the outcome."

"Uhh, outcome? Oh what?" He could only chuckle nervously with his response.

"See to it that Knockout is extracted from the wall." There was no way she was going to miss out on the events about to happen.

"Ah, it's good to be back." Knockout stretched and twisted his gears as if he was stuck in that wall for years. Bloodbloom rolled her optics as she stood at the side for what Megatron had planned. "Now, what will we be fishing for today, my liege?"

"Starscream's true motives."

She watched as Knockout connected the cortical psychic patch to Megatron and Starscream and the image popped up on the screen for them to watch.

"Is this how you know everything from my memories?" She asked out of curiosity.

"The very same, quite a uniqe thing, don't you think?"

"Kinda creepy to know every detail about someone's life, must've taken a while to go through mine."

"Well, lucky today we're only exploring Starscream's little history and as Megatron put it, motives."

The very first thing to happen was an explosion with Megatron caught right in the middle of it. 'Bastard is tough.' She thought to herself.

"Decepticons, it is with deep sorrow that I note for the log, Megatron's spark has been extinguished. All hail Starscream."

"All hail starscream!"

"That didn't take him long," she joked likely. "So, his motive was to lead the decepticons?"

"His only motive that is, so I'm not surprised Megatron ordered to have this one and figure out his mind." Knockout answered before returning to the screen.

"Well, well. You certainly didn't waste any time."

"What?! I just watched you perish!"

"I did not perish then, and I'm very much with you now. The present you as well as the past."

"All hail Starscream!"

"I can't hear you!" Starscream's singalong voice echoed as he danced around proudly.

"All hail Starscream!"

"One more time!"

"All hail Starscream!"

"This is going to be juicy." Knockout grinned in amusement. All the while Bloodbloom tried controlling her laugher as Starscream circled his hips like a professional pole dancer.

"Was he always this entertaining?"

"Mostly from watching his continues failures."

If she could she would've gotten some popcorn to watch to show before her. She hated to admit it but it was cleaver of Megatron to go into Starscream's head in order to see everything from his mind. If Megatron was to allow him back into the ranks it was going to be a miracle. Watching Starscream's every motive and plots to overthrow Megatron and sneak his way to the top of the leader board was interesting to see. From time to time Megatron looked like he was about to snap the seekers neck in half, before it quickly dulled and went on to prop his mind. So much was going on, from fighting against autobots to losing his ability to fly almost made her feel sorry for him. It was like cutting the wings off a bird, it wouldn't have been nice at all.

It than got to a point where Knockout appear in one of the memories when Megatron was in bad shape and Starscream was interacting with Knockout, and saw something she didn't think Knockout would be like.

"Well, as long as their master remains in limbo, so does their cause. The decepticons deserve a strong, alert leader."

"One who would require a loyal second in command."

"A candidate would need to earn that post by making a strong case to said eyes and ears."

"A case for showing mercy, Lord Starscream?" And of course Kncokout panicked.

"Oh-oh. Does this thing have a fast forward button or, better yet erase?!" He franticly tried pushing every button on the console with no luck.

"Are you fucking kidding me? I thought you were better than that! Were you really that selfish?"

"Come on, Bloomly, I'm a changed mech!" He said out dramatically. "Now I have a problem When Megatron comes out of it, he'll do more than just stick me back in that wall. He'll have Starscream's head and mine!"

"It serves you right for being so stupid, but I hope he doesn't, not that I really care!" She scolded him childishly. There was a sparkle of mischief in his optics as he looked up at Megatron in stasis.

"But if I disconnect before a proper power down, the link is severed and the big guy will never emerge from Starscream's head." He was about to pull the plug but she stopped him.

"Knockout! Are you out of your fucking mind? Do you realise how much trouble you'll get into?"

"By who? And why do you care, you don't even like the guy."

"Y-yeah…but it's still wrong, right?" She didn't even sound sure herself. No more Megatron meant she didn't have to worry about him anymore, but what did that mean for everyone else on the ship. How would it all end? That she grew concerned about.

Just as he went to turn the switch a servo came from out of nowhere and grabbed onto Knockout's, causing him to gasp at the sudden grip.

"Everything ok here?" Dreadwing asked lowly. He wasn't stupid, and probably knew what was about to happen.

"Just checking cable integrity."

"Yeah, of course." She couldn't help but roll her optics.

Now with Dreadwing present they all continued to watch and by coincidence Megatron and Starscream had started talking about Dreadwing and his lost brother, Skyquake. From the looks of it the autobots had put an end to Skyquake which made her understand his hate for them, btu things changed when a memory of Starscream came and he had infected himself with dark energon and had tried reviving Skyquake with the same without success.

"I understand he perished that day."

"Well, Skyquake is neither living nor dead and no doubt continues to wander through some dimensional never in search of his missing limb."

"It would be wise to keep that to yourself around the warship."

From the bitter glare Dreadwing gave as the long silence settled throughout the room.

"Awkward." Knockout nervously said. As weird as it was, that wasn't what shocked her the most, it was the fact that Megatron was allowing Starscream to remain among their ranks.

"B-but, does this mean-"

"Yes. I will allow you to return to our ranks if only because you are more valuable beside me than against me."

"Oh! Thank the allspark!"

"Infighting was nearly destroyed the decepticons during your absence. We must operate as a united front if we are to revive and conquer cybertron. That means each and every one of us, Knock out."

The medic shivered as Megatron from the screen stared right back at him. "Megatron sure knows how to patch things up, eh, Bloodbloom? Dreadwing?" He turned only to see no one. "Where did that femme go now?"

She knew Dreadwing wasn't in a good place and that was why she followed him to make sure he wasn't going to do something drastic. He ended up at the top of the bridge out in the open while the storm lingered around setting the mood. She wasn't supposed to go out but she had to try and talk with him. From a distance she watched as he let out a raged yelled that echoed throughout the storm around with the lighting and rain coming down. Slowly she approached, careful to try and not startle him.

"You shouldn't be out here!" He said out with his back still facing her.

"I wanted to make sure you were alright." She admitted. "Look, I understand-"

He now faced her and stepped closer with angry steps. "I lost my twin brother to the autobots only to find out that traitor tried raising him from the dead! How could you possibly understand?!"

"It hurts, I get it, but acting like this isn't the way. You're right I don't understand what's it like losing a brother, but going against Starscream won't bring him back." She had guessed that was what he wanted to do and he didn't even deny it either.

"I will avenged him…"

Memories from what she had done to Mark and his boys that very night clouded her mind. She was blinded by rage and wanted to make them all pay for putting her in this position in the first place. She would take it all back fi she could, but what's done is done as Knockout would tell her. All she could do was try and help Dreadwing around it to avoid a blood bath.

"Please listen to me! Think about Nightwatch."

That seemed to get his attention. His face relaxed as he thought about the femme he had slowly grew to care about and was carrying his sparkling. Since that day he first saw her he knew she was special, to him that was. He's tried to make it a more comfortable stay for her being on the nemesis surrounded by decepticons, a life she never predicated for herself. After a long day and returning to her in their quarters was a feeling like no other. Love? Maybe, but what did he know about love?

Bloodbloom now stood close to him and gently rested her servo on her shoulder plating. "She needs you, be with her."

He didn't even say anything or even looking as he slowly walked passed and headed back into the warship. She only stood there a moment long, savouring the cool weather before making her way back in as well. She didn't know what was going to happen now, but hoped Dreadwing would find a way around his hate for Starscream.

Nightwatch wasn't sure where Dreadwing was when she returned to their quarters, and so waited out for his return. She read over a data pad and suddenly placed her servo over swollen bump to feel the sparkling kick again. Ever since Bloodbloom made it look so fascinating she hasn't stopped herself from having a quick feel. It was different, one she wasn't sure about at first but now was growing fond of the feeling.

Not long after Dreadwing had returned and she strolled over to him as he stood near the entrance.

"Hey," almost right away she noticed something wasn't right. "What happened?"

He said nothing, he couldn't. Instead he closed the distance between them and brought her in a closed embrace. It was something she didn't expect. With her arms remaining low she looked up passed his chest and looked at his face, feeling confused as to why he was acting like this.

"Did something happen?"

He finally met her optics and managed a weak smile for her. "It's nothing you need to worry about, okay?"

She nodded and then returned the embrace without realising. "The sparkling kicked today, it's been moving for a while now."

That was the only good thing he has heard in a long while. He ran his servo over the small bump and within moments there was movement under his touch. All he could do was smile at the feeling of his sparkling's movements, such warm comfort he didn't want to lose.

Nightwatch gave a rare smile too. For the first time she felt some sort of hope for their future. Maybe Dreadwing was the one for her, and if he was she never wanted to lose him. She'll follow him wherever he goes, and that's the choice she settled for.

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