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Three ninja's watched the horrors of war unfold before their very eyes, Ino, Chouji and Shikamaru had never seen all out war or death until this day, the three genin watched from the shadows as men, women and even children were slaughtered before them by the cold hearted snakes that were invading Konoha currently.

Ino watched closely as she saw a child running for his life he was running with his mother, Ino noticed the building they were running past was unstable and moments after this thought a snake crashed though the building sending rubble hurling to the ground, Ino moved quickly seeing that the rubble was about to hit the small child running, she made It just in time as she dived and grabbed the boy saving him from a quick death.

The boy began to cry in Ino's arms as the mother looked back at the child her eyes showed that she was clearly in shock and distraught, the woman then looked at the snake that crashed through the building it turned it's head looking over at Ino, the mother took this time to make her escape running toward the gates of Konoha.

Ino froze in place. 'She just left her son, she decided to save herself and sacrifice her own child.' Ino couldn't believe it the face of the woman told it all she had decided her life was more important than her own childs. 'Why would someone do that why?' Ino asked herself over and over again.

The snake took this chance to attack Ino it's mouth opened wide is venomous fangs showing. "Ino-chan get out of there!" Shikamaru yelled, The snake was inches away from Ino when the snake's body was completely covered in paper in the next second the snake was cut into thousands of pieces.

A woman with a black coat with red clouds on it appeared beside Ino. "Is the child injured?" The purple haired woman asked Ino, who looked up and shook her head no the kid still crying into Ino's chest.

Konan gave a soft smile. "Come here child I will take you to safety." Konan said as she took a knee holding her hand out for the child to take it, the young boy turned his head and looked into the woman's eyes.

"You won't leave me will y-y-you." The boy emotions obviously shattered after seeing his own mother abandon him in a heartbeat.

"Of course I won't, I'm a personal friend of hokage-sama and I'm here with my friends to destroy these creatures." Konan said, the boy pushed away from Ino and jumped into the Konan's arms as he began to cry once more. "Shhh it's ok I'll make sure nothing and no one hurts you again." Konan said as she wrapped her arms around the boy's body.

Two more snakes appeared on the scene quickly slithering their way toward the group, the two snakes were destroyed this time not by Konan, no the snake was ripped apart by another person in a black coat.

This man held a sword in his arms about the same length as his body, he looked back at the group and his facial features became recognizable, his face was blue and had shark like features. "Konan think you can stop hugging that brat for a second and help." The man with the sword said. "If you want a kid that much why not just have one." The man then placed a finger on his chin. "Oh that's right you…." He said giving out a slight chuckle.

Konan's eyes widened in surprise for a second until he gaze focused on this man, if a look could kill someone this shark like man would have died on the spot. "Kisame I believe it would be wise if you didn't finish that statement." Konan said causing the man named Kisame to back up a bit he quickly turned on his heels and walked away from the scene heading directly into the line of battle where hundreds of snakes could be seen in the distance.

Konan continued to stare at Kisame until she felt a tug on her cloak, she looked down to she the child looking up at her, Konan's eyes instantly softened as she took the boy's hand into her own, she looked over at Ino. "You did the right thing saving this child." Konan obviously proud of the young ninja standing beside her.

Ino just nodded her head. "T-thank you." She was to dumbfounded to say anything else she just meet two people who killed snake summons in the matter of seconds and made it looked easy to be praised by one seemed nice at the time given that Ino didn't think highly of herself anyway.

Once Konan was gone both Shikamaru and Chouji walked up beside Ino. "Do either of you know who they were?" Shikamaru asked Ino and Chouji who shook their head no. "I bet our parents would know, I think there's a lot going on in this village that we aren't being told and I'm going to find out why." Shikamaru said showing some determination that Ino and Chouji have never seen before.

Sakura vs Gaara

Sakura was face to face with Gaara her right arm felt like it was full strength once more thanks to Ayame but the rest of her body felt done for she was stupid to think her stamina could hold out against a biju but she had a single hope left to win this fight, she closed her eyes thinking back to the hellish training.


Might Guy and Sakura stood in the middle of the forest Sakura's eyes averted from his body trying not to puke from the sight of the green body suit. "Ok today Sakura-chan we will start off light, I want you to do 500 push ups, 2000 squats and a 15 mile run." Guy said to Sakura.

The pink haired ninja looked at him like he was insane before she gave a soft laugh. "Oh that's funny Guy-sensei you got me I thought you were serious." Sakura said with a smile.

Guy looked at Sakura and it took her only a second to realize he wasn't kidding that was. "You were serious?" Guy nodded his head and Sakura lowered her thoughts of giving up already past threw her head but they were quickly dispelled, she was not that Sakura anymore and refused to be like that anymore. "Ok let's get started Guy-sensei."

1 month later

"3055!" Sakura screamed out as she barely pushed herself off the ground for the push up and fell back to the ground her body exhausted. The pink haired girl laid on the ground trying to catch her breath as Guy stood above her looked proud of his student.

"Sakura-chan that was only your 4th set you still have one more to go." Sakura said as she struggled to look up at Guy, her eyes meet his and her determination was clear.

"Yes Sensei" Sakura responded as she pushed herself up and began another set of push-ups deciding that today she would finish her set's and not pass out she would finish all 5 sets and better herself.

2 Months later

Sakura and Guy were in the same forest and she was doing her set of push ups again this time she was doing a hand stand and using just a single finger to lift herself off the ground. "7000!" Sakura yelled as she pushed off her finger and did a flip landing on her feet her body only slightly sweating after the set. "Well that was 5 sets Guy-sensei, Do you think you can make it harder next time." Sakura said with a smile.

It was obvious that Guy was proud of her. "I think it's time the real training starts then Sakura-chan, I believe it's time you learned how to open up the inner gates." Guy responded as Sakura seemed excited to learn more.

Flashback end

Sakura closed her eyes. "Gate of opening." Sakura felt her mind remove all restraints on her body she could feel body becoming more powerful and she was given full control of her strength now able to use 100% of her physical strength, " Gate of healing." Sakura then felt a strain as her mind was forcibly made to double her strength.

Sakura looked up at the biju and smiled. "I know when you fought Lee he used 6 gates, I was only able to learn these two though." Sakura said as the biju simply roared and sent it's massive claw toward Sakura she pulled her right hand back closing into a fist and punched the claw, Sakura fist destroyed the claw completely as it exploded into sand and fell to the ground. "But that should be enough for the likes of you."

Underneath Konoha

The cloaked ninja had meet resistance from Danzo's root but each one was easily beaten by the powerful ninja leaving nothing but charred remains of what once were ninja's, The cloaked figure moved up to the sealed room at the end of the hall as the cloak figure moved close to the lock and melted the lock away.

The ninja opened the door and inside chained up and unconscious was a female woman with black hair do to what she figured had to be the work of the seal that was placed on the raven haired woman's forehead, the cloaked ninja moved forward placing her hand on the seal and checked to see if there were any traps that would activate or if it was dangerous to take off.

After several minutes the cloaked ninja came to the conclusion that it would be ok to remove the seal as it should do no harm to the woman, once the seal was removed the raven haired woman instantly gained consciousness.

The woman looked up and smiled. "So I'm guessing your here to rescue me?" The raven haired woman's throat was clearly dry as she started to cough after speaking.

The cloaked figure removed there hood and pulled a bottle of water from under the robe, she handed it to the the uchiha woman in front of her. "Mikoto-san it's nice to finally meet you and yes I am here to rescue you I owe it to Itachi-san." The now unhooded ninja said.

Mikoto gave a smile. "My son, I wonder how long it's been since I've seen him." Mikoto asked not sure how long she had actually been out for. "I'm sorry to ask this but could you carry me? I am much to weak to walk on my own right now and I feel as though I may lose consciousness anytime now." Mikoto asked pushing her pride aside.

The cloaked ninja simply smiled. "Of course Mikoto-san." The ninja turned around and Mikoto placed her feet on either side of the ninja and placed her arms around the ninja's neck and she laid her head on the ninja's shoulder.

"You know me and Kushina-chan use to give each other piggyback rides all the time, you know you have the same color hair as her…I hope she's ok." Mikoto said as her eyes closed and she fell asleep being carried by the red haired ninja.

"I'm sure you will see her sooner then you think Mikoto-san." The two then walked out of the room and headed back to the main lobby where hopefully Itachi had finished Danzo off.


"Hey moron how about you run!" another ninja with a black cloak and red clouds on it said. He looked at his hand which had a mouth of it's own and he placed clay into it, the mouth chewed the clay for only a few moments before the mouth spit it back out and the blonde haired ninja grabbed it, when a snake attacked him he moved quickly out of the way and placed the clay on the snake and watched as the clay exploded seconds later completely destroying the snake which tried to attack him.

In the next moment the shark man named Kisame appeared beside him. "Deidara you know not to upset the citizen's, you know what Minato-sama said we need to help them." Kisame said his body shivered at the word help but it was his orders after all.

"I know but come on they are pathetic, so stupid!" Deidara yelled as he kicked a rock off the top of a roof, he gave a deep sigh. "Yeah but boss man said we had to be nice to em you right." Deidara then looked down watching a group of citizens running away from a small group of snakes, Deidara moved down quickly and dispatched the group of snakes.

He looked back at the citizen's. "You can go now! I kinda just saved your life." The shocked citizen's bowed quickly thanking him before running off trying to find safety wherever they could within Konoha.

Kisame landed beside him once more. "Any idea where Itachi and Sasori are?" KIsame asked.

"No idea, I know Itachi is away on a mission but I have no clue where Sasori is no one's seen him in a few months, hopefully the creepy fuck is dead." Deidara responded clearly showing his dislike for the man named Sasori.

Sakura vs Gaara

The biju looked almost shocked that the small pink haired ninja just beat him it a test of strength. "Come on I know you got more then that." Sakura said with a smirk which seemed to only upset the biju more.

The tailed best grabbed a tree pulling it out of the ground with it's left arm, the biju then threw the tree at Sakura who meet the tree with a fierce chakra enhanced punched completely destroying the tree with ease

Sakura looked up and laid her eyes upon Gaara who was asleep on top of the one tailed beasts head. 'I need to attack him to win this battle, if he wakes up I should be able to win this fight.' Sakura said to herself.

Sakura planted her feet firmly on the ground and she chakra surrounded her feet she dug her feet into the ground until she was set, she pushed off her feet as hard as she could sending her flying at lightning speed up toward Gaara.

Sakura now inches away from Gaara as she pulled her chakra enhanced right fist back she swung it down toward Gaara only to be meet with sand hitting her hard in the stomach sending the small ninja flying back and hitting a large tree behind her.

'I think that may have broke my back.' Sakura said as she grabbed her back trying to lessen the pain which sadly didn't happened. 'I can't just go in like that I guess, I'm fast but not fast enough.' Sakura then looked up and saw the biju's left arm sweep across the forest knocking down hundreds of tree's, Sakura was able to jump over the strike saving her life.

Sakura fell down in the rubble of the hundreds of tree's, she looked around and came up with an idea.

Sakura grabbed the tree's and began to hurl them toward Gaara each once with such forced that the Biju had no time to focus on the pink haired ninja he had to make sure he deflected each and every one of the tree's he couldn't afford for his host to wake up now.

The one tailed beat Shukaku started to become angry after minutes of this assault with tree's he looked down and prepared to attack the pink haired ninja only to see that she had disappeared.

Shukaku looked at the last few trees that were flying his way he thought she had simply given up that's when he saw his sand instinctively destroy a tree within that tree was the same pink haired ninja that dared to fight a biju and she was heading straight for Gaara, the mighty Biju's sand didn't make it in time Sakura had finally hit Gaara with her powerful fist. "Nooooo!" The might tailed beast yelled.

In the next seconds Gaara's eyes opened as the sand that held Gaara and formed Shikaku fell apart, both Sakura and Gaara were both falling to the ground and two genin hit the ground hard bouncing slightly.

It was Gaara who was able to stand first, second later Sakura also stood up, both teens were barely able to stand as they walked forward on wobbly legs, Sakura with no chakra left to speak off and Gaara with no sand to defend himself, the two proud ninjas gave each other one last mighty blow which sent both ninja's to the ground unable to continue their fight.

The two genin looked at each other Gaara the first to speak. "How did you get so powerful." Gaara asked his eyes barely able to keep them open for the longest time he had wanted to sleep but never could and now that he could he didn't want to he had to find out how this woman became so powerful.

"Because I have to get strong enough to protect my friends, Ayame-chan had every right to hate me but she didn't she became my friend and because of her I was able to get strong and because of that I can even call someone like Naruto-kun my friend as well, I owe everything to them so I have to become powerful enough to stand beside them as their equal." Sakura said with a smile.

Gaara looked at her questioning her logic but it had to be right just look at her she had become this strong in a matter of months. "I see, friendship do I have any friends?" Gaara asked himself this when his siblings jumped down with Temari on-top of Sakura.

Sakura looked up and saw that Temari was ready to finish her off. "Stop it Temari!" Gaara yelled and his sister looked over shocked but did what her brother told her. "She gave me a lot to think about I want her alive I may need to speak with her later." Gaara said.

Temari moved over and with her brother they picked Gaara up and looked at Sakura. "Thank you Sakura." Gaara said with a slight head bow.

Sakura with the last of her strength gave a mighty thumbs up. "No problem it's was the power of youth after all." Sakura said.

It wasn't until the horror of the three teens faces that Sakura figured out what just happened, she didn't…she looked at her thumb…she just gave a thumbs up she never did that she never. "Oh god I've been infected! I'm becoming one of them!"

The sand siblings took this chance to leave now both freaked out and feeling slightly sorry for the Konoha ninja.

Tears began to stream down Sakura's face. "It's all over." Sakura then imagined her in a green jumpsuit asking Sasuke out on a date. 'nooooo anything but this….though it does show off my rockin body….no don't even think about it!' Sakura could no longer mentally torture herself has her consciousness faded slowly after a long day it was finally over she could finally rest.

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