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Seattle was a gloomy place in the winter months, the rain had been pouring down for the past couple of days now. Rain wasn't unusual in Seattle but with the amount they had been receiving she was surprised there had been no major floods in the area. Large puddles lined the streets but none large enough to cause road closures.

Lightening lit up the dark apartment causing a shiver to shudder through her. She didn't know why but ever since she'd woken up this morning she felt dread in the pit of her stomach.

Ever since she was a child she'd decided to trust her instincts when she woke one morning with the same feeling she decided to stay off school. She found out later that her ex-boyfriends car had been hit on the passenger side. The side she sat at every morning. When she'd found out what had happened, she couldn't help but be grateful to the instinct that she'd decided to listen to.

She knew realistically she had to get up and she was most likely being silly but she couldn't shrug off the feeling as the day went on. Something was going to happen she could feel it.

She gazed lazily at the photos that lined his mantel piece; that she'd forced him to place. She couldn't believe the man had no photos of his beautiful daughter lining his shelves for everyone to see. To her that was wrong. She knew men did it, her father had done it when she was a young girl. He'd told her that when she was visiting her mother it didn't feel as lonely, because her photo reminded him she'd be home soon.

The thought of her father made her heart tighten realising he was still alone in that big house she used to call home. Shaking her head she wiped a stray tear reminding herself he wasn't alone, his friends daughter came everyday to clean and cook him meals. She was looking after him. Not her.

She reminded herself to call him once the game had finished; she knew better than to disturb him whilst a game was on. She'd made that mistake once before and she refused to do it again. She loved her father dearly but he had truly put her off watching any type of sport on tv.

She could picture him now. Feet up, remote in one hand and a beer in another. The cursing that she scolded him for when his team was losing and his loud cheering when his team was winning. She smiled weakly wondering if these habits continued whilst she wasn't there.

Banishing the thoughts of her father to the back of her mind she continued to scan the lounge. She couldn't call the place a home because it didn't feel like one. It was too perfect. The only glimpse of normalcy in the place was Elizabeth's room which even for a twelve month old seemed too perfect.

The bin was never full with nappies; you could hardly smell the talcum powder that was placed on her behind. It lacked anything that would resemble a home in her mind and no matter how much she tried to change it she knew she couldn't, he wouldn't allow it.

She remembered when she first walked into the apartment she'd expected so much more. She didn't know what exactly but she didn't feel like she belonged here but she stuck it out for him because she knew this was how he was and she loved him for it anyway.

A small smile graced her lips as she heard his hurried steps coming down the corridor, she was about to turn when she heard the door slam open making her jump.

"Why!" He yelled, emerald eyes blazing with rage. "Why would you do this to me?"
"What are you talking about?" She asked her eyes wide and confused.
"You know exactly what I'm talking about" he hissed stalking towards her, his fist clenched at his sides.

He couldn't believe he'd been so stupid. They'd all warned him about her, but he'd refused to listen to them, believing that this woman would be different from all the other vile creatures that tried to cling to him for his money.
He couldn't believe he'd been so stupid.

"Do I look that stupid to you?!" He yelled.

Jumping back in fright she watched him with eyes wide. She didn't understand what had happened in the short hours they'd been apart. He'd left her a note reminding her of their plans for this evening and how he'd soon return to her.

"Edward I don't understand!" She cried. "What have I done?"

"Did he hire you to sleep with me and then you'd both take me for everything?" He asked a deadly calm in his voice.

"You hired me Edward. I have no idea what the hell you're on about" She shouted back, finally losing her cool as acquisitions were thrown at her.

"Why must you play me for a fool?" He snarled as he closed the distance between the two of them. "Do you not think I'd find out? That you meeting up with this man whilst you looked after my daughter would never reach me! How dare you treat me like a fool!"

"What man Edward? What man? You keep yelling at me and not telling me what I have done!" She was trapped now he had her pinned to the wall with no escape.
"James Hunter" eyes wide and manic, he glared down at her, his hands gripping her arms tightly. "Who did you think I meant the fucking tooth fairy?"

Looking at the man who stood before her she couldn't believe the lies that he had believed and the hatred in his eyes that was directed towards her.
She knew by looking at him no matter what she said he wouldn't believe it. She felt herself wince in pain from his grip, knowing it would leave marks.

She'd done nothing wrong, she knew she hadn't. She didn't care that none of his family believed her. They never liked her anyway and even though that had hurt at first she'd learnt to accept it and ignore it. The fact he was stood there and had believed the lies he'd been told about her that he'd sworn he'd never believe, he finally had.

"You really believe I'd do something to swindle you out of money?" She whispered looking away from his face; she couldn't bare to see him look at her with so much hate.

Eyes widening at the question he let go of her, he walked towards the bay window that looked over the city, his hands pulling at his mop of bronze hair.


Wiping tears that fell from her cheeks she knew the answer. He didn't believe her, she'd been used as pawn in whatever game James Hunter had been playing and it seemed he would win and Edward would lose.

"Leave" he snarled gripping his hair tightly so he wouldn't raise another hand towards her. "If you ever step foot near me or my child so god help me, I will ruin you."

Rage suddenly boiled inside her. How dare he threaten her? She'd done nothing but love this man and his child since she'd met him a year ago. Now he had the nerve to judge her without listening to her side of the story. He'd chosen to listen to the lies of others instead of asking her first.

"How dare you!" She screamed. "How fucking dare you Edward Cullen. You may believe these lies but know this, when the truth does come out and you realise I did nothing but love you. Don't you dare come anywhere near me" she marched towards the door she gripped the handle tightly before uttering. "Or I'll ruin you"

The slamming of the door echoed throughout the apartment and it took all it had in him to not run and continue the confrontation. He would never open his heart to a woman again. Nor would he allow anyone apart from his mother and sister to get too close to his daughter.

He couldn't believe he'd listen to them about hiring a nanny. A nanny that could of brought his company to its knees if Jenks hadn't spotted the transfers of money out of his smaller accounts.

He never felt so much rage towards one person in his whole life. He couldn't believe he'd allowed such a person to care for his daughter, lord knows what could of happened to her.

He'd never meant to take their relationship to another level. He'd meant to keep it at a strictly professional level but after a hard day of work and too many whiskeys later, he'd found himself in her bed naked with her by his side.

It was then their relationship had begun to change, Elizabeth was only two months old at the time.

At first they'd taken it slowly they'd fucked another two times before he asked her on a date. Feeling as though he owed it to her to try to give their relationship a go for his daughter's sake. He noticed Lizzie had grown to love her the way she would a mother. He knew she needed a mother figure and considering he had started a relationship with the only one she had known he needed to attempt to make it work.

He found that he enjoyed her company to the point that he sought it out to discuss the trying day he had at the company. Then he would whisk her away to take his frustrations out on her body, the way both of them enjoyed.

He couldn't believe he'd been so stupid his father had taught him never to mix business and pleasure and he had done exactly that.

Never again.

No. From here on out it would just be him and Lizzie, no woman would ever be good enough for them.

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