Chapter Four

The light flickered indicting the late hour of the night, she didn't know how long she'd been sat there but she didn't have the strength to move from the cab of her truck.

She stared blankly at her dashboard exhaling a deep sigh. Her head was throbbing lightly from the impending headache that was on its way. The thought of asking the rest of her staff if they have any crazy ex-boyfriends she may need to know about.

Just so she could keep her gun ready and maybe Leah on standby.

Charlie's cruiser sat in the driveway signalling to her he wasn't working the night shift. Her fingers drummed on the steering wheel as she stared blankly out of the window. The conversation between herself and Tanya was running through her mind.


"I used to work for him," Tanya sniffed whipping her eyes. "I thought I was in love him and that I knew him better than anyone, but the truth was I didn't. The relationship didn't mean the same to him as it did to me."

"Wait," Bella interrupted puzzled. "You worked for him and had a relationship with him?"

Tanya nodded her head looking ashamed. "I didn't mean for it to happen. I was his daughters nanny and I fell in love with her from the moment he introduced us, she was so precious and innocent and he showed me a side of himself I'd never seen before. He was different around her, he was warm and loving towards her and I hoped he could be the same with me."

"I'm guessing it ended badly?" Bella asked before she could stop herself. She regretted the words as soon as they left her mouth. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be," Tanya muttered glaring at the table. "He accused me of betraying him, with a man I didn't even know. I felt heartbroken that he'd even assume I'd do such a thing to him, but then again he showed me how little I truly meant to him."

The silence that filled the kitchen was deafening as Bella attempted to process what Tanya had told her. She knew from the moment she had interviewed Tanya that she'd been hurt badly, she just wondered how much more of the story was still left to be told.

"I didn't betray him," Tanya whispered wiping the fresh wave of tears. "I'd never do that Bella. All I did was love him and his daughter but someone set me up and he never believed me."

Looking at her helplessly Bella did the only thing she could think of she pulled the broken woman into an embrace letting her cry on her shoulder. She silently stroked her hair as her tears soaked her top.

"I believe you Tan," Bella whispered. "You don't have to worry about anything he isn't going to hurt you."

Pulling away sharply Tanya stood up as if she'd been electrocuted. "You can't protect me Bella! No one can."

"What do you mean?" Bella asked shocked. "I'll report it to my dad and he'll help you Tan, he's the chief of police."

"No, no, no!" Tanya whispered frantically as she began to pace running her hands through her blonde locks. "He's a powerful man, Bella! He could get me killed if he really wanted too. He has too much power and influence! He'd ruin your dad just to prove a point."

"Tanya listen to me!" Bella exclaimed trying to break the frantic woman from her ranting. "Men like that are just bullies. He will not do anything to you in this town and if he goes above the law he'll have a lot of people to answer too. Now sit down before you wear a hole in my floor."

Staring at her, Tanya reluctantly sat herself back down on the stool, her long fingers ran through her hair. She looked utterly defeated at the situation that had re-entered her life, she'd thought that by leaving Seattle and moving back to Forks to be with her father she'd escape the demons that roamed the city but instead she'd just led them here.

"Don't you dare think of quitting on me Tan," Bella glared as she watched her friend. "That man probably won't be staying here long and I don't believe that your father should have to suffer because he's too far up his own ass to believe someone who's given them unconditional love. He needs a good kick if you ask me."

"Thanks Bella," Tanya smiled weakly.

Tanya knew that by her leaving, her father would be the one to suffer the most. When she had returned he'd looked so lifeless and now in just the few months she'd been back he'd returned back to his old self. She'd fear that by her leaving again would leave him to truly fall into the depths of loneliness.

Eleazer Denali was a proud man and he refused to ask for help off anyone even his own daughter. When Tanya had returned to her father she'd instantly noticed he wasn't as healthy as he'd been when she'd left three years ago. He'd lost weight and had become less mobile since he'd retired a year earlier.

It wasn't until he'd begun to look after her she noticed he'd begun to look healthier again. She knew deep down her father was a man that needed a focus in order to keep himself going and with her returning she'd given him one again.

He hadn't been the same since her mother had passed away when she was sixteen. He dived into his work looking for a possible distraction to stop himself from feeling the absence of his wife.

She should of known that with her absence and his retirement from work her father would find it difficult to focus his attentions onto something else.

"Go home Tan," Bella said, her words having a meaning both girls understood.


Snapping herself out of her thoughts Bella shivered as she felt the cold air sweeping into her truck. Climbing out of the truck she looked up at the house she'd spent so many years in.

Since the arrival of his second daughter Charlie had begun to save for the much needed extension his house would need once his daughters reached the age they would no longer want to share a room.

He'd managed to make the small two bedroom house into a nice sized three bedroom house with two bathrooms. They'd added a garage onto the side of the house which would then end up with a sofa and TV in there so the girls had a place to go when they had friends round. Above the garage would be a new bedroom with a bathroom for Charlie. This meant Nessie moved into his old room and they could share their own bathroom whilst he could keep his own privacy. Bella assumed he'd made the decision as soon as Nessie had begun her period and he had not only one but two hormonal teenage daughters.

Opening the front door she was greeted with an all too familiar sight. A sight which was reserved for an occasion which usually concerned her sister and her father falling out.

Glancing through the archway into the kitchen she noticed the whiskey bottle which was on the kitchen counter. Charlie only drank whiskey when he'd had a hard day at work or a fight with one of them.

"Dad?" She asked as she watched his slumped figure in the armchair. "Are you ok?"

She knew something was wrong. The last time she'd seen him like this was with her sister's constant up and down relationship with Jacob Black that had now begun to affect Charlie's relationship with his father Billy Black.

You'd automatically assume it was Charlie who was raising concerns over Jacobs's behaviour towards his daughter but in actual truth it was Nessie's constant mood swings with Jacob that had Billy concerned that Nessie was merely using his son and it wasn't good for his son's health to continue the games that they had begun to play with one another.

She knew that it had hurt her father's pride that his daughter was so out of control his best friend had asked him to keep her away from his son.

"She's pregnant." Charlie muttered twirling the glass in his hand, his dark brown eyes held the anguish he felt. "Am I really that much of a bad father?"

Standing shocked Bella couldn't believe what she was hearing. She knew her sister was unpredictable but she didn't realise how bad she'd become. Everyone had just assumed it was a faze she'd eventually grow out of but as she'd neared her twenties the behaviour was usually just restricted to her relationship with Jacob.

"Of course not dad!" Bella said angered he'd even think that. "It's not your fault she is how she is dad. You know perfectly well she's acting out because of Renee."

Moving over to where her father was sitting she wrapped her arms around him, knowing that even though he was at times awkward when it came to constant affection she knew he needed her comfort. She'd relied heavily on her father when she had returned a year ago and she knew that she would always let him rely on her no matter what.

Ever since she'd been old enough to understand what had happened between her father and mother Bella had taken to calling Renee by her actual name considering as she'd never properly known her mother since her departure all those years ago.

It wasn't until Nessie turned eighteen that they had first heard from Renee. Now both daughters were of age she didn't have to worry about Charlie denying her access to them both and she had attempted to contact them both through social media.

Bella was almost twenty two when her mother contacted her and had chosen not to respond and had instead blocked her mother so she could no longer attempt to contact her. She was in her final year of university and didn't want the distraction. Whereas Nessie had responded and begun to form a dysfunctional relationship with her mother.

In the beginning Renee had promised her daughter she'd come see her so they could build a relationship Nessie had always wanted. She'd promised Nessie anything she suggested and when it had come to the day Renee was supposed to meet her, she would never show.

Unfortunately for Charlie he was left alone to deal with the situation as Bella was in her final year of university and had barely been in contact with him or Nessie which had begun to worry him. He had been on the verge of asking Leah and Jacob to go and visit her until Nessie had started to act out which had diverted all of his attention towards her and had put Bella into the back of his mind.

Bella knew her father blamed himself for not sending Jacob and Leah earlier but she understood that her mother had horrible timing and had essentially sent her sister into downward spiral which needed all of his attention.

Now at twenty four she'd overcome so much more than she should have at a young age. The past three years of her life felt like they belonged in a soap opera rather than the memories that haunted her at night.

The last year of her life she had spent it fighting to get out of the depression she found herself in and worked to make sure she could accomplish her dream with only a few minor setbacks.

She had no idea what her sister planned to do. But now she had a baby on the way she hoped that she would begin to her life on track instead of wasting the money they'd been given and spend it wisely now she had someone else to think of.

"Is Jacob the father?" Bella asked wondering if he best friend knew.

"I'm not sure," Charlie replied frustration laced in his voice. "She walked in, told me she was pregnant, then went and locked herself in her room."

Bella rubbed her head and let out a deep sigh. She wondered why tonight had to be so stressful. Couldn't he sister of waited until tomorrow to unleash such a bombshell on their father and herself.

"I'll speak to her in the morning," Bella sighed as she sat with her father. "I don't need her attitude right now."

Glancing at his daughter he noticed she was frowning and rubbing her temple. "What's wrong Bells?"

"Stressful night at work," She mumbled back.

"Do you know anything about the Cullens?" She asked sitting up slightly and looking at her father.

"The new family?" Charlie asked puzzled. "Carlisle Cullen was a doctor in Seattle, some sort of chief surgeon. Whilst his wife Esme is one of them stuck up house wives."

"She didn't seem so bad when she came in," Bella wondered. "What about their children?"

"Snobs," Charlie grumbled. "Rosalie McCarty is some bitchy supermodel that's married to a top notch lawyer according to Sue and Edward Cullen is owner of Cullen Enterprises in Seattle and Sue said he was a single father."

"So they're a bunch of snobs basically?" Bella laughed. "Did you catch them speeding?"

Huffing Charlie crossed his arms and grumbled. "Those high class city people think they can do no wrong in a town like this. They were in for a shock when I switched on my lights and pulled them over."

Bella giggled at her father knowing too well he'd of enjoyed it a bit too much when he pulled over an expensive car and gave them an earful about their speed and how children played on the streets.

Shaking her head she got up from the sofa and gave him a swift kiss on the cheek. "Come on old man get your butt to bed. You need to be in top form for tomorrow."

Groaning Charlie hoisted himself out of his chair and stretched. "I'll have you know Sue says I'm still in the prime of my youth."

"Too much information dad!" Bella snorted as they checked all the doors and windows before climbing the stairs and wishing each other a good night before moving into their bedrooms.

Looking round her room Bella glanced at the furniture which had not changed over the years. Her bed remained opposite her window so she could watch the sun come in the morning. Her dresser sat under the window, whilst her desk was next to the door. She glanced at the little white bookshelf that held all her classics that she'd been collecting since her early teenage years.

Stripping off her work uniform she placed it in the basket next to her wardrobe and climbed into bed too exhausted to bother with her nightly routine. She knew when she woke up there would be another day of drama to look forward too.

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