The rest of the day was spent of Emily and Bucky telling the howling commandos of what happened since Nick Fury's supposed death. However everyone but Emily, her uncle and a couple of others know that Nick Fury was still alive. It wasn't till when her uncle was taken to the hospital that Emily had learned of what happened in the few days before. Emily was surprised by what happened to Nick Fury and it made her wonder of what will happen to the avengers. For Emily knows that there was money behind the avengers to be formed as well as plenty of arguing about the avengers. When night had fallen that Emily had went back to the hunter's camp while Bucky had remained at the howling commando's camp to talk of what happen to them in the last seventy years.

August, a few months later

Emily and the howling commandos were in the S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters in New York City. While it was now the base for the howling commandos or one of the bases, the other being the campsite close to the hunter's camp. Phil had become part of the howling commandos when they had made the S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters into the base. Both Nick Fury and Maria Hill had approved the howling commandos being there, they had told Emily that the hunters could stay here too. Emily had told them that the hunters would most likely prefer to stay in the forest but made the offer anyway. As Emily expected that the hunters had refused to move in the new howling commandos base, for the reason Emily had gave as well as the hunters didn't like the idea of being the same building as the howling commandos. Sure the hunters had got used to the howling commandos being close to the campsite and the howling commandos sometimes going with the hunters on missions.

but they still had that general dislike of men and about half of the hunters had forget what it was like to have men around. The newer hunters hadn't forget what it was like to have a male around the house or at least some of the newer hunters. With the new hunters that had joined in the last couple of years that they recognize Emily as Elizabeth Rogers, Lieutenant America. However Emily had told them that she would prefer them to call her Emily, since it was the name she uses on a daily basis and Elizabeth was only for people who knew her before she had become Emily Blackthrone. At the moment Emily, James, Bucky, Peggy Carter and her uncle just got off of the elevator and into the lobby of where the hunters were waiting for her. Her uncle was about ready to say something when he had rubbed his eyes and yawned, not only that but Bucky and Peggy did as well.

"Why am I suddenly sleepy?"

"I don't know, you should had enough last night." Without much of a warning that all three of them as well as the howling commandos had closed their eyes and fell to the floor. Emily had went over to her uncle and did her best to turn him to his side instead of him facing face down. When Emily had managed to sort of get him on his side that out her hand over his heart and felt his heart. She could hear him breathing more evenly, she could hear gentle snoozing coming from some of the howling commandos. Emily had let go and her uncle and went face down and she got up as James made his way back over to her when he had checked on some of the howling commandos. The hunters had also made their way over to where Emily was.

"They are all asleep." Just than the elevator door had opened and Phil had come out and walked over to where Emily, James and the hunters were.

"What happened?"

"They are asleep."

"I can seen that but how did an entire building fall asleep expect for us?" When Phil had said that, that a thought had hit her.

"What if this was Morpheus' doing?" They all looked at her when she had said that.

"But why would he do that?"

"Phil, haven't you heard about the war and that most of the minor gods and goddess had sided with Kronos?"

"If this was his doing than there is a chance that the last battle of this war might be happening soon." When James said that, that they all left the building and towards the Empire State Building. As they ran that the hunters had summoned their swords as well as their wolves and falcons, so that they have their hunting companions there to help with the battle. Emily had took off her hair clip and touched the clip part so it changed into εποχή ερωμένη (seasons mistress). When they reached there that Emily had saw the campers there and form the looks of it, the campers were a small group. No less than forty and no more than forty five of which was not good, just than one of the campers had ask about the Lincoln Tunnel. It seemed like if Percy had forget about that tunnel, not only that but they were short in numbers.

"How about you leave that to us?"

The campers had turned and watched as the hunters had crossed fifth avenue and over to where the campers were. All the hunters had a falcon on their arms and there was the white timber wolves at their sides as well including Alexandria, Emily's silver wolf. However Emily's falcon had flew onto her shoulder instead of her arm, unlike with the other hunters. The hunters were wearing white shirts, silver camouflage pants and combat boots instead of their usual hunting boots. The only reason hey had combat boots was because they were planning on practicing swordplay at the base and combat boots were better for sword play instead of hunting boots. Thalia was wearing her usual shirt, jacket, skull rings and death to Barbie shirt, while Emily was wearing her usual brown jacket that her uncle had gave to her seventy years ago. Emily had only started wearing the jacket since she learned that her uncle was alive a couple of years ago.


"The Hunters of Artemis, reporting for duty." Emily merely smiled as Thalia hugged at last som of her friends, but the rest of the hunters, as well as James and Phil. Since none of the hunters had shoot, Emily was sure that was an warm welcome from the hunters. However Emily knows that the hunters don't like the campers all that much, more with the boys than the girls. After Thalia had a few words with Percy and Annabeth that the campers and the hunters went to their respected tunnel. However Phil and James had come along with the hunters since James had no where else to go to and he wanted to fight and Phil was like a male hunter. When the hunters had reached the tunnel that Emily, Phoebe, Thalia, Bianca, James and Phil were in front and they all had swords in their hands. Some of the other hunters had swords in their hands but the rest ha bow and arrows in their hands.

After a few minutes that Emily saw a Sherman tank from World War II and a hundred monsters behind it. Emily had looked at James and he had looked over at her, when they had looked at each other that an understanding had passed between them. Emily had than told the hunters to fire and they started shooting their arrows while Emily and James had ran forward towards the Sherman tank. Emily and James had to go though some of the monsters before they had got to the tank. Once inside that Emily had notice it was a couple of demigods that were inside, the three demigods were close of starting to attack them but Emily and James had knocked them out before the fight could begin properly. Emily had pushed the one demigod from the driver's seat and she and put herself in the driver's seat while James had took the weapons seat and started firing at the monsters.

Emily could barely make out the cheers from the hunters and Phil, Emily smiled as she turned the tank around to face the monsters and started driving towards them. As the tank went towards the monsters that the monsters started running from them. Emily smiled as she watched them run, she wished it would have been this easy in World War II. For one thing, it would have been easier to defeat HYDRA, however they still had to defeat HYDRA a few months ago. After a couple of hours that the sun started to rise and the monsters hadn't ran and were left had pulled back. Emily and James had got out of the tank and ran to where the hunters were, thankfully it was not as bad as it could have been. Most of the hunters were able to walk or walk with help, Emily had half of the hunters go to the hotel and the hunters that were more able to seal up the subways. Emily, Phil and James had walked to the hotel, Emily look ahead as they walked, after a minute that James had spoke.

"Emily, what should Phil and I do?"

"I don't know, we will see when we get there." After a few minutes of entering the hotel that Emily had learned of what some of the campers were doing. James had helped the Apollo cabin with healing, while Emily and Phil had went to the kitchen to help their siblings with food. The few satyrs that were among the campers were eating the couches and the other things like that. As she put some of the food on the table that she saw Thalia talking with Percy, but she didn't see Annabeth. Emily had hoped that Annabeth was all right, even if Emily was not close with Annabeth. After most of the food was out that Emily had went to a bedroom and fell asleep as soon as she hit the pillows.

She was on top of the same roof of when she had first meet Gaea seventy years ago, Emily had walked to the edge of the roof and looked down. Seventy years had done it's toil on this place. For there was rust everywhere and it looked like no one has been here for seventy years. Emily wondered why she was even here on this roof, Emily had turned around and like last time she was close of screaming but unlike last time it was more out of fear than surprise. Unlike last time that Emily was here, Emily was close of falling off the building but she had manage keep her balance. It was a woman wearing a black dirt cloak that churns and shifts, there was a veil of dust in front of her fact. The face was pale but not as pale as it was seventy years ago, but it was still beautiful and her eyes were closed. Unlike last time, Emily didn't take out her staff for she knows it wouldn't do any good for it was a dream for one thing. The woman had than smiled before she had spoke.

"I was wondering where you have been for the last seventy years. After you had become a hunter that it was hard to trace you, even for me, till the last year when my son was risen."

"At least I am glad to know I had kept out of your sight for so long." It was true Emily was scared of Gaea but Emily refused to show it but it seemed like that Gaea still sense it.

"Even though you are still alive after all this time, you are still nothing but a child." Emily had took a couple of step forwards before she had spoke.

"I might still be a child by your age, but I am not a child by any normal means. I know that if your son is defeat that you will wage war against the gods and I will be there to face you in battle when it comes." Gaea had smiled when Emily had said that.

"Since our last meeting here on this roof, of when I had first appeared to you, you have grown. You are even more braver than before and more of a leader than before as well. But I can promise you this." Gaea had took a couple of steps forward to Emily, than she did something unexpected, something that Emily hadn't been ready for. For suddenly the cloak had changed to robes that were forest green with some white and good like the sun was shinning through the robes. The veil of dust had vanished and for once Emily was able to see Gaea's black hair, that was just black as her cloak had been. That was the scary part for Emily, the scariest part was Gaia's face for it was no longer pale like it had been a moment ago. But it was a nice shade of tan like Gaia had been out in the sun all day and her face remained just as beautiful. Even though how scary it was to see that change in Gaia's skin tone change like that in moments, it was not as scary as what she had did next. For Gaia had opened her eyes revealing green and black like the crust of the earth.

"That when that time comes that a choice would be made. So the question is, will you be ready when that choice would be made?" Emily looked into Gaea's eyes when she had said that, there were things that she hadn't be ready for and she had to adapt to it in order to do what she had to do to protect her family and friends as well as making sure that everyone was protected and free.

"When it does, I can promise that I will be ready." Emily had took a step forward before going on. "I had to take on a lot ever since I was one of the three demigods that was sent to the camp in Italy all those years ago. I had become Lieutenant America and become the second in command of the howling commandos. After that, I had become a hunter and left my old life behind. But now my old life is mixed in with my new life, from what I seen, heard and done, there is always a price to pay. The price may not always be fair, but if that choice cost me my life as the price, than I will gladly give me life as long as the world is save."

"We shall see, but I can promise you that the journey would be long and not very easy for you and the demigods." The dream had started to fade. Gaea had raised her in farewell. "Until we meet again, Elizabeth Rogers."

Emily had woke up with a start and looked at over at who had shook her only to see Bianca standing there. Bianca looked just as worried as the one time that she had woke up Emily in that car before she learned that her uncle was alive. "Did I talk in my sleep again?"

"You did."

"What did I say this time?"

"You brought something about fighting and HRDY or ..."


"Yeah, that's it. What was that about?" Emily had got up from the bed and looked at Bianca.

"I was just dreaming of my past. So don't worry about it." Emily paused for a moment before she had went on. "Why did you wake me?"

"We have visitors."