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I wake up when my alarm starts ringing and quickly I am up to put my clothes. Today is not day of Reaping, but all young of District 2 who are training for Hunger Games are did instruct to maintain fitness. All those who train to be volunteers are did treated equally; even those like me who are members of family of victors and can now live in the Victor Village without ever having gone to the Hunger Games. Therefore, did I go out of my room, I see my sister, Tayler, going up the stairs. I tell for her:

"You can get up faster, but is it as strong as me?"

"I doubt that I can do it; I started training one year ago." She laughed "But I do volunteer when I can and I will endeavor to be better than you. ".

My sister has only thirteen, but watched the Hunger Games every year since six year old Only when we become is eligible for Reaping, we started training for real until there we are eighteen years and then we offer it as a volunteer.

"I'll actually want do see you try." I said, and Tayler did a serious expression.

"Well, I hope that you win."

"Of course, not dare to think otherwise."

Losing the Hunger Games, it means losing her life to an opponent. Maybe some of us are really concerned about our own life, but learned early to seek honor in games. The defeat was a humiliation for any family of District 2, 1 and 4. There are twelve districts, but these are three that did are richer and considered more loyal to The Capitol. The tributes these districts are usually trained volunteers and therefore received the name of career tribute.

The twelve districts must provide, to the Capitol, a boy and a girl as a tribute to Hunger Games. This is done over seventy years because of the rebellion of the districts against the Capitol and that time was called the Dark Days. Therefore, Capitol created the Hunger Games to make us remember those days. Then we both go down the stairs to go to kitchen where we found our fathers. But our aunt, Enobaria, what was victoriously who were entitled to this house, had gone to the Training Center.

My father, Cassius, was chief of the blacksmiths who produce armaments. Armaments production is most important in our district, which are did designed to be used by workers from other districts and mainly for the Hunger is because the other districts should us did respect. What District 7, the lumber district, would be without axes for produce? And how could District 10 produce meat without meat clever? Without us, almost all other districts would be completing useless.

Cleantha was my mother, it was never long out of the Victors' Village. She was the daughter of a victor, but she herself never volunteered as a tribute. But shortly after her father died in a weird incident, her sister won the second-sixtieth Hunger Games, and therefore continued to live in the Victors' Village.

My aunt, Enobaria not have to work, but either way, the victors of all districts can work as mentors. She was also a trainer at the Training Center and taught me how to fight. For some people, all this may be a reason not to worry about the Hunger Games. But it all just it did me get angry, because none of these things was because of my achievements, my merit, by my will. Therefore, I 'm training for the Hunger Games.

Tayler and I did not lose more time and we were eating our breakfast.

"I hope that when you go home, tell me who had the highest score.", Cassius said "Just like your brother."

He was referring to the scores that we do in the Training Center, which decided our right to volunteer. But I should wait two more years to I do be eighteen and is fully trained. Or volunteer to risk the next Hunger Games, the Quarter Quell and achieve greater glory than I could if I won one of the common Hunger Games.

"Cassius." Cleantha exclaimed "Clove still have to train more two years anyway, Adrian..." She sai with a with a vacant stare..

"But she seems to already strong enough. I would not mind if she did volunteer now."

The way they spoke of him, one would think that Adrian was not their son. But family relationships were never really encouraged, not in District 2 . My parents saw my brother as a possible victor who failed and I had a duty to overcome it, to compensate for his fall. I only agree, but I felt something like pity when I remembered the way he died in the seventieth Hunger Games. He was did killed by a tribute of a district poor that was did crazy with hunger and it reminded me that anyone could die in the Hunger Games... And I could end up like my brother, forgotten by everybody, and then it would Tayler turn to be overloaded. But I quickly suppress this idea, I would gain and nothing would stop me. I did drink coffee and went to the Training Center. On the way, I found myself with Cato .

"And then Clove? Are you ready for another fight? "He said referring to the fights that us had in the Training Center.

Cato was one of the older boys who trained for the Hunger Games. He was tall , strong and seemed threatening to those who tried to fight him . He did not live in the Victor Village, but in a middle class neighborhood.

"I 'm always ready." I did reply arrogantly.

In addition, before long, we were at the Training Center. The site was did built over sixty years ago when District 2 had more than three Victors, although some districts may never have this right because they are devalued or simply because they have little less than three Victors due to poverty. The training is very demanding, but I really think it is necessary. It is possible to train with various weapons as throwing knifes, swords, spears, maces or combat. There is also a section of traps and climbing on walls mobile. Nevertheless, it was not possible to be good at everything, though I tried hard to do so.

Another thing that everyone did was watch all the Hunger Games that were did and analyze the tactics of tributes, arenas and prepare psychologically for the fights. In fact, it seemed for us always easy to watch they die because we never know them. I know a few of the victors of District 2, including my aunt, and saw some of the Victors a few years ago during the Victory Tour and others during the interviews of the Hunger Games. The only loser that I could say I knew it was my brother, but I did not want to think about it. At least, the victorious was a career district 4 and not one of the poor districts ... It would be too humiliating for my family.

Anyway, Cato and we trained together since we met four years ago. Actually, I had seen him since we were young, in Victor Village. I did not know who was victor of his family was, but the fact is that when it died, Cato's family had to leave the Victor Village. Like me, Cato was not like very of speaking of his own family. Just know that the victorious was of one generation before, but neither the father nor mothers were victorious. And he lost his sister in the seventieth Hunger Games, in the same games that my brother. He wanted to restore the family honor with his own efforts, as I wanted to earn the honor that my family had. We understood because of it.

I still remember when we talked for the first time four years ago ... It was my first training with swords. Cato was already much higher, but still I was not able to hit him due to the weight of the sword.

"Let's Clove, how do you expect to quickly attack with a sword with half of your size?"

"If I do enough force, there is no problem." I said, trying to beat the sword in Cato, but he could retreat.

"But you do not have much strength. In fact, you would be faster if you used a minor weapon. "Cato said and then with a hit, he disarmed me and pointed his sword at me, he continued, "In addition, I noticed that you insist on strike me with the flat of the blade, not the edge as I did."

In addition, I realized that was exactly how he disarmed me and smiled at me arrogantly. I wondered if he wanted to see me angry, but if that is what he wanted, so I would not demonstrate it. Then I addition, I tried to learn releases knives. Although at first I threw more knives than it actually hit the target, I learned to focus on targets and I learned to notice flaws of opponents. Now, four years later, if we become one of the best fighters in the Training Center.

After we spent all day training, Cato and I were some of the selected candidates to gather at the meeting area of the Training candidates to volunteer older and better scores above 7, were gathered before our two main instructors and their boss: Enobaria, Brutus, and Atlas. And behind them had a TV that would show the ranking of candidates. Atlas stared us as if he just now did deciding who would be the best to be do summoned to Hunger Games. He had a bat hanging on his belt, but the size and the muscles have served to intimidate a beginner.

"Very well." Atlas said, getting in front of my group. "We have now decided the best candidate to volunteer as female tribute of District 2."

Then, the TV showed the list and I did not have to look far and see my name , which was in first place with a score of 10 .

"Clove, forward." Atlas said.

I did it. Might seem strange that I had a score and higher performance than other girls older than me. But years inthe Training Center that means nothing if they do not really strive hard in training. After all, is also did considered discipline, knowledge and strategy of survival. After all it would be very stupid that tributes of our districts were killed on the first day because of a fool discussion with allies or only not valuing food supplies. Many candidates simply did think that help training with angry or were here for pure obligation because of some family desperate for fame and honor. I tried not to look at my mentor, Enobaria. But I knew she would not still be totally proud of myself until I actually proved it could win the Hunger Games.

"Look, this girl is younger than most of you, but it is much more experienced than you, bunch of useless." Atlas shout for the rest of my group, but no one was surprised because he always found some reason to yell at someone.

I knew that maybe that was an exaggeration, but I did not care the envy of other opponents. Most just hated me because I had all the privileges of my family in the Victor Village and I would prove that I deserved it. On the other hand, I knew I had three more years I would be eligible. This means that I could train more and then I should not volunteer now. If the best candidate is not offered in Reaping, That would be the honor for who was in second or someone of eight other of the best candidates The system was done organized to avoid confusion in Reaping. Actually the Reaping was not done only with the candidates, was held with all young people of twelve to eighteen years in exchange for Tesseras that was a meal vouchers supplies the year all.

Then Atlas stopped complaining and just announced the best male candidate.

"Cato, come forward."

As I did imagined. I knew that Cato was one of the best fighters of the Training Center. He was is not tallest, but he knew the agility advantage when facing larger opponents. Minors were easily defeated, and I was sure he would kill as easily as if he were in the Hunger Games. But I knew that even Cato would not volunteer. As he was born in the second half of year, he could participate in the Hunger Games a bit before having nineteen years old and therefore trained a few months longer than those born in the start of the year , with at least six months before the reaping. Cato was by my side and Atlas then said:

"Well, I think this combination of agility and brute force will be favorable for you, at least while you are allies. In addition, this year the Hunger Games that precedes a Quarter Quell and therefore should not be a very difficult arena ... maybe a forest or a swamp, so you should be more concerned with trying to kill than survive against the environment. Any questions? "

That was true, but for a moment, it occurred to me if there was some manipulation, as perhaps the mentors could have asked for some Gamemakers when they were at the capitol ... On the other hand it would be a crime and cheating, but what could I do? Perhaps the Capitol to allow no problem. Only I'd rather not think too much about how things worked, would only attract problems.

"No, sir." Cato and I said together.

"I have , because I am the second if I have the same point of strength that he ? " Tarquin shouted.

Tarquin was a only stupid and a candidate who trained more brutally than by experience. I'm sure if it is was to the Hunger Games he would be killed in the bloodbath, that was always at the beginning of the game , by trying to grab a tribute and attack randomly without paying attention to anything else and consequently being killed by another tribute saw this distraction as an opportunity.

"You saw that it had not even a point of self-control?" Atlas shout, without looking at him.

"So what?" Tarquin bellowed. "You are choosing these two lucky just because they are relative of smug victorious? I think that they will survive because of sponsors ... My family always gave the best shows. "

I was angry and wanted to attack him and cut him in pieces every time that he offended my family.

"Yes, but all your relatives were killed in the first three days because of stupidity. Tullia was in second for female tribute of district 2 and is not even did complaining about Clove being the first. "Atlas replied.

She was not complaining because she was smart enough to remember that Atlas did not like someone to replicate him.

"But ... "Tarquin advanced against Atlas.

Atlas was faster and struck Tarquin with the bat his, and so it overthrew Tarquin in the ground unconscious. Tarquin received a hit so violent on the face that it will not have the courage to look in the mirror anymore ... If he had before. Then Atlas stepped on the back of Tarquin and said with a smile:

"See? That is what you need to know, if you had not self-control will end up just like this useless weight. In addition, indeed that is what tributes of poorest districts never understand ... Why lose hope just because of fear. Show them who the boss is, because they depend of us, but they did think that us do nothing but only eat enough. Did you understand? "

"Yes," we all said.

"Great, all are dispensing. Brutus, asks a janitor to take it ridiculous creature that is ruining the floor here. In addition, unfortunately he is still alive ... "Atlas said disappointed.

We left the reunion room of the Training Center and dispense at the exit, where we find other candidates who were did not selected to have the right to volunteer. Two girls approached us, Tayler and Quirina, who was the younger sister of Cato.

"We saw that you were selected. I did know you would get a ten. " . Tayler said.

"Tayler and I just got seven in the last test of the year. Well, not that it does not matter much because we need at least more two years of training to beselected. "

"Well, I hope you did fun when Atlas punished that miserable ... I really hate Tarquin." Cato said, smiling arrogantly.

We laughed and went home. Tomorrow would be the Reaping Day.

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