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Chapter 14

It's been two days since there was a death and to make matters worse, our supplies ran out this afternoon so of course this forced us to move away from the campsite to go after food. Evening was ideal as it is likely others would be sleeping hidden.

I imagine the lover boy spoke to the boy about our nightly hunts. But he is hurt and I doubt she will be behind us to make a trap.

After a few hours we then heard the anthem of Panem warning that there was no death today already and would soon be dawning.

All that we captured was to eat something that looked like a squirrel and also something like lizard. We were trained to attack someone who is trying to escape and thus was easy to hunt these little creatures. But it was hard to find them and because it could just be a Mutt.

Mutts could be too aggressive to be captured and were not always edible because meat is poisoned or could not even good enough to end our hunger.

Each time either was going, but I wanted to kill those two and get out of this place. I would not be surprised if they tried to attack us directly, after all they could think we were weaker, which had some truth ... No, I think not.

Great, now I'm contradicting myself. And then I hear a familiar voice calling me somewhere:

"Are you here to finish me off, sweetheart?"

Cato and I we were quickly turned, but saw nothing. I was sure it was the voice of the boy of 12, but I do not imagine he would be so arrogant as to approach and warn of his presence, much less trying to annoy me.

"You hear that Cato?"

"Yes, but it should be ..." He looks at the trees, locating sound better than me, "It's a jabberjay".

So I look there, I catch sight of a bird in a tree. Looks like a normal bird, but something in it really bothers me. And then the bird spoke to another voice:

"I believe that all those hours decorating cakes paid off."

"What is it anyway?" I replied.

"These birds mutts mimic human voices, it was probably close to those two."

And suddenly the bird repeated the first voice:

"Not really, this is funny, I do not feel hungry for days."

"Are the voices!" Cato said.

"It proves what we already know." I said, holding my knife about to take aim at that strange bird. "Maybe we can give some clue!"

But then jabberjay was silent for a while. And so I flinched, he spoke with a voice that was certainly not someone in the arena:

"Killing was the only thing I am encouraged in my life! Unlike you ... ".

Those were the last words of my brother. It was strange, but it was as if I had been in that game. Have had six houses tributes and then the alliance of careerists, with only three survivors broke.

Adrian fought with the boy of 4 and when would kill him, that boy of 6, Titus appeared and impaled behind. Then he attacked the boy while the girl four 4, Annie, was too scared to act.

In fact it was after the boy of 4 was beheaded and then Tito and began tinkering with the body so that the girl could not take it anymore and ran away. Before Titus to follow the dam where they were exploded, he was crushed and everyone knows how it ended.

I quickly advance to tree, but before I could react, the mutt bird flew into the trees.

"Come back here you stupid creature!" I try to follow, but Cato grabbed my arm tightly.

"Calm down, we can't draw attention to us like that!"

"What does it matter who will appear? I want everyone to come and we can kill them!" We look to Cato and then to the heavens,"I'm trying to do everything they taught me as well as my brother. ".

"Clove, I understand that ...".

"But in the background is different with you, is not it? My brothers and I we were trained by the glory of winning, but I think you should really should care for his family because he really lived in those quarries. Want to get something different, is not it?"

"Life in this place is not bad. I'll get more wealth, but still have the same glory that you can have if you win."

"The place among the victors? I live there and you've lived there. Anyway, for all this?"

I remember where I lived. Some victorious only trained future tributes, while some were just having fun. I never knew them personally plus Enobaria.

Of course I did not expect to be happy in this place, but I had impression that might give some meaning to me. Why do I think I deserve it all. But the way the Capitol was trying changing things the way they want what I should do?

Not that I feel pity of those two tributes instead. They basically managed to mislead the public with sentimentality and made us seem simple predators ... As if these same public we not forced to kill cruelly. Then Cato said:

"But at least we fight for our lives. We should be grateful that we will be rewarded as we won. At least if they still remember those two, we will be reminded that we won in our district. "

Well, he was right. And I was not crazy to complain Capitol on national television and I understand what that Cato. Killing those two and remind everyone that The Hunger Games mean. We were trained well, then no one will complain.

It was almost dawn when we got back to what is left of our camp. Then we heard a sound and we saw a parachute with a box of reasonable size.

We ran over and opened it, we found a noodle dish with various meats and vegetables, two bottles of water with a small pot of cream that could be used in our wounds.

It would be better before, but I'm glad Enobaria or Brutus have persuaded some sponsor to pay attention to us. Generally mentors careers can more easily talk to the sponsors of that mentors weaker district, which most are too unstable.

Apparently lovers should 12 is doing much success that the sponsors are willing to talk to that one victorious drunk 12 which I think is called Haymitch. Or the two managed to convince him and compare and quit drinking for a while.

I had never paid much attention to him when he appeared on television usually after the first or second day of games, when the tributes of them ended up dying quickly ... If he really drink because of the tributes that die quickly, maybe now he is struggling to remain sober.

Almost river with the fact that I think much of him, as if I had to face a victor in the arena ... It should directly takes more work than those two, but still he is unprepared, more than when he won for sure.

Cato and I we shelter beneath the Cornucopia and ate as fast as we could. I could not resist eating it all day after eating rationed food. I felt a bit weak and tired.

"And meanwhile, she thinks we are starving." Cato shrugged, referring to one lover girl.

"And I think strategy is a coward!"

"Except when it's us against them, is not it?" Cato said, excitedly.

"Well, if they can criticize us for our way of playing, so I'm not the hypocrite here!"

"Sure you do not."

We just laughed and enjoyed the moment. And then we rest, although I was tired of this routine. Game makers the cost much to make a smaller arena? That way others will die in an accident or you will starve when natural supplies of the arena end. But of course I knew it would not end well ...

The night arrives and then listen to the sound of trumpets and then the announcer:

"Attention all tributes, you are invited to a feast in Cornucopia tomorrow morning." Claudius said, but quickly adds, "Now hold on. Some of you may already be declining my invitation. But this is no ordinary feast. Each of you needs something desperately. "

A Feast was a pretext to gather the tributes and have the chance to advance the games. Depending on the case, they can send a small backpack or a small piece of bread. Anyway there will be fatalities, I say cheerfully:

"Cato, this is our chance to end this!"

"Yes, but will they be idiots to come here? This is our territory, "he said a little skeptical.

"We have seen many desperate tributes. They will not be different ... should we make a trap? "

"But who would be desperate enough to risk it?"

Of those who remain, have the girl of 5 and 11 garbage ... The girl definitely needs food probably is not skilled to survive in nature, although she could have learned something useful at the Training Center. But it is smaller and we both skilled and certainly not to fight, it will be an easy target.

The boy could probably deal with the forest because it is in the agricultural district, so it may not be starving, unless he needs something else to survive longer. But surely he could kill the girl of 5 or 12 for both if he is close to them.

The girl apparently coping with 12 plants to feed and then she can not is starving and boy lover, who is injured ...

"Probably they need medicine, I mean those two twelve. The boy is hurt. "

"Well, probably yes. If he's not dead yet, so I is not perfect conditions. "

"We have no way of knowing when they will appear, then we have to divide."

After a while, we thought of several plans. If more than one tribute came at us at the same time, they would probably fight and we were going to surprise them. Or District 11 or District 5 appear alone and flee, one of us would pursue it. And if that girl look or lover boy will stupidity to come here, one of us will attack it ...

"Cato, we should wait a bit away from the Cornucopia before dawn. Otherwise it will be pretty obvious, even to those idiots, we're doing a trap. "

"You're right ... Clove, if you end up first or I get that girl, you promise to give a good show for him?" Cato asked, looking at me seriously.

"Of course, I'm going to make sure no one forgets us." I replied.

I did not question why he was giving me this permission. I had impression that he hated her more than me.

And then move away a bit of open area of the Cornucopia and hide the part where overlooking the forest. It was hard to think about relaxing thinking it could all be over by tomorrow. Especially when the anthem of Panem touched, but showed no death today.

Looks like it took a long time to dawn when Cato woke me up, and then he tells me the Cornucopia, where a counter appears rising from the ground with a few backpacks. I see a huge black pocket with number 2 and designed three other backpacks for District 5, 11 and 12.

I'm not sure what's in it, but I want to take a chance at killing another tribute. At least prevent the girl did not get the drug, and at least one lover boy will die soon.

And suddenly I see someone get out into the Cornucopia, grab a green backpack on the counter and run. She's the girl of 5, when she took to hide there when we left!

But lucky us, she runs to our side though not directly where we're hiding. So we do not have crossed the Cornucopia area to pursue, then Cato for a moment looking at me and then chases the girl five among the trees while I keep custody of our pocket.

And then I see someone leave, is the tribute we're looking for, lover girl. She was using a bow and arrow that was most likely Glimmer and confirms our suspicion that she must have exploded. Without calling her attention, I run behind her until she stopped to catch her pocket. I'm a bit far, but ...

I throw my knife against her, but then she instinctively turns and can bat the knife with her bow. What is her problem? Then she quickly grabs an arrow and shoot me, but I quickly try to deviate.

And I realize that I was not fast enough to dodge when I feel almost the arrow pierce my left arm, I almost growl out of pain and make the mistake of looking at my wound. But I quickly focus on the girl and to my amazement, she shamelessly turned the coast for me to pick her pocket on the table.

She just attacked me once, and then simply turns the coast for me, very stupid even though she made her bow again. Then I'm so arrogant here ..

So I picked up another knife and haul against my target, she notices and tries to shoot another arrow. But with success, I can reach her head quickly before it can make another attack.

I run to her, but she was still alive and the wound seemed grazed. I do not waste more time and climb on her, forcing her knees and see the eyes terrified her, even if she is not crying. She must think it over.

"Where's your boyfriend, District Twelve? Still hanging on?" I laugh, trying to scare off she, but to my surprise, she resists.

"He's out there now. Hunting Cato," She shouts for me, "Peeta!"

Like I'd believe it. Lover boy is opportunistic, but I do not see him being so bold, even when badly injured. Also, I can recognize a bluff.

Just to make sure, I look sideways. But then he is with his injured leg, if he is not around, then the boy could not save her and if he's here ... Well, I'll just go or Cato kills him.

"Liar," I said grinning. "He's nearly dead. Cato knows where he cut him. You've probably got him strapped up in some tree while you try to keep his heart going. What's in the pretty little backpack? That medicine for Lover Boy? Too bad he'll never get it."

I open my jacket and picked up my best knives and prepare to cut it.

"I promised Cato if he let me have you, I'd give the audience a good show."

She tries to get up and get me off her, but she is less weight that I and so I force her to the ground is. It amazes me that she still tries to fight it now and it just annoys me more. I want to see that show fear me, you're desperate. I had an idea of what causes it.

"Forget it, District Twelve. We're going to kill you. Just like we did your pathetic little ally... what was her name? The one who hopped around in the trees? Rue? Well, first Rue, then you, and then I think we'll just let nature take care of Lover Boy. How does that sound?" I asks. "Now, where to start?"

Obviously she was furious when I mentioned that girl. Immediately I remember what Marvel said that about twelve district only temporarily accept that girl because it reminds her little sister. Pathetic, I know she would kill her in the end. And if she could not, would just because of her sister. Doubt she think that girl of 11, whom she met just a week, it was considered as a separate person. She is not very different from other people 2 ... The difference is that we know we should be cruel before our enemies.

Then I focus simply check her face, making up my mind which side I should get, but she tries again and then I react violently push her head to the ground again and say:

"I think... I think we'll start with your mouth." I threaten, but she still maintains an arrogant attitude."Yes, I don't think you'll have much use for your lips anymore. Want to blow Lover Boy one last kiss?"

And then to my surprise she listens to spit blood from her wound in my face. I growl of hatred against this miserable mutt-shaped person.

"All right then. Let's get started."

And suddenly, someone raises me up with enormous strength and suspended me as fast as it throws me to the other side.

"What'd you do to that little girl? You kill her?" I hear questions and soon realize who boy of eleven, Thrash or some like.

"No! No, it wasn't me!" I answer without understanding the panic that takes me and crawling on the floor and then look for it.

It was really that big ugly tribute of eleven. But I think he looked more powered than the first day...

"You said her name. I heard you. You kill her?" He says with a more aggressive tone that disoriented me for some reason" You cut her up like you were going to cut up this girl here?"

"No! No, I —" And then I see him hold a rock the size of his hand.

I'm sure I can get up and try to attack, but I am alone at a disadvantage and it is already very close to me.

"Cato" I shout with all the strength I can.

And then I hear a cannon.


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