Heyyyy c: It's been quite a long while since I've written anything :P Oh well seeing as I'm obsessed with Frozen now might as well get something going. Anyways hope you guys enjoy the story!

"Cleats? Check, socks? Check, uniform?" Anna looked down at her little brother

"Check! Ok Olaf are you ready for practice?" she smiled

"Yea! Let's gooo!" Olaf yelled excitedly running out to the car

Anna giggled as she followed the over excited little boy to her car. Today was his first day of soccer practice for the summer. Being the only one around during the day of course she agreed to take him to and from practice.

Buckling up Anna checked to make sure Olaf was buckled in as well before backing out.

"Olaf?" the coach called out

All of the little boys and girls looked at each other, shrugging they looked back at their coach. Shaking her head she moved on down the list, everyone being present except Olaf.

"I'm here!" a little voice called out

Turning her eyes met Olaf's dark brown eyes, he smiled up at her confidently. His shaggy black hair fell in front of his eyes as he hurried to line up with the rest of the kids. Looking down at her list she checked off Olaf as present, looking down at them she began drills.

"Sorry! Sorry, I thought practice was 1:45 not 1:30 aha," Anna apologized running up to the coach

The coach turned around letting her icy gaze meet Anna's warm one. Anna felt a shiver go down her spine as she looked into the icy blue eyes of Olaf's soccer coach. She had platinum blonde hair, pulled down over her shoulder in a loose braid. Her wind swept bangs complimenting her perfect pale face. Her thin eyebrows pulled into a frown, the dark purple eye shadow adding to the menacing look.

"Make sure he's on time for the practice, please." She sighed

"Uh yea of course." Anna stuttered still shocked by her beauty

She looked a tiny bit older than Anna, being 18 she wasn't that young but enough that she was still mistaken for a 16 year old. Paying a bit more attention to the stunning woman in front of her, was physically fit, had amazing legs and that uniform. Damn, it hugged her figure really well.

"You know practice isn't over until 4 right?" she said breaking Anna's train of thought

"Uhm yes! Yea sorry just a bit distracted, ha." Anna blushed

"Right, anyways my name is Elsa, I'm the head coach of Ardendelle's Junior Soccer team." Elsa smiled lightly

"I'm Anna, I'm Olaf's older sister, you'll be seeing me a bunch. Well you know because I'll be dropping him off and picking him up. I mean my parents would but they work all day so really it's just me that looks after him. I mean it's not like I don't mind but you know I am 18 and I have a life.."

Elsa laughed as she listened to Anna's rambling, causing the poor red-head to blush.

"Ah uh sorry I do that a lot." She apologized still slightly red

"It's fine, anyways if you'll excuse me I have to start practice. It was nice meeting you Anna." Elsa nodded walking towards the field

"You too!" Anna smiled turning to go back to her car

'Omg she's so hot' Anna thought blushing 'Wait, did I just say that? Am I allowed to say that?'

Shrugging Anna started her small car and backed away.

"So how was soccer practice dear?" their mother asked politely

"It was amazing! I made a bunch of new friends and I got to play a bunch with the ball and it was lots and lots of fun!" Olaf smiled widely

Their mother smiled warmly at her son's excitement. Anna smiled as well happy that her brother had finally found something he enjoyed. It had been getting harder for Olaf to fit in as his classmates grew; he was still a very energetic little guy even though he was swiftly approaching his 10th birthday.

"What did you accomplish today Anna?" her father asked his turquoise eyes catching her gaze

Anna picked at her food, "Nothing much I'm still looking around for jobs, although I think Gerda might let me work at the coffee shop if I don't come up with anything."

Her father nodded continuing to eat his meal, "Your aunt Gerda has always been a kind woman. Besides she could use the help, Kristoff doesn't seem to be around much anymore with his new job,"

"Yea, I haven't seen him in a while I might make plans with him sometime soon just to catch up."

"Don't bother honey, I'll ask Kai when they're free and we can have a family night out with them. It will be nice to talk with my sister again." Her mother smiled

"Okie, anyways I'll be in my room for the rest of the night if you need me." Anna smiled excusing herself

"Alright dear," her mother called as she walked down the stairs to her room

Sighing Anna stripped herself of her horridly tight cloths, throwing her stuff onto her computer chair. It was already stacked high with cloths, dirty and clean she couldn't really tell. Looking up at her ceiling she took some time to admire her collection of posters that pretty much took up all of her walls, aside her furniture, closet, and doors. They were band posters, movie posters, singers, videogame ones, whichever she felt the need to have. Laying on her bed she turned onto her stomach looking at her flat screen and xbox, deciding whether or not to play or watch a movie.

"Eh, I could use some practice.." Anna shrugged grabbing her green chrome controller and turning on the console

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? I TOTALLY GOT THAT HEADSHOT!" Anna yelled furiously as she watched the last killcam.

Groaning she laid down pressing her face into her adorable little Gameboy pillow. She could hear laughing coming from her headset which she had threw across the room several minutes ago. She picked it up yelling some unpleasant slurs into it until the other people shut up before turning it off. Slamming the home button she glanced at her clock, it read 12:56am. She had been up for hours playing Call of Duty, 'And kicking ass, haha' she thought.

Tapping her fingers along her side table she got up to change, throwing on an extra-large black t-shirt that had a Fallout Boy design on it. She had gone to see them many times and always made sure she got another t-shirt or poster from the experience. Yawning Anna threw herself into her bed sighing happily as she sunk into the mattress.

Her platinum blonde hair blew flawlessly in the wind, her hair loose around the gentle curve of her back. Her pale, snow like skin shining in the warm glow of the sunlight. Her long toned body seemed to call to Anna as she walked slowly towards the gorgeous girl, her jaw slack.

"Wake up.." the girl whispered

"Uh what?" Anna asked trying to get a good look at her face

"Wake up."

Anna woke with a start almost nailing her poor little brother in the face.

"Anna! Soccer!" Olaf cried out stomping his feet against her plush grey carpet

"Soccer? Olaf what are you talking about it's like," Anna turned groggily eyeing the clock, 1:15. "Oh shit.."

"We're gonna be late!" he groaned running back upstairs

Anna threw herself out of bed throwing her shirt into a corner, she pulled open her closet looking for a suitable outfit. A moment later she was in her bathroom trying to tame her unruly hair, a pair of dark grey skinny jeans and a dark blue v-neck. She pulled her hair into her twin braided pig-tails as she hurried upstairs, Olaf was already in the car waiting for her. Starting it up she pulled out hastily and sped down the street. It wasn't like anyone cared about her reckless driving, everyone in her neighborhood loved her and her gleaming smile.

Minutes later Anna pulled into the dirt parking lot leading to the large grassy field where Olaf's practice was held. Already out of the car Olaf ran towards his coach who was just taking attendance, Anna sighed she was on time at least she thought she was. She watched Elsa point at Olaf, he raised his arms and pointed right at Anna. Anna watched as Elsa slowly turned cocking an eyebrow at Anna. Turning bright red Anna waved at Elsa shyly, receiving a disappointed look Anna sunk down into her seat.

Sighing Anna tapped her fingers against the driver seat, checking her pockets she cursed not finding her phone. Not like she had many friends anyways, she was closer to her cousins anyways, plus she didn't really mind people are assholes. Clicking her tongue against her teeth, Anna left her car locking it as she strolled over to an old picnic table. Upon further inspection she chose to leave it alone seeing as spiders seemed to live there in the dozens. Shuttering she wandered over to a huge oak tree, relaxing in the grass underneath the shade provided. A smile grin forming on her lips as the coolness of the grass flattened under her skin. A frown pulled the grin from her face, her mind wandered to her strange dream about the blonde girl. She could swear she recognized her from somewhere, but it was lost to her as she never saw her face.

Her thoughts went deeper as she thought of Elsa, Olaf's soccer coach. Why was so taken back by her presence and beauty? It's not like she's seen a hot girl before but the way she reacted…

'…You like girls..'

' Whoa whoa there friend you might to slow down.' She frowned arguing with herself

'Oh please, remember that sleepover?'

A blush spread across Anna's skin, 'Yes but it was a dare!'

'Suuuure, you seemed pretty damn excited to kiss Ariel..'

"Shut up!" Anna shouted suddenly

"Sorry?" a voice responded

Blinking Anna's eyes re-adjusted to the sunlight, peering up she met a familiar icy blue gaze. A shiver going down her spine as she looked a bit deeper into her eyes, looking away as she realized what she was doing.

"Sorry I didn't mean you, I mean I didn't even see you. And you weren't even talking anyways. I uhm was talking to myself.. well not that I'm crazy! Because I mean I'm not, my mom had me tested.." Anna rambled blushing

Elsa blinked, "Big Bang Theory."

"So I mean I guess technically I'm not crazy but I mean I was responding… I'm sorry did you just say Big Bang Theory?" Anna asked tilting her head up at the pale girl

"Yea," Elsa eased herself onto the ground beside Anna, "It's a line Sheldon uses, 'I'm not crazy, my mother had me tested.'"

Anna could have sworn her pupils dilated, "You watch that show too?"

"Not a lot but yea every now and then," Elsa smiled

Anna smiled back, "That's cool! I love that show, well definitely not my favourite but yea.. anyways what are you doing over here?"

Elsa turned her head to watch the little kids playing soccer, "They're taking a break right now, and it's nice to talk to someone your age after dealing with a bunch of 10 year olds."

Anna nodded, "Yea well I mean I'm only 18 but I feel ya. Well not literally oh my gosh sorry no it's a saying thing that I use uhm I mean yea I understand."

Elsa giggled, "It's alright I know what you meant, I'm only 21 I still get around with all the new slang."

Blushing Anna apologized, continuing her little conversation with Elsa until she had to return to the coaching. Anna couldn't help but watch Elsa as she jogged back to the little circle, her muscular legs flexing as she stepped. Anna's eyes following them up to her perfectly shaped ass, damn that ass, like omg that ass tho… a fiery blush spread across Anna's cheeks. She bit her lip as she watched Elsa run around and smile as she yelled directions to the children. Anna could get use to watching this every day, it was a hell of a nice view.

unfortunately still very distracting, enough in fact that she didn't see the soccer ball coming straight at her. SMACK

"OW" Anna squeaked slamming onto her back, her vision going black. The last thing she saw was platinum blonde locks falling in front of her eyes and the smell of vanilla..