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A familiar aroma filled the air as Elsa stirred in her sleep, coffee her mind moaned. She loved coffee so much that it turned into an addiction. She needed her fix or you didn't want to be around her to find out what happened if she didn't.

Slowly lifting her head Elsa rubbed her eyes, blinking several times to re-focus her vision. Thank god it was still dark in Anna's room seeing as it was in the basement, she always hated when the sunlight poked through her windows in the morning. Stretching her long arms until she heard an audible crack, Elsa relaxed swinging her feet from the comfy bed she had slept on. Looking over she noticed the empty space beside where she had slept, frowning she looked around the large room for Anna, the red-headed girl missing from her room.

"Morrinnnggg!" Anna said cheerfully as she came down the stairs, she had a platter in her hands carrying some mugs and bowls.

"Morning beautiful." Elsa smiled

Anna set her platter on the nightstand getting back into bed, leaning against the backboard she patted beside her looking at Elsa with a bright smile.

"I'm just going to use the bathroom first and I'll join you in a bit ok?" Elsa sighed

"Oh yea of course, if you want to shower feel free!"

Elsa nodded, leaning over to steal a short kiss before she walked into the bathroom. Stripping herself of her night wear she slipping into the glass framed shower, turning on the water she hummed as it flowed over her skin. The temperature of the water was surprisingly high for someone who preferred the cold, but it also had the opposite reaction to cold, this time waking her up more as the heat stung her skin. Elsa shivered, letting down her braid she grabbed some conditioner and began scrubbing away at her long silky locks.

Letting the conditioner rinse out, she grabbed some shampoo popping the lid she squirted a big glob into her hand, rubbing it all over her head. She hummed happily as the aroma of the shampoo filled the bathroom, it smelt of Anna, well no shit Sherlock it's her shampoo. Elsa rolled her eyes at herself as she began washing away at her body.

Finally about 5 minutes later Elsa finished up her shower, turning off the water she stepped out and looking into the foggy mirror. Clicking her tongue against her teeth she wiped away a sizable area so that she could see her body in the blurry mirror. Smiling she admired her long, pale, toned body. She pursed her lips cocking her eyebrow as she admired herself, it was a bit cocky sure, but a little self-confidence never hurt anyone.

Finally turning away from the mirror Elsa searched for a towel, opening cupboards and doors she cursed as she didn't find any. Going up to the door she sighed embarrassed, knocking lightly to get Anna's attention.

"Anna?" Elsa called

"Yea?" Anna answered back now coming up to the door

"Can you get me a towel?" she asked

Anna went silent for a moment, "Oh right sorry I used the last one this morning let me go get you another!"

Elsa heard soft footsteps hurry up the stairs as she waited in the bathroom for her savior to return. She frowned for a second, why didn't she just open the door? It's not like she cared if Anna saw her naked, she just needed to get the towel so she could dry off enough to put cloths on. She shook her head, her hair was dripping down her skin leaving light trails across her curves. She went to wipe them away but found it pointless as they kept reforming. A knock on the door regained her attention as she went back up to it.

"Hey I got you a towel! I didn't know if you wanted like a thin on or an extra fluffy warm one so I got you the fluffy one and a thin one, so you can just pick!" Anna rambled

Elsa opened the door, the cold air hitting her body and relaxing her a bit, "Thanks Anna I'll take the thinner one."

Anna was bright red trying to advert her eyes as she looked everywhere but Elsa. "uhm yea no problem here you go, I'll just be uh over there and uhm-"

Elsa took the towel, "Anna it's ok I really don't care if you see me butt naked or not," Elsa strutted right into Anna's way of sight, "It's not like you really mind now do you?"

If it wasn't possible Anna turned even brighter red, her face radiating heat, "Oh, uhm no you're gorgeous!"

Elsa giggled as she pecked Anna on the cheek, "Thank you."

Instead of wrapping the towel around herself Elsa lifted the towel to dry her hair, squeezing out the left over water into the towel. Her arms above her head her body was completely vulnerable and exposed. She grinned as she felt Anna's gaze bore holes through her figure, turning a little to give Anna a better view. Anna only turned redder as her jaw started to drop, Elsa smirked at the look on her face. She seemed completely taken by the muscle form and structure the girl had. She was a soccer player, she spent a lot of her life playing and even more training and exercising to get the perfect body. A toned body like this didn't just happen.

Letting her hair drop to her shoulders again Elsa dropped the towel as she felt a pair of warm hands wrap around her waist. Peering down Elsa grinned coyly as she found Anna standing in front of her already breathing heavily. Elsa leaned down gently capturing Anna's lips with her own, wrapping her arms around her neck. Anna immediately responded by nipping at Elsa's bottom lip, causing Elsa to moan into the kiss. Anna was either very horny or she was just very brave, sliding her tongue into Elsa's mouth. Elsa could taste chocolate as Anna's tongue met hers, sliding around each other.

Elsa could feel the smaller girls arms come un-done from her waist and start to feel up her sides. Grinning into the kiss she pulled back enough to move her lips across Anna's jawline, leaving small kisses across her face and to her neck. She could feel Anna's hands hesitate as they came under her chest, rolling her eyes she bit Anna's ear gently as if to encourage her. Anna shivered but obliged and moved her warm hands onto Elsa's chest, kneading her breasts. Elsa moaned again, the wet kisses down Anna's neck paused momentarily. Anna took this chance to push Elsa against the wall, gasping she looking down at Anna with a smirk. Anna leaned down taking one of her breasts into her mouth, flicking her tongue over her cool skin. Elsa let out a sigh as she arched her body to move closer to Anna, her tongue now licking over her nipple.

"Ah-Anna…" Elsa shivered

Anna only growled as she nipped at Elsa's soft pink flesh, causing the girl to groan and whimper. Anna took her breast into her mouth sucking and nipping more now, her other hand traveling up Elsa's chest playing with the opposite breast. Elsa's hands found themselves tangled in the younger girls hair, pulling her head closer to her chest. Pulling away a trail of saliva connected Anna's tongue to Elsa's breast. Anna grinned sheepishly up at her, Elsa smirked back.

"Nice hickeys." Elsa giggled

Anna's eyes narrowed, "You didn't."

"You have a nice dark patch under your ear."

"Elsaaaaa!" Anna whined walking into the bathroom to examine herself in the mirror

Elsa snickered heading back in to Anna's room to get her change of cloths, unaware of the small girl approaching her. With a smirk Anna pinned Elsa against the wall making her gasp as her back hit the wall with a dull thud. Anna pressed into her, breathing heavily against Elsa's neck, licking gently down her skin Elsa groaned in response as Anna pulled away with a wink.

"Tease me will you," Elsa muttered, sorting through her bag she pulled out a lacy black thong and matching bra, grinning she slipped them on, "Two can play at that game."

Slipping on a grey tank-top and sky blue skinny jeans Elsa made her way into the bathroom with her brush, this would take a while.

By the time Elsa had finished preparing herself for day and ate her breakfast, Anna was already in the car waiting happily. Elsa smirked rolling her eyes as she slid into the car beside the beautiful redhead. Pecking her on the cheek Anna turned from Elsa and pulled out of the driveway. After several minutes of driving and the somewhat annoying blare of the radio station, Elsa perked up looking out the window.

"So what exactly are we doing?" she asked curiously

"Oh well first we need to go get the stuff for the picnic next week, I need to pick up Olaf's outfit from the dry cleaners, I'm going around to hand out applications and finally pick up Olaf from his friends house and get his other friend to sleepover at our house."

Elsa blinked a few times trying to process all of the info, "Uh alright."

Anna gently squeezed Elsa's knee, "Hey if you don't want to follow me around all day today I can drop you off wherever."

"No no! It's fine really I want to spend with you Anna." Elsa smiled reassuringly

Anna smiled back at her relieved she drove on down the road towards the super market. Once parked Anna pushed the little cart through the store, making Elsa hold her list of items they would need. Anna already had the list memorized she just found it cute to have Elsa hold her hand and list while they walked around. She felt like one of those cute married couples that went grocery shopping together.

"You passed the crackers." Elsa pointed out

"Oh right sorry," Anna stopped and walked back to grab a few boxes, tossing them into the cart

Elsa frowned reaching into the cart to organize the boxes, receiving a giggled from Anna. Looking up she raised a brow, "What? I like to be organized…"

Giggling Anna continued pushing the cart, "Alrighty then cutie."

Elsa blushed as she held onto Anna's hand again, running her thumb over her knuckles. The two older girls spent another 30 minutes shopping, giggling and looking at random weird foods. Once they paid and packed the car they traveled to their next destination, the dry cleaner. Anna was a bit impatient waiting in line behind the annoying old woman in front of them. She was complaining about some stain that apparently didn't come out. While the man behind the counter was arguing with her that it wasn't even the same shirt.

"Ughhhhhh," Anna groaned

Elsa smirked, "Anna come on we've only been waiting like, 10 minutes."

"I know but that's such a long timmmeee."

Elsa rolled her eyes chuckling softly, taking the girls hand she kissed across her knuckles. Anna seemed to calm down slightly eying the older girls movements.

"Guess I'm just going to have to distract you then hm?" Elsa smiled coyly

Anna blushed, "Uhhmm, "

Elsa pulled Anna into a tight hug, humming softly she rubbed her back in small circles relaxing the smaller girl. Anna sighed contently as she leaned into Elsa's soft embrace wrapping her arms around her small waist. Elsa pressed her lips to Anna's warm red hair, kissing her head further relaxing Anna.

"Feeling better?" Elsa whispered swaying slightly as she held Anna

"Mhmm, thankyou." Anna sighed her eyes closed as she pressed her face into Elsa's neck

Elsa slowly pulled away from Anna, smiling as she looked at the now relaxed look on her cute little face. Leaning forward she pressed her lips to Anna's forehead, trailing small kisses down across her freckled nose and to her soft pink lips. Sighing blissfully as Anna leaned into the kiss, pulling away and smiling.

"You're adorable," Anna giggled,

"No you are." Elsa smiled

"Yes you're both adorable now I'm guessing this is yours?" the clerk said laughing as he held up Olaf's soccer uniform

The girls blushed and laughed, taking the uniform Elsa waited for Anna to pay the man so they could leave. Walking back to the car Elsa opened the door for Anna bowing slightly as she received a giggle from the red-headed girl. The two drove off down the road heading to various destinations so that Anna could hand out her applications. Elsa sat in the car contently sipping from her slushy that she was rewarded for sticking around. Watching the red-head dash in and out of stores with her resumes in hand.

Finally Anna plopped down into her seat, snatching the slushy from Elsa she took a long sip. Elsa pulled the plastic cup away from her pecking her on the cheek, "Hey you're going to drink it all." She laughed

"But it tastes really good…" Anna pouted

Elsa smirked leaning forward she kissed Anna deeply, running her tongue along her bottom lip she pushed it into Anna's mouth, playing with her own. Pulling away she looked into Anna's eyes with a smirk, "There, better?"

"Yes…" Anna sighed deeply, her eyes lidded

Elsa giggled sitting back into her seat, "Ok little miss greedy let's go get Olaf."

"But I could just sit her and kiss you instead," Anna mumbled leaning in for another kiss

Elsa sighed into the kiss pulling away gently, "As much as I'd love that I think Olaf would prefer to get home before parents get mad."

Anna groaned sitting herself back down and buckling herself in, "Finneee."

"Besides you'll be getting lots of kisses tonight," Elsa grinned breathing against Anna's ear

She could tell from the look that seemed to brighten her eyes that Anna was excited now. Giggling as she quickly backed out of the parking spot and went back towards her neighborhood.

"ANNAAAAAA!" Olaf yelled

"WHAT OLAF?" Anna yelled back angrily pulling away from the panting girl beneath her


Anna groaned adjusting her shirt, she slid herself off Elsa who gave her a pout and whimper.

"Oh come on you, you're probably hungry too," Anna rolled her eyes as Elsa followed her, "And no not that type of hungry." Anna sighed

Elsa pouted, "Whatever I can be both."

Anna laughed as they made their way upstairs into the kitchen finding Olaf and his friend Cody were sprawled out on the floor groaning. Anna rolled her eyes and Elsa raised her brow giving them a 'What-are-you-doing' look.

"Get up guys and tell me what you want." Anna sighed leaning on the marble slab island

"Can we have burgers?" Olaf suggested

"Yea burgers!" Cody agreed

"You dumbasses I can't call in an order of burgers." Anna scoffed

Elsa nudged her with her shoulder, "Anna! Language!"

Anna rolled her eyes, "They don't care he's my brother and my brother's best friend."

The boys nodded in agreement, "Yea we could care less, and why not? Why can't you just go get it!"

Elsa seemed taken aback by their language and attitude, "Well I guess I can but you guys have to come with me." Anna sighed fishing for her keys

"YAYY!" The boys yelled in unison running towards the front door

Anna chuckled as she walked to the door pausing she looked back at Elsa, "You coming cutie?"

"Uh yes…" Elsa mumbled shaking her head as she walked towards Anna, taking her hand they headed out the door.

A few orders later they were back at home in their rooms for the night eating their greasy food happily.

"Ah McDonalds, it's like my stomachs booty call." Anna sighed finishing off her burger.

Elsa almost choked on her drink, "Did you really just call McDonalds a booty call?"

"Well yea," Anna blinked confused

Elsa burst out laughing clutching her sides, "Oh my god Anna you're precious."

"Shut up!" Anna grumbled grabbing her xbox controller she scanned through Netflix for a good movie.

Elsa sighed deeply, wiping her eyes from any stray tears, crawling across the bed she cuddled up beside Anna, kissing her cheek.

"What are we gonna watch?" Elsa asked looking at the screen

"I don't know I can't think of any good ones.."

"Hmm how about a horror movie?" Elsa suggested grinning

"Horror movies? Really I didn't take you as the type." Anna smirked

"Oh really? What am I too girly too watch them?"

"Well no I'd lean towards documentaries and stuff like that, you know the nerdy stuff." Anna grinned

"Ha!" Elsa playfully smacked her arm, "Riiight now hurry up and put on a horror movie! Whoever screams first loses."

"And the winner?"

Elsa grinned coyly, "Gets to do whatever they want to the loser."

Anna gulped, "Alright deal. Now which movie tickles your fancy m'lady?"

After a brief argument of which was better they finally decided on The Hills Have Eyes 2 since they had both seen the first one. Neither really knew what to expect since they didn't want to watch the trailer, they both went off the faint memory of what happened in the first.

About half way through the movie both of them had moved from their relaxed battle positions to cuddling hardcore with a blanket wrapped around them. Anna was shaking and Elsa was whimpering, both having a few dangerous slips as they jump scares pelted them endlessly. Anna was clutching Elsa and trying to hide her face in her chest. Elsa was shrinking away from the screen as the movie bored on.

"E-elsa?" Anna whimpered from her chest

"Yea Anna?"

"Can we watch something else please?"

"Yes Anna I'd like that." Elsa squeaked

Anna quickly picked up her controller which was near the end of the bed, not prepared for the scare that hit her close up. Dropping the controller Anna screamed and crawled right back under the covers with Elsa, whimpering and shaking. Elsa rubbed her back and grabbed the controller quickly backing out of the movie and switching to White Chicks, a favourite of hers.

Anna slowly calmed down peering up at the pale girl she was laying on, "Hey."

"Hey cutie, you alright?" Elsa cooed stroking Anna's hair

"Yea thank you," Anna smiled leaning up to capture Elsa's lips in short sweet kiss

Elsa grinned into the kiss as Anna pulled away, holding her chin Elsa brought her lips backup to hers kissing her again with more passion. Anna sighed into the kiss readjusting herself she sat up to get a better angle for their heads as they kissed. Elsa placed both her hands on Anna's cheeks pulling her closer as she moaned into the kiss.

Anna shivered as she felt Elsa nip at her bottom lip, now running her tongue along it slowly pushing it into her mouth, fighting with Anna's. Pushing her down into a laying position Elsa slipped her hands under Anna's shirt, rubbing along her smooth skin eventually meeting the bottom of Anna's bra. Thank god for front snaps, undoing her bra with one hand Elsa tossed it to the ground. She pulled away from their heated kiss to pull Anna's shirt over her head, tossing it to the ground to join her bra. Elsa's cool lips kissed down across her neck and collarbone, reaching her breast she took it into her mouth, flicking her tongue against her nipple.

"Ahhh," Anna shivered

Elsa licked and sucked as Anna's reactions only encouraged her further, one of her hands on the opposite breast, pinching and teasing her, the other playing with the hem of her pj pants. Her fingers rubbing along her hip bone, dipping under the material.


"SHIT." Anna cursed pushing Elsa onto the floor and covering herself with her blankets

Olaf suddenly came down the stairs with his plastic bat, "WHERE'S THE ROBBER?!"

"OLAF WHAT THE FUCK!" Anna yelled at him still covering herself

"WHY DID YOU SCREAM!?" Olaf yelled back

"CAN WE ALL STOP YELLING?" Elsa interrupted

"Sorry, anyways why did you scream?" Olaf asked

"We were watching a horror movie Olaf god!" Anna scoffed

"Oh opps," Olaf blushed

"Yea so you can leave now." Anna growled

"Ok night!" Olaf smiled waving to Elsa and running upstairs

Anna dropped back down onto the bed groaning and covering her face with the blankets. She felt the bed dip slightly as Elsa crawled over to her, laying down beside her. Pulling down the cover she met a very anger but cute face.

"Hey… aha sorry for uh pushing you off the bed." Anna smiled

"Uh huh." Elsa frowned

"I'm guessing we're not going to continue..?"


"Thought so, oh why are, going to bed? Ok night babe." Anna mumbled laying back down as Elsa shut off the xbox and tv, leaving them in the dark. She felt Elsa turn away from her pulling the covers over her body. Anna sighed as she leaned into her pillow grumbling.

"Olaf you cock-block…"

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