Okay, you get an Epilogue :*

"You may kiss your bride now.",the priest said and Reid pulled Emma against himself and kissed her deeply. "Mrs. Swan.",Reid smiled happily and Emma grinned. "Mr. Swan.",she answered and Reid lifted her up carefully. He twirled them around and then put her down softly. He softly cupped Emma's stomach and smiled even brighter. He kissed her once again and the people in the ball room started clapping and cheering. Reid led Emma on the dance floor and the song 'unconditionally by Katy Perry' turned on.

Emma wrapped her arms around Reid's neck and just let him lead. All they did was staring in each other's eyes lovingly. "I'm so happy that you are finally my wife.",he whispered and she smiled brighter. "I'm happy that I found you.",Emma answered and Reid nodded slowly. "Me too.",he breathed out and listened to the song. "I'll take your bad days with your good, walk through the storm I would, I do it all because I love you.",Reid sung along quietly and Emma smiled. "I will love you unconditionally.",Emma sung too and Reid smiled. They kissed passionately and the other couples slowly joined them on the dance floor.

When the song ended Granny came to them and Reid chuckled amused. "May I have that dance?",she asked and Reid looked at Emma who nodded with a smile. "Sure, Mom.",she said and Granny smiled. Emma had started to call her mom since they finally agreed whose name they would take. Granny took over and they danced. "I hope you finally found your happy end.",Granny said and Reid smiled down at her. "I think I really found it this time.",Reid answered and looked over to Emma who hesitantly took the hand of her father who softly pulled her against her and danced with her. "I'm sorry, Emma.",David said and Emma looked up at him confused.

"What?" She asked andDavid sighed. "That... that I didn't stop your mother... I was never against your relationship with Reid... to be honest he is pretty nice when he is not trying to avenge someone.",David said and Emma smiled softly. "I told you that much too often than that it could be your idea now, Dad.",Emma said and he hugged her. "I have a divorce with your mother. Next month I'm single again.",he said and Emma looked up to him. "Really?",she asked and he nodded. "Yes, she may be my true love but what she did to you... it's unforgivable and I don't want to be with her anymore.",he told her and she smiled softly. "Thank you.",she just answered and leaned against him. They looked over to Reid and Granny who were laughing happily until Ruby came to them.

Emma tensed slightly but Ruby didn't ask Reid but Granny who nodded smiling. But Reid wasn't alone that long Tink walked over to him and he smiled at her. Emma started to feel jealous until she heard her father whisper to her. "He won't cheat on you. He loves you and only you. Tink is his best friend.",he told her and Emma raised an eyebrow. "She is an exact copy of me.",Emma said and sighed. "Yeah, maybe but I'm sleeping with her. She is not a cheater.",David told her and Emma gasped. "You are sleeping with Tinkerbell?",Emma asked shocked and he nodded. "She is beautiful. She is funny. She is smart. And she is definitely not as cruel as your mother.",David said and had a dreamy look on his face.

"How long are you already in love with her?",Emma asked and he sighed. "I think since she let Reid go again… She was kind to me. She knew that I was poisoned and she took care of the wound.",he told her and Emma smiled softly. "I shouldn't be so jealous all the time… It's just… what if someone is better than me and takes him away? There are so many women who are better than me.",Emma answered and David cupped her cheek. "He enacted a curse because his first love was killed before he could marry him. And now he married you, Emma. What does that say?",David asked.

"That… that…" "That I love you more than anything and I would enact thousands of curses to avenge you.",Reid said and Emma turned around. Tink was leaning against him and then stepped into David's embrace. She kissed him lovingly and smiled at Emma. "Don't think he doesn't take it serious. He would do that.",she said and Emma nodded. "I know.",Emma answered and suddenly felt a tug in her stomach.

She gasped and held her stomach. "Emma?",Reid asked concerned and she sighed. "I think Lana decided to come.",Emma groaned and Reid gasped. "We need to bring you to the hospital…",he said hysterical and David placed a hand on his shoulder. "Relax, Reid. Your daughter won't come that fast. She will take her time. Get to the hospital calmly and don't freak out.",David told him and Reid nodded slowly. He took a deep breath. "You alright?",he asked Emma who nodded with a smile.

"We will tell them.",Tink said and the couple nodded gratefully. Reid led Emma out of the ball room towards his car. He drove her over to the hospital and Whale directly gave them a room. Tink and David got onto the podium where Emma and Reid got wedded and David took a microphone. "Ladies and gentlemen. Your hosts had to go so either you celebrate without damaging anything or you leave now and we will repeat this on a better day.",he explained and the people murmured.

"Where are they?",a woman asked and David smiled. "Emma's water broke. They are on their way to the hospital to give birth to my granddaughter.",he answered and he never looked more proud than in that moment. Tink took his hand and smiled. The crowd smiled and someone turned off the music. They cleaned everything up while Granny, David, Henry, Ruby and Tink made their way to the hospital. "How is my mom?",Henry asked and Tink ran a hand through his hair softly. "She will be fine. With your father by her side she will be always fine.",Tink said and Henry sighed.

"I hope so…",he answered and Tink smiled. "I know your father for a long time, Henry. He would die for her if that means you three would survive.",Tink told him and he nodded slowly. David wrapped his arm around Tink's waist and kissed her cheek. They arrived at the hospital and sat down on waiting chairs. Henry was soon asleep in Granny's lap, Ruby was leaning against Granny and Tink was straddling David's lap and kissing him heatedly. Whale came to them and smiled softly. Tink and David separated and looked at him expectingly.

"They are fine. Mother and daughter are fine. Reid is somehow more exhausted than Emma but everything is alright otherwise.",Whale said and they sighed relieved. "Can we see them now?",Granny asked and Whale nodded. "Room 108.",he said and they smiled amused at the irony. The exact same number where the ruthless Evil King had lived was now born a small loving child of true love by the same redeemed person. They entered the room and smiled at the picture in front of them.

Reid was sitting next to Emma who was breastfeeding the little bundle in her arms. Reid covered most part of the two of them with his muscular body and was watching them with love in his eyes. "How is she?",David asked and they looked up. "Good. She is a small healthy little wonder with Emma's stomach.",Reid answered and Emma giggled. Henry who had been carried by Granny woke up and looked to them. "Mom. Dad.",he said happily and jumped onto the bed.

Reid pulled him between him and Emma. "That's your little sister Lana.",Reid introduced the little bundle to Henry who stared at him with blue eyes. "She has blue eyes.",Henry said and looked at Emma confused. "Every little baby has blue eyes. I had blue eyes too at my birth.",Reid explained and Henry nodded slowly. "Oh.. okay.",he answered and laid down his head.

The rest of the group stayed for an hour before they left the happy family alone. But as soon as they left another person entered the room. The group looked up and gasped. It was Snow and she held a dagger in her hand. Reid got up quickly and protectively covered the bed. "What do you want here?",he growled. "Well, after you destroyed my wedding so nicely I thought I needed to destroy something of you too… You could have had everything with me but you chose her.",Snow said disgusted and Reid growled.

"She is the most wonderful woman I've ever met and I won't allow it that you will call her any names. Go away or you feel my true wrath.",Reid threatened and Snow growled too. "Try me. You 15 thousand dollar body won't compete against me or the dark one.",Snow hissed and Gold poofed himself behind Snow. He looked uncomfortable and sad. "I'm sorry.",Gold mouthed and Reid looked at him sympathetically. "You earned 15 thousand dollar for the orphanage?",Henry asked and Reid nodded.

"Kill it.",Snow hissed and stared at the baby in Emma's arms. Gold tried to fight it but he attacked. Reid knocked him away. He placed a protection spell around the bed and tackled Snow. They fought for the dagger when suddenly a shot was heard. "Reid!",Emma shouted and tried to get to him but the spell stopped her. "No! No!",Snow screamed when Reid pulled away and held his stomach. He fell on his knees and Snow quickly got to his side. "Don't you dare to touch him, Bitch! You are the reason he is wounded!",Emma screamed and destroyed the spell. She laid Lana into Henry's arms and pushed Snow away.

Reid smiled softly at Emma. "Never listen to Snow again.",he whispered and the dagger glowed. Somehow he had taken it and Gold got up. He quickly ran over to them and placed his hand on Reid's stomach. "Dearie, dearie. You know that you shouldn't mess with angry women. Didn't I taught you that much?",he asked and they shared a small smile. "Just fix me, master.",he answered and Gold nodded softly. He healed him and pulled him up into a sitting position. "Thanks.",Reid said and Gold nodded. "You have a grandson of me still to raise. I had to.",he said and they grinned.

Suddenly they heard the gun being reloaded again. They looked up and saw Snow standing there with a gun pointed at Gold. Reid sighed tiredly and waved with his hand. The gun disappeared and Snow gasped. "I'll take care of it.",Gold told them and Reid nodded. They watched how Snow got led out of the room. Reid got up again and helped Emma back on the bed. "We have to sleep now… stressful day.",Reid said with a soft smile and Emma nodded tiredly. "I will ask a nurse to bring her to her bed." He picked Lana up and walked to a nurse he knew from the Enchanted Forest too. She took the little sleeping girl in her arms.

"We made it.",Emma said and Reid nodded. "Because we are STRONG.",he answered and they pulled Henry into their middle before they fell asleep together.