Hello Everyone! Call Me Nexxus! I have been an avid reader on this site for many years and have finally decided to write a fanfic! This is my first fanfic so expect it to be a bit...beginner-ish but i am a great writer with imagery, etc. So for my first fic I have decided to write a Pokemon Fanfic! It's going to be yet another betrayal fic, however I'm actually going to put a lot of effort and update as much as I can! I don't want to be the kind of author who hasn't updated their story in like 3 years and yet it isn't finished! Btw that was not me bashing any authors here on I will respect all those who are on this site.

Before I begin I would like to thank the following authors of a few amazing pokemon fanfics that gave me the inspiration and courage to write this story. So Let's hear an applause for the author of "the betrayed champion" "Itssupereffective"! next on the list is the author of "the return of the forgotten" "Gerbilftw"! And who could forget "Advance4ever's" two amazing fics "One love one heart" and "man in the mirror"!and finally a retired author (at least i think he is) the author of "May's Crush" "PikamasterADV"! so if any of these authors see this, thank you for giving me the push I needed to start writing!

Anyways let's dive into the world of pokemon! IMPORTANT NOTICE: This story takes place after Ash has completed the Unova Leage and is also pre Kalos region which means he hasn't left with Alexa. However this story will feature characters from both the "X & Y" series.

Disclaimer: I do not own pokemon. I mean its pretty f***in obvious I don't so whats the point of even having to mention it!

Atop the snowy mountains of the Jhoto Region on the highest peak of Mt. Silver stood a 17 young man. This man had raven black hair and stood about 6.4 feet tall. His once beautiful auburn eyes were now devoid of emotion. You could see the pain in his eyes from the traumatizing events this man had endured in his past.

He wore a black coat, his face covered by a hood, his face barley visible (think of Organization XIII's attire from Kingdom Hearts, but not entirely the same).

Next to him stood his faithful companion and best friend Pikachu, a yellow rodent with a lightening shaped tail and little electric pouches on his cheeks.

"4 years Pikachu," Said the hooded figure. "4 fucking years, hard to believe right?"

"Pi, Pika Pika." Pikachu answered while nodding his head in agreement.

"Ash! Ash! Hurry up I'm f-f-f-freezing!" said a 16 year old girl with honey colored hair. She no longer wore her pink hat after deciding to grow out her hair and put it in a ponytail.

"One second Serena! I'm almost done!" the hooded man yelled back at her.

The man pulled down his hood to revel the matured face of Ash Ketchum. His auburn eyes glassy as they reflected the snow that hailed on them harder than a Snorlax falling off a building and landing on a familiar trio of evil doers.

"Why did we even come here Ash? There's nothing but snow, snow and, oh how could I forget? More snow!" Serena complained.

"i have my reasons Serena! Don't you know what today is?!" Ash yelled at her in a mix of anger and sorrow.

"Ash it's just April 2nd! Whats so important about..." Serena started but immediately realized her mistake. "Ash I'm so sorry, it never occurred to me that today was-"

"It's ok Serena. I just...I had to see her one more time..." he whispered as a single tear slid down his cheek.

"Oh Ash...I know you loved her so much. It wasn't your fault, you couldn't have done anything to prevent it from happening like it did." said Serena as she pulled him into a tight hug.

"Pika Pika! Pika chu!" Pikachu said while patting his master's leg.

As Ash slowly let the tears fall freely and he began to sob onto his friends shoulder. The cold atmosphere made him remember all the moments he had shared with her. When she played with him outside with him when he was a little boy, all the times they had made hot chocolate and rested by the fireplace as she told him the stories of his father. That of who comforted him in the worst times of his life. She watched him leave on his 10th birthday to follow his dream. She welcomed him home each time he returned home with love and grace. Most of all, the moment when she was broken like a frail branch. Gone.

Ash slowly stopped crying and released himself from Serena's grasp, he turned around and said only four words. Four powerful words.

"I love you mom"

And Cliffhanger!

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