Forget the Past

Summary: Caroline is a single mom and only a few know who the father is. She meets a man while working one night. And he is the gentleman she always dream of.

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Chapter 1

Caroline was finishing the dishes at The Grill. She sighed. The closing shift was the hardest for her. It was quiet with no one around, and she only had her thoughts. They started to spin in her head like a tornado. The young blonde's sight started to blur, and tears fell down onto the glass she was cleaning. The past seven years had been rough. Being single mom was hard. Caroline was thankful to have her mother's help with little Erik. He was seven years old, and she loved him with all her being, but she wished his father was in his life. Erik's father was Tyler Lockwood, but only her close friends knew that. If she told anyone else she would lose the check from the Mayor. She needs to save as much as she can to move far away from the cursed place, just her and her beautiful son.

*Flashback About Seven Years Ago*

Caroline was giggling loudly as her boyfriend tickled her. "Tyler stop!" she giggled more. "But you are so cute when you giggle," he said with a warm smile. Tyler stopped then kissed her neck then whispers, "We have the house to ourselves all night, Care." The young blonde bit her lip and smiled, "Oh do we now? Well then maybe we should celebrate our 6 month anniversary somewhere else?" Tyler picked her up and took her to his room and shut the door behind him.

*2 Months Later*

A scared, nervous, young blonde walked up to the Mayor's house and knocked on the door. Carol Lockwood opened the door after a few minutes, and said, "Oh Caroline. Tyler is upstairs. What's wrong? You look upset." Caroline wanted to tell Carol about it, but she thought maybe Tyler should know first, and replied "I'll be fine. Thanks, Mrs. Lockwood. I'll head up there," she ran up the stair, and stopped as the top as Carol spoke, "For the last time sweetie, you can call me Carol." Caroline sighed and ran into Tyler's room and shutting the door behind her. Tyler turned around and smiled, walking over and putting his hand on her waist, he whispered, "Oh hey baby, what are you doing here? What's wrong?" Caroline's bright eyes were full of fear I have to tell him. Now. Before Elena or Bonnie does. She took a big breath "Do you remember our anniversary night? " He felt confused and raised an eyebrow. "Of course Care why I wouldn't? It was the best night ever." His smile was sweet, and it made her feel better. "Tyler…I'm Pregnant, and I know it sound crazy. I missed my period for two months, and I have taken like ten pregnancy tests-"Caroline stopped when Tyler turned away from her, and then ran downstairs "Tyler!" She yelled and chased after him and her eyes filled up with tears. Carol stopped her "Sweetheart, What's wrong with Tyler and you?" She cried into Carol, "I'm pregnant, and it's Tyler's child." Carol held the young blonde, and replied with a worried tone "Shh… it's okay. I'll take care of everything Caroline. If he doesn't want to help you, I will." Carol clean up Caroline's tear and drove her home.

*Flashback End*

Caroline wiped her eyes and whispered, "Asshole."