Unable to sleep, I walk through the hallways of SHIELD headquarters. My left fingers trail along the wall, making me feel safer. All the hallways look the same, making me get lost easily. Though I also have a map of the place.

I arrived here earlier today, about six pm. Director Fury took me to my room and explained about SHIELD, saying that I have to keep it quiet. He also gave me the map, knowing that I have trouble remembering anything.

For my Senior Project, I did receptionist. My principle, Mister Jones, decided that I would go to SHIELD. He said that my school work will be emailed to me and that it would be ok because I always have my work done on time.

Less than three hours later, I was sitting on a Quinjet, heading to Manhattan. The Black Widow and Hawkeye were flying the craft. Agent Coulson was sitting with me in the passenger area. He didn't talk at all, though I could tell he was curious.

At the Headquarters, I followed Coulson to Fury's office. Shown inside, I sat down as Fury stared at me with his eye. It was unnerving, which was ok because I have read about Fury's reputation. I tried not to move around too much.

Luckily for me, I was able to talk, though my voice wasn't much louder than a whisper. My throat muscles were damaged when I was buried alive. Usually when I get scared or really hurt, than my voice goes away for a while.

Because I am from a different dimension. In my dimension, SHIELD and Avengers are Marvel superheroes, in books, movies, and comics. I arrived in this dimension after I was killed in my dimension by Them, which put me in a coma for three months.

Then Fury took me to my room. He showed me where everything was and where it was on the map. I thanked him, remembering my manners. He left, saying someone would come and get me in the morning to take me to the cafeteria for breakfast.

I haven't been able to sleep for about a week. All because I suddenly realized that They are still alive in this dimension. In my dimension, my friend, Marcus killed my classmates after They killed me. He went on a killing rampage.

I had a small nightmare tonight, that woke me up. Though this time I didn't wake up from my screaming. So, I grabbed the map and started walking around. Hopefully I will tire myself out enough to sleep or it will be a long day tomorrow.

An alarm starts ringing, making my hands clasp over my ears. I don't like loud sounds, since they remind me of Them. People start barging out of their rooms, with guns in their hands. I press against the wall, not wanting to be a hindrance.

One man grabs me, dragging me farther along the wall. I stumble from his fastness but quickly regain my balance. After a couple turns, leaving me confused, he opens one door, firmly but gently shoving me inside the room.

"Stay here. Fury, Coulson, or I will come get you when the threat is taken care of." The man says, before shutting and locking the door.

My sky-blue eyes slowly look around my surroundings. I'm in a room with lots of metal filing cabinets. This must be a safe place since nobody really wants to look at files. I begin relaxing, realizing this place is the safest.

Suddenly one of the cabinets slam shut, startling me. Knowing I'm not alone, I edge along the wall, away from the noise, to the phone on the wall. On the map are the phone numbers to each room, along with names of the rooms.

Quickly finding Fury's office number, I dial the number. Looking down at the machine, I listen to the rings, hoping he will answer quickly. This place is starting to scary me, since there is probably a distraction somewhere else in the building.

My heartbeats are sped up in fear. The heart is threatening to pop out of my chest, through the ribcage. Its pounding so loudly that I think everyone can hear it. My mouth dries, no volume for screaming or begging for no pain.

Instantly I know my life is going to drastically change. The crossroads coming up is going to decide which side of the road that the change will fall too; either good or bad. Though I know that if its bad, there will be lots of pain.

As Fury picks up, an arm wraps around my waist, yanking me backwards. Before I can make more than a yelp, a hand covers my mouth, fingers slipping around the jaw, holding it closed. Quickly I struggle, not wanting to be hurt.

The arm is implacable, unyielding as reinforced steel. There is no way I can get free, even if my life depended on it. Though that doesn't stop me from struggling. Since he is so strong, he can do anything to me; torture, kill me, or far worse, take my virginity.

I tense as his hand bruises my jaw, the other arm squeezing me painfully. But then something strange happens, he sniffs my neck. Almost instantly, his grips loosen. And even though its still firm, his grips are more gentle.

My left foot stomps down on the man's same foot. As he jerks from the pain, my left elbow swings back, into his side. Once he lets me go, the same elbow jerks back, into the man's nose. There is a loud crack as he stumbles backwards.

Quickly I rush for the door, wanting to get away. My right hand grabs the knob, opening the door. Once its open, a hand quickly grabs my left bicep, yanking me out of the room. I slam against the other wall, turning to the door, confused.

Fury is walking into the room, gun drawn and ready. Standing next to me, ready to shoot anyone who comes out of the room and isn't Fury, is Natasha. On the other side, also ready to shoot, is Coulson. They are also looking down the hallways.

I tense as Fury steps out of the room, dragging a man in a suit with him. The man doesn't have blood running from his nose or look like I hit him with my elbow. The man is just holding onto some files, grinning happily, before spotting me.

"Its her. Master will be so happy if I bring her to him." The man says, clearly delirious, staring at me with a strange look on his face.

Fury hands the man to Coulson, who forces the man away. My eyes look up as Fury steps closer to me. He looks at Natasha, who quickly walks away from us. I take a step backwards, bumping into the wall as Fury stares at me.

"What did he mean?" Fury demands, stepping closer, scaring me. "What makes you so special? There is nothing in your file."

"Nothing." I mumble, cringing against the wall, not wanting to be hurt. "Please don't hurt me." I beg, in a child-like tone.

"Tell me what you know!" He demands. "Why was the man happy to see you? Who was the man who grabbed you?"

Fear grips me. If they find out I'm from an alternate dimension, they will want to know the future. Or else they will experiment on me to find out who I got here and how to get to my dimension. I might be able to handle torture and death but nothing else.

His left hand gently grabs my right wrist. I try to jerk my arm free but his grip is implacable. Firmly but gently, he forces me down the hallway. My heels try to dig into the floor, to hamper our movement, but he doesn't stop or slow down.

Soon we are in his office. His hand lets me go as he closes the door. He forces me to sit down in a chair, before he sits down next to me. I bring my legs up to my chest, setting my feet on the cushion, wrapping my arms around them.

"Sorry, but I don't know. I'm not pretty, smart, or rich." I tell him, actually saying the truth, scared of what he's going to do.

Slowly I tell him what I did when the man grabbed me. He listens patiently, before standing up, body shuddering. He goes to his computer, typing something in. I stay still, not going to move in fear of getting into trouble.

Picking up the phone, he barks into it, asking for Coulson and Natasha. Finished, he hangs up the phone before beginning to pace. It sends my heartbeats into overdrive, knowing something is the matter. Fury keeps pacing, not stopping.

It doesn't take very long before someone knocks on the door. Fury storms from the room, shutting the door behind him, loudly. I jump from the sound, not liking it. Soon, I can hear angry yelling on the other side of the door.