I jerk awake, fighting my urge to scream out. Though I seem to be in my bedroom with Barnes next to me. He is jerking awake, body tense in shock. His arms wrap around me, protective as he looks all around the room, a little scary.

"Was it a dream?" I hesitantly ask, before getting a scary idea and adding. "Did you have the same dream? Was it real?"

The other Avengers and everyone else in the tower comes racing into the room. I struggle to sit up, still feeling weak. Barnes jumps up, racing over to Coulson. They hug and check each other over for injuries before talking in whispers.

Clint sits down beside me. I smile at him, sitting straighter. My eyes travel around the room, wondering if they had the same dream. Was it like a prophecy or something? Is Ward an actual person or is he a figment of my imagination.

"All of us had the same dream. Thor said that there is a thing called a Soul Bond. It only happens with special circumstances." Coulson announces.

"A female has to be so badly abused in her world but still kind. She has to be killed and then somehow brought to a different dimension." Thor announces.

My eyes turn to Barnes, wondering if he told them about me. He shakes his head, looking at me. My eyes look down, unsure what is going to happen. Clint looks from me to Barnes, wondering what is going on with us.

"It is very rare. The last person that this happened to was King Arthur's Guinevere." Thor adds, drawing my attention to him again.

"Great." I moan, drawing everyone's attention. "Can we not let him near me? I don't want to be soul bonded, I'm too young."

"I'll kill him before he gets close to you. He is Hydra." Barnes announces, making everyone turn towards him in shock.

"No." I exclaim, not wanting anyone to die because of me. "Why don't we just keep him locked up?" I hesitantly ask.

Pain fills my head. I bite down on my lower lip to keep from screaming. My eyes tightly close, stopping the tears from flowing out of my eyes. It hurts so much, like a white-hot rod of pain through tissue and bone. It feels like I'm on fire.

Opening my eyes, I can see Them. Deven is snuggly gripping my neck. He shoves me back under water, smirking happily. My hands claw at his hand, trying to get free, not wanting to die. He brings me back up, letting me gasp for air.

"Stupid, Bitch. I knew that you would wake up if you almost died." Deven pauses. "Now, you will watch as we kill you."

He forces me back down under the water. I struggle, hands and feet kicking out. He grins down at me as the others gather around us. Rylie pulls a knife, quickly stabbing my closest side. I scream out, water filling my mouth.

More pain fills my body, all over. I arch my back, trying to get away. As I scream, water hurts my throat. My lungs burn as I try to get air. I can see someone reaching for me, going to save me. 'I'm glad Barnes is here' my mind thinks.

Just as quickly as it came, the pain fades to phantom pain. I slump sideways, gasping for air. A hand soothingly brushes my hair back from my face. Tears slide down my cheeks, not wanting to die, feeling weak, like after I was buried alive.

"They killed me. It hurts." I moan, eyes tightly closed but feeling safe. "Don't let Them get me again." I beg, sounding childish.

Blackness wraps around me, trying to engulf me. I can feel everything but my body is numbing. Terrified, I struggle to force it back, not liking it. Its thick and heavy, suffocating and drowning me. I can hear scary animal sounds.


As Audrey falls unconscious, Thor runs into the room with an Asgardian woman. The woman heads straight for Audrey, looking her up and down. Bucky who is kneeling by Audrey on the bed, slowly moves to the side.

"What happened?" The Asgardian woman says, clearly a healer. "Thor came and got me when he said she was fading in and out."

"Yes. Her back arched and then she was gasping. She faded to a black mist but then came back." Bucky replies, scared for Audrey.

The Asgardian lady waves a hand over Audrey, closing her eyes and concentrating. After a full minute, a roll of parchment appears in her hand. She opens it up, reading it. Halfway thru, she pauses, looking over at Thor.

"Her body is trapped between two realms. Both are trying to keep her." She tells Thor, looking down at Audrey sadly.

"She said that They killed her. Could that stop her from going back to her world." Bucky asks, assuming his Winter Soldier personality.

"No. It seems she hasn't died yet in her world." The Asgardian woman pauses. "We need to anchor her soul to this world, breaking all ties with her world."

"What if she doesn't want too? What if she loves someone over there?" Bucky demands, standing up and looking at Coulson.

"If she goes back to her world, she might not be able to get back here. If she dies there, she won't be able to come back here." The Asgardian woman explains, sadly.

"She told me that she loved one boy but he broke her heart. He left and never came back." Natasha breaks in, looking at Clint sadly.

"I want to wait until she wakes up and ask her." Bucky decides. "If she does want to, I'll be her anchor to this world."

"No." The Asgardian woman answers, shaking her head. "The bond will be so tight that the two will have to be together, forever."

"So, she has to be bonded with someone that she will love. How are we going to choose that?" Bucky yells out in shock.

"What about her soul bond with Agent Ward?" Thor asks, startling everyone because they had forgotten about their dream.

"Soul bond?" The Asgardian woman exclaims, turning to Thor shocked and adding. "Are you sure it was a soul bond?"

"Yes. We all had the same dream. They kissed. The result went to millions of planets. My father showed up too." Thor explains.

"That is the only way to keep her here. She must complete the bond." The Asgardian woman answers, knowing its the only way.